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The Fit 5

If running around the office all day is your remedy for staying healthy and active, ditch the onthe- clock distractions for these off-the-clock fitness destinations to make sure your body is as sound as your business.


Dr. Martin, Trini, Robert Brockway of Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables

All Eyes on Her

When Tere Blanca walks into a business meeting, all eyes instinctively turn toward her. And it’s not because she’s beautiful, it’s because this woman knows how to successfully flex her professional muscles. Contributors - Jose Amigo

Encounters @ Grimpa

Grimpa hosted an unforgettable night for couples looking to fill their bellies on Valentine’s Day. The evening included a bottle of champagne, a full churrasco rodizio, a special salad bar and live music as well as a raffle for a romantic Cancun getaway for two. 1. Regina & Ricardo Cabraia, Lauro & Vania Mendes 2. Eduardo & Marcia Pereira 3. Helder Mesquita & Cecilia Baggio 4. Frank & Solange Alves 5. Flabia Abis & Cristina Cardenas 6. Eliana Mesquita, Teresa & Adan Canisales 7. Luiz & Vilma Silva 8.Javier Marquis, Chuck & Bonnie Trand 9. Melissa & Leo Delazzeir & Juliane Moraes

Encounters @ Andu

Andu Bistro recently hosted a Miami City Ballet pre-gala for patrons attending the night’s show. Drinks, cocktails, appetizers and dinner kept the guests occupied until it was time for the show. 1. Damaris Hay, Mark Cole & Rebecca Interian 2. Antonio Viejo and Juan Pablo Viejo 3. Robert Bianchi & Claudio Benedetti 4. Alesandro & Paola Ferretti 5. Patrick Pecoraro & Ray Breslin 6. Jeannette Stark & Betty Brandt 7. Bob Kadas & Cherie Silverstein 8. Samantha Hudson & Marjorie Robins 9. Diane Star Hellee & Mona Kornfeld 10. Cristal Berry & Matt Makowski 11. Sheila Goodman, Richard Schewl & Laurie Kaufman 12. Jacqui Chaves & Deborah Hodes 13. Brian & Jennfer Heller 14. Jane & Jean Stark 15. Marjorie Robbins, Toms Frankell & Deborah Kent

Encounters @ Green Grass

Green Grass at Mary Brickell Village recenly celebrated the opening of Tomas Loewy’s Burning Man exhibit. Handbag designer Nazly Villamizar also held a trunk show during the event. 1. Carlos & Claudia Sanz 2. Anaiyah 3. Rodrigo Godoy & Christian Brugger 4. Melissa Herrera, Andrea Medina & Mirta Anadon 5. Bianca Pelli, Claudia Sanz & Giada Baselice 6. Ana Jaramillo & Jennifer Wolper 7. Lisa Estrada & Tabby Noorbakhsh 8. Alvaro Girardo & Patricia Bustamante 9. Lisa Estrada & Antonio Uguet 10. Marta Gainza & Luis Casas 11. Christianne Arauz & Marco Flores 12. Cece Feinberg & Marcia Martinez 13. Roberto Preciado & Nidia Mallen 14. Claudia Miyar & Liza Waldon 15. Juan David & Nazly Villamizar

Encounters @ 1450 Brickell

1450 Brickell reached an important milestone when it topped-off construction at 35-stories. The occasion was celebrated during a special ‘topping off’ party held at the construction site. The 586,000-square-foot tower is scheduled for delivery in Jan. 2010. 1. Alan Ojeda, Enrique Castillo, Miguel Angel Lain & Diego Ojeda 2. 1450 Brickell 3. Willy Izquierdo & Dave Maher 4. Vicky Cortes, Tom Tobin, Nick Breiter, Chuck Hillard, Mike Yahraus & Matt Neville 5. Freddy Castaneda, Steve Cherry, Lonny Schnur & Sean Timoney 6. Guillermo Martinez-Lluch, Alan Ojeda & Elias Padilla

Encounters @ Rik Rak

Pollo Campero left its world famous chicken footprint at the Grand Bay Club on Wednesday night, December 10th, 2008, when Patty Gutierrez, Director of Philanthropy at Campero USA, organized a reception to benefit the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation, Inc. This reception was aimed at raising funds for research and treatment of children with cancer. 1. Austin Jade, Abbi Johnson & Dana Rhoden 2. Shari Liu & Lisa Pacin 3. Raquel Watters & Rick Watters 4. Mario Ortega & Leticia Collazo 5. Jessica Cristobal & Raquel Watters 6. Leiah Murray & Austin Jade 7. Marcela Tribin & Marcela Gomez

Encounters w/ Skyline

There were several reasons why Skyline Equities at Mary Brickell Village decided to host a special 3-day Valentine’s Day spread. At the top of the list was showcasing all the exiting new projects they’re working on while showing love to their clients, friends. and neighbors. 1. Stylianos Vayanos, Jonathan Snyder & Michael Bilor 2. Orlando Carrillo & Brian Tague 3. 586 Cecilia Maldonado & Fernando Perez 4. Jonathan Snyder & Evangeline Gouletas 5. Bruce Jay Colan, Rosie & Arturo Giacosa 6. William Strahan & Ted Miller 7. Frederic Letzelter & Donovan Comric 8. Joel & Armelle Cohen 9. Julie Vayanos & Jacqueline Ferrer 10. Daniel Rolon & Sara Kochene 11. Wilma Dwake & Cecilia Maldonado 12. Hugh Wiedman & Fernando Perez 13. Jessica & Mario Cristobal 14. Albert Bolter & Evangeline Gouletas 15.John Catalano & Jessica Frank