Success At Your Best

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Success Creative

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Success Finance

Featuring: David Konfino of Banco do Brasil Americas

Success Real Estate

Featuring: Paraiso Bay, Brickell Ten, Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez, Ana Somarriba, Brigitte De Langeron & David Pulley

Success Oasis

Featuring: Vizcayne & Robin Annon of California Closets Miami

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Featuring: Robin Campbell of Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

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Trendsetting Jetsetting

Hans Christian Andersen said: “To travel is to live!” — so it’s no surprise that as the way we live changes, so does the way we travel. Today, our lives are fast-paced, filled with technology and everyday luxuries. The travel trends we’ve discovered in this piece are really a snapshot of what we as a society value in 2014...well, mostly.

Alluring Opulence

Once you find the perfect jewels to complement your wardrobe this season, all you have to do is decide which social functions you’ll be attending to show off your new looks. Featuring Morays Jewelers

Setting The Tone

More than a showroom, Internum & Design is ready to help customers create beautiful spaces with top international brands.


Annie Batista of Sports Club/LA-Miami, Laurie Huseby of FootWorks & Michael Comras of The Comras Company Of Florida


Location, amenities, price, availability… at NINE, you can have it all. This is a place where the world is at your feet, and the possibilities are endless.


Featuring: Ligne Roset Miami, Artefacto, Internum & Design & Armani/Casa Miami

Oasis Of Taste

Sometimes a meal isn’t just a meal. That perilous gap between going from casual tasting to committed tastebuds needs a defining moment. Seasalt And Pepper might be just the place you’ve been looking for.

Dynamic Glamour

Ready to WOW anyone you walk past this season? It’s simple. Just meld sports accents like neoprene, zippers, leather, knit and elastic bands with the glamorous silhouettes of pencil skirts, flared bottoms and cropped tops — and get ready for some fun in the sun.

Life Flow

Modeled after a system where many disciplines work in unison to support patient care, needs and quality of life, The Biscayne Institutes Of Health & Living heralds the notion of being not just a provider of care, but a 21st Century healthcare community.


If a traditional wedding isn’t in the cards for you, it may be wise to consider upping the ante with a destination wedding to Nicaragua, a place so full of adventure and surprises you won’t have time to even think about getting cold feet.

Beautiful Ideal

Our outer selves should represent the finest parts of our inner selves — whether that’s who we are now or who we aspire to become during the next phase of our personal growth. Ecstasy Salon Spa is on a mission to help you accomplish just that and a whole lot more.


Featuring: Aubrey Russell & Hennessy (Diageo)

Encounters w/ For tune International

Fortune International & Chopard hosted an exclusive red carpet event to celebrate Jade Signature’s new Sales Gallery.1. Chris Brooks, Edgardo Defortuna 2. Josep Santacana, Arantxa Sanchez, Ana Cristina Defortuna 3. Matthew Wismiewski, Raymond Jungles 4. Manuel Grosskopf, Mariana 5. Schilklaper Tatiana, Priscila Carrella 6. Alfonso Miguel, Eduardo Imery, Jeffrey Feldberg 7. Dana Herndon, Gabi Rodriguez, Joey Butler, Justin Reis 8. Amy Cassell, Val Glickson, Sandra Chartouni

Encounters w/ The Bond

Rilea Group was joined by hundreds of Miami’s top real estate brokers from Cervera Real Estate for a traditional English street party in honor of The Bond on Brickell 1. Diego & Alan Ojeda 2. Paulie Hankin, Jesse Ottley 3. Ramon Alonso, Fernanda Alonso 4. Victoria Bokeria, Roman Bokeria 5. Jessika Gomez, Patricia Alvarado 6. Irina Victoria, Fay Baldwin, Tatiana Blanco 7. Abdallah Haboud, Melissa Davis, Carolina Arenas, Luis Arenas 8. Jolene & Ashley Bosch

Encounters w/ Morays Jewelers

After presenting John Turturro a watch for his Life Achievement Award, Morays Jewelers and 88 Rue Du Rhone hosted a party for the Actor, Writer & Director at Epic Hotel 1. Elena Vertlib, Beau Hequin 2. Taylor Montague, Jessica Smith 3. Beatriz Zayas 4. Mike Scull 5. Debbie & David Gold 6. Tony Russo, Edward Sheslow 7. Annie Rusten, Dara Hirsh 8. Elena Vertlib, John Michael Turturro

Encounters w/ BrickellHouse

Partygoers joined developers Newgard Development Group, John Moriarty & Associates & Cervera Real Estate at The Bar @ Level 25 to celebrate BrickellHouse’s top off. 1. Harvey Hernandez, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid 2. Wesley James, Vanessa Ainzuain, Sismai Roman, Brittnie McAninley 3. Luis Garino, Nelson Rios, Marioly Saldana 4. Giovanni Caloretti, Jasmin Schumer, Roberto Malca 5. Barbara Estela, Ishmael Perez, Raquel Dominguez 6. Luca Cancellieri, Andrea Minola, Clementine Laucournet, Marco Wilmath 7. Brit Thunem, Ana Pareja, Daniela Luces, Johana Sanchez 8. Alex & Luann Popow, Alberto & Cony Leombruno

Encounters w/ Women Of Tomorrow

Women Of Tomorrow hosted a gala at Mandarin Oriental with more than 500 of South Florida’s leading philanthropists, celebrities and politicians showing up for a great time and raising more than $900,000. 1. Jordan De Berdouare, Jennifer Valoppi, Christian De Berdouare, John Kross 2. Leslie Miller Saiontz, Jeff Berkowitz, Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Stuart Miller 3. Dr. Diane Walder, Finlay Cumming 4. Lola Jacobson, Jean-Louis Fatio, Ingrid Fatio 5. Pat Riley w/ HEAT Championship Trophy 6. Ken Gorin, Cynthia & Wayne Boich 7. Paul & Swanee DiMare 8. Tara Solomon, Nick D’Annunzio

Encounters w/ Brazil Foundation

BrazilFoundation held its 3rd Annual Gala at PAMM with more than 400 leaders from the worlds of business, diplomacy, academia, fashion & art generating $250,000 to support 10 new community-led initiatives across Brazil. 1. Betina Schmidt, Alexandre Piquet 2. Amelia Whitaker, Patricia Lobaccaro 3. Paulo & Lais Bacchi 4. Cameron Winklevoss, Natalia Beber 5. Andrea Dellal 6. Daniela Fonseca, Ricardo Puggina 7. Helio Vitor Ramos Filho & Milma Filho, Stella Holmes 8. Claudio Henrique, Alana, Vamarlei, Marivaldo Dos Santos, Ivete Sangalo 9. Adriana Lima 10. Darleen Callaghan, Vitor Ramos Filho 11. Lilly Sarti 12. Samantha Grandoville, Marlon Teixiera 13. Raica Oliveira 14. Martha Graeff 15. Mayumi Enokibara, Darleen Callaghan, Luiz Fernando Da Silva 16. Maria Carolina & Paulo Tavers De Melo 17. Sabrina Sato 18. Maria Carolina Tavares De Melo, Lais & Paulo Bacchi, Patricia Lobaccaro

Encounters w/ Echo Brickell

Echo Brickell hosted “Brickell Nights” where brokers and other guests had the opportunity to see the project’s scale model while indulging in sips, bites and fun. 1. Craig Studnicky, Sergio Pintos, Philip Spiegelman 2. Pablo Rodriguez, Maria Valencia, Claudio Minones 3. Teda Melero, David Concheso 4. Barbara & Juan Manuel Pereira 5. Craig Studnicky, Natalie Brabner 6. Liliana Gomez, Laila Gomez, Liliana Pargo, Mariana Perez 7. Giannanina Dare, Adriana Arango, Lina Isaza 8. Jose Cadena, Enrique Hernandez 9. Jimena Pintos, Thoma Hoffman 10. Maria Esabel Mijan, Daniel Casteba, Hilda Moreno 11. Sergio Pintos, Ryan Shear 12. Ana Modelo, Juliana Guiterrez 13. Tiago Costa, Andres Valdivieso 14. Walter Ferman, Maria Joseviaz, Sergio Neito 15. Eric Montes De Oca, Adrienne Hartmann, Philip Spiegelman

Encounters @ Seasalt And Pepper -

Seasalt And Pepper transported Miamians to the epicenter of ambient music and pan-Asian gastronomy for a firstever U.S. Buddha Bar pop-up experience. 1. Seasalt And Pepper 2. Alicia Cervera, Jennifer Cervera, Christina Gort 3. Alfredo Alvarez, Eric Rousselieres 4. Carlos & Maryam Miranda 5. Debi Mazar, Gabriele Corcos 6. Carmen Somarrina, Maria Andreina Lopez, Jacqui Burkli, Agustina Caif 7. Franck Fortet, Stephane Dupoux, Tarja Visan, Anetta Nowosielska 8. Gary Shear, Dana Shear, Philippe Pautesta, Belkys Nerey 9. Kasper Kriby, Henrik Groenfeldt, Sebastian Fenger, Pam Gomez 10. Ernesto Arguello & Friend 11. Ioanna Marinopoulos, Atanasia Stengos 12. John Turchin & Eric Milon 13. Luis Casamayor, Belkys Nerey, Jorge A. Plasencia 14. Zuly Delgado, Jamie Goldberg, Anna-Denise Miranda 15. Lina Zavyalova, Alina Terem, Anetta Nowosielska 16. Louis Latour, Bernard Retornaz

Encounters w/ NINE -

NINE at Mary Brickell Village held a Sales Appreciation Event at Perricone’s to give top brokers for the project their commission checks. 1. Andres Asion, Ken O’Neill, Daniel Zunker, Edgardo Defortuna 2. Daniel Zunker, Evangeline Gouletas, Isos Monroe 3. Clara Serrano, Jorge Santana 4. Damaso Medina, Sara Reyes 5. Daniel Romanach, Jonathas Chimen 6. Ken O’Neill, Mike Lynd 7. Pina Armentano, Lisbeth Hazoury, Christianne Leon 8. David && Karina Martinez 9. David Haller, Vanessa Ainzuain 10. Kacey Cortolillo, Sofia Garcia 11. Lilia Naar, Joe Nader 12. Roberto & Julieta Rivero 13. Michelle Nunez, Michael Bibr 14. Thais Reyes, Alberto Navarro 15. Susan Trevisa, Marina Perepelytsia 16. Walder Fierman, Laura Herrera 17. Win Peniston, Ruth Palma

Encounters w/ Biscayne Beach -

Eastview Development, GTIS Partners and Cervera Real Estate recently celebrated the Grand Opening of the Biscayne Beach Sales Gallery. 1. Alexandra Elfmont, Tensie Fomy, Alicia Cervera 2. Anna Ng, Gina De Varona, Kate Siegel 3. Alicia Casa, Luz Montayo 4. Jackie Rivera De Cervera, Manilar Rivera 5. Janet Canfield, Claudia Mayer 6. Emily Gimblett, Christopher Adeleke, Alexandra Goeseke Cervera 7. Kevin O’Rourke, Zoila Perez Chanquet 8. Kinga Konsorska, Thom Filicia