Success Finance

Featuring; Arthur Kulick of ASI World Financial

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Ana Somarriba, Giulietta Ulloa, Norka Babino & Doug Kinsley/Cristian Gonzalez

Success Oasis

Featuring; Biaggi Cucina

Success A La Mode

Featuring; Marisol Gomez

Success Salud

Featuring; Adriana Vergara of Coconut Grove Pharmacy

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Start the new business year off the right way by following these expert tips to help you eliminate all the clutter that keeps you unproductive and over-stressed all year long.

Space Makers

Featuring; Alejandro & Dominique Bonet of Lineaire Designs, Robin Annon of California Closets Miami, Arturo Lagunes of Internum, Janette Miller of J Mill Design, Inc. & Carlos Ferrando of COMPACSTONE USA

Wow Factor

This sprawling Key Biscayne home is at once eye-catching and extravagant with a area for just about any occasion throughout its expansive interior and exterior spaces. Featuring Brigitte de Langeron


Featuring; COMPAC: The Surfaces Company

Return Of An Icon

Find out how Jorge Pérez has managed to keep it together despite going through the worst economic downturn in recent memory and surviving a health scare that made him reevaluate what life’s really all about. Now, he’s re-emerged stronger than ever with a new outlook coupled with the same hunger and focus that gained him worldwide renown. Photos by Andres Hernandez

Land, Sea & Air

Better, faster, and more lavish. From compact personal watercraft to yachts over 100 feet, getting on the water should be an unforgettable experience. The following nautical vessels represent the efforts of leading creative minds hard at work to help us get the most out of our ventures at sea.

The Real Deal 2012

Featuring; Nicholas Grossi, Yvan Martinez Rengifo, Craig Studnicky, Esther Prat, Daniel Gaviria, Giuliett a Ulloa, Santiago Vanegas Motta, Lera Visconti, Cristian Gonzalez-Black, Doug Kinsley & June Savage.

Winning Idea

After 18 years in the real estate business, Monica Venegas is ready to go out on her own — and seriously shake things up in South Florida and beyond.

Oh, Maya!

Art, architecture and adventure combine in Mayan Mexico to give visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they can take home with them to cherish until the next time they venture into this unparalleled destination.

Encounters @ Viceroy Miami

The “Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion” event by Rocco Donna and Fashion Box Studio took place at The Spa @ Viceroy Miami in honor of style and giving. 1. Andrea Escobar, Elizabeth Wright, Kira Alvarado 2. Geraldine Bazan, Alexandra Olavarria 3. Laura Mejia Cruz, Sandra Duque, Marger 4. Claudia Quintero & Isa Zapata 5. Marger, Leonardo Rocco 6. Sonya Smith, Gabriel Porras 7. Ricky Diaz, Natalia Ramirez, Raymond Hernandez 8. Jason Canela, Markel Berto

Encounters @ Sabadell Financial Center

United Way of Miami-Dade Young Leaders welcomed the season by mingling and making new connections at Sabadell Financial Center while collecting nonperishable goods and diapers to benefit lowincome families. 1. Joel Goren, Suat Palpas 2. Cecilia Reyna, Sergio Marquez, Tracy Koko 3. Maureen Vrizar, Sandra Tapia, Sofia Volbyn 4. Lucy Nunez, Lars Gilberts 5. Robert Sucher, Abbey Feinberg, Natasha D’Souza, Sergio Marquez 6. Amy Ehrenreich, Marissa Leichter 7. Ana Colls, Carey Kane 8. Kathy Blanco, Ana Ordonez 9. Joy Hsu, Anthony Bonaventure 10. Romina Meta, Florencia De Salvo 11. Lissette Carlo, Robert Sucher, Alison Colberg 12. Jessica Mancuso, Zara Iman, Cathy Forte

Encounters w/ BrickellHouse

More than 100 of Miami’s top real estate and business professionals gathered at Miami hotspot Meat Market to get the first look at the highly anticipated BrickellHouse development, expected to bring a new level of sophistication to urban living to Brickell. 1. Karen Elmir, Anunka Valverde, Nelson Rios 2. Perla Machaden, Selene Arvesu 3. Jessica Julia, Armando Naranjo, Ana Gomez, Tomas Hoffman, Javier Borrero 4. Bill Becker, Ali Lamadrid 5. Jacqueline Regmault, Carmen More 6. David Tornek, Vanessa Padilla, Richard Millard 7. Herman Taboaba, Harvey Hernandez, Jose Luis Castro

Encounters @ Florida Grand Opera

Miami’s elite gathered at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County for a one-night benefit performance of Florida Grand Opera’s Luisa Fernanda featuring world-renowned tenor Plácido Domingo. 1. Bob Heuer, Placido Domingo, Jane Robinson 2. Dr. Sanford & Mrs. Beatrice Ziff 3. Eric, Kim, Arlene, Laurans, Lisa, Victor Mendelson 4. Darlene & Jorge Perez 5. Carlos & Martaligia Lopez-Cantera, Placido Domingo, SaludArte Foundation founders Tanya Capriles de Brillembourg, Manolo de la Torriente 6. Terry Moore, Louise Harms, Bob Heuer 7. BNY Mellon Wealth Management Managing Director of Florida Charlie Porter, Rosie Pachon 8. Olgan Melin, Guillermo Retchkiman, David Melin, Claudine Assous 9. Beatriz Pernia, Gonzalo Morales 10. The Honorable Per-Olof, Asa Lena Loof 11. Clara Toro & Senior VP of US Trust, Bank of America Juan Toro 12. MarkLaFata. Christa Paul, BJ Batchelder

Encounters @ Saks Fifth Ave Dadeland

To help raise both money and awareness for women’s cancers, Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland partnered with Baptist Health Breast Center to host the 2011 Key To The Cure, an exciting charity shopping weekend. 1. Nicole Miller, Godfrey del Rio 2. Kristen Cullen, Kristi Dunstan 3. Juan Lopez, Nicole Miller, Tom Soarez, Natalia Sol 4. Leslie Potvin, Janet Evett 5. Leatrice Damus, Dr. Marilyn Padilla, Carmen Bradley 6. Heidi Gorrin, Nicole Miller 7. Models 8. Guest with Dr. Robert DerHagopian

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne recently hosted an event to showcase a unique image of Downtown Miami…10 years from now. The gathering provided a unique platform to gather those making a difference within the community including those involved in projects like Genting, Museum Park, The Tunnel Project, Port of Miami, Movie Entertainment Complex, Swire and more. 1. Celeste Gouvea, Renata Santos 2. Christopher Suarez, George Fraguio, Andres Asion 3. Nick Grossi, Alexander Wertheim, Cladson Araujo 4. Philip Spiegelman, Craig Studnicky 5. Maria Alejandra Escobar, Tania Castellanos, Maria Laviosa, Alejandra Arrieta, Nirka Burns 6. Sam Azar, Bruce Harwood 7. Susana Duque, Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Rachel Levy 8. Thomas Duncan, Philip Speigelman, Larry Mango

Encounters @ Vizcayne

LIVE from Spain is the first of a series of events hosted in South Florida to engage the audience during each stop of the Volvo Ocean Race around the world. The event was hosted in Downtown Miami at Vizcayne’s pool deck and was centered around the culture of Spain, since the race launched from Alicante. 1. Cynthia Palmer, Henry Chau 2. Don Poole, Emy Martinez 3. Kristein Daristen, BBYC Commadore Tom Piper 4. Kay Lores, Jeanette Poole, Connie Bischoff, Jill Smoak, Sally Browne 5. Tina Rodriguez, Irapa Robledo, Robert Robledo 6. Robyn & Scott Lindars 7. Gabrielle Kolevris-Roots, Genna Revitz, Rachel Levy

Encounters @ Capital International

Capital International celebrated their employees as well as the birthday of Yvan Martinez Rengifo during an unforgettable event that had guests mingling the night away. 1. Norka Bobiro de Martinez, Yvan Martinez Rengifo 2. Claudia Arbelaez, Arora Kinan, Maria Elena Vinces 3. Veronica Porras, Joe Lizardo, Alexa Tsoucalas 4. Victor Velasco, Angel Leon, Aleksandra Chaparro, Federico Arocena 5. Alexandra Rengifo, Yvan Martinez Rengifo, Estefania Martinez, Evenia Rengifo 6. Eduardo Martinez, Lina Rauchi, Heidi Gorrin, Viviana Vergara 7. Mauricio Ordonez, Claudia Arbelaez, Juan Barbosa 8. Mario Sanchez, Antonio Prado, Eddy Rengifo, Sonia Petraitis

Encounters @ Dr. Martin's

Dr. John Martin celebrated the one-year anniversary of his new office with a holiday celebration he hosted for his patients held in Coral Gables. 1. Sylvia Zarandy, Ivon Saif, Dr. John Martin, Daimy Martinez, Maria Herranz, Mia Weddell 2. Diana Davila, Ivon Saif 3. Jonathan Feuerman, Forrest McSurdy 4. Linda Bourniot, Phili Bullard 5. Sylvia Zarandy, JJM, Mia Weddell 6. Forrest McSurdy, Dr. John Martin, Joan Terwilliger, Linda Bourniot

Encounters @ MyBrickell

International design talent Karim Rashid spoke about his inspiration and vision for his first-ever residential tower design during a recent roundtable discussion. 1. Christian Tupper, Jorge Perez, Karim Rashid, Bernardo Fort- Brescia, Cristina Martin, Hector Pinto 2. Pier Paolo Visconti, Monica Venegas, Lera Visconti 3. Guests enjoying some networking 4. Chris Soares, Melissa Morgan 5. Emerson Silva, Consuelo Vilar 6. Carlos Rosso, Jorge Perez, Karim Rashid, Sonia Figueroa, Phillip Spiegelman 7. Carlos Rosso, Jimena Manfio, Karim Rashid, Diego Manfio, Estefania Rosso, Victor Taurizano 8. Gloria Hoyos, Margarita Agyud, Luis Ramos, Gilma Arizmendy

Encounters @ Caruna Spa

Lucky guests recently enjoyed a day of beauty and relaxation at Caruna Spa that included plenty of complimentary treatments and tons of discounts on products and services. 1. Carolina Lizarazo, Carolina Torero 2. Hernan Cristaldi, Felipe Cristaldi, Manny Balani, Carolina Torero, Nico Balani 3. Patricia Mitev, Valerie Giravel, Juliana Ross 4. Lolo Wise, Milena Lizarazo 5. Kimberly Leary, Lynette Janae, Michael Ronayne 6. Alonso Tomas, Samira Eayad 7. Laura Pena, Jose Calderin, Carolina Lizarazo

Encounters @ FIU

Florida International University has expanded its educational footprint eastward with the inauguration of new state-of-the-art facilities on Brickell Ave. ready to help students excel. 1. The riboon-cutting of FIU’s new state-of-the-art facility at 1101 Brickell Ave. 2. The FIU Marching Band entertained event attendees 3. FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg 4. Executive Dean of the College of Business Administration Joyce Elam 5. Tibor Hollo, Founder of Florida East Coast Realty 6. Mayor Tomás P. Regalado 7. Divina Grossman, VP for Engagement

Encounters @ Wells Fargo

CREW-Miami held its annual networking and fundraising event entitled “Cocktails, Community & Connections” at Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Miami. 1. Lyan Fernandez, Jeffrey Mazor, Suzanne Amaducci 2. Ricardo Tano-Feijoo, Ellen Blasi, Andres Rodriguez 3. Sean Tanner, Torry Watson, Roger Soman 4. Sharon Silver, Terri Echarte, Jack Lowell, Natasha Lowell 5. Rosendo Caveiro, Diana Parker, Veronica Flores 6. Jon Gillman, Alfie Hamilton, David Metalonis, Jonathan Lay 7. Rebecca LeTiecq, Paul Reinarman, Marti Mang, Tere Blanca, Ramon Rodriguez 8. Don Fergueson, Gipsy Smith, Mark Smith, Cynthia Stehman