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Featuring: Brian D. Stringer of Piquet Law

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Featuring: Paragon Grove 13

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Featuring: Renata Galembeck Rohr, Giulietta Ulloa, Jose R Sosa & Carlos Coto

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Featuring: WaxMee Salon & Spa


Daniel Lafuente of The LAB Miami


Featuring: Megan Laich of I/O Lounge & Ketel One (Diageo)

Are you Ready?

This depiction of Miami’s skyline could become a reality sooner than you might think, and what’s on the horizon is sure to forever change the way the world looks at our metropolis by the sea. Featuring: Brickell House, Echo Brickell, Centro, 1100 Millecento, 1010 Brickell Avenue, Le Parc At Brickell, The Bond, Brickell Heights, Flagler On The River, SLS Brickell, NINE, Brickell City Centre, Miami Worldcenter, Frost Museum Of Science, Resorts World Miami, SkyRise Miami, Broadstone Brickell Lofts, Brickell Ten, Panorama Tower, MET 3.

Elevated Elegance

On the 42nd Floor of the gorgeous Santa Maria, this extraordinary condominium commands the most outstanding views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. A perfect balance of cool and warm, modern sleekness and period comfort, drama and peace. Featuring: Fortune Real Estate

Pristine Lifestyle

Château Ocean Residences is the alternative to the luxury development construction cranes reaching high into the sky throughout Miami. Steps away from Bal Harbour, this boutique development will rise just 12 stories and feature 58 exclusive flow-through residences right on the beach.


A few of The Magic City’s top realtors share their insights on the state of the market and what selling homes means to them, with a couple of real estate trend predictions for the new year mixed in. Featuring: Carina Radonich, Jean Carlo Danies, Alejandra Castillo, Mathy Garcia Chesnick, Daiana Quiceno, Hernan Golod, Patricia Restrepo, Jimena Pintos, Philip Freedman, Jacqueline Regnault, Giulietta Ulloa, Paulie Hankin, Mariana Shulga, Dayana Tovar, Maria Carina Cortes, Juan Barbosa, Esther Prat & Jose Sosa

Of Home & Heart

Home: A physical space where we feel secure, a place that shelters us from the elements and a safe haven to keep our treasured possessions safe. Home is where we hang our hat and surrender our worries. It’s where we celebrate, lament, rest, cry, love, laugh and gather our strength to take on another day. Are you home yet?

Mirrored Skyline

Take a visual journey through The Magic City through the camera lens of Photographer Christopher Almeida who used bridge perspectives to capture and manipulate the cityscape with a mirror effect that will have you doing a doubletake as you flip through this collection.

Revolutionary Redesign

In 1972, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first S-Class vehicle, simultaneously creating an automotive icon as well as establishing the standard against which all other luxury sedans would forever be judged. As the 2014 S-Class proves, the firm continues to combine brilliant technology with unsurpassed creature comforts and safety. Featuring Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables

Getting Personal

Piquet Law Firm’s foreign national client-centered approach to law continues to be a recipe for success, one that has masterfully set the company apart since its inception.

Encounters w/ Soccer For Peace -

Baru Urbano in Midtown hosted an evening entitled “The Night For Smiles” for the Soccer For Peace Foundation to benefit the organization. 1. Nick Garcia, Tatiana Columbus 2. Isa Zapata, Vicky Echeverri 3. Christian Infante, Christina Bulnes 4. Claudia & Marc Hurwitz 5. Claudia Rich, Alina Zapata 6. Adriana Jimenez, Carolina Mazvera, Flavia Ranzini 7. Nicholas Ramirez, Virginia Carreno, Rocio Ramirez 8. Virginia Balcazar, Stephanie Carrillo 9. Dave Lorenzo, Sebastian Banchs 10. Erika Contreras, Isa Zapata 11. Antonio Yanez, Marta Pulido 12. Pamela Bueso, Diana Sernz 13. Hector Morales, Guily Ghimevhi 14. Juan M. Martinez, Carolina Henao-Martinez 15. Gonzalo & Veronica Calasich 16. Mauricio Noguera, Tony Puche

Encounters w/ For tune International Realty -

Libations, holiday bites and even a magician took center stage at Fortune International Realty’s annual Holiday Luncheon. 1. Carla Defortuna Martinez, Walter Defortuna, Terri Alvarez 2. Ana Maria Santivanez, Arelis Cosme, Evelyn Lopez 3. Agustina Panelo, Katerina Bucciarelli 4. Maria Elena Vinces, Daiana Quiceno 5. Evelyn Castro, Monica Minagorri 6. Kenneth Fantes, Dominic Rivera, Ben Hoffman, Javier Angel 7. Millie Sanchez, Carla Defortuna Martinez, Monica Defortuna 8. Elina Kislyansky, Jose Migenis, Karina 9. Dolores Saudino, Fabiana Santamaria, Michelle Chereque 10. Kuffrey Yohana, Nilsa Molleja 11. Mariel Port, Jaime Negron 12. Tiffany Canals, Silvia Pane 13. Manny Chamizo, Julio Diaz 14. Sergei Vitrenko, Victoria Romanenko 15. Damaris Troche, Carolina Marrero, Elssy Gutierrez 16. Ben Rosansky, Walter Defortuna

Encounters w/ Bay House -

Bay House celebrated their groundbreaking with a worldclass ceremony featuring some of the area’s top luminaries and movers-and-shakers. 1. Carolina Pappe, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Jesse Ottley, Ines Barroeta 2. Carlos Melo, Alicia Lamadrid, Jose Luis Melo 3. Steve Rivera, Daisy Boza 4. Victoria & Oswaldo Moreno 5. Luis Garido, Martin Melo, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid 6. Jose Luis Melo, Carlos Melo, Laura Melo, Martin Melo, Fernando Holz 7. Laura Melo, Fernando Holz, Nicolas Barbara, Luis Garino 8. Marta & Sabrina Vega

Encounters w/ Taste Of Brickell -

Organizers for Taste Of Brickell Food & Wine Festival hosted a VIP sampling of what’s to come for the event’s next installment, scheduled for Mar. 29. 1. Audrey Tiedeman 2. Luis Lloret, Cindy Bettner 3. Carlos Betancourt, Jo Williams 4. Cassandra Hernandez, Catalina Osorio 5. Giselle Ortiz, Ryan Karson 6. Elena Cruz-Alvarez, Sylvia Hurtado, Tomas Cruz-Alvarez 7. Veronica Rodriguez, Dayanara Borges 8. Karine Calixte, Sharon Dixon, Natalie Sinclair

Encounters w/ J.R. Sosa Properties -

Record-breaking real estate firm J.R. Sosa Properties hosted an elegant cocktail party to celebrate the opening of its new office on Brickell Key and share the milestone with clients, family and friends. 1. The Sosa Family 2. Cesar Rojas, Alejandro Barnola, Francisco Burgos, Carlos Valenzuela 3. Jose Roman Sosa, Phillip Sebok, Anne Gagnon, Samuel Gonzalez 4. Marion Castro, Fatima & Carlos Baptista 5. J.R. Sosa Properties Team w/ Clients 6. Alfredo Nieves, Liz Rosell, Arnold Mazur 7. Nestor Guillen, Mauricio Bello, Manuel Gomez 8. Cesar Rojas, Judith Peraza, Alejandro Barnola, Puri Perez 9. Alejandro Sanchez, Nati Botero

Encounters @ Razzle Dazzle -

The 1920s was back in style during a masquerade extravaganza to benefit Safe Space Foundation at Razzle Dazzle on Miracle Mile. 1. Tionna Johnson, Dayron Chaparro 2. Nalyen Castellanos, Ivon Mesegue 3. Ana Maria Buritica, Melissa Gabarro 4. Henry & Yairizet Rojas 5. Christine Lugo, Edgar Gomez 6. Orlando Leon, Elena Linares, Lynn Martinez 7. Meili Martinez, Dania Brady 8. Natalia Person, Elena Diaz

Encounters @ PAMM -

Nearly 750 art world VIPs gathered at PAMM’s Premiere Gala to celebrate the opening of the new museum. The evening included a live performance my Marc Anthony. 1. The Perez Family 2. Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart, Tobias Ostrander, Christine Binswanger 3. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 4. Craig Robins, Mimi Floback 5. Carol & Ira Hall 6. Andy Hall, Gail Meyers, Dorothy & Aaron Podhurst 7. Dennis Scholl, Alan Faena & Ximena Caminos, Susana & Alberto Ibarguen 8. Eduardo & Clarice Costantini, Frances & Eugenio Sevilla-Sacasa 9. Dennis & Susan Richards, Don & Mera Rubell 10. Toni & Carl Randolph 11. Susana & Alberto Ibarguen 12. Suzie & Walid Wahab 13. Arthur & Sari Agatston, Patricia Papper 14. Terry Riley, Christine Binswanger, David Martin 15. Daniel & Marcella Novela, Alejandra & Luke Palacio 16. George Lindemann, Chrsitina Getty, Michelle Oka-Doner, Bruce Weber

Encounters w/ Le Parc @ Ligne Roset -

Design aficionados joined Bernardaud and Le Parc for an evening of contemporary French Art & Design during Art Basel. 1. Cecilia Rosler, Adina Kaufman, Lisbeth Arellano, Lori Bruno 2. Jorge Arauz, Tracy Koço, David C. Cleland 3. Fernando Naranjo, Ana Gomez 4. Whitney Kimmel, Emily Geis 5. Jorge Salazar, Jacqueline Regnault 6. Chantal Maurile, Matthew Levenson, Karla Frech 7. Chardonnay Pickard, Corinne Oats, George Kakaty, Lori Bruno 8. Jody Israelsky, Sheila King, Lori Bruno

Encounters w/ Terra Group -

Terra Group hosted a special architect’s dinner at Wolfsonian-FIU to honor all those helping to reshape Miami’s future skyline. 1. Lida Guan, Jean Nouvel, Anne-Sophie Rosseel, Herve Decottes, Dror Benshetrit 2. David Martin, Micky Wolfson, Cathy Leff 3. Gina & Raymond Jungles 4. Pedro & Mari Martin 5. Bjarke Ingles, Thao Nguyen, Shohei Shigematsu 6. Guests enjoying the architect’s dinner 7. Laila Pedro, Anne-Sophie Rosseel, Richard Meier, Herve Descottes 8. Terence Riley, Bjarke Ingles, Christine Binswanger, Fred Bernstein, Andres Duan

Encounters @ Inter Continental Miami -

Continuing on the heels of its success this past year, the InterContinental Miami premiered their Digital Arts Program with Digital Miami in their Interactive Arts Lounge. 1. Andres Conde 2. Laura Bruney, Barry Hendler, Sonia Hendler 3. Pamela Loudon, Sean McCormick 4. Robert Hill, Sonja Bogensperger 5. Amy LaBonte 6. Eleazar Delgado 7. David Siqueiros, Amy LaBonte, Eleazar Delgado, Pamela Loudon, Monique Lassooij, Andres Conde, Robert Hill 8. Lee Dahlberg, Liz Goodwin, Kelly Carlton, Nathan Aaron

Encounters w/ Cassina -

Cassina presented Charlotte Perriand: A Modernist Pioneer to honor the artist’s journey from avant-garde design to photography. 1. Leonie Von Lieres, Tanja Bulatovic, Iva Kosovic, Guests 2. Gianluca Armento 3. Pernette Perriand-Barsac, Jacques Barsac 4. Roy Wallace, Rosie Gordon-Wallace 5. DJ Sinatra 6. Dahlia Latif, Antonio Cabrera 7. Alejandra & Albert Poza 8. Benedetta Di Persia, Benedetta Chiovini

Encounters @ Perfecto Miami -

Actor, Director & Painter Jordi Mollà hosted a pop-up art show at Perfecto Miami Gastrobar in Brickell to showcase his latest work to guests. 1. Ariadna Vigueras, Veronica Isola 2. Carolina Ramirez, Fabio Cucchiara Creato Hairdressing 3. Patricia Ceballos, Giuseppe Ferlito 4. Josefa Lopez, Maria Rodriguez, Tamara Nuñez 5. Moises Berlanga, Amanda Rubio 6. Emma Alvarez, Angela Carrillo 7. Pilar & Gabriel Tarrau 8. Adriana Farvet, Nannette Okra 9. Kristin Lorie, Andrea Becerra 10. Victoria Hernandez, Giuseppe Ferlito 11. Jordi Mollà, Kyty 12. Theresa Schwark, Alexa Testerman 13. Demian Vasquez, Maria Elisa Machado, Maria Carolina Samaniego, Constantino Bertomy 14. Carlos Hernandez, David Pozo 15. Montse Pombo, Nino Dolce 16. Cristina Hermida, Karina Garcia

Encounters w/ Echo Brickell -

Property Markets Group and JDS Development hosted a private event to unveil the innovative and luxurious sales center for Echo Brickell. 1. Claudia Serna, Philip Spiegelman 2. John McClaskey, Marah Caban, Max Alcalay 3. Veronica Escobedo, Rachel Levy, Eric Kalis, Jessica Levy Kiibler, Lauren Marks 4. Kenneth Ogrodnik, Walter Faerman, Sandra Heath, Chris Harak 5. Ryan Shear, Carlos Ott, Kevin Maloney 6. Nelson Peralta, Haydeli Ko, Andrew Perez 7. Manuel Clodic, Veronica Galino, Pablo Rodriguez, Patrice Hallot 8. Osvaldo Reyes, Tony Rodriguez, Andres Santiago, Bianca Puig

Encounters w/ Brickell Heights -

The Brickell Heights pre-sales launch event added lots of buzz for the already highly anticipated new development in the heart of Brickell. 1. Agustina Panelo, Luis Rivas 2. Jorge Perez & Jon Paul Perez 3. Cathy & James Donnelly 4. Cesar Angula, Antonio Yunez 5. Danielle Vasconcelos, Carolina Lara 6. Rafael Gonzalez, Catalina Martinez, Carolina Sarmiento, Carlos Rosso 7. Rosemarie Chateau, Patricia Prive 8. Nikol Solares, Andres Asion, Mayte Aguila