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What is Power?

We delve into the concept of power to try to discover what it really means and how people across industries and social status interpret and define it.


This 3-story contemporary Key Biscayne dream home at 220 Cape Florida Drive has been meticulously designed to combine the most exquisite architecture with comfort, elegance and luxurious finishes throughout. Featuring; Brigitte Nachtigall


When it’s time to impress the love of your life with a present that’ll show just how much you’re really in love, these shiny essentials are sure to get you all the lovin’ you deserve — and then some!. Featuring Freddy´s Jewelry


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Better Living

We see home as more than the place where you sleep at night and store your things. It’s a source of comfort and a refuge, a space for connection and celebration. Find out how local company California Closets helps you enhance your abode in more ways than you could imagine.

...And Justice for All

Famed Trial Attorney Roy Black, Senior Partner at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A., is at the top of his game in more ways than one. Despite the fact that his Downtown Miami-based firm is abuzz with lawyers working tirelessly on some of the biggest cases in the country, he still manages to remain humble, down-to-earth and ready for his next challenge while making sure his clients are protected — no matter how difficult the battle.


Gentlemen, listen up: When it comes to building your wardrobe for the season, keep in mind that it’s all about the right fit, the perfect cut and an oomph of color. Oh, yeah, and you gotta have the right amount of swag.

Mexican Marvel

We take a quick jaunt to get a peek of historical Mexico City to find out what this very special capital city has to offer and why you should plan to make the trip

Bar Tab

Featuring; Johnnie Walker Black

Encounters @ Vizcayne

Vizcayne recently hosted the 16th Annual Brazilian Film Festival after-party on the development’s expansive pool deck with a special VIP area for Brazilian Film Festival producers, film makers and actors. 1. Craig Studnicky, Natalie Barbner, Walter Carvalho, Maria Zilda 2. Diana Quiceno, Tania Dalaneze, Carlos Hernandez 3. Jessica Rivera, Elsy Portillo 4. Leti Nin, Veronica Alarcon 5. Pablo Rodriguez, Veronica Galeano 6. Javier Diaz, Basil Nikas, Orlando Fleitas 7. Vivian & Jose Oviedo, Angel Fusi 8. Pedro & Ana Martinez

Encounters w/ MDO Partners

Richard Montes De Oca recently celebrated his birthday at Crave in Merrick Park with friends, family and plenty of tasty dishes, libations and cake. 1. Jackie Fucini, Gladys Camejo 2. Steve & Francis Kerbel 3. Esther & Horacio Montes De Oca 4. Suny Rodriguez, Lisette Torano 5. Richard Montes De Oca, Melissa Angulo 6. John Czelusniak, Robert Morjalo, Erick Montes De Oca 7. Cindy & Richard Montes De Oca 8. Susel Matos, Elizabeth Fonseca 9. Shauna Harper, Yan Ran 10. Sarah & Sergio Mendoza 11. Ambarina & Dario Perez 12. Irma & Bernard Grondin 13. Nelson & Lisette Diaz 14. Maria Izquierdo, Susie Stefek 15. Jorge Sarria, Robert & Flavia Scott, Iris Sarria 16. Christina & Jose Montes De Oca, Gina Polo

Encounters w/ The Related Group

The Related Group recently broke ground on their latest project, 1100 Millecento Residences, an ode to Italian luxury living steps away from Mary Brickell Village. 1. Sonia Figueroa, Ben Gerber, Carlos Rosso, David Kern, Sue Haubrich 2. Vivian Gallego-Mendez, Silvia Bermudez, Giulietta Ulloa, Ammie Mammes, Laura Duarte 3. Heloise Giblialante, Sergio Oliveira 4. Susan Priscal, Vanessa Moya, Michelle Minagorri 5. Jorge Perez, Mayor Gimenez 6. Andres Asion, Aura Aragon, Michelle Minagorri, Hector Pinto, Selene Arvesu, Amy Diaz, Kari Fernandez, Christian Tupper 7. Carlos Rosso, Edgardo Defortuna, Jorge Perez, Sonia Figueroa 8. Jim Werbelow, Sandy Peaceman, Larry Freedman, Bill Encinosa, Steve Feller 9. Salvatore Adinolfi, David Bagnall, Cary Glines 10. Christian Tupper, Jorge Perez 11. Liza Walton, Mayor Regalado, Sonia Figueroa 12. Jeve Clayton, John Heffernan, Aaron Sinnes 13. Jaime Albarracin, Myriam Granado, Mayor Regalado, Sergio Lemme, Debi Quade 14. Mayor Gimenez, Jorge Perez, Mayor Regalado, Commissioner Carollo 15. Sonia Figueroa, Carlos Rosso, Commissioner Sarnoff, Jorge Perez, Mayor Gimenez, Commissioner Carollo, Mayor Regalado 16. Loes Franquinet, Simone Manrique, Jorge Perez, Tania Castellanos, Alejandra Arrieta

Encounters @ Vapiano

Vapiano Restaurant recently hosted a redcarpet grand opening to showcase their menu and venue to area VIPs. 1. Stephan Lindenberger, Vapiano’s Franchisee, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Andreas Moser, GM Endre Szabarri 2. Stephan Lindenberger, Andreas Moser, Endre Szabarri 3. Antonio Pinhero, Gabriela Klein 4. Gene Harkey, Fabiola Castro-Harkey 5. Juan Luis Nilo, Mayor Thomas Regalado 6. Mayra Joli, Lissette Gonzalez 7. Silvana Lanfredi, Giselle Real D’Arbelles 8. Bruno Miranda, Marger Palacios-Miranda

Encounters @ Bal Harbour Shops

Gucci recently brought Florentine craftsmanship to Bal Harbour to celebrate “Icons of Heritage” and to benefit United Way of Miami-Dade. 1. Lukas Klessig, Morganne Wray, & Vincent De Paul 2. Lydia Touzet, Barbara Hevia, Laura Buccellati & Lily Azel 3. Alesia & Harve Mogul 4. Ingrid Hoffmann & Annelies Da Costa Gomez 5. Jayne & Ashley Abess 6. Michelle Varat, Michael Nadler, Billie Schwartz

Encounters w/ Momentum Worldwide

The Brazilians For Smarties event with Momentum Worldwide at Biltmore Hotel offered expert tips on how to engage with the top-spending tourist in Florida. 1. Gustavo Herbeta, Amelia Whitaker, Silvana Mandelli 2. Tracy Koço, Michelle Kates 3. Larissa Valero, Madelyn Bello 4. Jeff Lichtenstein, Jenny Cerna 5. Alessandro Cremona, Alexandra Wensley 6. Carol Henderson, Anabel Llopis 7. Jill Potash, Miguel Mazza 8. Luiz Hoinkis, Renata Villar, Justin Keeperman 9. Jessica Muelle, Marina Temino, Sabrina Locle 10. Thulio Goncalves, Lily Azel 11. Ana Castillo, Dailen Rodriguez 12. Judi Puder, Consuelo Vilar 13. Danielle Finnegan, Laura Buccellati 14. Luciana Zamith, Marcelo Cordero 15. Amelia Whitaker, Thiago Curcio

Encounters @ TIKL Raw Bar & Grill

TIKL Raw Bar & Grill — Brickell’s hot, new dining destination — hosted an exclusive, invitation-only Happy Hour Bash to celebrate the restaurant’s official grand opening. 1. Freddy manzano, Mario Naar, Tito Gaudenzi, Luis Miguel 2. Giselle Blondet 3. Claudio Giordano, Katiuska Giordano 4. Megan Connolly, Julia Yarbough, Catalina Guitirreez 5. Riki Altman, Carlos Nieto 6. Jordan Franklin, Shari Grunspan 7. Silvia Larrieu, Lorenzo Moll 8. Daniella Moran, Lourdes Moran, Elsie larrea

Encounters w/ Armas & Borron, LLP

The Armas Residence presented the Miami Symphony Orchestra’s Trio Elegiaque No. 2 in D Minor Op. 9. Konstantin Soukhovetski was on piano; Anne Chicheportiche on violin; and Aaron Merritt on cello. 1. Miami Symphony Orchestra 2. Elizabeth & Emily Blank 3. Marietta Castellanos, Fernando Duprat, Anne Chicheportiche 4. Carlina Vargas, Gabriel Llanes 5. Robert & Tara Plaza 6. Alicia Vidal, Juan Zas 7. Stephanie & Alfredo Armas, Lourdes & Jorge Borron 8. Marianne Finizio, Karen Dudley 9. Diana Pampliega, Amy Palmero 10. John Paul & Aida Pfister

Encounters @ Village of Merrick Park

Fashionably Conscious recently welcomed more than 100 devoted shoppers to take advantage of a VIP sale to benefit local community centers and afterschool programs. 1. Anne Owen, Lea Black 2. Javier Soto, Susy Acosta 3. Jonathon Rosenn, Debora Rosenn 4. Andrea Rojkes, Andrea Tagliaferro 5. Ayoub Touzani, Karen Bastian 6. Brittany Nicolli, Andi Defield 7. Lais & Paolo Bacchi 8. Vanessa Billot, Octavio Aguilar