Success Finance

Featuring; Joel Palatnik, of TotalBank

Success Oasis

Featuring; Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Success Savvy

Featuring; Florida Marlins & Richard A. Morgan is a litigation of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC

Success Salud

Featuring; Dr. Susana Khouri of Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Center

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langeron, June Savage, Norka Babino

Success Bon Voyage

Featuring; Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling Center

Success At Your Best

Featuring; Dr. Maria Eugenia Yazji

Success A la Mode

Featuring; Isa Zapata & Marisol Gomez

Success Drive

Featuring; Marlen Bedoya


Featuring; Shannon Saint Clair

Trendy Apps

First impressions are lasting ones, and with these autumn must-have apps you’ll have instant access to priceless information on how to improve your personal style right at your fingertips


Featuring; Adriana Vergara of Coconut Grove Pharmacy, Bobby Barros of Ecstasy Salon, Tara Sokolow

Lavish Living

This modern oceanview condo at Mei within Miami Beach’s legendary “Millionaire’s Road” neighborhood right on Collins Ave. is one of South Florida’s most sought-after residences thanks to its spacious interior, luxurious finishes and breathtaking views. Featuring Esther Prat

Superior Home

Marble and quartz have been highly valued throughout time in highend residences and commercial buildings. Compac’s “technological” versions take these rich, aesthetically pleasing materials and adapts them to our modern world.

2011 Dressed for Success

Featuring; Astrid Poletti, Catherine Strange Warren, Nicole Shelley Greenidge, Davina Melgarejo, Brad W. McMorris, Louis Alain Farah, Dr. Raul Gonzalez & Chesco Sanchez. Cover Contributors – Kiko Ricote, Teresa Miranda, Alice Davel-Freitas, Michelle Navarro.

Spa Magic

If you’re in search for a much-needed autumn spruce-up, head over to The Spa at Conrad Miami to get a ....

A Taste of Paradise

Whether you arrive for a quick power lunch away from the hustle and bustle of the city or for a romantic dinner date with the love of your life, Key Biscayne’s Costa Med’s mouth-watering offerings will lure you in from the first bite to your last — and have you coming back for seconds.

Encounters @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The “Memorable Mixer” at Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s private beach benefitted Wish Upon A Wedding, America’s only weddingwish granting organization. 1. Mandarin Oriental 2. Gloria Fonts Suarez, Victoria Chase 3. Emily Dickens, Jessica Masi, Tamara Cohen, Alain Martinez, Jamie Lipman, Candace Maloman 4. Sara Renee, Andrew King 5. Jamie Lipman, Jamie Oristano 6. Alain Martinez, Rick Interian, Victoria Chase, Gloria Fonts Suarez, Allison Baez

Encounters w/ BrickTWN

The official launch of the site was hosted at Kyma, the new hip lounge at the Epic Hotel. BrickTWN is the exclusive classifieds community for residents of Brickell, Downtown and Midtown. 1. Gene Harkey, Fabiola Castro 2. Felipe Kafati, Paulina Atala 3. Olivia Rodriguez, Pamela Dahlin 4. Monica Ventura, Anna Parra, Mateo Chialastri, Denise Torres, Rossana Gutierrez 5. Terry Dowling, Christian Bizzotto, Vaughn Liley 6. Shawn Eric Fralin, Erin McGinnis 7. Erick Lacayo, Herman Spicker

Encounters @ Segafredo

Segafredo on Lincoln Road hosted a special martini tasting for their new drink menu that included a multi-sensory experience through taste, sound, sight, touch and smell, complete with elaborate costumes that coordinated with the coloful palettes of the libations. 1. Matthew Bennet, Fred Gonzalez, Clay David Andrews, Jorge Arauz 2. Graziano Sbroggio, Michele Addison 3. Annette Peirkets, Andre Loftin 4. DeAngelo Domino, Mary Marchesano 5. Italian actor Massimo Lopez 6. Hermine Kraljevic, Marco Cimmino

Encounters @ Conrad

TAP Portugal recently celebrated the opening of their new route from Miami to Lisbon at the Conrad in Brickell. 1. William Plasencia, Martin Wormull, Ricardo Taño Feijoo 2. Anabela Lopes, Ben Raccioppi, Leonor Dias 3. Carlos de Mena, Eduardo de Mena 4. Martiza Ratto, Kalu Alvaro, Gabby Samusson, Martiza Moreno, Jose-Antonio Prats 5. Ambassador Nuno Brito, Jose Galaz, Joama Castro 6. Jose Castella, Teresa Castella, Francisco Machado da Cruz, Jorge Espirito Santo 7. Antonio Alvarez, Earle Browne, Carl Haugen, Sergei Oulianov, Ricardo Ramos 8. Luis Tonicha, Christine Silva 9. Celso Cipolla, Manny Vieira 10. Nuno Salema, Antonio Torres, Miguel Nunes, Francisco Caldas 11. Ralph Monteleone, Graziella Cabrera- Miron, Ennio Gonzalez, Luiz Peixoto, Martin Fenton 12. Jorge Espirito Santo, Ursula Schenone 13. Rita Quelhas, Guilherme Kuchkarian, Ricardo Ventura 14. Paula Trindade, Carlos Ramos, Ursula Mactisell

Encounters @ One Tequesta Condo

A fundraising reception honoring Hipólito Mejia, Dominican Republic Presidential Candidate, was recently held at One Tequesta Condo. 1. Juvenal Pina, Rosina Del Rosario Pezzotti, Tessi Garcia, Willy Gort, Basthy Hazoury & Mayor Tomar Regalado 2. Willy Gort, Virginia Godoy, Terry Buice 3. Josefina Lozano M.D., Hipolito Mejia, Jose David Suarez M.D. 4. Aaron Glickman, Cecilia Baggio 5. Marta & Luis Rosas, Gustavo & Virginia Godoy 6. Willburgh Jackson Placido & Alicia Diaz, John El- Masery 7. Hipolito & Rosa Gomez de Mejia, Willy Gort, Mayor Tomas Regalado

Encounters @ JW Marriott Marquis

The 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County marked its 100-year anniversary at the Centennial Gala at the JW Marriott Marquis in Downtown Miami. 1. Alan Weisberg, Denise Weisberg, Bjorg Eikel, John H. (Jack) Hickey 2. Norman S. Gerstein, Nicola Brown 3. Hon. Jennifer Bailey, Justice R. Fred Lewis, Hon. Celeste Muir 4. Hon. Scott Silverman, Adria Silverman 5. Rolando Diaz, Nina Diaz, Hon. Valerie Manno- Schurr, Joseph H. Serota 6. Jose Pagliery, Bridgette Carey, Hon. Amy Steele Donner 7. Hon. Samantha Ruiz Cohen, Hon. Beth Bloom, Stewart Cohen

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne, Downtown Miami’s luxury real estate twin 49-story towers located alongside Biscayne Bay, welcomed more than 350 guests to their “Summer in the City” beach party. 1. Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman, Larry Mango 2. Jimana Chaves, Elisa Lombino 3. Sarah Elles Boggs, Alberto Navarro 4. Ben Levy, Avital Avizemel 5. Graciella Mure, Carla Lopez, Patricia Velazquez 6. Yenis Martin, Nicholas Grossi, Ignacio Galdos

Encounters w/ SAMAS

SAMAS’s first convertible competition, appropriately called “Topless in Miami”, took place this summer and it was a hit! 1. Ron Besly, Marlen Bedoya, Johny Tapanes 2. Tony Serrato, Andrew Lipman, Howard Walker 3. Araba Dowell, Odette Jimenez 4. Alejandro Polania, Lindsay Burns 5. Lisa Barrow, Teresa Bravo, Giselle Delgado Buraye 6. Maria Ravani, Laura Soave, Mr and Mrs Ariel Gavilan

Encounters @ Vallve

Vallvé hosted their official grand opening with quite the reception at their showroom on Biscayne Blvd. 1. Lais & Paulo Bacchi, Christina Souza, Monica Souza 2. Luciana Tamm, Cecilia Baggio 3. Emiro Ramon, Alejandro Polania 4. Mayra Keiffer, Tatiana Iparraguirre 5. Sonia Figeroa, Claudia Herrera 6. Fernanda Rigotto, Fernanda Naves 7. Veronica Rodriguez, Gaston Rodriguez 8. Roger Oliveira, Marcela & Wayne Schwartz 9. Caroline Souza, Laura Andrade 10. Patricia Arias, Melissa Carrillo 11. Wilson Kulkanp, Dr. Luis Teixeira 12. John Gallo, Susan Preville 13. Claudio Croche, Joost Jansen 14. Pedro Sedo, Daniela Fantini, Ricardo Conti