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Don’t let the never-ending trend reports and runway overviews overwhelm you this season! When it comes to fashion, it’s all about being educated about how best to cater your look to your body, personality and personal style

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If you’re a stylish guy living in The Magic City who refuses to trade comfort for fashion, a guayabera shirt is probably a staple in your wardrobe. If you need a little more inspiration to amp up your closet, check out these essential looks for any season.


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The folks at Biaggi Cucina are out to redefine the heart of the home in a city known for its cuttingedge vibe, multicultural population and modern, innovative interiors.

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Find out how Linette Guerra and the team at La Playa Properties can make all your real estate dreams come true no matter what you’re in the market for today, tomorrow and forever.

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Encounters @ BrickellHouse

Newgard Development Group, the developer of Miami’s BrickellHouse condominium, celebrated the official grand opening of its new state-of-the-art sales gallery on Brickell Ave. in Downtown Miami. 1. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Harvey Hernandez, Ali Lamadrid 2. BrickellHouse Team (Cervera Real Estate & Newgard Development Group) 3. Kinga Konosorska, Griselda Carrero 4. Kenny Baboun, Marc Coleman 5. Susette Prada, Luis Garino 6. Karen Elmir, Nelson Rios, Kathy Smuts 7. Thiago Costa, Griselda Carrero, Cassio Galiza 8. Alejandro Sanchez, Alexandra Fersaca, Cecila Sosa, Jose R. Sosa

Encounters w/ The Luxury Network

Bâoli Miami &The Luxury Network Florida recently hosted a private cocktail evening and hors d’oeuvres “Meet & Greet” event for some of the city’s top professionals. 1. Victor Barbarino, Freddy Abella, Pablo Reynoso 2. Keith Doughty, Frederic Marq, Vincent De Paul 3. Victoria Chase, Nick Betancourt 4. May Yeo-Lavine, Nicole Doebrich 5. Zachary Scott, Dr Tal Roudner 6. Peter Green, Olivia Koehler, Chadwick Lang 7. Victoria Krutova, Malinka Max

Encounters w/ Fabulous Miami

Social Buzz TV held their first Brickell Buzz Networking event hosted by Fabulous Miami at TuCandela Bar. 1. Brian Mejia, Claudia Barraza 2. Tomoko Kamehata, Gene Harkey, Jay Mota, Luis Angulo 3. Victor buj, Diana Wualdron 4. Jeanette Ramos, Sebastian Rusk 5. Frank Menendez 6. Nancy Clara, Fabiola Castro 7. Sandra Speir, Tiffen Baker 8. Cairo Rivera, Camila Osorio

Encounters @ JW Marriott Marquis Miami

The 13th Annual Mayor’s Ball benefitted United Way of Miami-Dade with more than 800 businesses and community leaders in attendance. 1. Harve Mogul, Pres. & CEO of United Way, Alesia Mogul, Lourdes Gimenez, Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez 2. Ashley Melisse, Leonard & Jayne Abess 3. Shannon Hori 4. Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz 5. Brittany Lopez, Christian Slater 6. Shelly & Steve Brodie 7. Alexia & Herman Echevarria 8. Bunny Bastian, James Murphy 9. Jorge Luis & Marile Lopez, Lourdes Gimenez, Mayor Gimenez 10. Missy Carricarte, Michael Carricarte, Phillis Oeters 11. Jennifer & Gerald Grant 12. Cesar Alvarez, Cristina Pereyra 13. Jorge Hernandez-Toraño, Gisela Martin 14. Carmen Perez, David Carlton 15. Manny & Irene Rodriguez, Lourdes Gimenez, Mayor Gimenez 16. Ed Hudak, Art Torno

Encounters w/ K ikor Studios

The latest installment of the Contemporary Series featured painting, sculpture, installations, photography, collages and lightboxes from artists working in Austria, Colombia, Cuba, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, UK, the U.S. & Venezuela. 1. Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco, Gino Gutierrez, Kiko Ricote, Gabriela Rivero 2. Frank Thomas, Perla Thomas, Dave Boss, Faye Boss 3. Aleína Palma, Julia Johnson 4. Elizabeta Russa 5. Gino Gutierrez, Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco 6. Rolando Polo 7. Teresa di Cairano, Robert Mazerolle

Encounters w/ Cer vera Real Estate

Miami’s top elected officials, real estate professionals and business elite gathered to celebrate the official groundbreaking of BrickellHouse in Downtown Miami. 1. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Harvey Hernandez, Jesus Quintero, John Leete, Marc Sarnoff, Tomas Regalado, Jack Osterholt 2. Kenny Baboun, Charles Sieger, Marc Coleman, John Leete, Harvey Hernandez, Jose Suarez 3. Ali Lamadrid, Nelson Rios 4. Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Harvey Hernandez, Tomas Regalado 5. Fernando Mazzoni, Juan Talia 6. Ali Lamadrid, Wendy Marks, Andrew Hayward Smith 7. Gustavo Galves, Pia McLeod 8. Kelly Penton, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Alyce Robertson, Sonja Bogensperger

Encounters w/ Sabadell Bank & Trust

Sabadell Bank & Trust recently celebrated the grand opening of a new Miami office in the Sabadell Financial Center on Brickell Ave. Over 300 clients and guests were on hand to enjoy the festivities. 1. Shelly Rodriguez, Nelson Rodriguez, Orlando Roche 2. Bobby Schatzman, Esq., Steven Solomon, Esq. 3. Rosa Sugranes, Mitch Kaplan 4. Sergio Gonzalez, Mario Trueba 5. Hector Lombana, Esq., Bert de Armas 6. Kerry Perez, Jorge Perez, Annerys Roche, Orlando Roche 7. James Meany, Fernando Perez-Hickman 8. Luis de Armas, Esq., Tom Cornish 9. Richard Perez, Hank Raattama, Esq.

Encounters @ Waxmee

Waxmee Salon & Spa celebrated their 10th Anniversary with clients and guests attending the aesthetically pleasing event. 1. Waxmee Staff 2. Freddy Soto, Aurora Mariana, Maria Mariana 3. Maria Camila Rodriguez, Isabela Holguin, Daniela Fierro 4. Maria Mariana, David Luke 5. Tina Tigges, Rochelle Wicker, Monica Fluke 6. Beco Couture, Sandra Suarez 7. Marcos & Lourdes Martinez 8. Kelly May, Vanessa Perez 9. Silvia Milanes, Carmen Navarro 10. Vanika Oberoi, Juliette Vulpetti 11. Monica Ferrero, Antonia Ferrero, Monica Mazuela 12. Juan Carlos Mijares, Jorge Luis Iglesias, Freddy Soto 13. Peggy & Enrique Acosta 14. Tina Tsoukalas, Alexandra Ballent 15. Yordan Piedra with Rebecca Garcia

Encounters w/ The Best Of South Florida

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jorge Arauz, was crowned “Miami’s Sexiest Editor” during an awards presentation by Epiphany Events that was aired on The Best Of South Florida and The CW. 1. Liana Parisi, Jessie Alexdander, Jorge Arauz, Belinda Elkaim 2. Leonor Anthony & Guests 3. David Morin & Guest 4. Claudia Lopez & Guest 5. Kevin Lee Russell & Guest 6. Ciro Louis LaBarbera 7. Claudia Lopez & Gianina Acevedo 8. Jose Manreza & Jessica Vallejo with Guests

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne hosted a poolside soiree called “Mid Summer Affair” where Colombian designer Liliana Montoya showcased her MONTOYA Mermaids Collection. 1. Rosi Arriaga, Priscilio Arriaga, Patricia Guada 2. Michael Ambrosio, Veronica Escobedo, Yulia Olvy 3. Henry Castillo, Tatiana Madrid de Castillo 4. DJ Vertigo 5. Nick Grossi and Maya King 6. Philip Spiegelman and Liliana Montoya with her models 7. Rob Goldberger, Iri Goldberger, Ken Golden