Power Plates

Much more than simply a meal with mentors and peers, the business lunch can still be the site of some of the most important managerial movements in entrepreneurial history

Socially Seasoned

A middle-of-the-road option between ornate dinner party and the classic Miami all-nighter, introducing cocktail parties into your social milieu can be a powerful springboard for professional and personal development. Below, we give you a few top tips for planning the perfect spirit-focused soiree.

Gaucho Gastronomy

Steak Brasil was founded 5 years ago with the purpose of supplying Downtown Miami with a new alternative for delicious international fare. Today, they are one of the largest gastronomic centers in the region and are among the Top 10 restaurants as rated by their discerning clientele.

Secret Den

The new catchphrase of Miami VIP’s and visionaries is “Close The Deal At The Den” — and we’ve got the inside scoop on this top-secret space.

Dine In Private

A private dining room can be an amazing alternative to a formal meeting room, boardroom or hosting a large party at home.They’re less pressured and allow the host to socialize without stress or distractions in a beautiful setting.


Old-School Cool

A brotherhood based on the age-old values of honor, family and fair dealings, the Gentlemen’s Journal brings heritage, respect, integrity, leadership, compassion and understanding to the way Miami does business.

Stay Savvy

A game-changer in the field of female health, Miami-based entrepreneur Marilyn Days’ Luminous Pink self breast-examination tool is an essential (and elegant) aid to the fight against breast cancer.