Featuring Adorno, Damas & Associates


Featuring Larisa Alonso of Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, Arthur Murray Dance, Sports Club L/A Miami


Featuring Zurami Pascual of Boca Tanning Club, Brickell Travel


Featuring Fresh Patch, Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langerson, Engel & Volkers, Concept Realty


Featuring Trini Salon


Featuring Mariso Gomez, Ventuno


Featuring Dr. Gregg Pizzi


Featuring Mario Pascual

The Eco State

From the Panhandle down to The Keys and over to the Paradise Coast, The Sunshine State is rapidly turning “green” thanks to a series of eco-friendly initiatives in the public and private sectors that are sure to influence generations to come while setting an example for the rest of the nation to follow — one environmentally sound step at a time.


Featuring Stuart Sobel of Siegfried Rivera Lerner De La Torre and Sobel P.A., Javier Martin of Miami Drive Club, Ernie Cambo of CPF Investment Group, Brad W. McMorris of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Jeronimo of One Real Estate Investment, Inc.

Travel in the Sky

Join us on a tour of a spectacular condo residence at Bristol Tower in the heart of Brickell Ave. sure to take your breath away. - Featuring Miriam Poggio

View from the Top

From his new offices atop 1450 Brickell, Brian Bilzin has a clear view of progress. He is witness to the renaissance of a business center turned vibrant residential community and entertainment hub. The multiple floors and 80,000 square feet his team occupies signal the growth of Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP, a firm he pioneered based on savvy expertise and teamwork. Contributors - Mario Pascual

Law Leardrs -

When the going gets tough, the couple behind Miami Law Title & Trust get creative — and successful, thanks to a commitment to outstanding customer service and enough experience to get you through just about any legal conundrum you may find yourself in.

The Zuma Experience

Chef and restaurateur Rainer Becker brings Zuma to The Magic City, the next obvious location for an exquisite dining experience worthy of only the world’s most discerning diners.

Encounters @ Marquis Residences

Marquis Residences hosted over 200 local real estate community members and Downtown Miami inhabitants for the Miami Downtown Development Authority’s annual discussion, focusing on Miami’s role as a destination for entertainment, culture and sports. 1. Alicia Cervera, Kim Stone, Andrew Goldberg, Thom Collins & Robert Geitner 2. Robert Geitner & Alyce Robertson 3. Phillip Friedman & Glenn Ekey 4. Kim Stone, Andrew Goldberg, Thom Collins & Robert Geitner 5. Seth Gorgon & Alan Fertel 6. Robert Geitner, Lauren Bourgoyne & Josie Correa 7. Kim Stone & Hector Torres

Encounters @ Super Deli

Tasty, fresh and satisfying, Super Deli has created quite the buzz in town with foodies and aficionados alike thanks to a wide variety of delicious offerings for any taste and a devoted crowd of area VIPs. 1. Miguel Gutierrez & Jeronimo Hirschfeld 2. Enrique Kalb & Ofir Agay 3. Alejandro Lopez & Vera Fernandez 4. Enrique Fernandez & Todd Martin 5. Zak Gilmore & Umberto Perez 6. Name First Name and Name First Name 7. Fernando Pena Fiel, Emilio Broun & Manuel Compean 8. Sally Schwartz, Veronica Aguilar & Marie Reimer 9. James Duddey, Alberto Navarro & Barry Schwartz 10. Carmen Garcia, Anthony Zimmer & Yesica Teran 11. Janella & Omar Layedra 12. Ricardo Garcia & Arturo Griego 13. Fernando Sanchez & Paula Perdomo 14. Jorge Kalb & Enrique Kalb 15. Wilson Altesor & Katiuska Aguilera 16. Paula Perdomo, Beatriz Perez & Sonia Guerra 17. Ed Ricardo & William Srouji 18. Jose Reygadas & Marco Rubi

Encounters @ Dr. Martin's

Dr. John Martin recently relocated his offices to 2912 Douglas Rd. in Coral Gables. The Open House party showed just how popular the celebrated doctor is in South Florida and beyond! 1. Ribbon Cutting 2. Vanessa Seiler & Dr. John Martin 3. Mary Tague & Bob de la Fuente 4. Catherine Kiel & Alice Kiel 5. Diana Sweet & James Seymour 6. Charles Pennachio & Jose Quintana 7. Maureen Curtain & Marta Perez 8. Alina Campos Vega & Isela Sotolongo 9. Ana Pereira, Martha Ramos & Vicky Fernandez 10. Katya Fedeneva & Dawn Pennachio 11. Daisyn Macias, Sonia & Eduardo Carballo 12. Mia Weddell, Jack Baruch & Daimy Martinez 13. Ann Marie Collins & Ivon Saif 14. Don & Jeannette Slesnick 15. Maritza Nunez & Peter Murray 16. Debra Szymanski & Susan Metz 17. Rosa Perera & Lydia Cruz 18. Allison Cohen & Forrest McSurdy 19. Martine & Carlos Chomut & Evelyn Paz 20. Vanessa Seiler & Esther Borroto

Encounters @ Hublot

Hublot Bal Harbour Boutique recently hosted an extravagant champagne showcase of exclusive pieces created especially for the boutique. Style aficionados from around the world stopped in throughout the event. 1. Rick De La croix, Kristoffer Doura, Susan Becker, Brad Mc Morris, Alex Webb 2. Giancarlo Orlando , Rachel Freeman, Victor Hugo Salazar 3. Bruce Orosz, Floreence Decorme 4. Lidia Muniz, Brad McMorris ,Jeanie Hernandez, Kristoffer Doura, Stephen Schott 6. Danny Mora, Gigy Gonzalez, Clara Verano, Maria Claudia Guerrero 7. Martha Hernandez, Rick De La Croix, Marlen Bedoya

Encounters w/ Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual The Miami Group held a reception, conference and Q&A networking event for Income Tax and Estate Tax Reduction at the Grand Bay Club in Key Biscayne, complete with cocktails and tapas. 1. Chuck Downs & Juan Luis Rodriguez 2. Cassia Silvia & Kenneth Bluh 3. Kathye Susnjer & Cheryl Lawko 4. Mort & Joy Fried 5. Michelle Estevez & Suzy Ide 6. Glen Von Hartz & Jim Brewster 7. Chuck Downs & Barry Haimo 8. Barry Haimo, Juan Luis Rodriguez & Peter Black 9. Kathalyn & Michael Haimo & Susana Pfeifer

Encounters @ Trulucks

Truluk's Seafood, Steak & Crab House arrived on the scene in style with their grand launch event in the heart of Brickell where guests enjoyed a speical tasting and great company. 1. Leo Zabezhinsky, Hunter Halten, Alyce Robertson and Neil Robertson 2. Chef Jeffrey 3. Liz Krone, Josh Krone and Tony Yip 4. Ilde Quintero 5. Carmen Betancourt-Lewis, Cookie Gazitua and Jeannette Slesnick 6. Christina Ramos and Chan Tran Huth 7. Elaine Walker and Jane Bussey 8. Jeannette Stark and Gustavo Novoa 9. Lourdes Lameran and Mauricio Alfaro 10. Cynthia Bettner and Octavio Solis

Encounters w/ One Sotheby's

The ONE Beach Team and ONE Beach Magazine recently launched atop AKOYA Condominiums in Miami Beach. The festivities took place in 3 of the highest penthouses in Miami Beach. 1. Ramon Rico, Ivania Lorio, Fernando Rico, Gladys Marshall 2. Dina Winkler, Oleg Neishtadt 3. Abi Diwan, Mario Fernandez, Miriam Diwan 4. Jessica Anderson, Bruce Galloway 5. Jill Patterson, Raymond Bulduc II, Susan Rindley 6. Mario Fernandez, Anna Bolduc, Maria Meruelo, Neil Ross 7. Victoria Nazir, Kevin Coster 8. Tim Johnson, Alistair Powell, Kevin Kreutzfeld, Brigitte Hunt, Fernando Wong 9. Omar Lorenzo, Bertha Olazabal, Celda Majfud, Celda Majfud

Encounters @ Trini

Trini in Private recently hosted a spectacular Mercedes-Benz party featuring the new Trini Hair Collection as well as a defilé in collaboration with Neiman Marcus. Guests enjoyed complimentary hors d’oeuvres, drinks and gift bags. 1. Nora Martin, Richard Wagner, Trini & Fanny Olmo 2. Evelyn Raposo & Rachel Larrea 3. Javier Bouzas, Javier Pineiro & Alberto Yevenes 4. Ivan Gonzalez & Nicole Waters 5. Dinah Caratini & Fernanda Soto 6. Chuck Hastings, Chris Gelring, Raymond Rault & Liliana Huerta 7. Paola Di Marco & Andrea Ore 8. Hessah Aldrees, Gustavo Cagio & Badya Ashoor 9. Alex Gallo, Aerin Fenn & Jean Serge Martins 10. Ferdi & Lauri Riehz & Jordan Charron 11. Tamas Fixler, Pamela Dodd & Michel Jaquemot 12. Rudy Magalde & Cristina Palomo 13. Oscar Segal & Karen Anderson 14. Nicole Rosenfeld and Daniele Rosenfeld 15. Marina Sendra & Patricia Sendra 16. Mary Rioseco, Michelle Reyes & Candice Pezet 17. Ramon Rodriguez & Trini 18. Alejandro Brito, Megan Moldovan & Robert Salkowski 19. Marisol Basulto, Jorge & Zoraida Modia

Encounters w/ Brickell Travel

Brickell Travel and friends were on site at the 9th Annual Miami International Wine Fair, recognized the world over as “America’s Leading Wine Trade Show.” 1. Andres Arribas, Pandora Anwyi, Brian Justo 2. Marcy Avitz and Rosnan Ahdi 4. Juanita Carvajal, Harry Pagancoss, and Eduardo Perez- Infante 5. Maikel Rodriguez & Eduard Rojas 6. Jose Pradillo, Alina Del Fortah, Ernesto Valle 7. Tony Haber, Fermin Perez Jr, Louis Cardona, and Karel Cardona 8. Cristina Rodriguez, Gustavo Vega, Maria Fuerente, Javier Vega