Success Fiance

Featuring; David R. Klock of Business at Florida International University

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Icon Bay Residences, Ana Somarriba, Chad Carroll, Jacky Londono & Brigitte De Langeron

Success Esthetique

Featuring; Waxmee Salon & Spa

Success Creative

Featuring; Susan Danis of Florida Grand Opera’s

Success A la Mode

Featuring; Freddy’s Jewelry

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Success At Your Best

Featuring; Dr. Victoria Burns


Featuring; Vivian Rodriguez of Walk With Vivian

Savvy Travels

As the global marketplace continues to diversify and evolve, most of us find ourselves spending an ample amount of time up in the air. Whether it’s travel on account of work, in pursuit of better opportunities or for a leisure escape from the grind: It’s not always easy…but oh, it’s so worth it!


Featuring: Sandra Shenker of Flower Of The World Import, JP Huseby of Team FootWorks & Michel Giacomotti & Marcos of PersonalGofer

25 Florida Outdoor Adventures

To Try Before You Die! Feeling adventurous? Check out our list of bucket-list worthy outdoor experiences to be had in The Sunshine State. All you need to bring is a little courage, an open mind and plenty of adrenaline.


Featuring; Lualdi, Violetas, Baltus & Ligne Roset


At Miami-based D.O.G., 5-star amenities for 4-legged friends yield an important bond between human and canine even when mommy and daddy are out of town.

Luxe Waters

Whether on water or on land, these looks are sure to make you feel you’re best no matter where your itinerary takes you this season. Photography Nick Garcia from Blindlight Studio.

Trips Of A Lifetime

Big-box travel is starting to lose its appeal among the highly affluent and Brickell Travel Group plans to be there to provide exactly what elite travelers are looking for.

Drop Tops

Whether you’re cruising down the street or speeding down the highway, the journey will be more fun in one of these sophisticated, agile and powerful luxury convertibles designed with our year-round fabulous weather in mind. Featuring Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables


Experience exotic birds, endangered animals, over 1,000 species of plants and wildlife roaming free at Everglades National Park, one of the largest subtropical areas in the U.S. with a unique and fragile ecosystem that allows you to witness the mystery and lore of Florida’s wetlands like never before.

Bar Tab

Featuring; Ketel One & Joey Scorza of Intercontinental Miami

Encounters @ Biscayne Art House

Biscayne Art House invited patrons to the debut of them ultidisciplinary artwork of Karim Borjas, known for combining striking photography with vivid painting. 1. Mariana Herrera, Rodrigo Fernandez, Shalako Weiner, Yumi Yazawa 2. Ricardo & Aida Leguerica, Annette Turillo, Ninoska Huerta 3. Oscar Guevara, Estephania Navas 4. Ronald Olivarez, Johanna Madrigal 5. Karina Matthews, Nangelin Angulo, Reynaldo Acosta 6. Miguel Sanchez, Juan Pablo Cevallos, Karla Vieria, Ana Maria De Pina, Xavier Weisson 7. Ninoska Huerta, Roberto Cortes, Rose Galero, Karim Borjas, Xiomara Cortes 8. Anadir Espinoza, Annette Turill, Nelly Macedo

Encounters w/ Krug

Krug hosted an intimate gathering at Gale Hotel where Miami’s social elite mingled in The Regent Lounge amid baton twirlers, plush leather couches, bubbly filled glasses and bubbles floating in the air. 1. Criselda Breene, Edgardo & Ana Cristina DeFortuna 2. Camargo, Vecchi, Velloso & Bacchi 3. Darlene & Jorge Perez 4. Amir Ben Zion, Bill Kearney 5. Daniela Swaebe, Michael Comras 6. April Donelson, Ryan Carrigan 7. Emma Afra, Ingrid Hoffman, Sussane Birbragher 8. Jason Mcnab, Magdalena Sverlander 9. Josh Wagner, Carl Heline 10. Isaac Rosenberg, Amy Zakarin 11. Yannick & Hadley Henriette 12. Trisha Cancilla, Margareth Henriquez 13. Bill Kearney, Marcia Martinez, Michael Laas 14. Tina Carlo, Sussanne Birbragher 15. Alex Vadia, Capriles, Darlene & Jorge Perez 16. Rodriguez, Comras, Randolph & Dunin

Encounters w/ Echo

Property Markets Group hosted an exclusive VIP event for the launch of their new development called Echo. The party took place on a 5-acre lot which was transformed for one night only with performances by aerialists, live music and custom chandeliers. 1. Craig Studnicky, Ryan Shear, Kevin Maloney, David Shear, Philip Spiegelman 2. Rachel Levy, Albert Levy, Jessica Levy- Kiibler 3. Alex Wertheim, Beco Mora 4. Bernie & Carri Egozi 5. Darny Labrozzi, David Iglesias 6. Ana Santos, Veronica Galiano, Pablo Rodriguez 7. Carlos Ott, Stuart Posner, Deborah Posner, Barry Bachel, Kevin Mahoney 8. Debbie Golden, Sandra Pariente, Raquel Kaufman, Zenaida Figueroa, Athena Rossano 9. Jenni Zanzuri, Daniela Zanzuri, Edward Beiner, Al Levy 10. Eduardo & Anjelica Gomez 11. George Perez, Rick Fortenbury 12. Jessica Motes, Zachary Scott 13. Jennifer Rodriguez, Richard Greenfield, Jenny Haley 14. Jorge Divo, Vanessa Fuentes 15. Michael Porter, Liliana Gomez 16. Majo Lamidozo, Grasiela Sirotich, Yanet Bruno, Bettina Rizzo, Carolina Preciado

Encounters @ Galaxy Gala & Big Bang

Hundreds of Miami’s business, civic philanthropic and young professional leaders gathered for The Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science’s annual Galaxy Gala & Big Bang in support of the museum’s new state-of-the-art facility now under construction at Museum Park. 1. 2013 Galaxy Gala Co-Chairs: Nicole Lozano, Nancy Batchelor 2. Dan Bell, Patricia Frost, Trish Bell, Phillip Frost 3. Board Members Paul & Swanee DeMare 4. Javier & Tiffany Betancourt 5. Patrick Barker, Angela Souza, Binsen Gonzalez, Tori Anderson 6. Nancy & John Batchelor, Nicole & Edgar Lozano 7. Mayur Patel, Kemily Ahmed 8. Mike & Karen Dee, Phillis Oeters, George Foyo, Phil & Susan Conway 9. Javier & Tiffany Betancourt 10. Jon Batchelor, Remi Roberts, Oti Roberts 11. Tony Lima, Izzy Havenick, Alexis Rivera 12. Jane Gilbert, Frank Newman 13. Kelly Penton, Christina Boomer Vazquez, Alisha Marks, Tadd Schwartz 14. Andi Defield, Vance Aloupis & Friends 15. Don & Janet Slesnick, Dr. Eduardo Padrone & Guest, Lourdes & Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Encounters w/ Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton celebrated the opening of its newest Maison in Aventura, presenting its sophisticated clientele with an exceptional retail experience. 1. Jackie Soffer, Craig Robins, Valerie Chapoulaud Floquet, Mathieu Le Bozec, Michael Burke 2. Vincent Pages, Joshua Phillips, Nelson Giacometto 3. Dana & Gary Shear 4. Mathieu Le Bozec, Michael Burke 5. Michael Gran, Michelle Varat 6. Christina Termine, Brittany Lopez 7. Carole & Oscar Seikaly 8. Soledad & Alejandro Viel Temperley

Encounters w/ The Lutron Coulisse Collection

Light-control manufacturer Lutron Electronics and Coulisse, worldwide supplier of window décor, proudly announced The Lutron Coulisse Collection, oriented on design & innovation to benefit interior designers and architects alike. 1. Lutron Coulisse Collection Entertainment 2. Staci Quirk, Adriana Lara, Steve Barnes, Joe Breese 3. Adriana Lara, Andrea Sanchez 4. Erika Naranjo, Zuli Narval 5. Jan Vitrosky, Jerome Gackel 6. Ryan Deresh, Joe Breese 7. Chris Evans, Laura Gabriel, Jeff Dean

Encounters w/ Sun Sports

Sun Sports HEAT TV celebrated the end of the 7th Annual Reid & Fiorentino “Call Of The Game Dinner & Celebrity Golf Classic” alongside today’s sports icons and philanthropic heroes of our community, with a triumphant salute to two of the most celebrated local charity organizations and beneficiaries: Lauren’s Kids Foundation & Dade Schools Athletic Foundation. 1. Charlie Fernandez, Ron Book 2. Tony Fiorentino, Eric Reid 3. Deborah Wasserman Shultz, Ron Book 4. Chris “The Birdman” Anderson & Guest 5. Erik Spoelstra, Nikki Sapp 6. Pat Riley, Cory Lessner, Maria Lessner 7. Sara Ganim, Lauren Book 8. Dave Van Horne 9. Twan Russell

Encounters @ M Building, a classical music concert experience paired with culinary art and wine located in the comfortable living room of the M Building presented “A Spicy Night.”— 1. Lorena Coyle, Isa Zapata, Maria Bestard, Wyndel Gibson, Rick De La Rosa, Gisela Lopez 2. Fred and Laura DeSena, Kathryn Andrews, Kristi Shade 3. Brian Judge, Dan Carlo, Derick Close 4. Angela Garcia, Cathy Vedovi, Anne Chicheportiche 5. Sam Robin, Suzanne Minassian 6. John Kunkel, Jeff McInnis, Janine Booth 7. Marilyn and Eduardo Sarasola, Fernando Duprat 8. Tammy Napoli, Diana Judge, Alison Kunkel, Criselda Breene

Encounters w/ Barents Re

Barents Re, a reinsurance company hosted a cocktail party to celebrate Miami Reinsurance Week 2013 at Club 50. 1. Erik Jarrin, Luis Berrios, Jorge Amadeo, Tony Mirabal 2. Ernesto Pentenero, Alyssa Lince, Luis Camazon, Jose Garanton 3. Juan Calvache, Pablo Bunge, Luis Felipe Ocampo 4. Ana Matallana, Manuel Almenara, Mandy Corrieri 5. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6. Leonel Sofia, David Robbins, Gerardo Garcia, Michael Hughes 7. Luis Gutierrez, Mauricio Ponce, William Bello, Jose Astorqui, Juan Manuel Carmona 8. Arturo Falcon, Juan Carlos Coronado, Andres Real, Juan Carlos Roa

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne recently hosted their 2nd Annual “Carnival Under The Stars” by bringing a little Brazilian flavor to Miami. 1. Deborah Goldin, Richard Greenfield, Ysella Roberts 2. Gabriella Baez, Martha Guzman, Paulina Hurtado, Linda Kosilla, Sonia Cordero 3. Gabrielle Kolevris-Roots, Rachel Levy 4. Manuel Alberto Gonzalez & Ana Maria Gonzalez 5. Philip Spiegelman, Craig Studnicky 6. Gabriel Perez, Ana Garcia 7. Fillippo Pellanelr, Muriel Boiteau, Giorgio Prestipino 8. Allister Lenn, Ilana Nemat, Heriberto Rivera 9. Brigitt & Leonard Orman, Sabrina Barbosa

Encounters @ New World Symphony

New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, celebrated its highly anticipated 25th Anniversary with a look back at the organization’s innovative accomplishments and a special tribute to its Founder, Artistic Director and 12-time Grammy Award winner, Michael Tilson Thomas. 1. Jorge & Darlene Perez 2. Gia Kram, Alex Cohen 3. Michael Tilson Thomas, Sari & Arthur Agatston 4. Beth Bolelyn, Iva Kosovic 5. Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Christian Slater, Brittany Lopez 6. Adrienne Bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, Sarah Arison, Lin Arison 7. Lynda Pinnell, Nicholas Fort 8. Desmond Child, Betsy Perez, Paul Lehr 9. Dorothea & Ambassador Steven Green, Bobbi Berkman 10. Nathalie Cadet- James, Marcia Martinez 11. Constance Collins, Marty Margulies 12. Elysze Held, Toby Ansin 13. Paul & Jeannine Lehr 14. Sarah Arison, Louis Aguirre 15. Ugo & Sara Colombo 16. Michael Capponi, Lauren Fitzpatrick

Encounters @ Taste of Brickell

More than 1,500 children from public schools in Miami-Dade & Broward descended on The Sony Open for the annual Lindt Kids’ Day. The children participated in a tennis clinic and received encouraging words from players and former champs. 1. Jorge Arauz, Debralen Shoemaker, Robin Akers, Eddie Cruz 2. Henry Malpartida, Roberto Ruiz Del Arbol 3. Derick Lane, Taris Chandler 4. Roberto Romagnoli, Maria Antonieta Laviosa 5. Yeissen Godinez, Ralph Lopez, Josh Feliciano 6. Adrian Ortega, Barbona Martines, Leo Leonor 7. Leonardo Peraza Vasques 8. Ana Ferreira, Alexis Prieto 9. Cindy Castrillus, Jessica Orango 10. Joselyn Rivera 11. Jacqueline Martinez, Jessica Zarabozo 12. Michelle Shaw, Ana Ferreira 13. Chef Sandro Flores 14. Yves Arispe, Yulia Korotkova Arispe 15. Tom Gallagher, Ana Fournaris 16. Monica Shaner, Janessa Todorova