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Forget pomegranate. We’ve pulled back the curtain from the super foods trend to find true, timetested food heroes for six key areas of your life.


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Wearable Art

Fashion and art have gone hand-in hand since the beginning of time. Historically, as one evolves, so does the other. Get the best of both worlds this season with these creative looks sure to make you a walking conversation piece no matter where you go. Featuring Isa Zapata. Contributors - Sergio Fama, Katerina Savenkova, Claudia Sanz, Susana Bentancourt,

Chef Confidential

In a city filled with glitz and glam, sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and enjoy a good meal, some drinks and a relaxing atmosphere with friends. The chefs we’ve gathered on the ensuing pages will make your tastebuds dance and your senses rejoice — one bite or sip at a time no matter in which part of town you find yourself dining. Featuring Bjoern Weissgerber of Zuma Restaurant, Tim Nickey of La Gorce Country Club, Roger Barrios of Perricone’s Marketplace, Johnathan McCann of Atrio Restaurant, Paula Dasilva of 1500, Jarrod Verbiak of db Bistro Moderne, Jeffrey Hundelt of Trucluck’s. Contributors - Andres Hernandez

Lavish Estate

This elegant residence will keep you feeling at home for a lifetime thanks to its spacious rooms inside and its breathtaking exterior spaces. Not one ounce of luxury was spared in its creation, and that alone is reason enough to say: Welcome home! Featuring Giulietta Ulloa

Tradition of Excellence

French luggage-makers Goyard are in the midst of a modern revival, thanks to their choice to maintain time-honored traditions.

Encounters @ Conrad

Conrad Miami was recently named “2010 Hotel of the Year” by Hilton Americas. The hotel received 4 awards for outstanding achievement for its 2010 performance. 1. Noel Acosta, Sydney Pelbois, Cherry Bustillo, Enrique Fuster 2. Alexis Matusewitch, Nadege Gedeus, Paola Pardo 3. Conrad Tidswell, Ted Ratcliff 4. Francois Calixte, Daniel Hempen 5. Izan Montenegro, Eduardo Martinez 6. Amanda Simoes, Joseph Metiever, Francois Calixte 7. Martin Wormull, Ted Ratcliff 8. Mercedes Flores, Rosa Campos, Yessenia Campos, Alicia Ortiz, Martha Herrera 9. Marie Joseph, Cathy Williams 10. Viviana Hernandez, Christina Guzman

Encounters @ The Ritz Carlton

Design, architecture and style aficionados gathered at The Ritz- Carlton for an evening of elevated conversation, savvy sipping and effective networking with some of South Florida’s most elite. 1. Alan J. Fried, Marybeth Sterret, Bruce Helander 2. Diane Kisner, Steven G. 3. George Mato, David Staples, Carolyn Block Ellert, Richard Schlesinger 4. Sandi Lyman, Larry Aft 5. Ophir Sternberg, Monika & Edward Gheiler 6. Ileana Caballero, Anolan Dragitsch 7. Bruce Helander, Ophir Sternberg 8. Tatiana & Campion Platt

Encounters @ Miami Beach

Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011 kicked off with a buzzworthy 2nd Annual Humanitarian Awards event at Mondrian. During the event, 10 of South Florida’s most philanthropic residents were honored for their efforts. 1. Albert Bango, Freddy Hernandez 2. Brian Andrews, Beth Sobol, Aaron Perry 3. Brian Andrews, Ileana Garcia 4. David Arditi, Selena Dincman 5. Elsa Orta, Julian Chang, Lorena Gomez, Evelio Gomez 6. Model for Julian Chang 7. Jackie Nespral, Henry Gonzalez 8. Maria Elena Salina, Beth Sobol, Jackie Nespral 9. Nicolas Felizola with Model

Encounters @ Orange Bowl Game

Ocean Drive was renamed “Orange Drive” during a 3-day festival hosting dynamic events leading up to the Discover Orange Bowl Game. 1. DJ Irie 2. Natasha Bedingfield 3. Dawson Hughes, Eric Poms, Jarrett Nasca 4. Michelle Fratima, Ivette Torres, Sabrina Vega, Ailyn Ravelo, Sharon Wilson 5. Leona Lewis 6. Fernando Sole, Michelle Jones, Richard Kiibler 7. Shawn Garrity, Gary Cioffi, Michael Gongora 8. Rachel Levy, Jessica Levy, Michelle Fonticiella 9. Lily McCausland-Hodges, Michelle Levy, Al Levy 10. The Honey Brothers: Ethan Gold, Andrew Vladeck, DS Posner, Adrian Grenier, Ari Gold 11. Eleni Roselli, Donna Cioffi

Encounters @ Conrad

Members of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the world’s largest gastronomical food and wine society with over 28,000 members in over 100 countries, celebrated their annual Gala Dinner & Induction at the Conrad Miami. 1. Elizabeth Brown; Shelly Margolis; Nancy Radlauer, Hal Small 2. Leila Warren; Henry Warren; Jean-Pierre Miquel; Claudine Miquel 3. Bruce Ozga; Jeanette Ozga 4. John MacKenizie, Isabel Overend, Ron Overend 5. Tom Moran; Sandi Moran; Jill Backman; Bruce Nichols 6. Moises Rivas; George Brown, Lenny Castronuovo 7. Charles Radlauer; George Brown; Reimund Pitz; Larry Krams 8. Judith Wormull; Martin Wormull 9. Marco Andrea Cozzolino; Sabrina Cozzolino 10. Pedro Duarte; Connie Danluck; Gary Ciuca

Encounters w/ Ornare’s

Ornare’s 4th annual Tastemakers Showcase honored 21 of the most prestigious architects, designers and builders of 2010 with a showcase of their professional styles, ideas and perspectives. 1. Carrie & Miguel Brenna, Luvdmila Oliveira 2. Carlos Prio-Touzet, Jacqueline Gonzales 3. Esther Schattan, Chad Oppenheim, Roberto Cocenza 4. Celia Dominic, Maria Penorio 5. Claudio Faria, Michael Gongora 6. Susan Preville, Andres Hoyon, Isabel Tragash 7. Ingemar Thylen, Deborah Wecselman 8. Michael Capponi, Piret Johanson, Ken Gross 9. Renata Pfuner, Anna Almen 10. Lee Schrager, Claudio Faria, Rene Gonzalez

Encounters @ St. Residential

ST Residential, a world-class asset management company with a $4.5 billion real estate portfolio nationwide, launched its South Florida portfolio at an exclusive event in Mint at Riverfront. 1. Wade Hundley, Victor Ballestas, Peggy Fucci, Jon Pertchik 2. Jorge Villamizar performing for the crowd 3. Stephanie Cruz, Natalie Mims, Karen Olin 4. Pete Marino, Sue Duffy, Beth Facette-Dent 5. Jon Pertchik, Matt Tuthill, Jim Dow, Matt Chamberlain 6. Meredith Harrigan, Mike Leipart 7. Martin Wormull, Ted Ratcliff 8. Robert Zemnickis with ST Residential Model 9. Raul Valdes-Fauli, Michael Vassilaros, Paul Kelly, Pearce Klevan

Encounters w/ Brickell Gallery Night

Brickell Gallery Night was recently held at Conrad Hotel to launch the new West Encounters East series featuring four rising artists, Guillermo Ueno, Lucila Heinberg, Ary Kaplan Nakamura and Valeria Yamamoto, with Japanese-Argentine roots, and their works in photography and sculpture. 1. Alan Ojeda, Stella Holmes 2. Gabriela Maseli, Dana Amador 3. Dora Valdez Fauli, Nina Torres 4. Marcos Rodriguez, Daniella Stroppa 5. Gabriella Macias, Yvonne Castanedall 6. Maria Luisa, Martino, Stella Holmes, Valeria Yamamoto, Martin Wormull 7. Adriana Verdeja, Emilio Calleja 8. Michael Audi, Ezequial Cignoni, Jennifer Budman, Eric Don 9. Joel Hollander, Olga Ortiz 10. Ana Maria, Christopher Felpeto

Encounters @ TotalBank

TotalBank celebrated the grand opening of its newly relocated Brickell Banking Center with a private ribbon-cutting ceremony. 1. Luis de la Aguilera, James Quinlan, Gene de Souza 2. Luis Castro, Charles Castro 3. Alfonso Bastos, Maria Eugenia Martinez 4. Carolina White, Isabel Diaz 5. Jose Purroy, Catalina Jimenez 6. Cristina Galha, Miriam Moreno 7. Daniel Pedrosa, Sandra Dominguez 8. Luis de la Aguilera, Jorge Rossell, Tomas Regalado, Barry Johnson 9. Emilio Sanchez, Mario Buisan, Alfonso Goeneche, Javier Palencia 10. Chef Rose, Betty Anderson, Melroy Sterling 11. Martha Guerra with Guest, Claudia Bergovigna 12. Laura Icaplan, Jeff Lex, Patricia Amaty 13. Marlen Bedoya, Patrich Lapone 14. Michael Lewis, Carmencita Lewis, Arthur Boschetti 15. Patricia Gonzalez, Danny Diaz, Diana Perez 16. Ruben Gotlieb, Claudia Santiano 17. Saela Mohammad, Gus Perdomo, Meredith Harlow 18. Ana Maria Li, Rosi Solis, Eliana Solis 19. Mario Buisan, Jorge Rossel, Alfonzo Goeneche