Condo Hacks. The view. The close proximity to everything. The immediate influx of (mostly) cool neighbors. Having a bird’s eye view of the city from your balcony is one of the best ways to experience Miami — for locals and transplants alike. Whatever challenge may arise, there’s a solution to resolve it. Herewith: Brickellites share ways they’ve eased into hi-rise living.

In a Minimalist Minute. No one can deny that the Minimalist Movement has climbed the ladder of our consciousness in the past few years. As more and more people begin to realize the benefits of this clutter-free, antichaos lifestyle, there’s only one thing left to do: Try it and see for yourself. Text by Anja Maltav

Crypto, Deciphered. Anyone who’s anyone watching our markets knows that cryptocurrency is a hot topic. Discover how Miami is taking a crucial role in this seemingly cryptic phenomenon. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Crazy Beautiful. It’s easy to shake our heads at tattoocrazed Millennials roaming our many malls and shopping centers, but a look back reveals much dodgier beauty practices hanging from the family tree. Text by Bill Lindsey

Entrepreneur. Head and shoulders above the competition, Hagen Rottke and the rest of the dynamite staff at Miami Aerial are rewriting the way we think about real estate photography. Featuring Hagen Rottke, Miami Aerial. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Bar Tab. An established mixologist who’s devoted his life to top-notch Magic City service, Toro Toro’s Adam Beech gives us the skinny on life behind one of Miami’s most brilliant bartops. Featuring Toro Toro. Text by Ryan Jarrell

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