Masterpieces & Mayhem

Anyone who’s ever experienced an installment of Art Week in The Magic City knows that not even Houdini himself could be everywhere at once. With plans constantly in flux, surprise events popping up left and right and traffic bringing even the most ambitious plans to a screeching halt, getting around is no easy feat. Here’s our unfiltered, unconventional insider’s guide of what to expect, what to do and how to make the best of it all. Featuring Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Art Week 2015, Art Miami, Aqua, Art On Paper, Context, Design Miami, ArtSpot, Fridge Art Fair, Ink Miami, Miami Project, NADA, Pulse, Untitled, Scope, Miami River Art Fair, Pinta, Prizm Art Fair, Moksha Art Fair, Red Dot Art Fair, Spectrum, Superfine House Of Art & Design, X Contemporary, Roe Caviar, Miami Children’s Museum, The Metrobus S Route, South Beach Local and Miami Beach Trolley, SWOOP, Uber, Lyft, MiRide, ZabCab, Citi Bike Miami and Car2Go, Miami Flea Market.

Intricate Enconters

Clothes with texture, structure and graphics meet The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse for a fashion journey like none other. Featuring Nick Garcia, BlindLight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Almuna, Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Stuart Weitzman, Capretto Shoes, Echtego @ The Garment Hub Showroom, Anselm Kiefer: Sprache der Vögel, Michael Heizer, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Balmain, Céline, Ultracor @ The Garment Hub Showroom., John Chamberlain, Akris, Pierre Hardy, Tuleste, Mark Handforth, Carolina Herrera, PH-5 @ The Garment Hub Showroom, Tony Smith.

Rising High

CMC Group continues to shape the Miami skyline with its latest project, Brickell Flatiron, a landmark 64-story luxury condominium in Brickell. With construction set to begin in late 2015, Brickell Flatiron is on track to become the tallest all-residential building south of the New York market when it delivers in 2018. Featuring CMC Group, Ugo Colombo, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Brickell Flatiron, Bolidismo Group, Luis Revuelta, Julian Schnabel, Vanessa Grout, Santa Maria tower, EPIC Residences, The Shops at Mary Brickell Village and Brickell City Centre, Miami Worldcenter, American Airlines Arena, Adrienne Arsht Center, PAMM, Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum Of Science and Bayfront Park, Bristol Tower. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Collector's Corner

If you’re in the market for a few new pieces to add to your art collection, check out the curated list of artists we’ve compiled for you on the ensuing pages. For as long as each can remember, their dream has been to inspire as many people as possible through their work — and they’re doing just that and a whole lot more with every new masterpiece they bring into the world. Featuring Wesly Alvarez,Wesly Alvarez Studios Cheri Kudja, Bitti Bots!, David E. Peterson, Edwin David Sepúlveda, Don Rimx, LLC, Donna Ruff, Donna Ruff Studio, Ed King, Cecilia Dubon Slesnick, HistoryMiami, The Daily Campus, Estrella Mederos, Stephanie Jaffe, Stephanie Jaffe Art, Sean Havas. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Surreal Living

When paradise beckons for you to call it home, nothing compares to this superbly luxurious Oceana Key Biscayne penthouse within a low-density building in a discreet, breathtaking environment. Featuring Oceana Key Biscayne. Text by Yoshi Sanz.


Meet the men and women who are shaping the future of business with every handshake, transaction and bottom line. Featuring Nicolas Mantovani, Graziano Imports, Victor H. Herrera, Rolex, Luis Gallardo, Brands & Rousers Foundation. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Superior Sounds

While UR Music works with many multinational record companies such as Universal and Sony, they also cater to independent and emerging artists who are beginning their careers and are in need of quality recording productions. Featuring David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Malu, Marc Anthony, Samo, Valeria Lynch, Fedro, Jano, Andres Cuervo, Ayiiti, Shaila Durcal, Ha-Ash, Yuri, Paty Cantu and Pandora, NuevaVida for Televisa, Chase Manhattan, Rafa Vergara, Vicky Echeverri, Pablo Manresa; and Lukas Salvatierra, MariaAlejandro Sanz Jose, Juan Gabriel, Pedro Capo, Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and Vintage Motorsport Storage, UR Music Corp. Texy by Sandy Lindsey.

The Artist is Present

The reality of fiction from Ziggy Stardust as a music character meets the style needs of today's glam rock woman. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Almuna & Gustavo Espinoza, Faride Ramos, Suki Cohen, Chloé, Moschino, Gucci, Capretto Shoes, Hint Boutique, Miu Miu, Miami Design District, Pia Pauro, Hues, Garment Hub Showroom, Emilio Pucci @ Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Style Mafia, Balmain.

Deliverance Mind

Freedom, mind, and soul combine to yield a stylistic, expressive message for the ages. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Almuna, H&M, Balmain, Costume National, Capretto Shoes, Andrea Landa, Olga Piedrahita, Atelier Crump, Di Té @ The Garment Hub Showroom, Zeta, Balenciaga, Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour Shops, Nina Ricci.

Bar Tab

Artfully crafted cocktails are transformed into flavorful masterpieces for the senses — that’s what you can expect every day at Piripi. Featuring Alejandro Oramas, Piripi, Diageo. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Success Oasis

Architecture and design trends have shifted significantly in the past few years; let Adriana Hoyos fill you in on all the crucial changes. Also Whether you’re looking for a professional to help you create the perfect space, searching for a design showroom where you can find ideal pieces, or just want someone to help you navigate the options, there’s plenty of resources available to help you create the home of your dreams — one room at a time. Featuring Adriana Hoyos, Minotti Miami, Lladro, Fendi, Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Max Mara, Givenchy, Lladro, Miami Design District, Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen’s Design Challenge,

Success Finance

You’ve found the one. The person who makes all your dreams comes true and you’re ready to share your world with them. SLOW DOWN! Sharing is great, but financial freedom is better. Here are the top reasons to keep bank accounts separate. Text by Ros Prado.

Success A La Mode

More than fabrics and stitches, a customfitted suit from Añel Sartoria pieces together the wearer’s personality and showcases a range of emotions for every creation. Featuring Añel Sartoria. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila

Success Tech

Technology is ever changing; check out these new advancements in our never ending improving worlds. Featuring Convergia, Christopher Taber, Analogue Interactive, Pixels, Text by Sandy Lindsey and Stacy Wynn.

Success Balance

With life keeping us all on warp speed and the ongoing perpetual stimulation of technology, we need to slow down and learn to use all that is at our disposal to find our inner peace, balance and calm. Featuring Ginger Harris, Electric Blogarella. Text by Francesca Cruz.

Success Wellness

Things get better with age...or so they say. However, some things just become blatantly uncomfortable and painful the older we get — hangovers being one of them. Whether you’re partying at a fraternity house, attending a work dinner or visiting family for Christmas Eve, one thing’s certain: alcohol and hangovers will be on the menu. Here’s what a hangover looks like at different life stages. Text by Ros Prado.

Success Savvy

Winter in Miami just got “real” and a whole lot cooler with the only ice skating rink in Downtown on the bay at the InterContinental Miami aptly coined “Miami On Ice” — and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Featuring InterContinental Miami,Breakfast With Santa, Pictures With Santa, Miami On Ice. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Spas

The InterContinental Miami’s mySpa is the antidote to seasonal stresses, work-related anxieties and all your other stressors, and they’ve made things even easier with a new flexible month-to-month plan. Featuring The InterContinental Miami’s mySpa, Blue Water Café, Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Culture

Are you in the neighborhood for good vibrations on par with the famed Beach Boys ‘60s pop tune? The Bodhi Tree House is a totally groovy holistic health community center, café and retail store catering to folks ready to find their inner joy. Featuring Success Culture, The Bodhi Tree House. Text by Francesca Cruz.

Success Drive

What’s the best way to know which Porsche is the right one for you? Well, you can drive half a dozen the way they were intended to be driven — on a racetrack. Featuring Porsche, Cayenne Sport SUV, Panamera, Porsche 911, World Road Show, Porsche Driving School. Text by Bill Lindsey.

Success Connoisseur

When it’s time to splurge on a little sugar, take your tastebuds on a sweet journey with these delicious desserts that will usher in a new adventure with every bite. Featuring Seaspice Miami, Fooqs Miami, Bachour Bakery & Bistro, Antonio Bachour, Henry Hane. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Success Salud

The Lynx Board takes your workout to a whole new level in a simple, straightforward manner using friction training, a multi-functional bodyweight fitness concept that gives impressive results. Featuring Lynx, Lynx Board, Lynx Fitness. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Eco

Most of us know our birth sign and the personality characteristics attributed to it. But what if the exact placement of the planets at the moment of your birth could affect your life much more than your zodiac sign? Text by Ros Prado.

Success At Your Best

Check out these tried but not trite tips on how to be successful at dealing with others within a business setting, and sticking to your goal path. Please and thank-you’s are indeed important, but if you bring into play understanding human dynamics — prepare to amaze! Text by Francesca Cruz

Success Music

DJ and avant-garde artist Otto Von Schirach’s music blends a quintessential “so miami” sound with creative beats and futuristic sounds from another dimension. No, really, he’s out of this world. Featuring Otto Von Schirach. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila.

Success Beauty

Mariah Carey teams up with beauty brand MAC to bring a nude shimmering lipstick for the holiday season as an ode to the era that launched her music career in the ‘90s. Featuring MAC Cosmetics, Mariah Carey, All I Want Lipstick. Text by Francesca Cruz.

Success Fiesta

Brickell is blossoming into a multipurpose Mecca of pleasure and business. Explore the new attractions. Featuring Bloom Nightclub, Neiman Marcus. Text by Sandy Lindsey and Stacy Wynn.

Success Timepieces

For more than 100 years, Audemars Piguet has been creating elegant works of art. From incredibly complex horological wonders to classically elegant wristwatches, this firm has something for everyone. Featuring Audemars Piguet, The Royal Oak Selfwinding, The Royal Oak Quartz, Morays Jewelers. Text by Bill Lindsey.

Success Real Estate

Miami has one of the most exclusive and luxurious access to residences. Check out these prime properties that are just within hands reach. Featuring Gran Paraiso Residences, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez, Eleven In The Roads, Tony Rodriquez-Tellaheche, Giulietta Ulloa, Carlos Coto. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Bon Voyage

Jet Set the smart way with these life changing tips and tricks! Featuring Turkish Airlines, DUFL, Bill Rinehart. Text by Sandy Lindsey.