Success Creative

“You should write a book about Korea,” urged Harvey Rosenwasser’s wife, Ruth, and friends, “your stories are better than the M.A.S.H. series.” It took almost 60 years, but Harvey, who has since passed away, finally did it — and it’s definitely worth a read. Featuring Harvey Rosenwasser, Korea, A Memoir, Amazon. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Pets

Our pets are like family and we want them taken care as such, which is where the folks at JetSetVets come in to ensure that no pet ever gets left behind. Featuring Dr. Cindy Bressler, Blue Star Jets, JetSetVets. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Style

Willing to test your crafting skills for the holidays and beyond? Get started with easy-to-follow online tutorials from Miami-based Damask Love’s website that we just know will inspire your creativity well beyond these simple-to-do projects. Featuring Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Damask Love,

Success Giving

When artists are looking for ways to gain exposure, ideas on how to market themselves and opportunities to network with artists and art enthusiasts, they turn to Life Is Art, a nonprofit dedicated to creating positive change in the community through the arts. Featuring James Echols, Life Is Art, Inc., Annette Piekert, Life is Art Fest. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Success Balance

What better way to surround yourself with comfort and treat yourself to heart hugs, than to find things that bring a big ‘ol smile to your face? Here are a few things that remind us that life is all kinds of wonderful. Featuring Barefoot Yoga, Headspace, The Power Of Positive Thinking, Benjamin Evans. Text by Francesca Cruz.


A lifetime of art creation, curating and critiquing has turned F. Lennox Campello into a thought leader in the world of the arts on a global scale.Featuring F. Lennox Campello, Washington University, Pike Place Market, Daily Campello Art News, Alida Anderson Art Project, Dulce Pinzon, Tim Tate. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of good design. It sets the mood, enhances ambience and showcases luxury design. The right light can be an accent piece or even the centerpiece of a room. Feaeturing Llardo Boutique, Steven G., Inc, Interiors by Steven G., Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Artemide, El Dorado Furniture, Adriana Hoyos. Text by Yoshi Sanz.

Creatively China

Join me on an unforgettable journey through the fascinating Far East as I witness China’s rapid growth first-hand via art and fashion, starting in the umbilicus hotbed that is Hong Kong, followed by a quick trek through burgeoning Beijing before a final peregrination to Chengdu. Featuring Cynthia Sah, Man Fung Yi, Choi Tae Hoon, and Hiroshiwata Sawada, The Peninsula Hong Kong, HKTDC Hong Kong Design Gallery, The Landmark in Central, Times Square in Causeway Bay, Pacific Place in Admiralty and Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, the EAST Beijing, Banksy. Text by Francesca Cruz.


At the end of a long day, nothing takes the pressure off better than a drink. But not all drinks are created equal. Next time happy hour is right around the corner, set your poison of choice aside and opt for a more creatively crafted cocktail. Featuring Batch, Toro Toro, Perricones, La La Veinte Cantina, Blackbird Ordinary, Libertine, Segafredo Brickell, Blume, Tamarina, The Corner, Seaspice, Lagniappe, Bardot, The Corner, Fooq’s, Kush, Caffeina, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, Ball & Chain, Casa Panza, Cubaocho, Wet Bar, Hoy Como Ayer, Bulla, Swine, Open Stage, Sushi Samba, The Globe, Café Abracci, Love Is Blind, Piripi, Bizcaya, George’s, Jaguar, Lulu, Peacock Garden, The Grove Spot, La Moderna, SLS Hotel, The Rum Line, Broken Shaker, Hakkasan, Sweet Liberty, The Edition. Text by Anja Maltav


Look around: Cuban food is all around us. Many of us grew up on the stuff, some of us have just discovered it. Whether you have a favorite dish or just order on-the-fly at your nearest Cuban restaurant, adding your own pizzazz can make all the difference. Text by Anja Maltav.

The 411

As you’re planning your Art Week 2015 itinerary, make sure to schedule in a visit to The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse to see their one of a kind installations. Featuring PINTA Miami, Kare, The Americas Collection, “Be A Voice, Create A Legacy Gala”, TruTru Cakes & More, Freddy’s: The Certified Diamond Store,Loewe Foundation, CIFO, PayByPhone, The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, The Four Seasons Hotel Miami, Louis Vuitton, Vizcaya, Capital One Orange Bowl, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Beat The Gym. Events @ Aventura Center Dogfight, The Verdict, Arts Ballet Theater, The Weeknd. Events @ The Adrienne Arsht Center Kenny G, Hip-Hop Nutcracker, Kinky Boots, Brian Regan, Rioult Dance NY, A John Waters Christmas, The Nutcracker, Peter London Global Dance, Magical Movie Music, Intimate Evening w/ Matisyahu, The Sound of Music. Events @ The American Airlines Arena Jaunes, Luis Miguel, Comedy Get Down. Events @ The Magic City Casino Night @ The Copacabana, Sugarpie, Grand Funk Railroad. Events @ Bayfront Park Pitbull's Revolution. Events @ Sun Life Stadium Orange Bowl 2015. Events @ Fairchild Tropical Gardens Holiday Concert.

Encounters @ Marion

A “Cocktails For A Cause” event was held at Marion to benefit American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign. —Photos by Edward Leal 1. Betty De Aragon, Giselle Guerra, Vanessa Guerra 2. Alexander Menendez, Vanessa Guerra 3. Betty De Aragon, Neda Bahmadi 4. Danny Landera, Jackie Carvajal 5. Lani Landera, Ari Fernandez 6. Jessica Lodispoto, Heather Kaminsky

Encounters @ Master Broker Forum

South Florida’s elite real estate professionals made it out to the W Hotel for another successful Master Brokers Forum. 1. Craig Studnicky, Carolyn Block Ellert, Jim Ellis 2. Dean & Rose Sklar, Sheryl Hodor, Tim Singer 3. Craig Studnicky, Liz Caldwell, Amanda Manteiga 4. Lucille Gioia, Karen Baker, Katia Fernandez 5. Iveth Ojeda, Tom Wolf 6. Henry Aleman, Lee Jenkins 7. Jack Clark, Carl Marzola 8. Katia Fernandez, Howard Elfman 9. Liz Caldwell, Sandy Tagliamonte 10. Sheryl Hodor, Danielle Clermont 11. Dan Campanella, Jason Landa, Carlos Garcia 12. Steve Yates, Rebecca Batterman, Rick Fortenbury

Encounters w/ Voices For Children

Voices For Children Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting foster children in Miami, recently hosted the 21st Annual “Be A Voice” awards at Jungle Island, yielding donations and awareness for the cause. 1. Voices For Children’s Board Of Directors w/ President & CEO Nelson F. Hincapie 2. Angel Ferrer, Nelson F. Hincapie, Jay Shapiro 3. Becky Zyman, John Lopezm, Jessica Zyman Boyd 4. Cindy S. Lederman, Amy Bloom, Gail Appelrouth 5. Nelson F. Hincapie, Abigail Price-Williams, Laurie Jennings 6. Abigail Price-Williams, Jason Bloch, Bob Cuevas 7. Sally Heyman, Jason Bloch 8. Laurie Jennings 9. Jay Shapiro, Laurie Jennings, Judge Cindy S. Lederman 10. Brian Goldmeier, Jean Monestime, Nelson F. Hincapie 11. Nelson F. Hincapie, Vince Castro 12. Leyla Portela, Denise & Isabella Sasain, Nelson F. Hincapie 13. Martin Zilber, Debbie Robbins, Nelson F. Hincapie, Carolina Hincapie

Encounters w/ CREW-Miami

CREW-Miami held “Cocktails, Community & Connections” at the AIA Center for Architecture & Design. — Photos by Ada L. Stevens 1. Monique Selman, Natalia Paula, Glen Diston, Shari Porter 2. Diana Carballeira, Keren Marti, Jena Rissman Atlass 3. Jason Kreiger, Carol Ellis-Cutler, Rhys Willams 4. Natalia Gallo, Cristina Mas, Joy McKenna 5. Diana Perez, Jacqueilne Cruz-Bustillo

Encounters w/ Convergia

Convergia invited guests to an “Eat, Drink & Be Scary” Halloween event at Fado to learn about the company’s latest solutions and products. —Photos by Edward Leal 1. Benjamin Vargas, Jose Jouvin 2. Rodrigo Goncalves, Karla Rojas, Michael Vines 3. Andrew Laughter, Margaret Jimenez 4. Natalia Sanchez, Dania Pena, Maria Fajardo, Mireya Mora 5. Richard Dorr, Paul Aviles 6. Jose Jouvin, Federica Schacht, Ramiro Ramirez 7. Edward Gonzalez, Rodrigo Goncalves 8. Gloria Ampuero, Joshua Moreno 9. Lorely Delgadillo, Irasema La Hoz 10. Ryan Davis, Lamys Rodriguez 11. Alessandra Bruno, Fernando Meneses 12. Anibal Flores, Jonny Morales.

Encounters w/ Exclusivee

Exclusivee and Azimut’s Fred Dauibe hosted an unforgettable soiree out at sea in collaboration with Graff Jewelers aboard an 88-foot yacht. 1. Helio Castroneves, Fred Dauibe, Adrian Fernandez, Guto Berto, Marcus Berto 2. Michael Kurtz, Susan Pullin 3. Jeff Moran, Lori Moran, Ron Moran 4. Roberto Moreno, Paulo Rigazzo, Bruno Benevides 5. Rosa Pereira, Ana Rigazzo, Gabriela Brom

Encounters w/ T ile Of Spain

Tile Of Spain presented a panel discussion on the state of the art of ceramics during their “Ceramic Solutions: Innovations Pushing Boundaries Of Design” gathering at MCAD. Guests were able to mingle with all of Tile Of Spain companies while networking, learning and exploring opportunities. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Thibaut Marchese, Yolys Arias, Jesus Tejero 2. Ana Perez, Andres Bravo, Rocamador Rubio 3. Carlos Ferrando, Tracy Koço 4. Gustavo Bello, Laura Riccardi, Eduardo Bello 5. Inmaculada Gutierrez, Clara Vicedo, Rocamador Rubio 6. Carlos Ferrando, Luis Moreno 7. Jose Manuel Boiy, Richard Gonzalez 8. Leo Avila, Carlos Beliver 9. Noslen Hernandez, Maricel Hurtado 10. Ramiro Palma, Toni Gomez 11. Tamara Roth, Fernando Urroz 12. Matilde Reyes, Elizabeth Sanchez 13. Veronica Jaile, Yeline Roldan

Encounters w/ Minotti Miami

High-profile guests including interior design connoisseurs, media and community VIPs attended the inaugural party celebration for the new Minotti Miami by DDC flagship store in the Design District, confirming the eagerly anticipated expansion of the brand’s presence in the U.S. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alessandro, Renato & Roberto Minotti, Siamak Hakakian, Rodolfo Dordoni 2. Dallas Manfield, Lulu Martin, Alex Batancourt 3. Susanna Minotti, Jose Frances, Pitu Sens 4. Terri Mitvalshy, Alicia Sidorek, Giuseppina Arena 5. Thomas Zaidman, Laura Panebianco, Chis Dischino

Encounters w/ Rutini Wines

Rutini Wines hosted a 5-Vintage Vertical Tasting & Dinner at The Cypress Room and showcasing a stellar selection of their fine estate wines. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Mariano Di Paola, Mario Graziano, Carolina Graciano, Nicolas Mantovani, Max Makowski, Sol Asenjo 2. Paula Costa, Juango Rocco 3. Chistina & Esteban Arce 4. Rosana Gutierrez, Dario Vigil 5. Alex Gasquet, Belsay Henning 6. Damian Pelegrino, Luciano Gatti 7. Steve Stein, Focy Souto 8. Rosi & Luis Gajer 9. Leonardo Davalos, Irene Moore

Encounters @ Shokudo

A very private dinner was held at Shokudo Asian Cuisine & Mixology Bar to taste the highly anticipated new menu by Chef Armando Litiatco. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Boris Izaguirre, Rodner Figueroa, Giorgio Canale 2. Alejandra Cangas, Veronica Cangas 3. Amy Pillow, Karina Gonzalez 4. Anna Rechtman, Dereck Spanks 5. Armando Litiatco, Yoco Tacarada 6. Jackie Florczak, Tracy Koço 7. Michael & Mary Shore 8. Nicole Castaneda, Jennifer Mcmann 9. Shuron & Fabiola Malka 10. Stephanie Urbina, Erika Lorenzo 11. Katherine Bigott, Danilo Di Michele, Carlotta Kauffman 12. Ralph Jimenez, Stephanie & Marco Mazzoli


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