Deep Cuts

A maverick chef who infuses each and every dish with a dashing dollop of love, Santiago Gomez is illuminating and educating our Magic City on the majesty of Mexican cuisine.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Photos by Edward Leal | June 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Now a sizzling sensation who’s both worked with and trained under some of the most accomplished institutions and individuals our gastronomic world can catalog, Chef Santiago Gomez of Brickell seaside eatery Cantina La 20 has an interest in all things culinary that began in the most unlikely place: The rustic routes of an accomplished seafood delivery service. Originally only peeking in at the deft movements and salivating smells that erupted from some of Mexico City’s most innovative kitchens, Gomez knew the moment he saw the casual camaraderie and artistic effort put forth by those maestros of the mouth-watering that he wanted to be a part of.  “Working as a delivery man for a seafood company showed me and taught me so much about the value of excellent ingredients,” says Gomez, who also heads up fast-casual runaway hit Tacology. “It taught me that there’s really no substitution for quality, and that good relationships are essential for any successful kitchen.” Now gearing up for another successful season curating his restaurant menus, Gomez is rather tight-lipped about what specific items we could come to expect. He does, however, offer a few tantalizing tidbits. “You’ll definitely see some great new plates and drinks coming out as the season turns, especially a lot of stuff inspired by Mexican street food, with a strong emphasis on seasonal ingredients,” he says. “As far as how that’s actually going to look on the plate, you’re just going to have to come and see for yourself!”