Featuring Robin Raina Benjamin of Key Therapy


Featuring Brigitte de Langeron, One Broadway, Norma Travis, Great Properties


Featuring Dr. Karen Koffler of Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

Success Living

Featuring One Broadway, Maria Somarriba


Featuring Camper & Nicholsons


Featuring Lillian E. Rodriguez

Magic City Ascent

You’d better get used to looking up as Miami’s skyline reaches for the heavens by day and the stars by night with some exhilarating structural wonders planned for the new decade that will forever change the continuously evolving profile of the city. Get ready to be amazed.


Featuring Arlene Ferro, Emiliano J. Breit, Yathelier Jaen, Derek Lopez-Almodóvar of Roberto Giordano, Kenneth M. Damas of Adorno, Damas, Law, Karen Fish-Will and Lisa Doran of Latitude One,

Evangeline Rising

Like the Greek statues that define her Hellenistic roots, Evangeline Gouletas stands as a symbol of inspiration, strength, power, beauty and integrity. As such, the structures she creates and develops in Miami and around the nation embody all the qualities that have made her one of the world’s most trailblazing real estate powerhouses. Contributors - Jose Amigo

Island Abode

This sprawling waterfront home in Biscayne Island at the tip of Mashta Island in Key Biscayne will give you great views and spacious living areas inside and out, ensuring you and your family have a relaxing place to call home all year long and for the rest of your lives! - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

Live a Litte

Follow our resident health and fitness guru as she guides you on her firsthand account of the lifebalancing multi-pronged wellness experience she had at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa.

Z is for Zucchero

If authentic Italian fare is what you’re craving, head over to Zucchero Ristorante in The Roads to get your fill — and a little something extra courtesy of Executive Chef Joao Oliveira.

Encounters w/ Putino

Besides having one of the most respected restaurants in Miami, the team at Puntino also has vast catering services available to ensure that your next shindig or soiree is one to remember. 1. Cristoforo Pignata, Giada Baselice Pignata & Lawrence Leitman 2. Cristoforo Pignata, Adriana Rendon Antorcha & Gustavo Antorcha 3. Jesse Stein, Giada Baselice Pignata & Chef Fabio Vaccarella 4. Olivia Baizan & Marcela Gil 5. Alexandra Leitman & Valentina Cassasus 5. Jean Marie Kouri and Trudy Courey 6. James Duncan, Miriam Dancan, Jimena Stein 7. Alex Jimenez , Scott Spencer & Cristoforo Pignata 8. Isabel Pardo, Nancy Levitt Davis, Jesse Stein, Jimena Stein, Leonardo Carbajales, Edgar Gutierrez, Moira MacLean & Monica Navari

Encounters @ Conrad

The Conrad Miami’s annual holiday party brought together friends, family and associates who united to bask in holiday cheer and look forward to an exciting and prosperous new year! 1. Jim Moss, Ellen & Guillermo Heredia 2. Jamie & Denise Hinman 3. Robert & Lisete Gongora 4. Janette Iker & Gustavo Lima 5. Adriana Duba & Natalia Monteverde 6. Salbatore Schiavone & CeeMee Lam 7. Patricia Rivero & Melina Martinez 8. Suzie Sponder, Martin Rogers & Jennifer Haz 9. Maria Gutierrez & Melissa Lopez 10. Mike Moore & Bill Stell 11. Silvania Cristancho & Leidys Valdes 12. Maria Teresa Garcia & Diana Blas 13. Merrie Surace & Gloria Donaire 14. Yanira Molina & Mirna Dominguez 15. Mirna Francis & Leo Adams 16. Ina Perry & Vivian Cruz 17. Wilda Godinez & Sorbi Martinez 18. Chloe Laws & Denis Brau 19. Elvi Martinviane & Yani Aguilera 20. Marie Batteux & Karen Leger

Encounters @ Skyline

Evangeline Gouletas, Chairman and CEO of Skyline Equities Realty, created a once-in-a-lifetime art event at Mary Brickell Village featuring international artist Ginés Serrán entitled Ginés Serrán Miami Art Exhibit. 1. Gines Serran, Evangeline Gouletas & Isos Stamelos-Monroe 2. Mary Cavalaris & Dr Stylianos Vayanos 3. Tess Portafekas & Hugh Wiedman 4. Elias Patsalos & Kostas Patsalos 5. Devon Velthays & Becky Manuel 6. Sabrina & Alejandro Gonzalez 7. Chatherine Cathers & Nancy Burr 8. Ted, TJ & Linda Sabo 9. Ignacio Galdos & Mario Kroeff 10. Pilar Mendez, Eugenio Arnanzo & Amalia Garrido 11. Orlando Leonardo & Vanessa Borrel 12. Valerie Navarrete & John Leete 13. Jenny Johnson & Richard Judge 14. Simone & Tomas Plummer 15. Graciela Liberman & Enrique Liberman 16. James & Helen Hondroulis 17. Bob Albert & Emy Botet 18. Jeff Wade & Sonia Tovar 19. Barbara Cesare & Vilma Dwake 20. Evangeline Sunday & Fabio Fura

Encounters w/ Engel & Volkers

Miami welcomed Engel & Volkers to the city with friends, family, neighbors cocktails and music in the heart of Brickell. 1. Lisa Assalone & Phillip Yaffa 2. Gino Cicerchia & Martin Schaefer 3. Tarek Kirschen & Monique Hewitt 4. Danny Boswell & Ricardo Ramirez 5. Rick Barrow & Jose Luis Bueno 6. Victor Grumbaum & Sarita Keats 7. Viviana Diaz, Ifigenia Gonzalez & Sandra Diaz 8. Annie Gonzalez & Cecilia Grigi 9. Daniel & Evelyn Isaia 10. Julia & Benjamin Baur 11. Sascha Klotz & Luis Veron 12. Barbara Diuli & Gary Gardiner 13. Lawrence Keug & Navih Asis 14. Matthew Sauget & Janet Tralins 15. Claudio Roehger & Birgit Ihmann 16. Manuela Rauhut, Ken Meierling & Sheri Reback 17. Bennett Springer & Appolo Schlegel

Encounters @ Green Grass

Perhaps nowhere in the world has fashion and art come together more seamlessly than at Green Grass in Brickell. The crowds this cozy boutique draws are as fantastic as their global collections! 1. Christiana Arauz, Adriana Castro & Claudia Sanz 2. Claudia & Carlos Sanz 3. Valerie Biener & Fernanda Fuenmayor 4. Alexander & Laura Kirilov 5. Marta Duran & Tata Navia 6. Jenny Salinas & Kathy Flesch 7. Anita Torres de Navarra, Carolina Milanes, Pilar Portuondo, Cuqui Roca and Fifi Echemendia 8. Fina Flesch, Armando Castro & Martha Martelo 9. Carlos Sanz & Javier Maudet 10. Ana Jaramillo & Lorena Holguin

Encounters @ Jade Ocean

Ana Cristina Defortuna hosted an intimate luncheon for the unveiling of the Laura Buccellati Collection, an exquisite line of exotic skin handbags, at Jade Ocean. 1. Laura Buccellatti blowing out her birthday candles (her birthday was on the same day as the event) 2. Elena Feldman and Mariapia Buccellati 3. Laura Buccellati and Ana Cristina Defortuna 4. Hello Campos and Andrea Greenberg 5. Marta Duran & Tata Navia 5. Jean Marie Kouri and Trudy Courey 6. : Yolanda Berkowitz, Laura Buccellati and Beth Tasca 7. Sean Estevez and Sandra Chartouni 8. Laura and Mariapia Buccellati 9. Vivian Feinberg and Elyse Van Der Reis 10. Lily Azel and Andres Asion

Encounters w/ Bilzin Sumberg

More than 100 attorneys and staff members from Bilzin Sumberg partnered with Hands on Miami and Phillis Wheatley Elementary School to help the historic Overtown school get a face lift. 1. Jerry Proctor, Willin Jorrin (behind), Alan Axelrod and kids at the vegetable garden. 2. Allegra Hill, Jana Stiss and Jill Stiss painting murals at Phillis Wheatley 3. Martin Schwartz, partner at Bilzin Sumberg, painting the Science Room at Phillis Wheatley 4. Jeremy Sahn painting the school mascot near the basketball courts 5. Christina Mitchell, Jeremy Sahn, Marc Sternbaum, Paul VanderMeer, attorneys and staff of Bilzin Sumberg, painting the school mascot near the basketball courts. 6. Alicia Ortiz, Marty Olson, Mario & Gabriel Perez, Juan Torres of Bilzin Sumberg pose for a picture after working all day in the gardens 7. Jake Buchsbaum planting a tree in the vegetable garden 8. David Schubauer, Serge Pavluk and Carey Stiss, attorneys at Bilzin Sumberg, painting murals in the cafeteria at the Phillis Wheatley 9. Bilzin Sumberg’s real estate attorneys

Encounters @ Green Grass

Brickell Gallery Night had another strong showing at Green Grass near Mary Brickell Village. Art aficionados, creative collectors, fashionistas and socialites united to celebrate the evolution of the arts in South Florida. 1. Vicky Mejia, Gabriel Guerrero, Claudia Sanz & Isa Zapata 2. Mildred Real & Amparo Garzon 3. Lilian Hernandez & Nikko Serrano 4. Michael Vertz & Anna Balboa 5. Daniel Somarriba & Bob Cardwell 6. Monica Agudelo & Mariano Celano 7. Carlos & Claudia Sanz 8. Estella Holmes, Jason Robbin & Blair Walker 9. Aldo Flores, Enrique Sierra & Erden Yavuz