Personal wealth is not a requirement for philanthropy. You don’t need a family foundation. In fact, 75% of giving is from individuals starting with amounts a low as $10.


Always looking for ways to get involved, my wife and I have been on a giving spree since the beginning of the year. In addition to continuing to support the causes near and dear to our hearts in whatever capacity possible, we’ve taken on a few new projects this month, with nature at the forefront.


If you spend more time trying to decide where to eat than the time you actually spend at the restaurants you pick, The Naughty Fork is a must-follow.


Never has a cocktail more aptly represented the essence of Key Biscayne than El Farito at Lightkeepers, a refreshing, flavorful libation that gets better and better with every sip.


Whether you stroll into Blackbird Ordinary for the music, the ambiance or the drinks on any given day or night, Jill Cohen and her staff will ensure that you arrive with a warm welcome and leave feeling like a VIP.


Innovative and progressive, KLA Elementary School provides children with not only a quality education, but also a meaningful life experience that nurtures and respects the whole child, immersed in a safe and inspiring environment where authentic learning can truly take place.


Losing weight to look and feel better is great, but a healthy change in eating habits can be a lifesaver, helping reduce the chance of heart disease, diabetes and much more. Cutting back on beer, burgers, bourbon and Bordeaux has the added benefit of improving your financial health, too.


After a year of taste-testing the most decadent sips and bites the city has to offer, we introduce you to our annual Plates & Pours: Miami’s 50 Best Dishes, Drinks, Desserts & Dining Experiences sure to satisfy even the most discerning diner.


An essential aspect of any properly prepared American meal, meat of all varieties can often leave a hole in our grocery budgets. Below we’ve collected some timely tips to save you a few extra bucks.


Think you have to continent-hop to enjoy the finest in international cuisine? Think again. Long known for its historical fur trade and little else, Quebec is fast emerging as the destination for those wishing to enjoy truly rarified cuisine.


Meal planning and grocery shopping are always a challenge. The good news is that you can eat healthy, even on the most super-tight budget. The key is being flexible, creative and shopping smart.


Springtime has finally invaded our city, and what better to celebrate the feel-good grooves and luxuriously lovely weather than with a furry friend of your very own? Below are a few pooches selected from local shelters and rescues.


Ancient history by the standards of our thoroughly modern metropolis, in 1913 our marvelous Magic City was hardly a blip on the map, a humble beachside community with little to its name besides a great deal of promise.


Far from being relegated to rural outbacks and neighboring countries, to many in our region, hunger is a pervasive threat. Fighting back against this noxious malady one meal at a time comes Feeding South Florida, one of our most compassionate local charities.


While, to most, “Time to get up and make the donuts” is a folksy aphorism, for Andy Rodriguez, Amanda Pizarro and the rest of The Salty Donut crew, it’s a call-to-action. See what happens behind-the-scenes at our city savviest sugary dough den.


Even before we put our March Culinary Issue to bed each year, we’re already working on next year’s edition. That’s because we only have 52 weeks to come up with the next installment of our Plates & Pours: Miami’s 50 Best Dishes, Drinks, Desserts & Dining Experiences!


A mainstay in the Miami mixology scene, Mario Alban of The Wharf proves there’s good reason their nautically-centered saloon is the hottest thing to hit Downtown in decades.


It’s perhaps the most onerous of the oenophile’s tasks: properly pairing a vintage with vittles. Below, we explain the cardinal rules of this mystifying, mouthwatering process.


Ah, the joys of eating…the aromas, the tastes, the plating…the chewing. Below we explore some of the oft-forgotten rules of meal etiquette.


In the world of luxury yachts, bigger is always better and massive is eternally apropos. Get ready to moor up your megayacht as we explore some of the world’s most coveted ports for 2018.


This year’s Miami International Boat Show brings Sailor’s Cove to Pier 9 of Marine Stadium. Show guests will now be able to see the best of powerboats and sailboats in one location. In addition to exciting new single-hull and catamaran sailboats, Sailor’s Cove will also host a number of superior sailing seminars.


In honor of the Miami International Boat Show, we’ve scoured all corners of our marketplace for the finest in marine accessories sure to get you eager to set sail.


Every person who has ridden a scooter thinks they would be great on a Harley Davidson — until they drop it at a stoplight. Boats are that way, too. Here’s a guide to match boats to personalities.


Do you need to plan for retirement? Yes. Do you need a rainy day fund? Absolutely. But do you really understand what drives how you spend vs. save, and have you considered how a purposeful spending plan might make you happier? Read on to find out how to skip the boilerplate formula and start living life to the fullest.


When organizers announced the exciting move of the Miami International Boat Show to Key Biscayne a few years ago, it made national headlines. Interstingly, many did not realizing that the show actually began on the island back in 1941.


Entrepreneurs engaged in the maximum utilization of social media technologies, Foodie Tribe loves everything culinary, photos and reconceptualizing the way we think about business…not necessarily in that order.


A magnificent marriage of Miami’s top-tier tastes, sips and savories with its ever-giving philanthropic spirit, this year will see VeritageMiami celebrate its 22nd year as the United Way of Miami-Dade’s most hopeful (and hearty) supporter.

Success Pets

Interested in acquiring a true soul mate for this St. Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the trio of heartthrobs below, selected from top-notch rescues in the area.


Most people think of a boat insurance policy as a straightforward, all-encompassing document and that one policy is pretty much like another…only the rates are different. Wrong, wrong, wrong…


An immersive seafood experience is making big waves on Miami Beach thanks to Brazil-born Coco Bambu and their palate-pleasing fare.


What do you put in your new multi-million dollar Miami penthouse that will make even your most jaded neighbors gasp in awe?


Always eager to stretch the limits of our oenophilic knowledge, below we take on a tasty, if tepid, taboo gaining new traction in the U.S and around the world.


An established mixologist who’s devoted his life to top-notch Magic City service, Toro Toro’s Adam Beech gives us the skinny on life behind one of Miami’s most brilliant bartops.


Anyone who’s anyone watching our markets knows that cryptocurrency is a hot topic. Discover how Miami is taking a crucial role in this seemingly cryptic phenomenon.

Condo Hacks

The view. The close proximity to everything. The immediate influx of (mostly) cool neighbors. Having a bird’s eye view of the city from your balcony is one of the best ways to experience Miami — for locals and transplants alike. Whatever challenge may arise, there’s a solution to resolve it. Herewith: Brickellites share ways they’ve eased into hi-rise living.

In a minimalist minute

No one can deny that the Minimalist Movement has climbed the ladder of our consciousness in the past few years. As more and more people begin to realize the benefits of this clutter-free, antichaos lifestyle, there’s only one thing left to do: Try it and see for yourself.


Head and shoulders above the competition, Hagen Rottke and the rest of the dynamite staff at Miami Aerial are rewriting the way we think about real estate photography.

Hidden gems

Join us as we showcase the colorful history and unmatched allure of some of Miami’s most secret, exclusive neighborhoods, all just a short scenic drive from the city’s core.


The Go-Getters 2021

Located in one of the most diverse and dynamic business centers in the world, Miami Herbert Business School offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and grow. The graduates are thought-leaders who transform business, scholarship and lives. To honor them, Brickell Magazine and the school have partnered to showcase the annual “Go-Getters,” an honor spotlighting recent grads, their successes, hopes and dreams.

Leading Legacy

When it comes to leaving your mark on the world, few can boast the list of personal and professional achievements that Hilarie Bass has amassed throughout her career — a successful young actress, a formidable corporate defense lawyer, star litigator, international firm leader, civic ignitor, social activist and now Chair of the University of Miami Board of Trustees and Founder of The Bass Institute For Diversity & Inclusion. Through it all, she has captured our attention in front of the camera, in the courtroom, behind the podium and now at the center of conversations of diversity and workplace inclusion around the world.