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Wake Up

Scared of starting your own business in the middle of a recession? Start dreaming and stop sleeping on the clock. Many highly successful businesses — from Microsoft to Southwest Airlines — were born in tough times. Read on to get started on the right track today, tomorrow and for the rest of your professional life.


Featuring Maria Antonieta of Concept International Realty Inc, Dr. Pizzi of Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi & Associates, Alex Cure-Ferreira of Cure Fitness, Ken Russell & Garry Menk, Fuacata Sports, LLC

Out & About

For all those times you’re off the clock this season during brunch, lunch and everything in between, take these looks to heart before you venture out into our sun-soaked metropolis this summer. Contributors - Nick Garcia, Leticia Wiermann, Becky B, Trini, Claudia Sanz, Angela Bonilla, Archy Bueno, Juan Camilo Davila.

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

For Jose Luis Bueno, starting businesses has become second nature, but it’s his knack for whipping up the perfect concept and filling in voids that really has him zooming.... Contributors - Andres Hernandez

Luxe Stay

Find out what happens when business is mixed with pleasure at Conrad Miami on Brickell Avenue, offering more things to do in our own backyard this summer than you can imagine. And that’s before you even consider the long list of specials available for locals looking for a good time.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is at the top of their game — and the future generation of financial planning can look forward to its continued growth thanks to one of the best training programs in the nation, coupled with the company’s passion to lead their clients and representatives to outstanding growth personally and professionally.

Radiant Residence

This sprawling Key Biscayne home in The Ocean Club features all the luxuries of paradise with enough opulence, style and space to keep you entertained for an entire lifetime. - Featuring Doug Kingsley & Cristian Gonzalez

Encounters @ Brickell

Aon recently hosted an office-wide cook-off in their Brickell offices. Brickell Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jorge Arauz was the official judge for the competition which yielded several winners in various categories. 1. Sonia Paneque, Nicole Paneque, Euan Smart 2. Sonia Paneque, Martha Roig, Linda LaSalle Burton 3. Grand Prize Winner Cecilia Stevenson 4. Eneida Santos, Ericka Linares, Bernice Noel 5. Omi Fundora 6. Hazel Garcia, Marjorie Maristany, Josie Abad 7. Raquel & Nick Navarro with their daughter Krystal 8. Omi Fundora, Keith Williams, Hellen Mena 9. Carmen Blanco, Organizer Melissa Sullivan, Michael Brodie 10. Bryan Figola, Daniel Abraira 11. Liddia Wilson, Karen Riley, Jennifer Quinones, Caroline Lamarre

Encounters @ Canyon Ranch Miami

Canyon Ranch Miami Beach recently hosted an exclusive wine tasting, adding to their extensive portfolio of successful onsite special events. 1. Alexandra Rafalo & Michael Bote 2. Lynnet Perez, Patricia Rodriguez & Nastassia Rodriguez 3. Michele Mogged, Glenn Boyer & Boritta Hanson 4. Ken Gilbert & Carrie Becker 5. Tyler Provines & Eli Portnoy 6. Cecilia Quilodan, Cesar Abreu & Daniella Gallego 7. Bryan & Romy Gerber 8. Ed Salas, Dianca Drake & Raul Suarez 9. Candy Tree, Philip Gray & Adriana Blanco

Encounters @ Cool de Sac

Cool-de-Sac in South Miami is quickly becoming the place for families to see and be seen thanks to their delicious gourmet meals and activities for the whole family. 1. Karla & Jose Luis Bueno 2. Ana & Federico Rueda 3. Andrea Roca & Jennifer Santana 4. Carla Mauri & Andrea Rosales 5. Claudia Lequera & Mauricio Perea 6. Osalys Torres & Diana Arevalo 7. Fernando Pardo & Gabriela Castillo 8. Francis Barassi & Clara Romero 9. Jerilys & Jennifer Amancio 10. Maria Lasteltano & Rony Mejia 11. Raul Rojas & Anina Sillery 12. Viviana Diaz & Oscar Perea 13. Vivian Conterio & Michaelle Laguerre 14. Alec Admire & Patricia Marquez

Encounters @ JW Marriott

Greg Case, President & CEO of Aon Service Corporation held a Town Hall meeting at JW Marriott for the State of Florida to discuss Aon United and its launch across Aon. 1. Michael Parrish, Joanne Morgan, Joe Pietrangelo, Cary Chicola 2. Ed Vargas, Wirth Munroe, Miles Watson 3. Joe Pietrangelo, Kathy Miller, Rob Lynn 4. Veronica Benzinger, Scott Allman 5. Andy Haynes, Wilda Godinez 6. Diana Veiga & Maria Santurio 7. Michael Parrish, Marilu Perez, Carmen Blanco, Greg Case 8. Adriana DeWelde, Mike Hughes, Monica Barrios, Carmen Jiminian

Encounters @ Miami Drive

The W Hotel in Miami Beach recently hosted the official launch of Miami Drive Club with Helio Castroneves on hand to express his passion for the club and inspire prospective members to join in on the fun. 1. Helio Castroneves, Jose Luis Bueno & Brett David 2. Eberardo Bidaurri & Fernando Pardo 3. Maribel & Frank Andreu 4. Lauro Ayuso & Adriana Lara 5. Raquel Colomer & Pepe Bravar 6. Fernando Pardo, Gaby Castillo & Miguel Barroso 7. Alejandro Polania, Claudia Lequerica & Mauricio Perea 8. Viviana Diaz & Oscar Perea 9. Albert Villanova & Kurt Edwins 10. Karla & Jose Luis Bueno 11. Carmen Buades & Carmen Jorda 12. Marlee Popluder & Ramina Sifuentes 13. Michelle Dieguez & Chris Descalzo 14. Christophe Difalco & Ramon Rasco 15. Carolina & Ignacio Permuy 16. Phillip Yaffa, LI sa Assalone & Oliver Tonn 17. Jessica Kiibler & Michelle Fonticiella 18. Camillo Ricordi & Valerie Grace 19. Ray Delegorvuru & David Billskoog 20. Isidro Navarro & Luis Fabia 21. Miguel Gutierrez & Jose Saiz 22. Guillermo Fernandez & Mario Semeraro

Encounters @ Puntino

Putino Restaurant held their Grand Opening at The Square Shopping Center in Key Biscayne with owners Cristoforo & Giada Pignata. Success is inevitable — and tasty! 1. Cristoforo and Giada Pignata 2. Kristin Springer, Judy Reinach, Pat Stroud and Bonnie Craiglow 3. Sofia Montoya, Patricia Tatis, Tatiana Perez and Adriana Rendon 4. Cristina Preti, Sofia Sohl and Stephanie Perez 5. Francesco Marrama, Roxana Zubero and Marco Moreno 6. Paolo Bertolini and Fabio Vaccarella 7. Madeline Basick, Steven Minor and Mary Tague 8. Christina Termine and Rafael Bild 9. Ana Maria Chaparro and Blanca Iser 10. Giada Pignata, Máximo and Verónica Hanozet 11. Rodolfo Elizondo, Michael Cannegieter, Carlos Bustinza and Francesco Marrama 12. Jessica de Linares, Jimena Teijeiro and Silvia Duart 13. Mariana de Vengochea and Delfina Cambon 14. Susana Roth, Dyan Simon and Joy Fried 15. Patrick Putignano, Cristoforo Pignata and Antonio Braschi 16. Julio Diaz, Heynold and Jose Ureña 17. Maria Mercedes Luque and Estefania Ortega 18. Alan Wong and Doreen Jaworski 19. Milly Gambiracio and Laura Romeu 20. Maria Patricia Somarriba and Diego Stecchi 21. Macarena Zubiria, Jessica de Linares and Giada Pignata

Encounters @ Studio D Salon

When Studio D officially launched in Miami, they made sure to invite their glamorous clientele to join in the festivities. The salon hopes to take their knowledge, expertise and beauty know-how to make South Florida’s elite look their best all year long, no matter what look they’re after. 1. Genilde Guerra & Diana Junqueira 2. Cristina Lotufo & Teresa Valiente 3. Lucia Cordeiro, Andrea Rodrigues, Dinho & Isabel Madeira 4. Jose Acebal & Antoinette Emmanuel 5. Wania Oliveira, Marcia Bento & Beto 6. Jose Acebal & Margareth Lake 7.Mike Fuko, David Johnson, Dinho & Eric Rizzo 8. Lilian Carrion & Fernando 9. Marcela Santiago, Dinho & Ana Paula Santiago

Encounters @ Zucchero

Fabulous Miami recently took over Zucchero Restaurant for another networking-filled event full of handshakes and fun. 1. Eva Wagner & Anna Maria Capiccaioni 2. Martin Holy & Emilia Cromin 3. Luisa Bautte & Doris Patino 4. Yolanda Reyes & Cesar Perez 5. Mauricio Mendoza & Maria Gonzalez 6. Jerome Klein & Mira Felaman 7. Gene Harkey, Fabiola Castro & Joao Oliveira 8. Alfonso Hernandez & Marlene Zapata 9. Rod Toth & Tony Cabrera 10. Zlata Slavujevic, Michael Foster & Dalila Jamaa 11. Barbara Gummels & Patrick Neir

Encounters w/ Hublot

The Mercedes-Benz Miami Beach Polo World Cup took center stage in the VIP tent with celebrities and locals mixing sun, fun and sportsmanship under the sunny South Florida sky. 1. Victor Hugo Salazar, Marco Papalardo, Benoit Vulliet, Esperanza Garcia, Ricardo Guadalupe & Augusto Papalardo 2. Angela Savage & Holly Chance 3. Bruce Orosz, Isabelle Sekinger & Heinrich Nuessli 4. Claudia Gallegos & Martin Janison 5. Adam Paige, Lisa Holladay & Beth Holladay 6. Kris Hamburger & Alan Greenburg 7. Marlen Bedoya & Leonard Lauren 8. Raul de Molina & Rosana Marquez 9. Sara Schchwenck & Alexander Schwenck 10. Stephen Gamson, Nacho & Joe Pavlik