Remember Rosie from The Jetsons? Now she can be a new edition to your home, for a pretty penny of course. Featuring Aeolus Bot.

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While we all may enjoy the vistas and adventures that accompany a yacht charter, few of us know the work that goes into maintaining marine adventures. Go behind the scenes of a motoryacht and learn what the life of a seasoned seaman really entails. Text by Ryan Jarrell.

Success Salud

Our year-round great weather just calls out for surfing, but that same great weather often means calm seas. Enter the JetSurf that eliminates the need for waves and fits nicely in even the most compact Brickell condo. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Fashion

A heartful expansion of their characteristically compassionate craftsmanship, Mirto’s Spring/ Summer 2018 line is a bold exploration of print, pattern and palette. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Music

An under-celebrated auteur, Kaixen and recently released LP Pecado signal a surprisingly subdued chapter of music. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Drive

The idea of owning an iconic Porsche 356 is tempting, but the tiny 60-hp engine, lumpy suspension, no A/C and an interior that makes your dog’s bed seem luxurious are deal-breakers. Until now. Text by Bill Lindsey

Success Creative

A modern day artist and entrepreneur both, Ciaboga Founder Michelle Brener adds some cerulean depth to the modern Miami art scene. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Connoisseur

An immersive seafood experience is making big waves on Miami Beach thanks to Brazil-born Coco Bambu and their palate-pleasing fare. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Pets

Interested in acquiring a true soul mate for this St. Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the trio of heartthrobs below, selected from top-notch rescues in the area. Also, check out what Dee Hoult of Applause Your Paws has to say about being a responsible dog owner! Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Boutique

Wearable art? Yes, please! Living in a world were uniqueness in so rare, Venezuelan-born Juliette Ghamra is determined to change that, one collection at a time. Text by Mariela Ortega

Success Timepieces

How often do you find a remarkable watch with a fascinating heritage? Look no further than the REC 901, crafted of recycled Porsche 911 bits and bearing a recycled French name. Text Bill Lindsey

Success Beauty

When the beauty editors at wildly popular decided to embark on the mission of taking their industry insight and expert eye for the aesthetic to create their own beauty line, Glossier was born. Text by Mariela Ortega

Success Finance

Most people think of a boat insurance policy as a straightforward, all-encompassing document and that one policy is pretty much like another…only the rates are different. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Giving

A magnificent marriage of Miami’s top-tier tastes, sips and savories with its ever-giving philanthropic spirit, this year will see VeritageMiami celebrate its 22nd year as the United Way of Miami-Dade’s most hopeful (and hearty) supporter. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Reads

Coffee table books matter more than ever in our digital age, especially when we have a strong affinity for the subject matter. The following beautiful volumes will make you pause for a moment and daydream. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Suite Life

Interested in taking your luxury hotel experience to a whole other level? The InterContinental Hotel Group’s Ambassador Program offers a stunning set of bonuses and amenities. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Esthetique

Eager to bask in our Boat Show’s glories but worried about the seaside’s sap of your delicate do? The good people at Rik Rak Salon have handed us some A+ tips on taming your mane. Text by Andrew Watters

Success Style

Straight from the closets of fashion icons Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, pedal-pusher pants are back in style for Spring. Text by Mariela Ortega

Success Tech

Entrepreneurs engaged in the maximum utilization of social media technologies, Foodie Tribe loves everything culinary, photos and reconceptualizing the way we think about business…not necessarily in that order. We've also rounded up some tips that will come in handy for any social media influencer! Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Savvy

Think you’ve got the next Google cooking away in the back of your brain? Below are 4 Miami orgs interested in getting you the help you need to get your idea off the ground. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Yacht Thrills

Key Biscayne becomes the ultimate destination for boating enthusiasts from around the globe as both the Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail drop anchor at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin to create one allinclusive venue featuring over $3 billion in all things nautical on Feb. 15-19. If that isn’t enough vessels, boat gear and accessories for you, there's also the completely separate Miami Yacht Show on Collins Avenue and the invitation-only Super Yachts Miami on Watson Island running concurrently featuring another $1 billion in yachts and nautical merchandise to explore. Text by Sandy and Bill Lindsey. Featuring the Miami International Boat Show, Larry Berryman.

A Boat Story

When organizers announced the exciting move of the Miami International Boat Show to Key Biscayne a few years ago, it made national headlines. Interestingly, many did not realize that the show actually began on the island back in 1941. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring The Miami International Boat Show.

Ocean Trance

Experience the kind of peace only nature can offer with these yacht-ready looks perfect for the season. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Mariela Ortega, Cesar Ferrete, Kayla Prince for MP Mega Miami, 120% Lino

Think Pieces

Trends, patterns and accessories unite to create the perfect Spring look for the savvy and stylish city dweller. Featuring Nick Garcia for Blindlight Studio, Mariela Ortega, Luigi Chamorro, Anna Wolf for Next Models Miami, Lafayette 148 New York @ Brickell City Centre.

Nauti Tales

What happens on the boat may have once stayed on the boat, but in our world of cell phone cameras, Facetime and incessant social media postings, the boat doesn’t even have to dock for the gossip to have spread worldwide. Text By Sandy Lindsey

The Great Indoors

A dream come true for any family, this jewel of a home overlooks beautiful Pines Canal and has water on two sides, showcasing breathtaking, private vistas all year long. Text by Yoshi Sa. Featuring Great Properties International, Daniel Gaviria, Ana Somarriba.

Savings Spree

Do you need to plan for retirement? Yes. Do you need a rainy day fund? Absolutely. But do you really understand what drives how you spend vs. save, and have you considered how a purposeful spending plan might make you happier? Read on to find out how to skip the boilerplate formula and start living life to the fullest. Text by Carly E. Howard

Dream Boats

Every person who has ridden a scooter thinks they would be great on a Harley Davidson — until they drop it at a stoplight. Boats are that way, too. Here’s a guide to match boats to personalities. Text by Bill Lindsey


In honor of the Miami International Boat Show, we’ve scoured all corners of our marketplace for the finest in marine accessories sure to get you eager to set sail. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Trident Underwater Drone by OpenROV, Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler by Summit Legacy, Scrubba Wash Bag, Sailor Knot Coasters by Mystic Knotwork and Marine Wall Clock by Pendulux.

Sails Up

This year’s Miami International Boat Show brings Sailor’s Cove to Pier 9 of Marine Stadium. Show guests will now be able to see the best of powerboats and sailboats in one location. In addition to exciting new single-hull and catamaran sailboats, Sailor’s Cove will also host a number of superior sailing seminars. Text by Bill Lindsey