Chef's Special

You’re invited into the kitchens of some of the most creative chefs in Miami to see what inspires them, what they’re cooking up and where they’re going. If their passion for food awakens your appetite, head over to their respective restaurants and have a taste of what sets them apart. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos by Ximena Etchart. Featuring: Virgile Brandel of Atrio Restaurant & Wine Room at Conrad Miami, Diego Solano Bulla of Gastrobar, Klaus Happel of InterContinental Miami, Jean Paul Lourdes of Marion Miami & El Tucán and Julia Doyne of The Forge.

Tenure Sophistication

Chic, debonair, luscious textiles, colors and graphics contribute to the seasons’ best stylesPhotographer: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio Styling & Creative Direction: Jhon Jairo Santos Styling Assistants: Angeles Almuna and Gustavo Espinoza Make-up: Joshua M. Ribadeo @ M.A.C Cosmetics Hair: Yasmyn Pena @ Blo Blow Dry Bar Model: Mackenzie Grayce Lawrence - Elite Models. Photography Assistant: Richard Mestre Production: Angela Bonilla Location: Bazi Miami - Modern Asian Cuisine Restaurant @ The Marlin Hotel, 1200 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Featuring: Juan Carlos Obando, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Alice McCall, Givenchy, Alejandro Ingelmo, Capretto Shoes, South Miami, Balenziaga, Hrabal Gurung and Mugler.

Plates & Pours

We’ve scoured the city to bring you the most delicious, delectable and downright buzzworthy dishes, desserts, drinks and dining experiences around town. Text by Jorge Arauz, Sandy Lindsey, Anja Maltav and Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring:Fois Gras & Ember-Roasted Plantains @ Ariete, El Tucán Cocktail @ El Tucán, Zang Zing Tuna @ The Gang Miami, Daily Greenhouse Special @ Swine, Brunch @ Tamarina, Veal Marsala @ Forks Restaurant, Two For Tuesdays @ Perricone’s, Wood-Fired Lamb @ Belmont, Fresh Mussels @ Mandolin Aegean Bistro, Group Menu @ Old Lisbon, Tomahawk Ribeye @ Toro Toro, The Usual @ Costa Med, A Handshake @ Morton’s Coral Gables, Pizza @ Verde, Bananita Daiquiri @ Ball & Chain, Sweet Jeweled Basmati Rice @ Byblos, Chicken Curry Salad @ The Golden Hog, Deconstructed Eggs Benedict Casserole @ Nikki Beach, Trio Ceviche @ Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, Clams & Mussels @ Beaker & Gray, Cuatro Leches @ Los Ranchos Steakhouse, Sipping Syltbar @ Atrio Restaurant & Wine Room, Tenderloin @ Dolores/Lolita, Salpicao @ Steak Brasil, Paelha De Mariscos @ Lisboa Grill, Paelha De Mariscos @ Lisboa Grill, Any Sushi Roll Named After Someone @ Hannya, Aussie Lamb @ Edge Steak & Bar, FroCo @ Repour Bar, Sake It To Me @ Batch Gastropub, Nourish Bowl @ Dirt Eat Clean, Chicken Korma @ Bombay Durbar, Dulce De Leche Chip @ Bertoni Gelato, Cocktail Tasting @ French 27, Crispy Pig’s Head @ Vagabond, Guava & Cheese Croissant @ La Boulangerie, Spicy Fish Tagine @ Cleo South Beach, Salmon Papillotte @ Pléthore & Balthazar, Côte De Boeuf For Two @ Driftwood Room, Tuna Porterhouse @ Komodo, Neau Dade Deaw @ NaiYaRa, Persian Lamb Shank @ Fooq’s, Big Mack Fancy Roll @ Little Lotus, Any Taco @ Wapo Taco, De La Pampa Burger @ Al Carbon, Italian Meatballs @ Segafredo Brickell, Flan Especial @ Versailles, Thali Platter @ Jaya, 3 Course Prix Fixe Lunch @ Red Ginger and Buns Of Liberty Burger @ Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.

Crazy Craving-Curbing Diets From Around The World

Ever wonder what wacky tactics are employed to shed pounds around the globe? Well, some of the ones we’ve gathered might make you lose your appetite — or gain new insight into the science behind weight loss. Check out these bizarre diet and food trends for trimming and slimming that you may want to give a shot…or not! Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Phenomenal Interiors

Interiors By Steven G. started in the den of his home 33 years ago. In the ensuing decades, it has evolved into an impressive organization of 70 strong, with a 100,000-sq.-ft. main headquarters in Pompano Beach and a luxury boutique showroom in Sunny Isles…and the firm is still growing. Text by Sandy Lindsey and Photos Courtesy of Interiors by Steven G. Featuring: Steven G., 36x36 Calcutta Gold, 36x36 crème marble, Gordon Lockley, Wayne Boeck, Andy Warhol, Nevelson, Dan Flavin, Marina Palms, Aventura Park Square, Turnberry Ocean, Prive, and Sabbia Beach.

Ocean Dreams

Inspired by Modern architect Richard Meier, this new waterfront Mashta Island estate embodies the best of Key Biscayne: privacy and ocean access. Text by Yoshi Sanz. Realtor Lucia A. Marin. Featuring: One Sotheby's International Realty.

Brickell Magazine 2016 Miami Open Guide

Get ready for the 2016 Miami Open with our exclusive guide! Featuring: Miami Open, Adam Barrett, ESPN2, Cliff Drysdale, FENDI Château Residences, All American Classic, Ben & Jerry’s Sweet Shop, Crepe Express, Latin Café & Bacardi Bar, Moët & Chandon Champagne & Sushi Lounge, The Knife, Off The Hook, Punting Pizzeria, Salsa Fiesta, Starbucks, Stella Artois Center Court Lounge, Sushi Maki, The Market Place, Taste of the Miami Open, Collectors Club, Patrons Lounge, Health Nut On Wheels, Killer Melts, Moty’s Grill, Bacardi Bars, Brooklyn Bangers, HipPOPS, Stadium Concessions, Stadium Suites, Shopping Spree, Lacoste Shop, Sports Shop and Miami Open Souvenir Store.

Savage Aptitude

Clothes with artisinal finishes and tribal graphic effects attain the season’s extreme and carefree style combinations. Photographer: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio Styling & Creative Direction: Jhon Jairo Santos Styling Assistants: Angeles Almuna and Gustavo Espinoza Make-up: Joshua M. Ribadeo @ M.A.C Cosmetics Hair: Yasmyn Pena @ Blo Blow Dry Bar Model: Tamara Derkach for Elite Models Photography Assistant: Richard Mestre for BlindLight Studio Production: Angela Bonilla for BlindLight Studio Location: Oleta State Park. Featuring: Brunelli Cucinelli, Provenza Schouler, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Chloé, Lanvin, Capretto Shoes, South Miami., The Garment Hub, Delpozo, Miami Design District, Buemia, Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, India, Style Hunter Showroom, Cruz Diez motif and Oscar Carvallo.

Beyond Bliss

Going to a spa is not just about pampering and indulgence — it’s an essential part of modern life. A spa relieves the stress of our busy lives, detoxifies the body, massages away body aches and pains, provides state-of-the-art fitness options and gives us an overall mental and physical boost. Text by Sandy Lindsey and Photos Courtesy of My Spa. Featuring: mySpa at InterContinental Miami Hotel.

Success A La Mode

When you step inside International Opticians, you’ll notice that it feels different from the chain stores — and it is. This independent family-run eyecare facility offers truly personalized one-on-one service as well as the latest styles at great prices. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: International Opticians, Tom Ford, Mont Blanc and Chopard.

Success Savvy

The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales is one of the oldest charter companies based in South Florida. The reason for their success is simple: They provide top-notch customer service to locals and visitors alike. Text by Joe Oz. Featuring: The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales.

Success Creative

Photographer Noelia Madiedo, with the heart of a gypsy and the soul of a gadabout, brings the beauty of the Orient to the world via her photography. After traveling the world and settling in Asia for a time, she’s now back home in Miami to share her experiences. Text by Francesca Cruz. Photos by Noelia Madiedo. Featuring: Noelia Madiedo, Untouched and MIYO Home.

Success Eco

Every day is a new chance to connect to the most conscious, healthy, honest, joyful version of ourselves. Luckily, healing ourselves with earthy products is made easy with Yogi Surprise. Text by Ros Prado. Featuring: Yogi surprise.

Success Timepieces

Our choice of wristwatch says a lot about us. Urwerk’s latest creation, the EMC Pistol, is the perfect choice for even the most straight-laced among us who wish to display a streak of wild rebellion. Text by Bill Lindsey. Featuring: EMC Pistol and Urwerk.

Success Pets

Your cat or dog might not be able to tell you how they’re feeling and the status of their health all the time, but technology can. The PetPace Collar lets you know when something’s up with your furry precious before its reached the outwardly obvious stage. Text by Morgan “The Dachshund” Lindsey. Featuring: Pet Pace

Success Oasis

To commemorate 15 years of collaboration with The Rug Company, Paul Smith has taken his distinctive design aesthetic into a fresh new direction with muted pallets and unregulated pattern composition. Need a new stand out furniture piece for your home? The Oliver White 36” Leather Chaise from El Dorado is perfect! Also check out some celebrity advice on how to step up your interior design skills. Featuring: The Rug Company, The Oliver White 36” Leather Chaise, Liv By El Dorado, Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton and Justin Timberlake.

Success At Your Best

Need a crown soon? Check out what Dr. Neda Barmaid, cosmetic and general dentist, recommends! Also check out some celebrities with great grins for inspiration. Text by Stacy Wynn. Featuring: Dr. Neda Bahmadi, Downtown Miami, of NSU, Ultra Smile Miami, Rashida Jones, Christie Brinkley and Christian Bale.

Success Bon Voyage

Hotel Chancletas is located in one of the friendliest countries in Central America. Nicaragua could easily be heaven on Earth. With scenic offerings like volcano landscapes, lagoons and beaches, this land has it all. Text by Ros Prado. Photos by Kenny Fuette. Featuring: Hotel Chancletas, Nicaragua and Aserradores Beach.

Success Real Estate

What do The Mansions at Acqualina, The Estates at Acqualina, Porsche Design Tower and Echo Aventura have in common? They’re setting a new standard for indoor-outdoor luxury living. Also check out this month's prime properties! Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: The Mansions at Acqualina, The Estates at Acqualina, Porsche Design Tower, Echo Aventura, Audrey Ross, Giulietta Ulloa, and Carlos Coto.

Success Fiesta

With screen idol looks and a large side order of charm, performer Christian Rojas brings the “chips, sexy & salsa” to the shores of Miami as the Dance Team Director of the longestrunning dance studio in Miami: Salsa Lovers. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Christian Rojas and Salsa Lovers Miami.

Success Drive

While it may not be the most well-known Japanese luxury car, Infiniti provides a worthy alternative to Lexus and top European carmakers. The all-new Q60 blends engineering with luxury and adds a dash of pure adrenalin. Text by Bill Lindsey. Featuring: Infiniti, Lexus, Infiniti Q60, Toyota, Nissan and Infiniti USA.

Success Esthetique

The two best options to assist you in enhancing your facial structure through makeup — known in the beauty world as contouring — comes from two ladies: Charlotte & Anastasia. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Charlotte Tilbury and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Success Tech

Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson, Charlie had his Angels and you, well, you have technology that can help you spy on the cleverest of partners. If keeping an eye on your sweetie is atop your list, these apps will make it all that much easier to do. Text by Ros Prado.

Success Connoisseur

Looking for an American Grill and cocktail bar rooted in top-notch food and service with an Old World sensibility? Go no further than the Miami Design District's own Cypress Tavern! Do you hesitate to open a great bottle of wine because you know you’re starting a countdown timer on how long the wine inside will remain at its best? The Dacor Discovery Wine Station allows you to dispense as many ounces of vino as you wish! Also check out some wine facts that are sure to impress your friends at the next dinner party. Featuring: Miami Design District, Cypress Tavern, James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael Schwartz, The Dacor Discovery Wine Station

Success Finance

The Florida Department of Financial Services and the Division of Accounting & Auditing Bureau of Unclaimed Property could be holding loot owed to you — and they’re just waiting for you to claim it. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: The Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Accounting & Auditing Bureau of Unclaimed Property and Florida Treasure Hunt.

Success Giving

When a person loses their home, every aspect of their lives is affected. From the way they interact with their loved ones, to the way they fit into society. Keeping a job and maintaining relationships proves difficult during these times. Luckily, Chapman Partnership is willing to lend a helping hand. Text by Ros Prado. Featuring: Chapman Partnership.

Success Culture

From snappy cats, goofy pups and second-chance elderly canines to sweet-faced squirrels — we’ve got the dibs on the top furry divas of the Instagram world. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Jill, Tuna, Marnie and Garfi.


They say that abs are made in the kitchen and Chef Richard Ingraham and his team are cooking up dishes that are fueling the peak performance of some of Miami’s finest athletes. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila and Photos by Bob Metelus. Featuring: NBA, NFL, MLB and Chef Richard Ingraham and First Lady Michelle Obama.


The dining room is an essential part of any home. It serves by as a gathering place, a location for special occasions and a room for making treasured family memories. With that in mind, it should be a sophisticated yet comfortable space. Text by Yoshi Sanz. Photos Courtesy of Respective Brands. Featuring: Caramelo Dining Table by Adriana Hoyos, Murano Ceiling Lamp by Eichholtz, Ulysis Formal Dining Set by El Dorado Furniture, Downsview Dinette by Downsview Kitchens and Skygarden by Linear Designs.

Bar Tab

Top bartender extraordinaire Teddy Collins is serving up surprising cocktails catered to his loyal patron’s palates at Red Ginger’s Asianinspired bar in the heart of SoFi. Round and round he’ll go, what he’ll serve, you’ll never know! Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos by Ximena Etchart. Featuring: Teddy Collins and Menin Hospitality.