Success Giving

Little River Building & Home Supply, a leading hardware store in Miami, has been helping feed homeless and low-income residents at their Thanksgiving and holiday feasts for over 30 years. And this year, you can come volunteer a little of your time to make a big difference. Text By Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring: Little River Building & Home Supply & Home Supply and Ferdoss Laguna.

Success Law

Philosophers, thinkers and laymen alike contemplate the law, lawyering and a life of living within the legal limits. Check out these iconic thoughts on the subject. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring: Robert Louis Stevenson, Potter Stewart, JFK, Edmund Burke, Will Rogers, St. Augustine, Aristotle, and Immanuel Kant.

Success Esthetique

When family gatherings, office parties and holiday cheer keep you up way past your bedtime, look toward these beauty agents that will bring that summer glow back for the season and beyond. Text By Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream, Suki Ultra-Protect Eye Balm, and Amarte Overnight Express Therapy.


Closets are the latest “must-have” luxury amenity, and in some cases, can affect the price and speed of a home sale almost as much as the kitchen, master bathroom, views and pool area. Text by Yoshi Sanz. Photos Courtesy of Respective Brands. Featuring: California Closets Walk-In Closet, California Closets, Arlington Gray Bench, El Dorado Furniture, Palo Alto by Misura Emme, Hausscape, Mannequin Dress Form, Mannequin Madness, Glam Ottoman, Artefacto, Fur Coat Storage Closet, and Palazzo Del Sol.

Power Sip

DefaultGive thanks this season for the treat you’ll give yourself and your guests if you decide to sip on this autumn-inspired cocktail that serves as the perfect complement to any Thanksgiving feast. Drink By Anja Maltav. Featuring: Zacapa Rum.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida for November 2015! Text By Sandy Lindsey. Featuring:InterContinental Miami’s Miami On Ice, Foss Marai, Total Wine, Aria On The Bay, Melo Group Principal Martin Melo, 6th Annual Funcadion Armando El Futuro tournament at the Ritz- Carlton Tennis Center Key Biscayne, Ultracon 2015, The Everglades, 3rd Annual South Beach Bike Week, Savor The Season, H&H Jewels, Lynx Fitness, Vizcaya Ball, Jazz Roots: The Movie Music Of Spike Lee & Terrence Blanchard, Adrienne Arsht Center, 120% Lino, Nordstrom, Aventura Mall, Miami Book Fair, The Fertility & IVF Center Of Miami, EDGE Pantry, EDGE Restaurant, and Executive Chef Aaron Brooks.

Encounters w/ Cassan

Guests gathered at The Bodhi Tree House for a private art opening of Cassan’s My Journey, a retrospective on Cassan’s own journey from feeling like a prisoner in her own skin to total freedom. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Lorena Coyles, Isa Zapata, James, Monica Arboleda 2. Mitzy Montas, Carmen Ferrer 3. Ivette Marrero, Katie Rodriguez 4. Mileydis Cernuda, Christian Cruz 5. Juan Rodriguez, Juliana Castellanos, Ana Sandoval 6. Ben Lewis, Heather Lewis, Josette Lewis, Destini Lewis 7. Lourdes Loubriel, Beronica Martinez, Manuela Vargas Coymat 8. Marta Torres, Edgardo Insignares, Stephanie Coymat, Claudia Sanz 9. Luisa Fernanda Romero, Patricia Olaniel 10. Ana Lucia, Marcela Muñoz, Maria Alejandra 11. Fernando Gomez, Karolina Aladino

Encounters w/ AREAA

The launch of AREAA’a Greater Miami Chapter welcomed the organization’s mission to promote sustainable homeownership options in Asian-American communities. 1. Francisco Angulo, Carmen Chong, Yanliang Hu, Jesse Ottley 2. Jesse Ottley, Luna Adachi, Chen Frank Peng 3. Alina Toro, Luz Gomez, Hilary Chirinos, Alessandra Colazo 4. Carmen Chong, Maribel Goldar, Allen Chiang, Kitty King

Encounters @ Race For The Cure

DefaultMore than 20,000 turned out to support the fight against breast cancer at the 20th Anniversary Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race For The Cure at Bayfront Park. — Photos by Alberto E. Tamargo 1. Runners supporting Race For The Cure 2. Adriana Araujo hair-cutting fundraiser 3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 4. Lisa Petrillo, Rutabeh Shahbazi 5. Sally Heyman

Encounters w/ Adorno -Cunill & Damas

DefaultGrace Solares made a stop at the Brickell/Roads to give residents an opportunity to meet the candidate and hear what her goals are for the area. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. John Cunill, Amy Adorno, Grace Solares, Kenneth Damas 2. Jay Ponz, Mike Simmons 3. Maria Mejia, Matt Williams 4. Andrea Cunill, Shireen Brueggeman 5. Kenneth & Oriana Damas, Enrique Reyes 6. Nancy Yanez, Grace Solares, Antonio Maldonado

Encounters @ The Bodhi Tree House

The Bodhi Tree House hosted a special bridal blessing that included a high-vibration menu of meditations, reiki sessions and spiritual gifts. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alicia Sibila, Estrellita Sibila, Sofia Sibila 2. Ellie Rodriguez, Monique Hayes 3. Francesca Cruz, Susset Cabrera 4. Marcela Muñoz, JennyLee Molina 5. Juana Mederos, Estrellita Sibila, Estrella Mederos 6. Veronica Tejada, Jacqueline Lage-Matalon, Michelle Rosquete

Smile On

Ultra Smile Dentistry proudly sponsored a fundraising night accompanied by martinis and pink flair at Blue Martini Brickell in support of breast cancer awareness. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Roxanna Magraner, Sandra Bolivar, Dr. Neda Bahmadi, Andrea Lindeman 2. Alice Tomei, Allinson Bayer, Diana Vellum, Carmen Fotino 3. Cathy Cruz, Gabriel Peralta 4. Jackie Cardenas, Abel Alvarez, Tony Holsey, Jazz Tarver 5. Mary Baptists, Ricky Valloch, Claudia Garcia 6. Tatiana Padilla, Marlene Martinez 7. Bertha Salinas, Natalia Troncoso 8. Yasmin Diaz Guichot, Kristy Daly 9. Delio Batista, Carmen Porras 10. Isabella Hergert, Sasha Lah 11. Michelle Jordan, Catherine Lopez 12. Ana Jecmenicza, Kathryn Amorous, Sulivette Nater, Laura Chaves 13. Khyrsis Loynaz, Laura Chaves

Encounters w/ Chapman Partnership

Chapman Partnership hosted a gala evening of dining, dancing and entertainment to celebrate 20 years of empowering Miami´s homeless. 1. Bob Chisholm, Trish Bell, Betty Chapman, Carlos Guzman 2. Nesti Mendoza, Jake Golden, Chris Batchelor 3. Paul Imbrone, Rana Brown, Rob Book 4. Nancy & Jon Batchelor 5. Michael Lewis, Carmen Betancourt 6. Jonah Pruitt, Melissa Mendez, Melissa Rosko, Judy Pruitt

Encounters @ El Tucan

A place like no other, El Tucan, transported revelers to the bygone era of glitz and glamour in a modern-day cabaret setting during the launch of their new venue in Brickell. —Photos by Stephanie Ketty 1. Tito Puente, Jr., Marlow Rosado 2. Albita 3. Chargaux 4. Lisette Morales 5. Freddie King 6. Gino Campodonico, Elysze Held 7. Kevin O’Donnell Simonett Pereira 8. Teresa Cesario 9. Marcella Novela 10. Emilia Menocal Michael Ridard 11. Belkis Nerey, Demetri Mouratis 12. Gabby Mejia 13. Maks Chmerkovski, Alexia Echavarria

Encounters w/ Inter Continental Miami Hotel

A special VIP kick-off party took place in anticipation of the 21st Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball’s mythology-themed event. 1. Sheila Cesarano, Matt Simon, Taylor Gane, Lisa Gane, Richard Kelly 2. Breda & Robert Hill 3. Tom Zur, Alan Alvarez 4. Gabrielle Anwar, Donald Pliner w/ guest 5. Alan, Colby, Skylar, Jamie & Cristy Brustein 6. Robert & Breda Hill, Gabrielle Anwar, Shareef Malnik 7. Shareef Malnik, Robert Hill, Norman Wedderburn

Encounters @ Village Of Merrick Park

The Tourism Office of Spain in Miami and Extenda USA, in collaboration with Adolfo Domínguez and Purificación García, offered the latest trends in fashion at Village Of Merrick Park followed by an interactive mixology class at restaurant Piripi. 1. Gabriel Corominas, Adolfo Domínguez, Adolfo Álvarez, Lucia Riaño, Eladio González, Soraya Zaoudi, Valeria Cardenal 2. Rosana Ubanel, Emilio Sánchez, Olga Connor 3. Juan Carlos Pereira, Valeria Cardenal, Carlos E. Lopez-Álvarez 4. Belsay Hennig, Gustavo Méndez 5. María Elena García Álvarez, Ethel Palaci 6. Betty De Aragón, Soraya Zaoudi 7. Patrice Wallace, Emilio Lezcano 8. Enrique Herrera, Jesús Hernández 9. Juan Uribe 10. Manuel Herrera, Marianela Méndez 11.Daniela Arama 12. Pedro López, Leila Cobo 13. Gloria Garcés, Ana Arranz

Encounters w/ Cancer Link

Cancer Link kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special luncheon at American Social. The delightful gathering was filled with lots of good cheer, mingling and giving thanks as guests helped the organization live up to its mission. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Armando Oliveros, Iliette Oliveros, Lourdes Rosell, Jorge Rosell, Aida Mijares, Michael Mijares 2. Alisan Belinsky, Michael Lohmann, Jaclyn Sepe 3. Bryan Barker, Marc Fauler, Linda Leeds, Samantha Panegos 4. Debbie & David Deutch, Faye Koniver, Susan Kaufnam, Jeff Feiler 5. Marlene Berg, Mary Rosenberg, Diane Madden

Encounters w/ Inter Continental Miami Hotel

United Way of Miami-Dade’s Young Leaders sold out its second Build Your Own Brunch event, a 3-course interactive food experience at InterContinental Miami Hotel. 1. Matthew & Melissa Bittel, Dustin & Olivia Symes, Sabrina & Matthew Grosack 2. Jenny Pereira, Hunter Godinez 3. Harve A. Mogul, Evan Benn, Brad Kilgore, Roel Alcudia, William Crandall 4. Carolina Goncalves, Lauren Watson, Krystina Francois 5. Jessie Silverman, Franco Da Costa Gomez, Denise Weinstein 6. Jason Odio, Frederic Naayem, Christian De La Fe.

Encounters w/ Artefacto

Guests got an exclusive first look at the design forecast for the coming seasons from 11 design stars from around the world participating in the annual Design House in Miami presented by Artefacto. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Jesse Bailey, Paula De La Espriella, Paulo & Lais Bacchi, Amy Zakarin, Isaac Rosenberg 2. Daniela Saliba, Willman Ramos, Marisol Pinto 3. Gaston lsoldi, Susy Acosta 4. Marco Pena, Guillermo Osorio, Russell Lee, Luis Reyes 5. Peter & Kristine Ancona, Monika & Mudson Navarro

Encounters @ Steak Brasil

Steak Brasil held an exclusive dinner for VIP patrons hosted by Chef Eva Millian and Master Sommelier Yamir Pellegrino that included a 4-course meal and wine pairing. 1. Guests enjoying a special dinner at Steak Brasil 2. Chef Eva Millian, Jaciel Santos 3. Ivonne & Guest 4. Jorge Arauz, Estrellita Sibilla

Encounters w/ Women Of Tomorrow

The Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program kicked off its 19th year of mentoring at-risk high school girls in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. 1. Kimberly Albanes Ginsburg, Elsie Howard, Millinda Sinnreich, Jennifer Valoppi, Jayne Weintraub-Sale, Alina Feldman, Eileen Youtie 2. Anne Reiss, Stephanie Don, Bianca Erickson 3. Danielle Gonzalez, Marsha Tejeda, Lauren Deutch 4. Dr. Margo Brilliant, Elise Scheck Bonwitt 5. Jayne Weintraub-Sale, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Jennifer Valoppi, Maria Sanin 6. Marjored Perez, Doris Brown, Belinda Gonzalez Leon & Maude Exantus 7. Millinda Sinnreich, Neki Mohan 8. Alberto Carvalho, Don Browne 9. Alberto Carvalho, Vanessa Fleury, Nathalie Mora, Jennifer Valoppi

Encounters @ Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill Chocolates celebrated the opening of its first Miami location by offering guests a taste of their handcrafted chocolates from around the world in more than 100 confectionary varieties. 1. Chuck & Soraya Strouse, Anne Baron, Louise Daniels 2. Paula Barth, Hector, Yami Arana 3. Krista Barth, Alexandra Gutersohn 4. Kimberly O’Mahony, Jennifer Quinton 5. Paula Barth, Eleni & Bob Taylor 6. Serge De Troyer, Diana Agudelo, Neil Perez

Encounters w/ Fashionably Conscious

Miami’s elite philanthropists and community leaders came out for Fashionably Conscious to get their hands on gently used designer items to benefit Coconut Grove Cares. 1. Ali Codina, Teresa Sernoff, Rima Otrakji 2. Edan Archer 3. Robin Weiner, Jacey Siller 4. Rima Otrakji, Liza Walton 5. Rima Otrakji, Jack & Natasha Lowell


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