Success Savvy

Featuring; Rosary Plana Falero of City National Bank

Success Real Estate

Featuring; Philip J. Spiegelman and Craig S. Studnicky of International Sales Group, LLC, Ana Somarriba, Brigitte de Langeron, Giulietta Ulloa & Jose Garanton

Success At Your Best

Featuring; Carolina Lizarazo of Caruna Spa & Wellness Center

Success Drive

Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables & Marlen Bedoya

Success Connoisseur

Featuring; The Island Shop

Success Creative

Featuring; Korum Print

Success Bon Voyage

Featuring; Mandarin Oriental Miami & Maikel Rodriguez of Brickell Travel Management

Success Fiesta

Featuring; Gelato Nostro


Featuring; Agustin Caceres of Le Group Industries

Interesting Investments

Classic cars, private islands, the latest IT technology, going green, and putting yourself first. What do these all have in common? They are some of the interesting new investment trends in our globally unreliable economy. Here are a few investments for 2012 that you may not have considered yet (but should).


Featuring; Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC, Juan Carlos de Jongh of ASI World Finanical Group, Luis Castro of Total Bank & Michael Kreitzer of Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP


John H. Dasburg has taken his humble beginnings and transformed them into a lucrative career as a serial CEO for some of the nation’s most respected companies. In the process, he’s succeeded as a leader, a businessman, an entrepreneur, and, most importantly, as an inspiration to everyone he’s met along the way. Photos by Andres Hernandez

Modern Life

Part condominium, part hotel, Habitat Miami gives new meaning to the term “home away from home” with lavish apartments ranging from 800- 1,200 sq. ft. that make one wonder why they’d ever book at a conventional hotel again.

Sea Escapes

Indulge in one of these luxury cruises and explore the world without repacking your suitcase with some of the most exclusive cruise offerings from local vacation firm Brickell Travel.

Indian Flavor

If you’re in the mood to get a little adventurous with your palate, head over to Mint Leaf for some authentic Indian food sure to satiate just about any appetite, noon and night.

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne hosted “A Taste of Brazil” on the property’s newly decorated pool deck overlooking Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. The Brazilian-infused event included cocktails, raffles and giveaways. 1. Anca Mirescu, Lipe Mederios, Juilanna Moronha, Claudio Faria 2. Arne Arneson, Jessica Levy 3. Maria Marin, Rakel Guerrero 4. Evelio Medina, Zlata Barukcic 5. Brenda Schamy, Rachel Levy, Susana Duque 6. Garriet Theophile, Christina Sosa, Stephen Barish 7. Natlie Barbner, Craig Studnicky, Zenaida Figueroa

Encounters @ Bilzin Sumberg

Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP hosted “Cocktails For a Cause” culminate a week-long of giving to the United Way’s Early Literacy Program through the 1450 United Way Campaign. 1. John Sumberg, Carlos Gimenez, Harve Mogul, Brian Bilzin 2. Diego Ojeda, Michelle Weber, Alan Ojeda 3. Eddie Dominguez, Mindy Mora 4. Michael Kreitzer, Jay Sakalo 5. Maria & Juan del Busto 6. Alyssa Toland, Regine Merisier, April McLaughlin 7. Manny de Zarraga, Brian Bilzin, Danny Finkle 8. Lisa Mendez, Ana Martinez, Diana Rodriguez 9. Christine Yormack, Fernando Ruiz, Marielis Aponte 10. Richard Goldstein, Michelle Weber 11. Dania Gorriz, Miguel Cervoni 12. Jacquie O’Malley, Ignacio Garcia 13. Jackie Fleites, Jessica Buchsbaum 14. Claudia Zirena, Carolina Arenas 15. Manny de Zaraga, Jack Lowell 16. Philip Porta, Matt Diaz

Encounters w/ Fashion for Charity

Fashion for Charity recently hosted their 3rd Annual Fashion Fundraiser featuring runway shows from leading designers and a cocktail reception and silent auction benefiting two nonprofit organizations fighting against human trafficking. 1. Jessica & Mario Cristobal 2. Melissa Bales, Jeff Berdardelli 3. Brian Wallace, Anna Lorena Sanchez 4. Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell, Mark Bell 5. Mafe Quintero 6. Guests pose for a photo 7. Alicia Dabdoub, Adrienne Hicks

Encounters @ Cit y National Bank

City National Bank sponsored and hosted a “Reading & Red Wine” event at its Brickell Banking Center to benefit the United Way in Miami-Dade County. City National Bank Executive VP Mara Suarez also participated in the “In Her Shoes” roundtable hosted by Bilzin Sumberg as part of the 1450 Brickell Building’s United Way Series. 1. Santiago Espinal, Giovanna Rocha, Ana Chayne, Celina Leon, Jessica Siriani, Clara Pichardo, Yvette Reyes 2. Jorge Gonzalez and John C. Sumberg 3. Salisha Baksh, Frank Martucci, Joanne Morris, Dustin Symes, Marshall Martin and Michelle Christensen 4. Amanda Abril, Jessica Golub, Lenya Suarez, Marcy Jurkowitz, Maria Cid, Jorge Gonzalez 5. William K. Hill, Chris Drew 6. Al Dotson, Michelle Weber, Dania Gorriz, Rosary Falero, Matt Diaz, Richard Goldstein 7. David Trench, Willie Jorrin, Paula DiVeroli 8. Isabel Fernandez, Jackie Fleites, Patrick Ahern, Karen Pascual 9. Manny de Zárraga, Chris Lingerfelt, Bernie Thornton, Robert Voegel, Ann Marie Milan, Max Comess, Judith Anis Civil, Scott Wadler, Vasana Hill, Cecily Valera 10. Karen Kilpatrick, Alan D. Axelrod, Steve Simon 11. Patti Patla, Maria Gomez, Marta Collazo

Encounters @ Compac

COMPAC: The Surfaces Company welcomed the industry’s finest to experience the beautiful colors of their new product line, “Nature.” 1. Carlos Ferrando, Nathalie Yamin, Augusto Yamin 2. Lissette Zamora, Antonio Prado, Valeska Rodriguez 3. Leonel Ortis, Francisco Barby 4. Erick Guerra, Kristen Saks 5. Andrea Velandia, Sioly Cabezas 6. Natasha Rodriguez, Carolina Zamora 7. Juan Delgado, Joel Pineiro 8. Olga Hurtado, Heberto Diaz 9. Kelly Saks, Rodrigo Teran 10. John Ekman, Frida Aberg 11. Johanna Cueva, Alejandro Reyes 12. Rita Perez, Raul and Patricia Aguilar 13. Oslan Osorio, Marielena Pereira 14. Diana Diaz, Andreina Gonzalez 15. Kevin Cruz, Mariana Guzman 16. Pablo Lorenzo, Ernesto Alarcon

Encounters w/ Singles with Kids

The Singles with Kids Social Hour Event Series produced by Veronica Lepere Design & Events raised funds to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida. 2. Soraya Rivera-Moya with Diana & Soraya Moya 3. Motita, The Facepainter 4. Paul Steiner 5. Veronica Lepere, Marco Andre 6. Ana Polanco, Amara, Tomas & Marco Andre 7. Kids learning to bake a pizza 8. Natalie Davis

Encounters @ Sports Club LA

The Sports Club/LA recent hosted a party to kick-off their revamped monthly “Member Mixer,” aiming to make the event a highlyanticipated staple in the Brickell community. 1. Justin Meininger, Paul Zdenski 2. Juan Carlos Valdano, Ljupka Todarovic 3. Niki Rose, Daniele Rose 4. Danielle Janke, Nick Kempen 5. Nair & Antonio Revilla 6. Christian Vidal, Yovanna Alvarez, Densy Ruiz

Encounters w/ Steven F. Arch

Steven F. Arch in association with the Coconut Grove Rotary Club benefitting various local charities hosted the “Fall Ball’’ party at his home. In attendance were top athletes, various business and government officials along with friends looking to have a wonderful time. 1. Nicole & Rudolf Budja 2. Marlen Bedoya, Brad W. McMorris 3. Brad W. McMorris, Jona Cerwinske, Anthony Thomas, Louis Gachelin 4. Joan Sturge, Mark Sheffield, Kymberly Kilmer 5. Steven F. Arch, Natalie Arch, TJ Arch 6. Sabrina Anna Cruz-Munoz, John Luis Maldonado 7. Jason Berman, Christina Wong, Ingrid Hunter, Andrew Hunter

Encounters w/ Carrfour Supportive Housing

Carrfour Supportive Housing received a big boost from South Florida’s corporate and philanthropic community during their annual “Reaching New Heights” luncheon. 1. John Sumberg, Alan Ojeda 2. Alfred Bunge, Ramon Llorens, Diego Ojeda 3. Lorraine Sonnabend, Stephen Sonnabend 4. Ezra Katz, Ed Joyce 5. Stephanie Berman, Carol Fine, Steve Smith 6. Sen. Mel Martinez, Barbara Carey-Shuler, Stephanie Berman, Manny Diaz, Alan Ojeda 7. Aaron, Eddy Arriola, Ralph Serrano 8. Manny de Zarraga, Danet Linares, Ramon Rodriguez

Encounters @ The Four Season Hotel

The Resorts World Miami Master Plan Unveiling Reception recently took place at The Four Season Hotel where Genting and Arquitectonica gave attendees a first look at the project’s plans. 1. Aaron Perry, Daniel Guerra, Erik Fresen, Izzy Havenick, Scott Savin 2. Tomas Regalado, Audrey Edmonson, William Talbert 3. Bert Gonzalez, Hank Klein, Spencer Crowley 4. Frank Carollo, Christopher Perks, Tibor Hollo 5. Matt Lettelleir, A. Trey Traviesa, Bernie Navarro 6. Cesar Alvarez, Vicki Lukis, Willy Gort 7. Neisen Kasdin, Gerardo Capo, Arthur Hernandez

Encounters @ Riviera School

Riviera School’s “Back-to-School Night” began with presentations from the school’s Musical Department and a performance from the Dance Club. Afterword, parents followed their children’s schedule giving them an opportunity to meet the teachers and become familiar with the school’s curriculum. 1. Dr. Linda Grant, Lawrence H. Cohen, Peter E. Cohen, Carol Repensek, Deborah Sperber, Jorge Ortega 2. Noli Zaldivar, Roberto Roque 3. Carlos & Alina Perez 4. Rafael & Lucia Moreno 5. Suzanne Spies, Adriana Giampier, Carolina Giampier 6. Betty & Ed Johnson 7. Lyne Jacques, Jocelyne Vomar 8. Betty & Alex Pol 9. Melissa Cameron, Ron Shatz 10. Michelle & Richard Starke 11. Ann Marie Perez, Danny Perez 12. John Peet & Nilda Rivera 13. Richard & Jackie Lipman