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Urban Evolution

As the rest of the world watches, Miami’s urban core continues to emerge and solidify its role in South Florida and beyond as the Brickell/Downtown area rapidly evolves before our very eyes.

Dream Estate

If your dream home requires more than just an idyllic location, this KeyBiscayne residence is sure to meet your standards with plenty of views, space and luxe touches to ensure you wake up each morning happy to be in paradise.


Featuring; Lina Zapata, Jean Carlo Danies, Deborah Golden, Kari Fernandez, Nelson A. Rios, Brenda Bichili, Ivan Oc hoa, Pablo Rodriguez, Ruedi Sieber, Maria Antonieta Laviosa, Jacky Londono, Giulietta Ulloa, Linette Guerra, Daniel Gaviria, Chad Carroll, Carla Defortuna & Mary Perez King

Stylishly Structured

When it comes to professional attire, it’s essential to mix the right pieces and accessories to ensure that you look great in and out of the boardroom as you wander about town.


To say that Alicia Cervera, Sr., of Cervera Real Estate is the matriarch of The Magic City’s now-booming real estate market would be a bit of an understatement. The daughter of a highprofile ambassador and a self-made developer, Alicia left Cuba at the onset of The Revolution only to arrive in the U.S. with nothing. Her riches-to-rags-to-riches journey is not only inspiring, it’s one of Miami’s greatest success stories.

Posh View

The vision behind Paragon Grove Theaters full-feature cinema is to offer the best technology and amenities without the premium pricetag, creating affordable luxury that’s as entertaining as the latest blockbusters they show.

Haute Life

Imagine days and nights filled with meaningful moments and exquisite experiences in a home that’s at once grand and artistic, yet comfortable and familiar...a place where splendor and sophistication unite with flawless ease. This is the essence of Sunny Isles’ Château Beach.


Food, wine, gastronomy and wine-making — the sophisticated union for the palate that stimulates our most valuable memories with their aromas, flavors and colors — are key in the quest for culinary travel excellence. Getting there is just half of the adventure; the other half of the fun awaits the moment you arrive.

Encounters w/ CREW-Miami

CREW-Miami held its annual fundraising event, “Cocktails, Community & Connections”, celebrating its 25th anniversary promoting prime deal-making in South Florida. 1. Terri Blanca, Gail Ackermann, Bill Hunter 2. Margaret Nee, Maria Juncadella, Lyan Fernandez 3. Peter Gardner, Ramon Rodriguez 4. Lyan Fernandez, Sonia Cabello, Danet Linares 5. Jim Bator, Jim Peterson, Jose Ferre 6. Benito Carmona, Ileana Hernandez, Nelson Hidalgo, Frank Casas 7. Julia Bennett, Jose Juncadella, Patricia Birch, Jack Lowell 8. Ron Shuffield, Melissa Tapanes, Thomas Roth, Dean Warhart, Cheryl Jacobs, Carli Koshal

Encounters w/ Venegas Int’l Group

Venegas Int’l Group held an official groundbreaking ceremony and private cocktail reception for their latest project, Château Beach Residences in Sunny Isles Beach. 1. Official Groundbreaking Ceremony 2. Sergio Grosskopf, Moises Gorin, Monica Venegas, Kobi Karp 3. Tasio Lorente, Monica Venegas, Carlos Gimenez 4. Tasio Lorente, Daniel Gaviria 5. Diana Florez, Camilo Castillo 6. Lewis Thaler, Jennifer Levin, Norman Edelcup, Isaac Alion, Carlos Gimenez, Monica Venegas, Sergio Grosskopf, Manuel Grosskopf 7. Luis Percul, Manuel Grosskopf, Sean Murphy, Jeff Lee 8. Les Obryan, Ricardo Quadri, Dan Whiteman 9. Maria Kubach, Ana Luz Rodriguez, Miriam Borax 10. Juan Heredia, Tony T. 11. Ivette Batista, Valerie Bustamante 12. Eli Klinger, Mario Klinger 13. Jake Torres, Celia Izquierdo 14. Alexandre Grendene, Kamal El-Nashar 15. Max Rojas, Dixie Barreneche, Hernan Cho 16. Roberto de Armas, Walter Fischer 17. Pablo Atchugarry, Alfredo Frohlich

Encounters @ BONGOS

Johnnie Walker recently launched their “My Label Is Black” program in Miami, a nationwide initiative to celebrate the Hispanic community and give back by supporting and mentoring men on their journey to achieve their true potential. 1. Shalimar Rivera 2. Andreissa Platt, Raphael Estevez 3. Elizabeth Fonseca, Rick Moran 4. America Negrete, Nayana Nava 5. Evelyn Gonzalez, Gisell Campos 6. Hortensia Castillo, Odrix Bandez 7. Yady & Robert Yacovone 8. Patricia & Alfredo Camara

Encounters @ Novecento

The official Player’s Party for the 1st Annual Miami Tennis Cup took place at Novecento to celebrate the arrival of this new sporting event. 1. Claudia Lombardo, Carolina Zichy Thyssen, Caroline Wendling, Barbara Macial Blanco, Elodie Wendling 2. Hector Nieto, Jose Fernando Ycaza, Luca Merlini 3. Michael Vallejo 4. Juan Carlos Ferrero, Nicolas Almagro 5. Jose Luis Molina, Alexis Cogul 6. Elizabeth Juelle, Mauricio Behar 7. Max Barbieri, Adrian Borda 8. Ines Ramirez, Rafael Cores

Encounters @ Toscana Divino

Toscana Divino debuted its inaugural Wine + Fashion Florence Week with more than 500 foodies and fashionistas celebrating a week of Italy’s best flavors. 1. Ana Oliveira, Barbara Gummels, Emerance Gummels 2. Akua Williams, Michelle Mavris 3. Alessandro Reggioli 4. Tommaso Morelato, Mauro Bortignon 5. Chef Marco Stabile, Chef Julian Baker 6. Fernanda Romero, Ingrid Valencia 7. Monica Garcia, Cristina Rinaldi 8. Alessandra Fiorini, Mauro Bortignon 9. Veronica Tinajero, Mary Burke 10. Michelle Jean Pierre, Tommaso Morelato 11. Jenny Dudasszabo, Elizabeth Velasquez 12. Tommaso Morelato, Edison Sabala 13. Chef Julian Baker, Marco Stabile 14. Melissa McLain, Jennifer Maceda 15. Michelle Jean Pierre, Alessandra Fiorni 16. Enrico Pucci, Manuela Pucci, Adolfo Barattolo 17. Natalie Diaz, Matt DeVivo

Encounters w/ D.O.G.

D.O.G.’s recent grand opening featured humans gathering to share their love of furry friends. The occasion included food trucks and cocktails 1. Hector Antunez, Susy & Juan Vega, Lourdes Rabionet 2. Ingrid Almaza, Marjan Polder, Colleen Kastan, Leeanna Balgobin, Stephanie Kastan 3. Dana Pollitt, Camila Pantano 4. Claudia Melo, Manuela Llinas 5. Erica Garcia, Thomas Lipzer 6. Joanna Souza, Johnny Rodriguez, Raysa Felix 7. Julie Ruffolo, Vagner Venancio, Juliana Ferreira, Sebastian Toro

Encounters w/ Internum

Baxter Shop Miami @ Internum hosted a “Baxter Blumadness” event to welcome new collections by Paola Navone & Matteo Thun at their Design District showroom. 1. Ivette Ananda, Arturo Lagunes, Maria Elena Holguin, Mauricio Garcia 2. Marc Malkoun, Nada Nakhle, Danilo Di Michele, Camilio Alvarer, Jiany Massad 3. Pipe Yanguaz, Monica Rengifo 4. Liana Proctor 5. Patty Scheer, Mirtha Arriaran 6. Darin Held, Sogol Afsharjavan 7. Lukas Klessig, Kimberly Shenker Bacardi 8. Bea Pernia, Giada Andreoli 9. Patricia Herbas, Edwin Berrios, Paula Arranha 10. Freddy Vivas, Gisselle Gema 11. Eva L Weiner, IgnacioMaurino 12. Miriam Possenti, Ilaria Andronicos 13. Madeline Then 14. John Bilboa, John Varvatos, Robert I Guda 15. Debora H Ausina, Rodrigo Covian, Miriam Barquera 16. Yanitza Ramirez, Juan Carlos Pulido, Gabriella Smith de Lenchig

Encounters w/ ONE Sotheby’s

With art lovers on hand, ONE Sotheby’s & CIFO recently unveiled their latest exhibit of the ONE CIFO Project at the CIFO Art Space in Miami. 1. Claudia Fernandez, Marisela Cisneros, Mayi De La Vega, Ella Cisneros 2. Jack McAllister, Sheila Gasson, Anna Luisa Almonte, Yury Byliner 3. Jarred Shapiro, Marielle Emlow, Mike Kiely 4. Jennifer Hoberman, John Turchin, Susan Turzakn 5. Madeleine Romanello, Frank Kirschaer, Veronica Caraccido 6. Paolo Viaconti, Elaine Dweck, Raymond Bolduc 7. Ella Cisneros, Mayi De La Vega, Reginald Fairchild

Encounters w/ Concept Int ’l Realty

Concept Int’l Realty had a lot to celebrate this season: The anniversary of their Brickell location and the grand opening of their new Downtown Miami office. 1. Stephanie Pedroza, Roberto Romagnoli, Maria Antonieta Laviosa & Daughter 2. Flor Guerrero, William Vela, Tania Castellanos 3. Jorge Camba, Graciela Berger 4. Katherine Mendoza 5. Kenny Silva, Viviana Gallardo 6. Nury Enamorado, Velvet Arvelo, Stephanie Pedroza 7. Andrea Wagner Markey, Eddie Garcia, Chris Hernandez 8. Ariel Rubalcava, Fiorella Lucca 9. Robert Taylor, Viviana Taylor 10. Simone Manrique 11. Eliana Del Latte 12. Valentina Urdaneta 13. Roberto Romagnoli, Maria Antonieta Laviosa, Marco Romagnoli 14. Nury Enamorado, Marial Antonieta, Flor Guerrero 15. Javier Rivera 16. Denise Andrews 17. Alessandra Pluchino, Alex Berg

Encounters w/ Piquet Law

Piquet Law’s annual holiday BBQ party included an evening of fun for a good cause that included donating food items, clothes and toys for kids to local charities including Kids In Distress and to those in need. 1. Alexandre & Indyara Piquet 2. Ana & Antonio Martins 3. Victoria & Paolo De Torre 4. Eliana Flories, Juliana Piquet, Adolfina Caceres 5. Elisa, Sarah & Tony Hussain 6. Korina, Daniel & Jason Medcalf, Alexandre Piquet 7. Tamir Ness, Elena Montiel 8. Luis & Taina Piquet, Kelly Santos

Encounters w/ Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables & Trini Salon recently celebrated its annual Extravaganza to celebrate a new fall collection complete with complimentary beauty stations and amazing raffles. 1. Khloe Duke, Michelle Aguirre 2. Francis Khawly, Wilma Maciel, Marlui Rivas 3. Anna Stedsemko, Marina Alex 4. Jason & Priscilla Myrick 5. Joanna Salazar, Victor Ramirez 6. Amanda Medermott, Allie Filipowski 7. Guilherme Moretto, Lisandra Carballosa, Cristobal Toral 8. Malena Assing, Caro Criado

Encounters w/ United Way

Goldie Hawn offered the keynote address at the 12th Annual United Way Women’s Leadership Breakfast at the BankUnited Center. 1. Nanci Hellinger, Lisa Mendelson, Goldie Hawn, Arlene Mendelson, Kim Mendelson, Tammy Hellinger 2. Marixa Franco, Marilyn DeVoe, Iraida Nigaglioni, Martha Pantin 3. Frances Sevila-Sacasa, Donna Shalala 4. Leslie Miller Saiontz, Sue Miller, Goldie Hawn, Jean Scheinman 5. Maria Teresa Rojas, Lourdes Gimenez, Lisa Martinez 6. Jayne Abess, Tracy Wilson Mourning, Sue M. Cobb 7. Katherine Jones, Stephanie Lawson, Goldie Hawn, Alexis Peterson, LaKeisha Sanders Woods, Kathleen Woods-Richardson.