Success Savy

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Success Real Estate

Featuring: 1010 Brickell, Giulietta Ulloa, Americo D’agostini, Ana Somarriba & Stephan Hermida

Success At Your Best

Featuring: Dr. John J. Martin

Success Oasis

Featuring: Floridian Furniture & Karim Rashid of MyBrickell

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Featuring: Lisi Chavarri of Sports Club/LA-Miami

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Ariel Acosta-Rubio of Churromania


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Culinary Pursuits

When it comes to passion in the kitchen, the chefs you’re about to meet have what it takes to not only satiate appetites but to make diners think outside the plate and get inspired with every bite. Featuring: Spaghettino, Seasalt And Pepper, Fontana @ The Biltmore, Perricone’s, Steak Brasil, L’Entrecote Cafe de Paris & The Setai

Refined Encounters

These fashionable looks for him and her are as diverse as the menu options at your favorite restaurant — just make sure your martini matches your outfit. Photography: Nick Garcia, Stylist: Noe Cesar

Prime Abode

This residence at Jade Brickell is the epitome of urban living and offers views, amenities and luxurious touches for just about any taste. Featuring: Hernan Golod

Plates & Pours 2014

We scoured the neighborhood to bring you some of the most delicious, delectable and downright buzz-worthy dishes, desserts and drinks in The Magic City

The Power of Aphrodisiacs

The most important and impactful sexual organ a human being has is the brain. From there cometh the spark of desire that ignites everything that follows. It’s the programming center for our sex drive and reproductive behavior. But there are other agents said to aid and multiply that organ’s affect when implemented accordingly: Aphrodisiacs.

Soaring Sophistication

Glamorous and sophisticated, designed with genius and elevated with elite amenities, meet Miami’s newest center of luxurious living: Brickell Heights.

The Other Wine Country

If you haven’t visited Oregon lately, you might want to consider a stop at one — or all — of The Beaver State’s world-class vineyards for a few sips of wine (and the tasty bites that accompany them) which are sure to keep you coming back over and over again.

Wonder Diets

Want to eat what you want while keeping the pounds at bay? It’s not as difficult as your always-grumbling belly and expanding waistline might lead you to believe.


Featuring: Tony Pflum of Batch Gastropub& Captain Morgan's Rum (Diageo)

Encounters w/ Switchboard of Miami -

Brickell Magazine and The Women’s Leadership Council hosted a swanky Bachelor Auction at Conrad to benefit Switchboard Of Miami. 1. Amy Betancourt, Jay Adkins, Marci Moss 2. Daniel Tapia, Vicky Gonzalez, Rich Shinners, Victoria Villalba 3. Birufe Scobee, Brad McMorris 4. Frank Maritote, Stephanie Franco 5. Christian Jamin, Luciana Carvalho 6. Jose Santiago, Dr. Gregg Pizzi 7. Gregory Molloy, Darcy Tannebaum, Brad McMorris, Diana Diaz, Frank Maritote, Erbi Blanco-True, Judy Fernandez, Rich Shinners 8. Maria Leon, Erbi Blanco-True, Gert Rodon 9. Rob Richter, Janine Kucaba, Diana Diaz, Lawrence Green 10. Bentonne Snay, Les Bradley II, Linda Pizzorni 11. Melisa Shoppin, Claudia Lavgroe, Ryan Brendan Sullivan, Maria Clara Rodriguez 12. Kira Grossman, Evan Northup, Ashley Garcia 13. Maaret Artosalo, Tanya Inid, Yliana Crespo 14. Christian De Gale, Stephanie Grosman, Jason Sherman 15. Jami Baker, Tyler Tejeda, Melissa Samowitz, Julia Bennett, Alexis Altman 16. Jason Sherman, Viviana Alzate, Richard Montes De Oca, Miralys Moncada 17. Les Bradley II, Francisco Avalos, Amy Crismond, Willie Carpenter, Tania Dominguez, Danny Lipe, Eric Vainder 18. Alexia Gonzalez, Melissa Baralt, Caitlin Steiger, Amanda Kessler, Sarah Paxton 19. Garrett & Ashley Laughlin, Clint Russell, Natalie Echavarria, Michael Laughlin 20. Danny Rivera, Ashley DeWelde 21. Jeff Stay, Eric Johnson 22. Joey Gutierrez, Evan Northup 23. Willie Carpenter, Ana Castillo, Danny Lipe 24. Monica Hernandez, Martha Valdes, Diana Pubchara, Amanda Egbert 25. Nathan Hiller, Janine Kucaba, John Cyril Malloy III, Claire Menard 26. Kristin Lora, Robert Marksmeier, Anna Billskoog 27. Erick Ivan Mendoza, Leonardo Capobianco 28. Les Bradley II, Julie & Joana Ghimenti, Marc Shaevitz 29. Summer Piccirillo, Heather Hewlitson 30. Ana Roque, Mercy Rivero 31. Harris Mandler, Russell Hall 32. Marina Foglia, Crystal Renta 33. Susan Soifer, Jessica Ordonez, Elise Bendik 34. Paula Goffman, Rich Shinners, Danielle Diaz 35. Milda Bublys, Christian de Gale, Tracie Hamersley, Amy Stefanelli 36. Natasha Schoultz, Alex Uribe Sevilla Sacasa, Courtney Levine, Rich Shinners 37. Nathan Gomez, Marcy Cruz, Joaquin Infante, Elizabeth Quizena

Encounters w/ Nine At Mary Brickell Village -

Nine At Mary Brickell Village invited area VIPs to a champagne toast followed by a curated tour of fine dining and fun throughout the neighborhood. 1. Edgardo Defortuna, Dan Zunker, Ken O’Neill 2. Dan Zunker, Edgardo Defortuna, Jason Atkins, Ken O’Neill 3. Federico Arocena, Susan Trevisa, Gerard Gonzalez 4. Garrett Bain, Sonya Olson, Andres Asion 5. Gina Osten, Helen Leol, Amanda Cerreto 6. Charina Ferreira, Andres Asion, Brooke Burton 7. Sonia Gerald, Susan Trevisa, Bina Armentano 8. Wesley James, David Haller, Brittnie McAninley, Brett Haller

Encounters w/ MA+D -

Bayfront Park provided a dramatic and scenic backdrop for the inaugural debut of Miami Art + Design (MA+D) on President’s Day Weekend, with a showcase of more than 40 prominent international art & design galleries. 1. Clarissa Santiago, Agnes Monplaisir, Magali Deboth 2. Elizabeth Mercedes, Alicia Reese, Tamika Bickham 3. Alexander Gherardi, Alexander V. Kruglov 4. Daniel Hourde, Agnes Monplaisir 5. Sean J Mccormick, Lee Ann Lester 6. Johnathan Green, Matthew Green 7. Mercier Finer, Guy Stair Sainty 8. Kirsia Batista, Edewin Perez 9. Deborah Rozier, Mauricio Andino-Mendoza 10. Stacy Conde, Miguel Brena, Cary Fernandez-Brena 11. Carolyn Tanner, Kelsey Kyle 12. Ana Sainz, Henrika Thoreson 13. Ana Maria Gonzalez, Manuel Gonzalez 14. Adriana Budich, Nina Torres 15. Flavio Gianassi, Gabriele Caioni 16. Roly Masferrer, Cristy Palomo

Encounters w/ The Bond -

In a milestone for Downtown Miami’s resurgent residential market, The Bond, the first condo planned for Brickell Ave. since the recession is now officially under construction. 1. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Alan Ojeda, Tadd Schwartz, Tere Blanca 2. Jesse Ottley, Paulie Hankin, Alan Ojeda, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Marc Sarnoff, Tom C. Murphy, Diego Ojeda, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Alyce Robertson 3. Allie Grant, Laura Juncadella 4. Diego Ojeda, Alyce Robertson 5. Jean Nayar, Cameron Cervera 6. Alessandra Giffuni, Peter Ortega, Jasmin Schumer, Amanda Cabrera 7. Diego Ojeda, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Alan Ojeda 8. Ali Lamadrid, Gabriela Soto, Jacquline Regnault 9. Claudine Letz, Lyda Juliao, Elena Campos 10. Maria Maldonado, Oreste Leccese, Jessica Juliao 11. Tadd Schwartz, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Marc Sarnoff 12. Sismai Roman, Christopher Adeleke, Brittnie McAninley 13. Evelyn Perez- Larin, Claudine Letz, Lyda Juliao, Cameron Cervera, Paulie Hankin, Elena Campos, Jessica Juliao, Jasmin Schumer 14. Luigi Ojeda, Diego Ojeda 15. T.J. Sabo, Jesse Ottley 16. Paulina Muro, Oreste Leccese, Maria Maldonado

Encounters w/ Banco do Brasil Americas -

Banco do Brasil Americas inaugurated another branch in Boca Raton, ensuring the South Florida expansion plan of the financial institution continues on schedule. 1. José Luis Prola Salinas, Hélio Vitor Ramos Filho, Antonio Cassio Segura 2. Banco do Brasil Americas Executives & Special Guests 3. David Konfino, Edilson Baccarin, Leonard Whyte, Pamela Kohl 4. Antonio Cassio Segura, Charles Crowell 5. Hélio Vitor Ramos Filho, José Luis Prola Salinas 6. Ribbon Cutting.

Encounters @ Morays Jewelers -

Morays Jewelers celebrated 70 years in Miami as VIP guests mingled with Dancing With The Stars’ Maksim Chmerkoskiy while enjoying cocktails made from Miami Club Rum: The Hometown Spirit Of Miami. 1. Beau Hequin, Tracy Koço, Chris Haake 2. Shelley & Bruce Hornik, Sandy Hequin 3. Felipe Lopez, Catalina Maslov 4. Jeremy Mariage, Franci Keyes 5. Laura & Gene Mirvis 6. Chef Steve Leary 7. David Maya 8. Libby & Richard Schechter 9. Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Sandy Hequin 10. Marina Kastner, Laura Mirvis 11. Rith Vernick, Daniel & Ruth Heisler 12. Mitchell Waksman, Beau Hequin, Chris Haake 13. Mike & Nelly Tarra 14. Ozzie Clausell, Catalina Maslov 15. Sam Gordon, Richard Schechter 16. Tim Moran, Raiza Areas

Encounters w/ The Crimson -

The Crimson’s groundbreaking event welcomed over 150 guests who came out to see the progress of the boutique waterfront 90-unit residential development. 1. Liliana Gomez, Philip Spiegelman, Veronica Escobedo, Fernando Levy Hara, Stephan Gietl, Craig Studnicky 2. Daniel Montiel, Orlando Montiel, Bernando Manrique, Daniel Castaneda 3. Bernie && Martha Hernandez 4. Patricia Restrepo, Camilo Rodriguez 5. Pablo Rodriguez, Marisol Garces 6. Carolina Del Rivero, Patricia Bonaduce, Armando Colmeras 7. Ken Golden, Aniley Perez, Gabriella Cacrees, Tamo Tenis 8. Juan Sebastian Chirieoga, Santiago Borrero

Encounters w/ Venegas International Group -

Château Ocean recently hosted a groundbreaking event with future owners, area visionaries and community leaders in attendance. 1. Luis Percul, Ariel Tomat, Don Francisco, Monica Venegas, Carina Radonich 2. Michael Karukin, Michelle Kligman, Monica Venegas, Manuel Grosskopf, Sergio Grosskopf, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Diana Rodriguez, Tom Murphy 3. Mariana & Manuel Grosskopf 4. Hector Vargas, Veronica Moran 5. Daniela Carvalho, Dorith Ness, Richard Malconian 6. Ana Maria Garcia, Andrea Minucci, Monica Venegas, Jeffrey Silverman 7. Myriam Borax, Karina Grosskopf, Sebastian Sagranichne 8. Myriam Borax, Michael kornic. Murray kertzer , Angie Kertzer, Amy kornic 9. Mariana Grosskopf, Julieta Zrihen, Lucia Leibovich, Valeria Galente 10. Jeffrey Silverman, Yury Bylina 11. Eli Kilnger, Patricio Kreutzberger, Alfredo Frohlich 12. Manuel Grosskopf, Tom Murphy 13. Tomas Sulichin, Irina Rostova 14. Irina Sang, Yana Tyulina 15. Patricio Kreutzberger, Monica Venegas, Bernardo Brescia, Carina Radonich 16. Dayana Tovar, Clara Verano, Lina Zapata 17. Hector Vargas, Manuel Grosskopf, Sergio Grosskopf, Veronica Moran

Encounters w/ Voices For Children -

Voices For Children held its “Be A Voice, Empower Brilliant Futures Gala” at Mandarin Oriental to benefit the foundation. 1. Christian Slater, Jim Ferraro, Nelson F. Hincapie 2. Laura Dowling, Gail Appelrouth, Leyla Portela 3. Beth & Richard Tasca 4. Bronwyn Miller, Swanee Dimare 5. Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, Cyndi & Jorge Gonzalez 6. Paul & Gina Castronovo, Yolanda Berkowitz, Russ Kodner 7. Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Leyla Portela, Stephen L. Owens 8. Juan Pablo Galavis, Foster Youth “Mimi”

Encounters @ MyBrickell -

The Related Group and Karim Rashid celebrated the opening of MyBrickell, the first condo completed in the area in over 7 years. Rashid designed the interior common spaces for the luxury condo and surprised guests at the event with a preview of his new album, his first foray into the music industry. 1. Jorge Perez, Karim Rashid, Sonia Figueroa, Carlos Rosso 2. Hernan Gleizer, Philip Spiegelman, Fernando Alpern 3. Alexandra Ortelli, Maria Ortiz 4. Carie Smith, Tracy Koço 5. Jessie Howard, Maria Fernanda 6. Ishmael Perez, Kari Fernandez, Adriana Brito, Andres Asion 7. Nicole LLoyd, Lisa Hillier, Judy Dandy 8. Carlos Rosso, Karim Rashid, Jared Shapiro, Jorge Perez 9. Martha Russomanno, Robert Barani, Sonia Figueroa 10. Ryan Homan, Juliette Shih, Michael Gibson, Nicole Lloyd 11. Jorge Perez, Jared Shapiro 12. Marcela Tabares, Miguel Espejo 13. Juan Zuluaga, Lina Duran 14. Latrice & Raksa Dan 15. Melissa Echevarria, Ralph Leon 16. Silvia Sosa, Valentina Zima