Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Dr. Martin


Featuring Marisol Gomez


Featuring Latitude One, Ana Somarriba, Norma Travis, Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langeron


Featuring Andrew and Jesse Tsygen

Downtown Turnaround

Urbanites, rejoice! After decades of dark, desolate nights, Downtown Miami is finally turning into the 24/7 business, residential and entertainment hub locals who work, live and play in the heart of The Magic City have been awaiting.

Need for Speed

Get ready for the ride of your life with more options than you can handle with Miami Drive, the city’s most adrenaline-pumping car club.

2010 Top 20 Professionals Under Forty

Featuring Shareese Logan, Isos Stamelos-Monroe, Hernan E. Quintero, Florencia Rotemberg, Tony Vu, Jennifer Taylor, Karine Melissa, Marcelo Borrelli, Amy E. Adorno, Mike Butler, Lissette Gonzalez, Tania Paredes, Johnny Bosche, Andi Dyal, Dallas Foster, Tiana Kai Madera, Alejandro Brito, Whitney Ditlow. Contributors - Kiko Ricote, Trini

Fare Flair

Canyon Ranch Grill is set to redefine the idea of healthy cuisine in South Florida with its signature take on delectable dishes where the main ingredient is wellness. And trust us, you’ll want to leave any pre-conceived notions at the door

Firm Resolve

In times when businesses are struggling, the attorneys at Siegfried, Rivera, Lerner, De La Torre & Sobel, P.A., are strengthening their firm to meet the challenges that face condominium and homeowners associations in South Florida.

School's In

Riviera Schools is not just a school, it’s a family where a sense of community and a passion for learning meld harmoniously to create an environment where the leaders of tomorrow flourish.

Goal Getters

Although times are tough, there are still plenty of opportunities for young professionals in The Magic City, especially if they know how to make themselves stand out in a crowd. We track a few experiences and mix in some expert advice to give you something to be inspired by, no matter what your goals may be.

Surpreme Space

This beautifully appointed Key Biscayne residence by Casa Grande Design Group embodies all of the elements of an ideal home in paradise, with plenty of breathtaking details in every room and around every corner. - Featuring Ursula Barrantes of Casa Grande Design

Encounters @ Chile Chamber of Comm

The Chile Chamber Of Commerce, Fabulous Miami and Brickell Magazine invited area VIPs to a fundraising networking event at Sci Sci Lounge. Guests shook hands and sipped cocktails throughout the evening. 1. Adriana Daantje, Marines Duarte, Jennifer Clark & Yolanda Reyes 2. Cristina Chacon & Ana Carolina Moreno 3. Fabiola castro & Genilde Guerra 4. Juan Jose Malo & Roberto Gatica 5. Sylvia Kalicinski & Ziad Roushdy 6. Felipe Viel 7. Norma Ribeiro 8. Serena Smith, Gene Harkey & Olga Olga Nikiforova

Encounters @ Ventuno

Ventuno, the men’s clothing store at Bricekll, continues to take style to the next level in Miami and beyond thanks to its international fashion offerings for refined men looking to make an impact. 1. Elias, Diego, Samy Lucia Marouki 2. Carin West & Ina Venjik 3. Angel Schmiedt & Nastassja Schmiedt 4. Jim Cook & Andrew Hall 5. Bob Zinzell, Miriam & Hector Duer 6. Pedro & Daniela Blanco 7. Jose Leccia, Maria Eganez & Jorge Garcia 8. Derick Duchodri, Paula & Eduardo Garver 9. Nicole Shelley, Diego Linares & Glaucia Hartman

Encounters @ Zucchero

Zucchero hosted a cocktail party to launch the social project New Smiles for Wheels, sponsored by New Smiles Dental Clinic. Guests enjoyed a night of networking and giving back. 1. Patricia Oyole Maal, Dr Kevin Luba & Martha Maderal 2. Jorell & Wendy Hernandez 3. Nancy Hernandez & Luis Haber 4. Jane Stahl & Kathy Berns 5. Francisco Garcini & Dr Martha Maderal 6. Alejandro Polania, Patricia Maal & Roger Pereira 7. Debra Jones & Averyl Blake 8. Tiffany & Roly Velunza 9. Janet & Lewis Warshauer 10. Miguel & Matilde Maal

Encounters @ Sabadell Bank

The Sabadell United Bank Keymorada Invitational Fly-Spin Tournament which benefits the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, held a cocktail reception at the Sabadell United Bank offices in Downtown Miami. 1. Mitchell Widom, Scott Baena, Brian Bilzin, Richard Goldstein & Glenn Widom 2. Abbey Kaplan, Kate Gruber and Alyne Kaplan 3. Alicia Widom, Cara Balogh & Ilisa Hoffman 4. Flip Gassman, Richard Hoffman & Scott Silver 5. Lori Lustrin, Wendy Polit, and Elizabeth Trujillo 6. Glenn Widom, Neal Roth and Mitchell Widom 7. Melissa Alvarez, Lori Lustrin, Mitchell Widom, Maria Arizmendi and Wendy Polit 8. Jill Berman, Ellen Widom and Dora Rubin 9. Bobby Balogh, Cara Balogh, and Glenn Widom, Silver, Garvett & Henkel P.A. 10. Rick Dunn, Ellen Widom, Alicia Widom and Raquel Fernandez

Encounters @ Brickell

The team at Wesoloski Carlson, P.A. celebrated the addition of its name to the top of the 848 Brickell Ave. building. 1. Isabel, Erik, Carmen & Michael Wesoloski 2. Teresita & Omar Somonte 3. Maureen Ruggiero, Dominique Tejeda, Alexandria Friedlander, Rud Nast & Joseph McDaniels 4. Julio Bertemati, Daira Vaello & Alex Binlo 5. Jenny & Jesse Madrigal 6. Maria Diaz, Daine Guzman, Keren Nieto, Yardlene Tabora, Vivian Suarez, Alexandria Friedlander, Misty Buck & Javier Gutierrez 7. Pam Kirchner, Patricia Friedlander, Kristen Patterson & Susan Hansth 8. Rosamy Gonzalez, Hope Kahn, Yardlene Tabora, Alexandria Friedlander & Mirya Cardona

Encounters @ Canyon Ranch Miami

Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach held an exclusive wine tasting for area VIPs complete with a tasty, healthy dinner afterward at Canyon Ranch Grill. 1. Tony Rojas, Ary Velasco & Malcom Brown 2. Antoinette Vlahar & Daniella Gallego 3. Sheryll & Bob Mcdad 4. Gyan Carlos Fernandez & Barby Dorado 5. Madelyn & Manny Iriarte 6. Adrew Ramirez & Frank Del Cristo 7. Cori Wiese & Tiffany Field 8. Rita Hernandez & Iliana Cruz

Encounters w/ Leading Ladies

Clarins Skin Spa & Leading Ladies League hosted a special VIP preview of luxurious treatments and innovative skincare at Bloomingdale’s in Aventura. Guests were treated to Express Spa Treatments and make-up makeovers! 1. Jezabel Llorente, Mina Sulkowski, Jessica Cristobal, Elizabeth Cristobal 2. Alessandra Grieco & Lisa Grieco 3. Stephanie White Carter getting pampered by a Clarins Expert 4. Chantal Sanders & Dennis Erwin 5. Joy Freed & Amy Pellicane 6. Roxana Serrano & Chantal Sanders in the SkinSpa Suite 7. Jezabel Llorente & Ana Maria Crespo 8. Alessandra Grieco, Dana Rhoden, Jessica Cristobal, April Donelson & Chanel Caton

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino has become the place to see and be seen. Whether you have Puntino cater your private event or dine inside their restaurant, one thing’s certain: You can expect a great time. 1. Cristoforo Pignata & Lesa & Chris Blackman 2. Austin Hollo, Abbe Hollo & Wayne Hollo 3. Giada Baselice Pignata & Manuela Baselice 4. Scott Wilson & Marcel Laniado 5. Michael Benowitz, Jo Ann Rauch, Allen Benowitz 6. Cristoforo Pignata, Tibor Hollo & Gerome Hollo 7. Chritine Sica & Julie Ferguson 8. Mayra & Aidano Medioli 9. Laury Prudent 10. Debora Duro & Eduardo Ferraz 11. Stefania & Chandler Finneley 12. Jose Ricardo Gantus & Andrea Badin 13. Alessandro Sbrizzo & Liz Mendez 14. Gabriela Poredes-Bricero & Mirco Gubellini 15. Leonardo Hidalgo & Will Sheppard

Encounters @ Miami Beach

Class, style and Scandinavian design merged with leaders in architecture and hospitality for an unforgettable evening of exclusive previews at The Villa Mansion in Miami Beach hosted by Shores of Denmark. 1. Glenn Dean, Hanz Schenk, Amanda Rodriguez & Bijorn Sadolin 2. Barbra Ward & Aggie Graubera 3. Bijorn & Susan Sadolin 4. Jennifer Perez & Janet Arias 5. John Dorsey, Molin Dorsey, Rudy Pavlon & Rudy Lombardi 6. Julissa De Los Santos, Tim Broderick, Sandra Pena & David Bigio 7. Leslie Abravanel & Magnus Anderson 8. Octavio Calderon, Nieve Alvarez, Anders Bruhm & Virik Wang 9. Thomas Jepsemp, Josh Ralton, Suzanne Ralton & Geoff Ralton

Encounters @ Strayer University

Strayer University celebrated the Grand Opening of their two new locations in Brickell and Doral. The educational institution offers its student adult education options and online degree programs. 1. Dr. Sondra Stallard, Ph.D., President, Strayer University 2. Dr. Sondra Stallard, Ph.D.; Commissioner Francis Suárez; Karl McDonnell, President/COO , Strayer Education 3. Mark Brown, Executive VP & CFO, Strayer Education; Stave Baer 4. Maria Antonieta Jara, The Chilean Trade Commission; Dr. Sondra Stallard, PhD. 5. Zaymar Vargas, Switchboard of Miami, and Alonso Martin, Consulate General of Mexico in Miami 6. Mark Trowbridge, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce; Robert Silberman, President & CEO, Strayer Education 7. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff; Mayor Tomás Regalado; Dr. Sondra Stallard, PhD. & Robert Silberman, President and CEO, Strayer Education 8. Mayor Tomás Regalado; Elena Carpenter; Raul Valdes-Fauli, President & CEO, CNL Bank

Encounters w/ Beacon Council

The Beacon Council recently hosted their annual “Beacon Awards” at Jungle Island complete with cocktails, dinner and networking. Honors were handed out in a variety of categories to some of South Florida’s top companies. 1. George Burgess, Alexandra Villoch, Carlos Alvarez & Frank Nero 2. Alan Becker, Phillis Oeters & Steve Beatus 3. Alexandra Villoch 4. Merrett Stierheim, Sid Levin & Ted Hoepner 5. Shannon Hori & Antonio Mora 6. Erbin Ramirez & Yvette Garcia 7. Frank Nero & Adolfo Henriques 8. George Foyo, Sandra Gonzalez Levy, Jose “Pepe” Diaz & Merrett Stierheim 9. Brian E. Keeley & The Malina Family