Success Esthetique

Featuring; Alfaparf Milano

Success Salud

Featuring; Flotation Center

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Biscayne Beach, Midtown Doral, Ana Somarriba, Esther Prat, Opulence Realty & Brigitte De Langeron

Success A La Mode

Featuring; Chez Jeanton by Kalena Jeanton

Success Giving

Featuring: Isaac Saiz & Caroline Gallina of Save The Strays


Tito Gil


Featuring; Katherine Nava of Perricone & Jose Cuervo Silver (Diageo)

The Gift Of Excellence

In place of a long list of resolutions that end up empty promises, or some sparkling new material possession that will only give temporary gratification to an immediate desire, give yourself the greatest gift you have ever had this holiday season and dive into self-discovery while building a tribe of brilliance.

The Epitome Of Living

The Collection Residences at Château Beach in Sunny Isles are at once luxurious and breathtaking featuring panoramic views, top-notch amenities and everything else you’d desire in the residence of your dreams.


Featuring: Serge Pavluk of Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP, Patrick Ahern of US Century Bank & Dr. Marc Greenfield of Children’s Survival Network

Season’s Dazzle

These breathtaking pieces are sure to get you all the attention you deserve during the social season and beyond — all you have to worry about is deciding which parties to RSVP for. Featuring: Diamonds on The Key

Cultural Metamorphosis

Known for its beaches, nightlife, food, fashion and fun, Miami is now ready to take its rightful place center stage on the global art scene with the opening of Pérez Art Museum Miami.


Featuring; Ligne Roset, 4141 Design & Meyda

Bank Of The World

Banco do Brasil Americas was born from a rich history. Their parent company is Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in asset size in Latin America, with 205 years of experience in financial services, and, as with anything, there’s no substitute for experience.

Luxurious Ponderings

Luxury: trinkets, baubles, toys and creature comforts on a grand scale, yet in Miami luxury is more about a state of mind and a heavy dose of visual indulgence…


Frances Aldrich Sevilla-Sacasa, CEO of Downtown Miami-based Banco Itaú International, has had quite the career in the financial services industry, helming some of the world’s most respected wealth management organizations all from her headquarters in The Magic City, and all with a signature optimism and outlook that’s all her own.

Up, Up & Away

Owning a private jet is high up on anyone’s bucket list, but that level of ownership requires a lot of effort. Conversely, fractional ownership or charters means you only spend an amount commensurate with actual air time, plus you get the services of experienced pilots and maintenance crew, the ability to choose the exact aircraft each trip requires and a constantly upgraded fleet.

Exquisite Escape

The weather, the history, the beaches, the food and wine are all excellent reasons to visit Portugal & The Madeira Islands any time of the year — but a couple of special New Year’s packages may make NOW the perfect time to book the trip of a lifetime. Featuring: Brickell Travel

Encounters w/ AEM

An informative think tank session recently took place at Club 50 hosted by AEM. 1. Beatriz Gardoqui, Eduardo Brabo, Pablo Salazar 2. Estrella Mitkowsky, Paty Duclaud 3. Sofia Casarin, Adriana Sierra 4. Lore Kladt, Eduardo Del Rivero 5. Jimena Guijarro, Jose Valdes 6. Steven Waldrof, Eduardo Del Rivero, Perla Thomas, Oscar Valencia, Pablo Salazar 7. Jorge Jimenez, Patricia Hammeken, Charles Daucourt 8. Cory Alzate, Annia Zavala 9. Daniel Galindo, Nina Torres, Carlos Rincon Gallardo 10. Hector Arellano, Amalia Perez 11. Gina Polo, Johanny Uzcategui 12. Moises Peraza, Jose Fernandez 13. Graciela Aguado, Susy Rosado 14. Eduardo Brabo, Francisco De La Lama, Thomas Juan Gallardo 15. Julie Garcia, Gabriela Torrente 16. Juan Gallardo, Nina Torres, Claudia Castillo

Encounters w/ Rocco Donna

The Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion Show by Rocco Donna was inspired by 9 different divas who are icons of style. 1. Romina Nabhen 2. Candela Ferro, Leonardo Rocco 3. Mariela Bagnato, Rodrigo Estrada 4. Alessandra Villegas, Gaby Acuna, Agueda Lopez 5. Mariela Encarnacion, Leonardo Rocco 6. Miguel Talento, Javier Dufourquet, Cesar San Martin 7. Maritza Bustamante, Jessica Cerezo, Guest 8. Marger & Leonardo Rocco

Encounters w/ Savor The Season

Savor The Season Miami at Brickell World Plaza kicked off the holiday season in style with plenty of culinary options for guests to enjoy 1. Doug Parent, Isabel Coronado 2. Drew & Karen Dilworth 3. Ergio Fernandez, Gisela Suarez 4. Erik Amaro, Maggie Navaez 5. Jackie & Maria Rayneri 6. Mickey & Beck Rhinehart, Loretta Cockrum 7. Sandra Lennox, Nellie Aguirre, Lourdes Tudela 8. Maggie Samora, Melissa Hernandez 9. Leo Rodriguez, Miriam Arias 10. Mark Zuniga, Laura Kelly 11. Mason & Evelyn Pertnoy 12. Michael & Natalie Baiamonte 13. Miriam Derizier, Jeff Ceremy 14. Tina Vong, Brian Chan 15. Roger Dunetz, Ana Rodriguez 16. Scott & Moura Sheron 16. Tony & Diane Torquato

Encounters w/ Baltus House

Over 100 brokers gathered to celebrate Baltus House’s official groundbreaking. 1. Carlos Rosso, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Jorge Pérez, Javier Cuadro, Henry Pino 2. Christelle Hamon, Marine Curign, Marie Charlotte Piro, Jocelyn Abramaff, Emma Sorrente 3. Monica P. Williams, Hector Pinto, Adriana Soares De Sa 4. Ariadne Sugares, Marianella Trujillo 5. Javier Cuadro, Javier Martin De Baltus 6. Sergio Soldati, Cari Fernandez, Alejandro Schuff 7. Jorge Fraguido, Ali Castillo, Andres Asion 8. Margarita Mejia, Mary Malloral, Angelica Bernal, Gladys Jell, Paula Berthe

Encounters w/ WaxMee

Mini-facials and skincare tips & tricks took center stage to educate guests how to take care of the skin they’re in during WaxMee’s “Fall Into Great Skin” event josted by Cellex-C. 1. Maria Mariana, Fred Soto 2. Yubi Maquiera, Juliet Mijares, Yamilet Cabrera 3. Raquel Mariana, Yani Ramirez D’Leon 4. Yaslin Luna, David Cranley 5. Martha Sanchez, Maria Mariana 6. Maria Mariana, Marien Alvarez, Yvonne Haynes 7. Mill Lara, Fred Soto, Gustavo Cagiao 8. Keyny Mendoza, Maria Martin 9. Maria Echevarria, Ana Maria Zamora, Beatriz Varona 10. Maria Hechavarria, Lisi Chavarri 11. Connie Mavridis, Gustavo Cagiao 12. Fred Soto, Jillian Irwin 13. Yvonne Haynes, Martha Sanchez 14. Luisa Romero, Rebecca Garcia 15. Yubi Maquiera, Lisi Chavarri 16. Yaslin Luna, Nayade Bravo

Encounters @ Grove At Grand Bay

The Real Deal Magazine held a roundtable panel hosted at Grove At Grand Bay featuring topics about South Florida’s new development cycle, latest selling points and trends shaping the market. 1. Adam Yormack, Robert Ziehm 2. Alan Araujo, Mayi De La Vega 3. Carmel Dubuque, Melissa Polka, Bradley Arendt 4. Daniel De La Vega, Amir Korangy 5. Yoav Barilan, Jessica Levy Kiibler, Nadine Herrera, Ross Fox 6. Esther Percal, Chad Oppenheim, Mayi De La Vega, Amir Korangy, Bjarke Ingles, David Martin, Peter Zalewski 7. Gal Erlichman, Elena Min 8. Caroline Underwood, Danielle Alvarez, Alexi Barrionuevo 9. Cristina Crespo, Israel Medina 10. Yana Aleksandrova, Daniel Tzinker 11. David Larson, Cassie Resnick 12. Jenny Betancourt, Andrew Perez, Alexandra Perez 13. Rachel Levy, Gabrielle Kolevris Roots 14. Sam Thompson, Camille Dircks, Natalia Trujillo, Niran Amole 15. Penni Chasens, Dolores Delgado, Philip Freedman

Encounters w/ March Of Dimes

Celebrating its 75th Anniversary, March of Dimes hosted a Signature Chefs auction fundraiser presented by Goya B3Foods. 1. Participating Chefs 2. Chef Alberto Cabrera & His Team 3. Jackie Nespral, Juan Esterripa 4. Chef Todd Erickson 5. JC & Melissa DeOna, Felipe Balsuto 6. Chef Jamie DeRosa 7. The Ambassador Family: Roberto Castro & Carla Curiel w/ Twins Adriana & Emilia

Encounters w/ Echo Brickell

A 6-piece live orchestra band and extensive open bars and bites welcomed 300 guests aboard the 228-ft. Seafair for a sneak peek at the forthcoming Echo Brickell development site. 1. Natalie Brabner Craig Studnicky 2. Fabian Parolari, Sergio Pintos 3. Sandra Gorski, David Gorson, Veronica Escobedo 4. Alina Quintero, Roberto Malca, Liliana Albrecht, Juan Camilo Losada 5. Daniel Jerusalmi, Vivi Wolak, Alex Wolak, Cintia Thormann 6. Echo Brickell Light Beam 7. Guillermo Martinez, Juanita Gomez, Humberto Gomez, Fernando Vives 8. Greg Kahn, Ryan Shear, Noah Gottlieb, Kevin Maloney, David Shear 9. Jessica Levy Kiibler, Rachel Levy, Kara & Jeremy Franker 10. Ercan, Sylvia Dilsen 11. Mathew Dalby, Anastasia Kessaris 12. Gaby Gonda, Ken Golden, Lisa Whitaker 13. Marc Schmulian, Stephanie Schmulian, Stephanie Rimes, Claudio Stivelman, Ian Ludmir 14. Patricia Hoyos, Lauren Marks, Rachel Levy, Veronica Escobedo, Jessica Levy Kiibler 15. Ruedi Sieber, lan Araujo, Parisa Marnia, Diego Guillen 16. Karine Carvalho, Kevin Maloney, Philip Spiegelman, Craig Studnicky

Encounters w/ Galaxy Gala

The 2014 Galaxy Gala Committee hosted a VIP kick-off event and auction for the upcoming 12th Annual Patricia & Phillip Frost B5Museum Of Science Galaxy Gala. 1. Alicia Cervera-Lamadrid, Nicole Lozano, Irene Korge, Nancy Batchelor, Gillian Thomas 2. Laura Buccelati, Maria Goodno, Paolo Costalli, Sonia Gibson 3. Debbie Young, Judge Bronwyn Miller, Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens 4. Kristen Castellan, Leslie Munsell 5. Cameron Sisser, Allison Goldberg, Mike Simmons 6. Gary & Dana Shear, Dionea Orcini, Tony Cusenza 7. Heather Bass, Patricia Foller, Miguel Ferrer, Irene Korge, Mauricio Vellasquez 8. Lizette Martino Diaz, Brian Gray, Leonor Anthony

Encounters w/ SAHF

The Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF) hosted a gala to commemorate its 30th Anniversary with a black-tie event and silent auction with proceeds going toward health-related and human development programs in El Salvador. 1. Foundation Director Carlos Reyes 2. Rodner Figueroa, Andrea Valiente,Ernesto Mathies 3. Jose Perozo, Ginette Velasquez 4. Captain Tellef, Magda Lie-Nielsen 5. Ernesto & Cecilia Poma 6. Jose Eduardo, Pilarin Siman 7. Marisela De Montecristo 8. Mike & Amy Kazma 9. Peter Hoffmann, Carolina Lanao

Encounters w/ For tune International

The Colony Theater was at its maximum capacity for the world premiere of Jade Signature: The Movie hosted by Fortune International and attended by more than 400 viewers. 1. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 2. Al Charif, Moe Charif 3. Carmen Stevens, Valeria Gaufillier 4. Irene Klurman, Tatiana Domovsky 5. Ready To Watch The Premiere 6. Brian Brodeur, Eduardo Inery, Kent Coling, Edgardo Defortuna 7. Silvia Thorman, Vivi Wolak 8. Irina Slyusanchuk, Sandra Chartouni 9. Jeannie Ulloa, Angela Santamaria 10. Ximena Penuela, Ana Cristina Defortuna 11. Marco Peralta, Erika Palacios, Miguel Peralta 12. Alfonso Miguel Caballero, Sonia Caballero, Edgardo Defortuna, Jason Frantzen 13. Sergi Vitrenko, Victoria Romanenko, Klaus Panhlzer 14. Sivan Koster, Sandra Chartouni, Penelope Pierce, William Pierce 15. Moe Charif, Ana Cristina & Edgardo Defortuna 16. Peter Green, David Staple

Encounters w/ The Rug Company

The Rug Company announced their new partnership with Alexander McQueen for their much buzzed-about latest collection. 1. Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Sarah Harrelson 2. Suzy Ricotti, Lori Warriner 3. Kenneth Mills, Tiza Kann 4. Hira Sabuhi, Leslie Chimelis, Natalia Reina 5. Deborah Wecselman, Sharron Lannan, Fernanda Domit 6. Kris Reich, Sofia Joelsson, Jonathan Day 7. Ticia Joseph, Amreen Sriui, Abbe Kanner 8. Tim Dupont, Danilo Di Michele, Donald Lawson