Heavily crystal-embellished accessories and dresses, jewelry and colorful jackets and sweatshirts define an exhilarating mood of happiness for Summer 2014. Be ready to play with this mix-match colorful concept, and don’t forget to show the best accessory of this season…your smile! Featuring: Nick Garcia & Jhon Jairo Santos


Meet the professionals of perfection making sure that every mirror glance you take is one to remember. After all, there’s nothing like being beautiful inside and out. Featuring: John J. Martin, Jr., M.D., Jose I. Almeida, M.D., Dr. Raul C. Gonzalez, Jessica Eagan D.D.S. & Irene Marron-Tarrazzi, D.MD.


This Spring/Summer 2014 season is delineated by swimwear with animal and tribal prints, Maasaiinspired accessories and garments that collide for the perfect wardrobe. African and colorful touches combine for an extravagant impact, allowing women to confidently expose their wild side. Featuring: Nick Garcia & Jhon Jairo Santos


Rilea Group’s The Bond on Brickell will offer a timeless British Glamour uniquely its own along with a whiteglove experience from the lobby onward...and all at the best price of any ultra luxury building currently under construction in the Brickell neighborhood.


It’s said that beauty is only skin deep, but then why is it that some people have the unusual power to get under our skin? It’s happened to all of us — we meet someone and instantly fall deeply and madly (sometimes even stupidly) in love, only to wake up one day and realize the person we fell in love with isn’t all we imagined. Turns out love really is blind.


Featuring: Christopher La Tourette La Riche, MD, of Lucida Treatment Center, Michelle Alva & Dr. Aaron Gold of Murray Ocular Oncology & Retina


Learn to enjoy your “custard curves” in the city — any city — while keeping from permanently falling off the wellness wagon and enjoying the ride every step of the way.


For the health & wellness gurus you’re about to meet, working out is an artform — one that requires the perfect mix of intensity, dedication and sweat. If you’re willing to put in the effort, the physical fitness strides you’ll achieve are endless. Featuring: Featuring: Alex Cure, William Cameron, Bernadette Bassioun & Michael Faddis


You’ve decided she’s the one and you’re ready to get down on one knee. Herewith: Expert tips from the folks at Freddy’s, a local institution of engagement ring bliss in Downtown Miami to help you pick the perfect piece to seal the deal.


Tour a luxurious Key Biscayne condo that not only showcases some of the best views on the island, it also has one of the most gorgeous interiors you’ll ever see. Featuring: Giulietta Ulloa

Bar Tab

Featuring: Greg Howell of Spaghettino & Diageo

Success Connoisseur

Featuring: Eden In Eden French Café

Success Bon Voyage

Featuring: Eden Roc

Success Giving

Featuring: Gustavo Briand of Charity Angeles

Success Oasis

Featuring: Sharon Berube

Success Salud

Featuring: Yamivett De La Moneda MS, RD

Success Real Estate

Featuring: Featuring: Hollywood Beach (The Related Group), Ocean Reef, Ana Somarriba, Giulietta Ulloa, Corina Betancourt & JR Sosa

Success Savvy

Featuring: Seven Metropolitan Suites

Success Drive

Featuring: Tesla S

Success Finance

Featuring: Alex B. Vanicek, Esq. of Piquet Law Firm

Success Timepieces

Featuring: Hublot


Featuring: Scott Liebman of LazerFitness


Featuring: Featuring: Adriana Hoyos, California Closets, Avant Design & Are Lighting


If you’re a fan of tasty, sweet macarons, learn a little bit of what goes into making them and discover a few of The Magic City’s finest specialty shops devoted to the petite pastry.



Encounters @ Batch

Brickell Magazine’s Top 20 Under 40 of year’s past and present got together to celebrate the 2014 finalists with a happy hour bash at Batch. — Photos by Korey Davis 1. Jorge Arauz, Estrellita Sibila, Veronica Escobedo, Raymundo Antomarchi 2. Haven Peaden, Denise Gonzalez, Rachel Cardello, Barbara Savage, Alana Lopez 3. Alicia Lamadrid, Christopher Adeleke 4. Philip Spiegelman, Veronica Escobedo 5. Sidle Roldan, Leonor Mendoza 6. Alexandra Goeseke Cervera, Nickel Goeseke, Veronica Cervera Goeseke 7. Rochelle Gapere, Latanya Casillas, Monique D. Hayes, Aarrin Golson, Jazmine Preston Oneill 8. Robin Annon, Andre Siegel, Tracy Koço, Ana Ordonez, Jorge Ordonez 9. Justin Bakes, David Gorson 10. Emily Wingrove, Tony Anchante 11. Evelyn Torres, Zak Mann 12. Lorenzo Rossi, Natasha D’Souza 13. Ilian Obregon, Gianira Sifuentes 14. Ana Rivera, Jorge

Encounters @ Adrienne Arsht Center

Top leaders and movers-and-shakers of South Florida’s philanthropic, business and civic communities gathered to celebrate the 8th Annual Adrienne Arsht Center Gala with celebrities and luminaries from around the world. 1. Mike & Margaret Eidson, Kevin Spacey, Paul & Swanee DiMare 2. Beatriz Vasquez, Jason Williams 3. Dan & Trish Bell, Frances Aldrich Sevilla-Sacasa, Eugenio Sevilla-Sacasa 4. Eyal Alfi & Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Margalit & Mo Meidar

Encounters w/ Atton Hotels

Atton Hotels execs, city officials and community members gathered for the groundbreaking of Atton Brickell Hotel, the first U.S. project for the venerable Latin America brand. 1. Francisco Levine, Rafael Vergara, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Frank Carollo, Alfonso Pero, Fernan Gazmuri 2. Jorge Salazar, Adriana Martinez, Jacqueline Regnault, Christopher Adeleke 3. Javier Betancourt, Julio Piti, Sonja Bogensperger, Alyce Robertson 4. Raimundo Onetto, Alicia Cervera

Encounters @ Clevelander

The Miami Beach Chamber celebrated the city’s vast contributions to the film industry during their Annual Dinner Gala at Clevelander. 1. Jerry Libbin during Chamber Staff Selfie 2. Mike & Catherine Palma 3. Jeff Turgeau, Jessica Perez 4. Kamila Stefanski 5. Monica Metcalf 6. Mel Capielo, Jose Leon

Encounters w/ Brickell Heights

Brickell Heights recently hosted a special gathering to honor some of their top brokers in style. — Photos by Alberto E. Tamargo 1. Andres Asion, Kari Fernandez, Adriana Brito, Raquel Dominguez, Carlos Rosso 2. Harry Baxter, Genesis Abascal, Peter Green 3. Genilde E. Guerra, Alan Araujo 4. Deborah Castro, Brenda Bichili 5. Jennifer Lopez, Phavel Ramirez Asencio, Katherine Sanchez 6. Salome Montoya, Carolina Pappe, Alicia Lamadrid, Jenny Huertas