Olga Monson – selene Arvesu – yanet Miranda de castro_

Nani P├⌐rez – Isa Zapata- – Claudia Patrica Eusse
Paula duque – Susana Da Silva – Seda Dermatis – Cengiz Bayirli – Giovanna Guzman – Paulina casillas – Ashley ├ülvarez_


Best Friends

The joy of rescuing offers not only second chances but the ability to save lives and build bonds, transforming both human and canine destinies forever. Each rescue story echoes compassion and hope through wagging tails, grateful hearts and pure love.

The Go Getters 2024

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To celebrate them, We partnered with the school to present our annual “Go-Getters” feature, honoring current students and recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.