Dream Men

We joined forces with Switchboard Of Miami’s Women’s Leadership Council to bring you some of South Florida’s most eligible bachelors. Featuring Franco Fiorio, Albert Ghitis, Alejandro Guardiola, Andre Siegel, Andre Bennett, Andrew Hinkes, Boyan Valkchanov, Brad Sonnett, Brandon Rose, Brian Breslin, Bruce Thigpen, Cedric Alexander, David Carson, Diego Orlandini, Eric Bluestein, Evan Berger, Frank Beninato, Dr. Gaga Ophori, Gerald Christiansen, Jacob Kodner, Jared Klein, Jason Lord, Jason Martin, John Leinicke ESQ., Jonathan Bragman, Jordan Harris, Jorge Salazar, Kevin Dennis, Kevin St. Cin, Kyle Obradovich, Les Bradley, Marc Schaevitz, Mike Langley, Nizar Lavji, Oscar Guerrero, Patrick Quade, Peter Michael, Rafi Leibowitz, Reed Nicol, Richard Greenfield, Rush Bowles, Santiago Vitagliano, Vince Loughlin, Vonnell Martinez, and Zachary Mandler

Strange Love

Dresses with poetry, body-con silhouettes, transparencies and bold lingerie combine to reveal the silence of passion and love. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Almuna Weil, and location by Villa Woodbine in Coconut Grove

Let The Sunshine In!

This amazing two-level penthouse with 5 beds/6.5 baths and soaring 22-foot ceilings will make you feel like you’re living inside a palace in the sky. Featuring Giulietta Ulloa.

Enchanting Faith

Classic and modest silhouettes heightened with intricate embroideries, softness and structure combine for a story that recalls the romanticism of Renaissance times. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos, and Angeles Almuna Weil.

Yacht Speed Ahead

The demand for yachts in Miami is so huge it requires separate, yet complementary, boat shows: The Miami International Boat Show and The Yacht & Brokerage Show. Whether you prefer to commission a custom vessel or are seeking a deal on a used boat, you’re search starts here.


Amy Crismond leads Switchboard Of Miami’s efforts to greatness via community fundraising, donations and getting people involved in the organization’s mission.

Vida Amorosa

No one can argue that love is complicated. It killed many of history’s star-crossed lovers, it’s been the subject of countless hit songs and the topic of just about every chick flick ever released. What many don’t realize, however, is that just like life, love has a natural evolution that can’t be ignored.

The "L" Word

It’s time to unearth the most unique love affair you will ever experience in this life or the next — and finding the keys to a re-energized, happier heart is easier than you might think.

Bar Tab

A few years ago, Stephanie Phillips left The Buckeye State for The Sunshine State, but unlike LeBron, she never looked back. Featuring Red: The Steakhouse and Diageo.

Love Amor Amore Amour

When it comes to showing your honey love, there are many complicated languages and dialects to learn before your dear can hear you loud and clear. Don’t let language be a barrier to communicating love in your relationship. Instead, turn to the wisdom of Dr. Gary Chapman and The Five Love Languages and watch your relationship flourish with emotion, gratitude and appreciation.

Shhh... Between The Sheets

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are so many rights and wrongs that it’s tough to keep track of what’s working and what’s not. We try to break down a few things that can make or break a good relationship when it comes to love, sex and communication.

Success Finance

This page normally focuses on the practical aspects of building wealth. This month, we’re flipping the script and taking a peek at some ostentatious spending. In particular, the wild budgets of the rich & famous.

Success A La Mode

One person’s rubbish (the Brits even make trash sound fancy) is another’s treasure — how apropos! Are you in the market for savvy fashion finds but panting and worried over staying within a budget? Why of course, this is Miami, where looking the part is as important as being it. That’s where consignment haven The Recycled Closet comes in.

Success Connoisseur

Those who visit teaching hospitals receive innovative care, those who want to be on the cutting-edge of culinary technique and taste visit one of these teaching kitchens.

Success Tech

The world we live in is forever advancing for the better; check out these cool new tech tools that are sure to astonish you.

Success Timepieces

About 50 years ago, a watch was all about telling time and Timex’s motto was: “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” Now they are an extension of your personality, real or imagined. Here are a few types of watch options and what they say about you.

Success Oasis

Enjoy the warmth and ambiance El Dorado Furniture has to offer all of its clientele. Also featuring amazing aromas and fragranced quotes by leading fashionistas.

Success Real Estate

Set to rise in the heart of Miami, The Edge on Brickell is a truly unique piece of architecture. Also check ou thte social nature of a suburban neighborhood, Cassa Brickell. Featuring prime properties by Liz Lopez, Ruedi Sieber, and Corina Betancourt.

Success #s

Spending quality time together can do wonders for your relationship and your waistline. Here are some 30-min. activities to do that’ll have you burning more than just desire.

Success At Your Best

One of the newest modalities for skin rejuvenation is micro-needling, just ask the distinguished Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. John J. Martin, Jr, MD. Also check out these wild treatments that are nothing short of primitive.

Success Giving

The Girl Up campaign, created by the United Nations Foundation, mobilizes American girls to raise awareness and funds for adolescent girls in developing countries. Charles Schwab’s Sande Taylor found a few ways to leverage her time, talent & treasure to help their mission…and you can, too.

Success Auto

Cadillac has once again re-written automotive history. If your lifestyle demands a sedan, but you crave owning a car with a top speed that could cause your adrenaline to pump faster than ever, here’s the answer: The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V.

Succes Bon Voyage

EatWith reinvents the dinner party by connecting chef-hosts with dinner party guests to enjoy a culinary feast at their personal table, anywhere in the world.

Success Pets

They say animals have an extra sense and can sniff out danger in just about any environment, and the pet heroes you’re about to meet give new meaning to furry, feathered and fearless.


Forget the e-vites and group texts, when it comes to personalizing invitations and stationery for a special occasion, no one does it better than Diana Serrano at Paperie Invitation Studio, where an RSVP is almost always guaranteed.


The bedroom is much more than just a place to lay our heads at night. Ideally, it’s a private space where we can truly express ourselves; an oasis to get away from it all…even if only for a while. Featuring Internum, El Dorado Furniture, Casa Gio, Adriana Hoyos, and Lineaire Designs.

Essential Luxe

Stay bold this time of the season with these enticing & luxurious gems ready to make an impact wherever your social itinerary takes you


Learn the difference between the diverse varieties of Schaps and how you can use this buzz-inducing ingredient to take your next drink to a whole new level, no matter where you’re entertaining.


Americans are turning their backs on the sweet ‘n’ sour Baby Boomer generation that injected every morsel we ingested with fructose corn syrup and sodium. Our bodies are demanding healthier foods and our appetites are increasingly embracing the taste of fermented fare.

The 411

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