Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Brigitte de Langeron, One Broadway, Shelia Bokstein


Featuring Claudia Sanz of Green Grass


Featuring Trini Salon


Featuring Adita Lang of Inner Strength Studio

The Real Goldern Years

We introduce you to some of the most extreme hobbies pursued by not-sotraditional post-corporate Americans after retirement. Although you may consider our findings a bit out of this world (in some cases literally) don’t knock ‘em ‘till you’ve tried ‘em

A Place called Are

Sweden may be known as one of the world’s most visited destinations for world-class skiing, but you can rest assured that the tourist traps and crowds won’t be bothering you in Are this winter. At least not if you decide to stay at the area’s newest resort!


Featuring Nikki F. Upshaw of The World, Raquel Watters of Rik Rak, Manuel Gil and Leonor Mendoza

CEO with Soul

Cesar L. Alvarez’s journey from the shores of Havana to the Brickell waterfront is a testament to the American Dream. His vision and leadership have produced a legacy that has seamlessly melded business and law to help grow one.... Contributors - Jose Amigo

Encounters @ Badrutt's

The Young Lawyer’s Association hosted a cocktail reception at Badrutt’s filled with networking, great drinks and lots of opportunities for dinner (and dessert) afterward! 1. Javed Rahman, Diana Arteaga & Ivan Parron 2. Robin Organek & Lindsay Agranoff 3. Stephen Andrade & Josh Hertz 4. Jame DiLorenzo & Junilla Kershner 5. David Luck, Jessica Frank & Dan Gadner 6. Shaun Koby & Mihai Vrasmasu 7. Yamile Tamargo & Nick Garson 8. Paul Kobak & Francisco Ferrero 9. Dana Spader & Nisha Bhatia 10. Alex Lorenzo & Aaron Pamperin

Encounters w/ Miami DDA

The Downtown Partnership and Miami DDA hosted a “Meet Your Neighbors” event at the Downtown Athletic Club featuring fit people and enough entertainment to hold guests over until the next meet-and-greet extravaganza. 1. Josie Garrido & Marah Caban 2. Mia Foley & Alejandro Polaina 3. Claudia Gonzalez & Sandra Squelveda 4. Mike Elhage & Carlos McGrath 5. Theresa Rust & Laura Fish 6. Alan Fertel & Joanne Erde 7. Nogrix Renaud & Dr Steven Roth 8. Carolyn Brownstein, Sandy Joseph & Melissa Dovis 9. Ariel Beato, Raquel Sanz & Astrid Perez 10. Vila Digryte, Crystal Beltran, Sandra Suarez & Sky Palma 11. Abraham Ash, Catey Vaughn & Mike Simmons 12. Michelle & Domenico Colombo 13. Alexis Vasques & Susan Chai-Onn 14. Al Mustafa & Elaina Vasquez 15. Lucas Cadavid & Alex Gonzalez 16. Carmen Weisz & Mary Vega 17. Susan Ochoa & Fleta Sellers 18. Mary Aristizabal & Susan Abascal 19. Kelvin Hallums & Jean Guy 20. Fabiola Castro & Simone Blummer

Encounters @ Green Grass

Chic boutique Green Grass celebrated its 3rd anniversary with an ‘80s-inspired party featuring a main art exhibit by Aleksandar Kirilov, a recycled functional art installation by J.Cano+Schmidt and music by DJ Carlos Ledesma. Guests showed off their best outfits all night long while perusing Green Grass’s latest men’s and women’s collections. 1. Carlos y Claudia Sanz 2. Ana Mondelo, Lucia Salgado & Isa Zapata 3. Patricio Munoz & Marjorie Hunter 4. Tere Schmidt & Carlos Nagir 5. Tamara Diaz & Tomas Loewy 6. Ana Jaramillo & Bianca Torrente 7. Jenny Salinas & Jose Luis Borrero 8. Devin Moore, Mia Erdman, Christianne Arauz, Claudia Sanz, Bridget Mcgrath & Sara Taylor 9. Charles Vita, Ana Balboa & Aleksandar Kirilov 10. Michelle Vautier & Lorena Hoguin 11. Elias Maida, Claudia Sanz & Patricia Rivadeneira 12. Mercedes Quintero & Walter Scott Murphy 13. Iara Watlington & Clara Jaramillo 14. Carlos & Cristina Echeverria 15. Valerie Biener & Federico Arocena 16. Patrice Bourgier & Margie Bourgier 17. Mariana Nedic & Ljupka Todorovic 18.Adriana Jimenez & BB Jimenez 19. Isabel Artime & Maggie Hindie 20. Angela Bonilla & Nick Garcia 21. Roland Raful & Rossana Emanuell

Encounters @ Aventura

ArTech, the high-tech and high-design luxury condo in Aventura hosted a pool party and BBQ on the project’s sprawling waterfront pool deck while mingling and dancing to the sounds of DJ Troy Kurtz and Josh Lekach. 1. Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna 2. Adam & Janice Petrillo 3. Andrea Greenberg & Yaniv Cohen 4. Jose Ortiz 5. Sheila Marcus & Suzi Perez 6. Matt Werner & Maura Rose 7. LeeAnn, Skyper & Johanson 8. Lisette Rodriguez, Stephen Gamson & Gabriella Farah

Encounters @ Badrutt's

Legwarmers, jelly bracelets and ‘80s hair made a comeback during Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami’s Impact Circle’s ‘80’s Party at Badrutt’s Place. 1. Lydia Muniz & Emily Treister, A.R. Barrington & Tina van der Ven 2. Guest with Jacqueline Pabon, Lauren Littelton & A.R. Barrington 3. Audry Thomas, Sam Randall & Christy O’Conner 4. Emily Treister, Ryan Gonzalez & Jose Gonzalez 5. Tina van der Ven, Michelle Villalobos, Ryan Gonzalez & Emily Treister 6. Lydia Muniz with participants 7. Lauren Littleton, Ken Murina & Cassandra Perez 8. Tina van der Ven, Jolie Balido-Hart, Dali Yambo & Catherine Massard 9. Marita Burge & Ruth Arenas

Encounters @ Camden

Camden, Brickell’s leading urban mid-rise, welcomed Brickellites and non-Brickellites looking to relocate to the “Manhattan of the South” to tour the renovations of their world-class rental community. 1. Sheila Bokstein, Alejandro Polania & Ximena Romero 2. Roberto Galvez, Rhonda Smith & Danny Baez 3. Matt Gordon, Anselmo Di Virgilio & Jack Calill 4. Jessica Hernandez & Aida Toro 5. Rey Ward & Sean Sittnick 6. Raissa Rivero & Jacqueline Lage 7. Thais Reyes & Leonor Mendoza 8. Mariana Souza & Ashley Kendall 9. Ruben Guzman & Tania Montanez 10. Beatriz Quintero, Rey Maizo & Aimara Delgado 11. Monica Gaitan & Maria Eugenia Guerra 12. Grace De Los Reyes & Karen Troncoso 13. Nicole Gonzalez & Jessica Sanford 14. Malia Nicolini & Colleen Campbell 15. Angelica Beltran & Miriam Jaramillo 16. Joel Kicaid & Ingrid McCoy 17. Trini & Richard Wagner 18. Sandra Galassi & Giovana Cabani 19. Jasmina Risteska & Rebecca Gil 20. Chris Hollins & Lindsey Ciesla

Encounters @ Latitude One

Mode Lifestyle Magazine recently hosted their anniversary party and fashion show complete with cocktails, networking, live music and even a book signing. The highfashion event was a resounding success for the magazine and its readers. 1. Karen Norkin & John Protomaster 2. Alexander Michaels & Karen Fish-Will 3. Steve Michael, Gabriel Brakha & Nick Lizzio 4. Mary Dietz & Jose Michelen 5. Ruben Lopez, Monica McCoy & Roberto Galvez 6. Christina Martelli, Arturo Herrera & Jennifer Karigiennis 7. David Langle & Gil Fernandez 8. Diego Sosa-Diaz & Oscar Rodriguez 9. Vanessa Dominguez & Jeff Wade 10. Diana Ramirez & Jose Cortes 11. Robert Venniri & Bill Thompson 12. Sergio Garcia & Cindy Carnero 13. Ismael Galvez & Rebeca Rodriguez 14. Tony Cabrera & Tomas Nadorfy 15. Frank Sperlich & Maria Elena Ventori 16. Monica West, Billy Panero & Carolina Rendeiro 17. Andres Lorenz & Lissette Rubillones 18. Janitza Ramirez, Ruth Cula & Ninfa Rainer 19. Pat Morgan, Victor Vega & Esther Dollar 20. Leina Garcia, Rosa Diaz & Lourdes Rodriguez

Encounters w/ Welcome Channel

A pop-up GBS, The Beauty Story beauty lounge aboard a private yacht at Epic Hotel’s River Lounge attracted South Florida’s movers-and-shakers to the latest installment of Welcome Channel’s “Toast to Social Season” series. 1. April Donelson, Chanel Caton, Whitney Kelly & Jessica Cristobal 2. Laina Caltagirone & Allison Rosenthal 3. Mayra Joli & Lissette Gonzalez 4. Amy Slanoritis & Christina Bohnstengel 5. Yolanda Foxx & Demetha Sanders 6. Brooke Boles Jeff Swartman 7. Karem Dreyer & Vivian Laza 8. Kate Thomassen & Liane Gilbert 9. Roma Isaacs & Danielle Ladner

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Downtown is quickly becoming the place to be seen. The authentic Italian menu and amicable staff has diners coming back for more day in and day out for lunch and night after night for dinner. 1. Chandler Finley, Stefania Bologna, Cristoforo Pignata, Sara Pedrali & Guest 2. Chef Rosario Corrao 3. Silvia Cadamuro Valente, Carylie Suarez & Sara D’anzeo 4. Elena Pelli & Giada Baselice Pignata 5. Daniel & Silvia Diaz 6. Curt Obront & Angela Rizzi 7. Elena & Bruno Pelli, Bianca & Mattia Liverani 8. Adriana & Gustav Antorcha

Encounters w/ Adorno, Damas

The Law Office of Adorno, Damas, & Associates hosted a Q&A forum with City of Miami mayoral candidate Tomas Regalado. During the event, Brickell residents were able to have their concerns addressed. 1. Kenneth M. Damas, Tomas Regalado, Amy Adorno & John Cunill 2. Armando Gutierrez & Jose Regalado 3. Placido Diaz, Leanys Rodriguez & Ed Martinez 4. Steven Perricones & Tomas Regalado 5. Marcela Doria & Oriana Damas 6. Carlos Valderrama & Alejandro Bonet 7. Eduardo Medina & Nydia Garcia 8. Grace Dionne & Tony Major 9. Ruben Pimentel, Luis Figueroa & Michael Howel 10. Kenneth M. & Oriana Damas

Encounters @ Viceroy

ESPN Deportes and Viceroy Miami recently celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with the new owners of the Miami Dolphins and Miami’s Who’s Who. Photos by Seth Browarnik/Red Eye Productions 1. Emilio Estefan, Jorge Perez, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony & Steve Ross 2. Alvaro Martin, John Sutcliffe & Raul Allegre 3. Bernie Yuman with his wife & Lino Garcia 4. Darlene Perez & Alicia Cervera 5. Jessie & Joy 6. John Paul Perez, Homero & Ilieana Delatorre 7. Lara LaRue & Eva LaRue 8. Mike Dee & Bernie Yuman with his wife 9. Nestor Torres & Juanda Jiminez 10. AJ Calloway & Carlos Beltran