Success Savy

Featuring; Nancy Richmond of Florida International University’s College of Business

Success Bon Voyage

Featuring; Fernando Dasilva of Brickell Travel

Success Fiance

Featuring; John Cunill of Adorno-Cunill & Damas P.L.

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Le Parc at Brickell, Andrea Salazar of The Foram Group, Brigitte de Langeron, Maile Aguila, Chad Carroll & Dorith Ness

Success Giving

Featuring; Kids In Distress (KID, Inc.)

Success Esthetique

Featuring; Dr. John Martin


JennyLee Molina


Featuring; Bettina Barnocsky of Blackbird Ordinary & Crown Royal (Diageo)

Balancing Act

Life isn’t as easy as it used to be. Between work and personal commitments, our days and nights are constantly bombarded by the hectic nature of our always-connected world. But don’t fret: There’s hope…as long as you’re willing to tweak a few things in your daily routine.


Featuring: Samantha Alvarez of SEVEN Met Suites, Angel Sanchez of Vitamin C Communications, Elena Linares of RazzleDazzle Barbershop & Max Borges of Max Borges Agency

She’s The Boss

As you may be aware, female entrepreneurs are inceasingly on the rise in every industry across varying fields. But the road to success isn’t always paved in gold. Read on to learn how to effectively join their ranks without too many bumps along the way.

New Heights

The new Echo Brickell residential development has garnered quite the buzz around town. In fact, its prime location and luxury slant has buyers from around the world scrambling to get in on a piece of the action.

Power Path

When it comes to your success at life and work, the key to reaching all of your goals and fulfilling your potential is to keep learning long after you’ve hung that framed degree on your wall or landed that dream promotion.

Super Schools

The future of early childhood education is no longer the simple learning daycare center, but comprehensive environments where each child’s abilities, natural competencies and aptitudes are nurtured to develop new and inherent talents.

Office Antics

She’s the boss, he’s her assistant…for now. Get a glimpse into a fashionable dynamic sure to inspire a whole new work wardrobe. Photography: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio

Happy Road

Discovering what we’re good at sometimes requires a little trip down memory lane. If you don’t feel like you’re living the life you always envisioned for yourself, take a second to remember what used to make you tick before society’s influence and adult responsibilities started watering down your dreams.

Breathtakingly Belize

Regardless of who you make the trip with, Belize has something to offer everyone — from rugged eco adventures to extreme animal encounters and luxurious, romantic experiences, there’s no shortage of things to do for travelers looking for the trip of a lifetime.

Encounters @ Balans

Whether you stop in for a bite during breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Balans is one of Brickell’s top spots to be seen. 1. Robin Pinero, Vanessa Guillén, Maggie Sanchez 2. Andy Russell Sarah Packiam, Steve Argy 3. Sebastien Pasquali Lorraine Loaiza 4. Paola Echeverri, Jessica Fernandez 5. Jessica Quintanilla, Lea Mittrany 6. Jerome Morlot, Camille Mendez, Stephanie Desbazeille, Arnaud Boué 7. Erika Henao, Maria Vengoechea 8. Obin Mendez, Melissa Jubera, Patrick Chevrolet, Sebastian Zelaya

Encounters w/ SEVEN Met Suites

SEVEN Met Suites, Brickell’s newest enhanced business center offering, celebrated their launch in style with guests enjoying bites from Celebrity Chef Juan Chipoco of Ceviche 105 during the exclusive tour of the facility. 1. Aymee Morales, Jesus Gonzalez 2. Barbara Coletti, Julie Larotta 3. Carmen & Paul Stevens 4. Cecilia Acosta, Carla Macias 5. Terry Nazon, Michelle Luongo 6. Cristina Jaramillo, Henrique Lopez 7. Jennifer Diana, Victoria Sanders 8. Jennifer Gross, Victoria Cordoba 9. Juliana Grisales, Fabio Pirozzi 10. Manny Rubio, Eduardo Guerinica 11. Marielena Pereira, Samantha Alvarez 12. Manuel & Adreina Liway 13. Mercy Ventura, Rudy Magalde 14. Ray Stonecipher, Maria Davila 15. Ricardo & Adriana Guerrero 16. Sarah Elles Boggs, Samantha Alvarez 17. Tiziana & Anita Perrotta

Encounters @ Baltus House

The Related Group and Dacra celebrated Baltus House by presenting a preview of the future of Design District living, along with special guests artists Lluis Barba and Jaime Gili, who are both creating significant pieces for the property. 1. Craig Robins, Jorge Perez, Carlos Rosso 2. Ana Mora, Claudia Moya, Kari Fernandez 3. Edgardo Defortuna, Andres Asion 4. Fernando Alpern, Sonia Figueroa, Hernan Gleizer 5. Alehandra Von Hartz, Jorge Perez, Jaime Gili 6. Marie Auger, Chris Soares, Rose Marie Friedman 7. Lluis Barba, Jorge Perez, Jaime Gili

Encounters @ Blue Martini

If you’re looking for a spot to meet new people while enjoying live music, stiff drinks and tasty bites, Blue Martini is always a great place to socialize from happy hour to closing time. 1. Marta Queipo, Jessica Reyes, Mari Serrano, Caryn Lida 2. Vanessa Espinosa, Alexandra Manrique, Katie Husta, Alex Fumagali 3. Angely Rosich, Gianna Kleinmann 4. Ignacio Rodriguez, Ricky Patel 5. Monica Offred, Tule Cabrera 6. Bahadir Sonmez, Erdal Aksou, Ramazan Oguz 7. Claudia Curiel, Paola Rueda, Mercy Dorta 8. Danny Vercetti, Miguel Morel, Karen Araque, Frank Rosell

Encounters @ Brother Jimmy’s

Hanging with your buddies while you feast on some BBQ is a dream come true for many...but at Brother Jimmy’s it’s business as usual. 1. Brad Ross, Katherine Mayer, Danny Klein, Marcos Aris 2. Mariela Rodas, Ashley Hans, Maria Fernanda Rodas 3. Garrett Laughlin, Steban Lichter 4. Stacy Turansky, Christine McGrath 5. Kylee Cook, Adam Lacey 6. Carly B., Maya S., Melissa B., K.C B. 7. Erik, Jenifer Litany, Victoria Sosa 8. Katie Goslin, Dan Jordan

Encounters @ SLS Hotel South Beach

The SLS Hotel hosted a special Katsuya By Starck Noches De Galerias evening featuring work by Ramon Aular, adding to the artistic portfolio of the series. 1. Sake Bottle Presentation 2. Deborah Gutierrez 3. DJ Leandro Medina 4. Laura & Jorge Posada 5. Guest, Rodner Figueroa 6. Christine Aragao, Ramon Aular, Juliana Aragao 7. Ramon Aular, Laura & Jorge Posada 8. Yuri Tuma, Ananda Mello, Ernesto Kunde

Encounters w/ Cool De Sac

Cool de Sac hosted a preview party at their new location at Gulfstream Park with VIPs dancing the night away as they sampled Cool De Sac’s new gourmet menu. 1. Leonardo Espinoza, Aurelio Cruz, Ysel Gonzalez, Angel Dominguez 2. Zujehid & Louis Hernandez 3. Jose Luis & Karla Bueno 4. Greta & JC Cedeno 5. Belkis Melean-Ponte, Katiusca LaJarin, Alidett Espinoza 6. David Castro, Juliana Garcia, Ignacio Villegas, Valentina Algarra 7. Alexandra Fernandez, Jose Fernandez, Alida Espinoza, Francisco Dominguez 8. Ariel Marmolejos, Ms. Marmolejos, Juan Valles

Encounters w/ Grove At Grand Bay

Grove At Grand Bay, a luxury residential project slated for completion in 2015, hosted an intimate evening with leading Swiss jeweler De Grisogono. 1. Alicia Cervera, Nick D’annunzio 2. Ana Rivera, Michelle Chala 3. Karoline Biondo, Joanna Hedman 4. Deborah Castro, Elaine Spottswood 5. Canas, Rivero, Coca, Lopez, Ferro 6. Tara Solomon, Tony Cusenza 7. Michael Quagliato, John Terboss 8. Marco Bellini, Priscilla Gaya Petro

Encounters @ The Hoxton

As one of the most buzzed-about hotspots in Miami, The Hoxton is quickly defining itself as the place to relax with friends all night long. 1. Ryan Shienbaum, Baylee Shienbaum, Danny Greenberg 2. Isaac Mainero, Marylin Restrepo, Jessica Castro, Cesar Orlando 3. Adorys & Adriana 4. Omar, Josie Ruiz, Yairizet Medina-Rojas, Henry Rojas 5. Lauren, Will 6. Bliss Masiarczyk, Nayeli’s Delisle, Suzie Ganivet 7. Ana, Iraida 8. Charlene Brazao, Evelyn Jaqueline

Encounters @ Brickell Irish Pub

If a cold pint and bar food with substance is on the agenda, a trip to Brickell Irish Pub never disappoints. 1. Michelle Ben-Ruven, Jordan Ben-Haim, Sammie Goodman 2. Monika Montero, Juliet Fairbrother, Haley Brennan 3. Carly Steffes, Jenna Meyerowitz 4. Abner Torres, Jackie Mendez 5. Aileen Phillips, Owen Pekingese 6. Serena Buckley, Rachel Luckman, Ava Talbot, Nicki Parlitsis 7. Rebecca Fernandez, Hannah Grant, Nicole Brown 8. Moriah Kendall, Sam Kahme

Encounters w/ Centro Miami

Hundreds gathered at the historic Alfred I. Dupont Building to celebrate the grand opening of the new Yves Béhar-designed sales gallery for Centro. 1. Yves Béhar, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Harvey Hernandez 2. Dilay Escalante, Jessica Juliao, Ali Lamadrid 3. Josh Wollowick, Randy Alonso 4. Brenda Bichili, Jesse Ottley 5. Vivian Martins, TJ Sabo, Jessica Segatto 6. Alejandra Gonzalez, Jose Goranton, Irazu Torrealba 7. Nicki Zwiesler, Cindy Prado 8. Yves Béhar, Harvey Hernandez, Ricardo Dunin 9. Bea Nahuz, Azu Orts 10. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid 11. Eduardo Carvajal, Gary Ressler, Harvey Hernandez 12. Ana Rivera, Andrea Chediak, Michelle Chala 13. Kelly Penton, Yves Béhar, Allie Grant 14. Sarah Delgado, Emily Gimblett, Karine Carvalho 15. Janira Hernandez, Andrea Benedetti 16. Juan Ayora, Jennifer Blanco, Benjamin Wolkov, Daniel Giraldi 17. Miguelina Ramirez, Enzo Di Giovanni, Carla Ruiz, Sabine Dedow, Rafael Gonzalez

Encounters @ Dolores/Lolita

With cozy spaces upstairs and down, there’s no shortage of opportunities to enjoy a great meal and meet some interesting people while you’re at it at Dolores/Lolita. 1. Erik Berman, Angela Fernandez, Samantha Gonzalez, Diego Escobar 2. Gerardo Arana, Andrea Castro, Ana Cecilia Garcia, Rodrigo Alminana 3. Charito & Cecilia 4. Marie Lopez, Jesly Bello 5. Alex & Helen Hernandez 6. Hannah Grant, Nicole Brown, Missy Burdick 7. Sandy Chica, Gaby Depardon 8. Dawn Owens, Malinda Love

Encounters @ Novecento

Inside and out, Novecento has something for anybody looking for a memorable experience day and night. 1. Bruno Miranda, Ruy Maciel, Leonardo Oliveira 2. Michel Kulcsar, Simon Thomas, Mauro Orefice 3. Kenneth Braden, Katia Jiras 4. Lorraine Caceres, Gremaud Angee 5. Gabriela Velez, Erika Salazar 6. Luciana Thomas, Beatriz Pesquera, Fernanda Filkauskas, Rafaela Leal 7. Luis Prado, Gisel Prado, Sisley Lobo, James Cruz 8. Cristina Caicedo, Kenny Sewards