Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Dr. Carlos Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery


Featuring Doug Kinsley, Brigitte Nachtigall, Brigitte de Langeron, Brigitte de Langeron


Featuring Claudia Sanz of Green Grass


Featuring Roberto Giordano Salon


Featuring Frank Kelly

Just Stay

You work in Brickell, you play in Brickell, and now you can vacation in Brickell thanks to the newly launched Viceroy Miami, a world-class getaway in our own backyard


Featuring Augusto Valverde, Cassia Silva, Jose Amigo,

Success in the Sky

The newest commercial building in Brickell promises that once you discover it, your business will soar to new heights no matter which of its 24 stories you decide to occupy.

2009 Dressed for Success

Featuring Maya King, Patricia Rivadeneira, Marah Caban, Gail Yelin Feldman, Dana Rhoden, Juanma Serrano, Patrick Huey, Clement Reid, Antonio Maldonado. Contributors - Jose Amigo, Jillian Lobato, Rik Rak, TechnoMarine.

Haute Living

This oasis of art, form and function is a perfect example of how Ursula Barrantes- Tarafa can take the look of your home to new heights with the acclaimed and distinguished interior design expertise. - Featuring Ursula Barrantes of Casa Grande Design

A Cut Above

RikRak owners Ric and Raquel Watters merged their styling expertise in the heart of Brickell with a play on their names to give their discerning clientele the alluring looks they desire from head to toe.

Encounters @ Badrutt's

South Florida’s most sophisticated professionals head over to Badrutt’s Place in Brickell for an authentic European exerience in the heart of The Magic City for lunch, dinner and late-night revelry. 1. Gigi Gonzalez, Fernando Guzman & Victoria Gonzalez 2. Kellie Stynak, Amy Schmitt & Lady 3. Jessica Mauricio & Elizabeth Cox 4. Janelle Perez & Maria Bernal 5. Fred & Jane Tolhurst 6. Yvonne Guell, Betani Vergel & Diana Fernandez 7. Sandie & Greg Laskdy 8. Irving Diaz, Nelson Hernandez & Ana Barcelo 9. Dayamee Gil, Ivette Duprey & Cristina Montero

Encounters w/ FIBA

The Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) celebrated their annual Membership Meeting & Election at the Hotel Intercontinental Concourse Room at 100 Chopin Plaza. John Rodriguez was elected to serve as the organization’s President for 2009-2010. He is also a VP and Division Manager for Wells Fargo. 1. John Rodriguez & Manny Mencia 2. Matthew Bennett & Vivian Usuga 3. Edgar Cuadra & Gerardo Perla 4. Ramon Usategui & Pat Roth 5. Andres Manrara & Manuel Del Canal 6. Paul Koch & Peter Wallim 7. Lazaro Sarabia & Steven Stumbaver 8. Isabella Rodriguez, Thais Rodriguez & Raquel Valera 9. Robert Barthelmess, Thomas Spang & Lewis Greenberg

Encounters @ Trini

Trini in Private hosted a lovely launch party in Brickell that had guests looking and feeling their best. The area’s finest can now look forward to Trini’s personal touch by appointment only at 941 Brickell Ave. 1. Richard Wagner, Trini & Carlo Tonazzi 2. Carmen Kluen 3. Cristina Aredjian, Danielle Waton & Diane Le Doux 4. Anna Maria Capicchioni & Eva Wagner 5. Clara Mejia, Ana Arango & Lorraine James 6. Muriel Boiteau 7. Gustavo Cagio & Karelia Leon 8. Angelica Mezquia, Andrea Gamitan & John Rengifo 9. Trini & Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille 10. Miriam Guaezini & Rachel Drude

Encounters @ Grimpa

Grimpa Steakhouse in Mary Brickell Village will satiate your social appetite while your belly is filled with their cooked-to-perfection meats and delectable desserts. Families, couples and singles are invited to mingle every day of the week. 1. Phil Odgeda, Cecilia Baggio & Ernesto Calzado 2. Felipe Pires, Leila & Naher Pires 3. Michael Liberatore & Rose Max 4. Cecilia Baggio & Marcela Lira 5. Larisse Greenwell & Jean Pereira 6. Willa Mc Michael & Alex Garmendia 7. Paula Ferreira & Shawn Beightol 8. Gustavo Cunha & Jose Roberto Montoya

Encounters @ Latitude One

Latitude One teamed up with the Spanish-U.S. Chamber of Commerce for an unforgettable gathering full of optimism for current projects and for future endeavors. Latitude One has been well-received by the international business community thanks to its ideal location, unmatched rates and sprawling views. 1.Brian Corbett, Silvia Lago & Eduardo Rabasso 2. Jose Manuel Pycp & Mauricio Vives 3. Mavi Haime & Jack Haime 4. Rosa Vano & Albert Savarese 5. Maria Barbarin, Marta Fernandez & Antonio Soler 6. Gabriel Herrera, Jessica & Mario Cristobal 7. Leticia Cerezo & Mercedes Moral 8. Hector Navarro & Luis Garcia 9. Pedro Corredoira & Carlos Ruink 10. Antonio Caruso & Michael Hubbard 11. Harold Calle & Armando Jose Diaz 12. Gil Acevedo & Mylda Horvat 13. Vicky Lorido & Ana Isabel Conde 14. Jose Ortells & Amparo Pineiro 15. Mariela Floria & Victoria Gonzalez

Encounters @ Roberto Giordano

Roberto Giordano Salon & Spa in Brickell is known for more than just transforming Miami’s finest into the best they can be. The salon is also recognized for its social networking events featuring some of the most stunning VIPs in the city. 1. Melida Robayo, Gustavo Copia & Maria Clara Franky 2. Carlos Echeverria & Cristina Hoyos 3. Ana Claudia Ferro & Yathelier Jaen 4. Angelica Blanco & Samanta Ferrini 5. Char & Podesta, Julieta Vega, Raul Dick & Romina Garcia Varano 6. Cristina Alvarez & Melissa Valenzuela 7. Eric Garcia, Laradiva and Edwin Berrios8. Giraldo Velasquez, Miroslava Sanchez & Agustina Caif 9. Mariana Garber, Alejandra Buchanan, Agustina Panelo & Ana Gil

Encounters @ Green Grass

From fashion to artwork to glamourous gatherings and everything in between Green Grass near Mary Brickell Village is at the forefront of the excitement of The Magic City. Even their online boutique at is haute, haute, haute! 1. Stella Holmes, Carlos & Claudia Sanz 2. Eliasa Maida & Alejandro Crocken 3. Simone Miranda & Valeria Rodriguez 4. Marcia Wolf & Nicki Wolf 5. Rosana Emanoell & Gonzalo Real 6. Ana Jaramillo & Blanca Torrente 7. Maggie Hindie & Isabel Artime 8. BB Jimenez, Jenny Salinas & Vicky Echeverri 9. Patricia Rivadeneira, Isa Zapata and Johanna Cure

Encounters @ Viceroy

Club 50 welcomed Miami for a social networking extravaganza that had everyone talking long after the festivities had concluded. Firm handshakes and introductions defined the event overlooking Brickell and Downtown Miami. 1. Sergio Caceres, Fabiola Castro & Mike Lorenz 2. Andy & Maria Abascal 3. Bob Melcom & Natalia Novikova 4. Ana Couto & Andrea Herrmann 5. Vanessa Torres & Patricia Caamanu 6. Gaba Amodie & Maria Isabel Zambrano 7. Nick Monteleone & Jason Kumpf 8. Patricia Longman, Ana Couto & Elizabeth Resante 9. Susana Wilson & Flora Wilson

Encounters @ Sofitel

The Dominican Republic Export & Investment Center hosted a cocktail networking reception at the Hotel Sofitel in Blue Lagoon Dr. During the event, guests learned about ways the Dominican Republic can offer business growth during these tough economic times. 1. Bryan Pena & Eddy Martinez Manzueta 2. Alex Ledesma & Yamile Savedra 3. Eddy Zapata & Felix Jose Suriel 4. Juan Jimenez & Jeremy Mckinney 5. Yadira Castillo & Guaroa Asencio 6. Luis Castillo & Rossy Salazar 7. Charles Kyriacos & Leonel Dorta 8. Jeremy Mckinney, Angela Cruz, Edwin Figueroa & Rafael Manzon 8. Sara Coen, Jose Del Rio & Manuel Lara

Encounters @ 900 Biscayne

900 Biscayne Bay hosted the Friends of New World Symphony season finale event with an exclusive crowd that mingled on the property’s 17th floor pool deck, enjoying picturesque views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay while sipping Chopin cocktails and Ecco bites as a series of musical performances played on the palm-tree framed stage. 1. New World Fellows 2. Chad Turner & Serina Olivera 3. Chairman David Restainer 4. Ilona Salacanin 5. Lindsay Boyl & Karl Pederson 6. NWS Trumpet Fellow, Sam Hyken 7. Sabine Schweinzer & Aaron Resnick 8. Serena & Mila Schwartzreich 9. Stacey Glassman & Joe Mizener 10. The Mysterytones

Encounters w/ Leading Ladies

Members of Leading Ladies League hosted a fabulous gathering at Roberto Giordano Salon & Spa in Brickell to benefit the women who reside at Agape Women’s Shelter in Homestead. Guests networked, shopped MIAU Fashions, and enjoyed delicious food & wine catered by Pasha’s. 1. Jessica Cristobal, Shaina Sankar & Alessandra Grieco 2. Chanel Caton & April Donelson 3. Jessica Cristobal & Elizabeth Cristobal 4. Erica Paciello & Kara Lundgren 5. Christina Termine, Loretta Armada & Dana Rhoden 6. Nathalie Bajuk, Michelle Davila & Carlos Echeverria 7. Claudia Gallego, Karla Rodriguez & Milissa Granados 8. Nathalie Bajuk, Nell Curtis, Rosana Emanueli & Michelle Davila 9. Sandra Ortiz, Simone Kelly Brown & Chanel Caton