Success At Your Best

Featuring; Nadja A. Horst, D.M.D., of Ultra Smile

Success Balance

Featuring; Miami Life Center

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Centro, Bay House, Venegas International Group, Hernan Golod, Giulietta Ulloa & Brigitte De Langeron

Success Finance

Featuring; Howard Levine of Sabadell United Bank

Success Creative

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Success Giving

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Cristina Maria Lloyd


Featuring; Aaron Tucker of Oceanaire & Kettle One Vodka (Diageo)

Subconscious Design

Most design experts agree that when you change your surroundings, you can change your life. Every home tells a story. What is yours saying?

Urban Sprawl

Paraiso Bay is poised to take East Edgewater to new heights with stunning plans that will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Featuring The Related Group


Robin Annon of California Closets Miami, Javier Martin of Baltus Collection, Celia Pinto & Cindy Garcia Lynskey of Floridian Furniture, Francesco Marrama of Lualdi, Dominique Bonet of Lineaire Designs LLC & Jeannette Gonzalez Opzioni Design, Inc.

Cave To Cond

We trace the history of residential living from the caveman era to modern-day homeowners to uncover how it all comes together to yield that time-transcending feeling of home sweet home.

Fashionable Form

When fashion meets furniture, form and function unite to create a harmony of lines, style and inspiration that’s pure magic during any occasion. Photography: Nick Garcia, Stylist: Noe Cesar

Life On Top

This beautiful residence atop The Ocean Club features modern accents, colorful backdrops and sprawling views to keep you feeling at home all year long. Featuring: Doug Kinsley & Gonzalez-Black


Featuring; Hausscape, Siematic, Mauviel, AGA Total Control & Floridian Furniture

If Walls Could Talk

Your home, dwelling, residence, domicile, your matter what you choose to call it, the place you decide to live in says something about you. What that something is might be more telling than you think.


This collection of luxury RVs represents the ultimate way to go anywhere the road takes you in Rock Star style. Check out a few top models perfect for everything from couples to families… and a few neighbors as well.

Holiday Stresses

Everyone knows the holiday season is bitter-sweet. From presents to preparation, the to-do list is seamlessly endless and the rewards welcomed with open arms. Follow these quick expert tips to make sure you survive the holidays in style — with your sanity intact.

Snuggle Up!

Why jet off to foreign lands when we have such a captivating state we can call our very own? Join us as we explore some of Florida’s coziest B&B inns.

Encounters @ Bricktoberfest

Bricktoberfest brought together over 6,000 guests to enjoy popular local, regional and European craft breweries and specialty beers. 1. Bricktoberfest 2013 2. Jennifer & Corey Savoy, Rocio Lakes, Karla Huari 3. Javi Zayas 4. Javier & Tatiana Vasallo 5. Stacey Applelonia, Alex Carrandi 6. Jenysis Perez, Gennifer Perdono, Yaneisy Abreu, Lissette Viera 7. Misha Lang, Tristen Stevens, Erika Witkowski 8. Tiffany Gonzalez, Ana Rivera, Loren Barranco, Kali Campbell

Encounters @ Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland

Brickell Magazine & Key Biscayne Magazine teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland for a one-of-a-kind cocktail party to honor the “Dressed For Success” and “Most Beautiful People” past and present. 1. Samanta Ferrini, Alexander Avila, Tracy Koço 2. Jorge Arauz, Estrellita Sibila 3. Vanessa Barba, Lorena Andrade, Arelis Vazquez 4. Manuel & Mercedes Encalada, Jesus Gonzalez 5. Kelly McGovern, David Pena 6. Jeffrey Gibson, Kirsty Barany 7. Ari Tenzer, Noé César 8. Alex Santa-Eulalia, Mikhaile Solomon 9. Bruno & Luciana Junqueira 10. Dante & Sunita Cenci 11. Jorge Arauz, Cristy Paez 12. Nick Garcia, Angela Bonilla 13. John Verea, Arelis Vazquez 14. Jess Cerda-Antomarchi, Ari Tenzer 15. Maria Bestar, Javier Alcina 16. Malik Benjamin, Estrellita Sibila

Encounters w/ Cer vera Real Estate

Perfecto Gastropub hosted Cervera Real Estate and some of Miami’s top real estate brokers to celebrate the demolition of the existing structure at the future site of Le Parc At Brickell. 1. Cameron Cervera, Jacqueline Regnault, Jorge Salazar, Bettina Alvarez 2. Aldo Rivera, Alexis Goldman, Mauricio Gaviria 3. Jorge Nuch, Paulina Muro 4. Lisbeth Arellano, Alicia Lamadrid 5. Blanca Rivero, Adriana Martinez 6. Christopher Adeleke, Adrianne Trujillo, Cameron Cervera 7. Jorge Salazar, Aldo Rivera 8. Lisbeth Arellano, Alexandra Grant

Encounters w/ Voices For Children

Voices For Children Foundation Inc. hosted the “Be A Voice Awards Luncheon” with the goal of raising money to benefit foster children in Miami-Dade County. 1. Gail Appelrouth, Nelson F. Hincapie, Summer 2. Brett McNaught, Joel Rosenthal, Alain Abramowitz 3. Brittany Lopez, Christian Slater, 4. Deede Weithorn, Javier Vazquez 5. Jay Shapiro, Jennifer Stearns Buttrick 6. Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindigall, Rebecca Sosa, Valerie Riles 7. Voices For Children’s Be A Voice Awards Luncheon Committee 8. Raul Valdes-Fauli, Claudia S. Santiano, Jolie Balido, Jacques Hart 9. Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, Blain Heckaman, Laurie Jennings 10. Judge Cindy Lederman, Michael Hanzman 11. Brian Y. Goldmeier, Sally Heyman, Nelson F. Hincapie 12. Dr. Michael N. Rosenberg, Carlos A. Gimenez 13. Board Of Directors for Voices For Children 14. Michael Wohl, Betty Wohl, Ronald, Betty Smith, Carrie Brewer 15. Denise Sasiain, Summer, Yani Sanchez, Yamille Hernandez 16. Linda Bittel, Nadine Pertnoy, Jodi Orshan, Fern Rosen

Encounters @ Taverna Opa

There’s never a dull moment at Taverna Opa atop Mary Brickell Village — and if you don’t believe it, you’d better stop by for happy hour and beyond. 1. Victoria Hernandez, Ana Feria 2. Cresence Birder, Krystyna Malewski, Susie Templeton 3. Dioni Aira, Angelica Maria Rodriguez 4. Britney Cruz, Sarah Schubert, Andrea Gallipoli, Adriana Lallemand 5. Maga Rached, Jacky & Vanessa Woodruff 6. Jessica Novo, Yenifer Alvarez, Cindy Torna 7. Emily Markell, Courtney Green, Hanna Graves, Gina Clementi 8. Ashley Comes, Yoshi Hayashi, Massiel Linares, Melissa Lora

Encounters w/ Property Market s Group

Property Markets Group celebrated the success of Sage Beach with a private broker event for the luxury property that features a melding of luxurious comforts and cuttingedge technology. 1. Craig Studnicky, Arthur Chernov 2. Emily Wingrove, Sylvia Dilsen 3. Joe Dupree, Ana Tajes 4. Anthony Caprio, Cristina Connell, Ken Golden 5. Dinora Mejias, Luis Uz, Peter Prudenzano, Lana Spitaleri, Gustavo Machado 6. Emiliana Zelkowicz, Tony Anchante, Daniella Aragon, Cathy Martinez 7. Ken Golden, Kevin Maloney 8. Rachel Levy, Michael Chackman 9. Shelly Klinger, Gabriella Gonda 10. Arthur Chernov, Barbara Jones, Marci Landis-Canosa, Frank Canosa 11. Ned White, Mark Sheldon, Tania Babic 12. Veronica Escobedo, Ned White, Lisa Whitaker 13. Ken Golden, Jimena Pintos, Michael Ambrosio 14. Orlaney Garces, Craig Studnicky, Erica Palacio

Encounters @ Blue Martini

Blue Martini continues to maintain its title as the best happy hour in town complete with top-rate drinks and bites for all. 1. Juliette Diaz, Lorena Diaz 2. Lilibeth Harb, Moy Blanco 3. Kevin Arangio, Ceci Guara 4. Maria Lopez, Monica Gonzalez, Alice M. 5. Alyssa Agresta, Alexandra Somnolet, Kimberly Jurgensen 6. Jessica Petite, Iris Hasta, Karen Aqui 7. Shaid Mendoza, Andrea Amaya, Diego Rojas 8. Jennifer Smith, Samantha Garcia, Marina Fernandez, Joana Maldonado

Encounters w/ Events With Glamour

Sandra Shenker of Events With Glamour was the official floral sponsor for The Preston Bailey Show at The Biltmore Hotel. Preston Bailey is a world-famous celebrity wedding coordinator and designer. 1. Andrea Ramirez, Preston Bailey, Cinthya Ramirez 2. Eric Miller, Yvette Richardson, Joy Henry 3. Sandra Shenker, Darryl Gilbert 4. Jose Santiago, Marie Santiago 5. Kristin Bento, Patrice Thomas 6. Lester Cameron, Chacon Coote, Lennox Cameron 7. Xoua Vang, Sandra, Sanaw Ledrod 8. Sandra Shenker, Darryl Gilbert, Grace Ormonde, Mar Jennings, Joy Agness 9. Tereza Nazer, Margie Aguda 10. Preston Bailey, Sandra 11. Sybille Guichard, Alex Martelo 12. M. Benedicte Verley, Lilly Ormonde 13. Michael & Danielle Lynch 14. Rodolfo Bondone, Roberto Carlo, Darryl Gilbert, Ed Horowitz 15. Dave Cox, Delia Thomas Cameron 16. Tawanda Sims, Gigi Olah 17. Morgan Greene, Zulimay Lizcano

Encounters w/ PAMM

The Pérez Art Museum Miami [PAMM] hosted their premiere gala kick-off event to celebrate the museum’s arrival in style. 1. Darlene Perez, Constance Fernandez 2. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 3. Lee Brian Schrager, Nedra Oren, Ricardo Restrepo 4. Thom Collins, M. Therese Vento 5. Robert & Dede Moss, Carole Seikaly 6. Nedra Kalish, Yvette Costas, Steven Gombinski, Constance Fernandez 7. Carole & Ira Hall, Susana Ibarguen 8. Mireille Chancy Gonzalez w/ Guest, Rafael & Marijean Miyar

Encounters w/ Festival Of Media

The Festival Of Media gathering brought together Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market to share creativity and innovation. 1. Claudia Damas, Jane Terra 2. Michael Anderez, Mari Julian 3. Gustavo Walder, Roxana Garcia 4. Dubraska Cortes, Allison Ramirez, Kemily Ahmed 5. Alejandra Sanchez, Jessica Soto, Andrea Juncadella, Alessandra Verne 6. Oscar Trestini, Daniela Dias, Raul Rodriguez 7. Javier Chanfreau, Juan Bongiovanni, German Iojk 8. Juan Pablo Suarez, Celeny Da Silva, Nina Harvey, Joanna Button

Encounters @ Brickell Irish Pub

Brickell Irish Pub serves up a great time (and some pretty tasty bites and pints) day and night. 1. Caroline Mendez, Nicolette Smith 2. Erica Nicewarner, Kieran Basra 3. Camila Lopes, Paulo Sergio 4. Emily Cullum, Kristen Eng, Cassandra Smith 5. Katie Bradley, Mallory Posey, Daniela Tizabi 6. Jessica DeFreitas, Morgan Mickelsen, Hayley Pierce 7. Meredith Frost, Amie Johnson, Chloe Stinebiser 8. Vanessa Castillo, Camila Perez, Cindy Perez, Alexa Lopez Trigo