Fork in the Road. One professional woman’s journey from TOP OF HER GAME to GAME OVER and how she turned “YOU’RE FIRED” into “FIRED UP” by tapping into her natural entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take on challenges with the savvy finesse that has come to define her career — and her life. Text by Sandy Fernandez. Featuring: Reiki and Karmic Currency: The Ene

Children First. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has proudly served our community for more than 65 years, ushering in a long tradition of leadership in pediatric healthcare. They are committed to offering the most innovative practices within a supportive environment for both children and families. Featuring: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Dr. Arthur Weiland, Jack & Barbara Nicklau

Integrative Health. The Osteopathic Center allows its patients to experience medicine like never before by helping them discover the root of illnesses, causes of injuries and the best ways to gain more energy by practicing total wellness. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O., The Osteopathic Medicine and Dr. Kristopher Goddard, D.O.,.

Lovely Lanai. The prettiest and most secluded of the Hawaiian Islands goes by the name of Lanai and is owned by a tech billionaire with plans to turn it into a green paradise — this is the destination for travelers who covet privacy, world-class amenities and authenticity. Text by Francesca Cruz. Horizontal photos by Barbara Kraft. Featuring: James Drummond Dole, David Murdock,

Compassion Through Catastrophe. So much more than a series of sobering statistics and clinically cauterized medi-logues, Susan G. Komen’s Faces Of A Warrior program offers a glimpse into the thriving livelihoods of this disastrous disease’s survivors. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Susan G. Komen’s Faces Of A Warrior, Tamara Rodriguez, University of Miami, Fatima Group, S

Quench. Although perhaps lagging in comparison to our Western counterparts, the brewpub scene in Miami is alive and well. Take a glance into a worldwide phenomena fantastically fine-tuned in our own sub-tropical paradise. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: J. Wakefield Brewing’s Hop 4 Teacher IPA, Lupulado by Wynwood Brewing Company and Abbey Brewing Co.’s Brother Dan’s Doubl

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