Weather Wizard

Because the weather in South Florida is a mercurial beast that dashes between beautiful & balmy and murderous monsoon at the drop of a hat, close observation is the prudent choice. Read on to consider an intoxicating alternative to The Weather Channel.
Text by Bill Lindsey | June 27, 2018 | Luxury

Here in Hurricane Alley, barometers allow one to know when it is time to gather up children and small dogs when it suddenly takes a dive. To measure humidity, the reason Posh Spice refuses to move here with Mr. Beckham, one needs a hygrometer. Time and temperature are also always a concern. However, while you certainly can access all this information via a smartphone, there is a better way. The Fifth Element is the most enjoyable way to monitor the weather since your favorite local meteorologist took off to wherever USA. Crafted of 33 pounds of gleaming brass, this is a stunning addition to any office or home. The collected instruments are overseen by a tiny alien, making The Fifth Element as much art as it is pure science. The analog dials are a pleasant reprieve from digital overload, but, like a car with a manual transmission, will perplex most millennials (another reason to like it);