Encounters w/ Brown Harris Stevens

Brown Harris Stevens held its second BHS Miami Annual Meeting at East Hotel in Brickell City Centre to celebrate the success of the firm in the Miami market 1. Brown Harris Stevens’ Miami Management Team 2. Phil Gutman 3. Jake Schrodt, Dannelle Fleites, Demi Lee Ruiz, Luis Fernandez 4. Allison Blumenthal, Will Zeckendorf, Josie Wang, Alan Kersner 5. Toni Schrager 6. Giorgio Vecci, David Vazquez, Dario Stoka 7. Carol Cassis, Stephan Burke 8. Lorraine Neuman

Encounters @ La Centrale

La Centrale officially becomes Miami’s next dining hotspot with the launch of the new Italian-themed mulit-story food hall at Brickell City Centre. — Photos by World Red Eye 1. Vincenzo Scarmiglia, Jacopo Giustiniani, Matthias Kiehm, Myca Ferrer, & Ivan Haller 2. Brian Nagy, Ghazal Yazdanparast, & Jessica Wade Pfeffer 3. Alice Garretti, Jacopo Giustiniani, Felicia Captain Kiehm, & Matthias Kiehm 4. Lorraine & Myca Ferrer 5. Ana Negri & Johnny Barros 6. Anastasia Koutsioukis, Ahmet Erkaya, & Alice Garretti 7. Amanda Harris & Bener Menguc 8. Mia Moretti & Margot 9. Allie LaSorte & Seth Browarnik 10. Domenica De Lusarreta & Anna Marzotto 11. Kelly Saks & Ria Michelle 12. Yolanda Garretti & Alice Garretti

Encounters @ New World Symphony

New World Symphony celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a special gala entitled: “Passing It On: 30 Years Of Musical Innovation.” 1. Thomas Wilhelm, Sarah Arison, Sue Kronick, Edward Shumsky 2. Jama Haley, Brian Haynes, Calyn Haley 3. John & Nancy Batchelor, The McGills 4. Lieberman & Huang 5. Jorge & Amanda Meija, Douglas Merilatt 6. Judy Weiser, Andrew & Ronni Smulian 7. Dianne & Andrew France 8. Patricia & William Kleh 9. Neisen Kasdin, Jerry Katcher 10. Lally Adames, Ira Birns, Leni Adames, Marcos Neukrichner 11. Rich Kohan, Ellie & Bruce Taub

Encounters @ Citi Taste Of Tennis

Citi Taste Of Tennis featured food prepared by leading chefs and appearances by the world’s top tennis players in the heart of Miami. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Bethanie Mattek Sands, DJ Mad Linx, Sloane Stephens, Genie Bouchard 2. Chef Adrianne Calvo, Karen Khachanov 3. DJ Mad Linx, Eugenie Bouchard, Chef Christian Quinones 4. Madison Brengle, Chef Diego Oka 5. Sascha Zverev, Isabel Landa 6. Sloane Stephens, Oliver Lange 7. Bethanie Mattek Sands, Jorge Acevedo 8. Chef Carlos Zheng, Andres Araujo 9. Chef John Mooney, Laura Culbreth 10. Tatiana Irizar, Hildebrando Saavedra 11. David Martinez, Chef Michelle Bernstein, Amanda Ghetia, Mike Mayta

Encounters w/ United Way

United Way of Miami-Dade’s giving communities hosted volunteer activities to engage with abuelitos in the community: LINC helped Southwest Social Services; and Young Leaders reunited with the residents of Robert King High Towers. 1. Roberto Torres 2. Jennifer Marques 3. Southwest Social Services Guest, Melissa Bolivar 4. Christina Pappas 5. Carlos Fausto Miranda 6. Residents of Robert King High Towers 7. Robert King High Tower Resident, Danny Alonso 8. Top: Khaleid Castelle, Robert Araujo, Michelle Setty, Gerald Grant, Ethan Creo, Randy Carballo, Junior Pena; Bottom: Elizabeth Presume, Rob Canales, Gisel Hernandez, Arkayla Ankrum 9. Southwest Social Services Guest, Rebecca Brooks 10. Elizabeth Presume, Robert Araujo, Southwest Social Services Guests w/ Rebecca Brooks, Jena Marshall, Ana Del Rio & Randy Carballo

Encounters w/ HistoryMiami

HistoryMiami Museum transformed Hialeah Park into a tropical oasis with its 2nd Annual tropical nights-themed Flamingo Ball. — Photos courtesy of HistoryMiami 1. Mendelson Family 2. Merrett Stierheim, Francis Suarez, Jorge Zamanillo 3. Bob & Adele Graham, Suzanne & Tom Gibson 4. Amanda Bonvecchio, Dalia Lagoa, Avra Jain, Natalia Cebollero, Ximena Carrazco, Laura Weinstein-Berman 5. Michael Edwards, Chris Granger, Michele Reese, Morten & Sanela Ebbeskov Jankovic 6. Susana & Michael Gold 7. Courtney Mckinight , John Brunetti, Jr., Adina Brunetti 8. Dexter Lehtinen, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Frank Fiori 9. Andy Ansin, John Shubin, Michael Fay 10. Liz & Adolfo Henriques 11. Peter & Kerrin Bermont 12. Jorge & Kiki Rovirosa, Adriana Molina, Mike Carricarte 13. Dennis & Debbie Campbell, Aldo & Ramona Busot, Barbara & Bill Reese

Encounters w/ Foss Marai

Sushiato celebrated their highly anticipated Grand Opening in Brickell where guests got a taste of the menu while sipping Foss Marai Prosecco throughout the evening. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alberth Fuentes, Alejandra Cuahonte, Nino Raviccini, Richard Contreras 2. Nino Raviccini, Sandra Mauro, Patricia Cubeddu 3. Oriana Verar, Mauxi Castillo 4. Bruno Saturno, Valentina Almeida, Giorgio Saturno 5. Emilia Ruesta, Maru Michelena, Gaby Cubeddu 6. Carlos Ramirez, Maru Bercedo 7. Maria Margarita Amparan, Andres Pacheco 8. Hector Calero, Julia Mazza 9. Roman Garcia, Isabel Croce, Juan Croce 10. Haisha Wahnon, Francisco Varela 11. Victoria Bace, Ricardo Martinez, Ana Maldonado 12. Luis Cordero, Maria Irene Guerrero, Mase Tudela, Mattias Steiner 13. Jesus Sanchez, Carlos Cabrera, Milena Zlatarov, Ernesto Navarro

Encounters w/ Women Of Tomorrow

In partnership with SOBEWFF, Women Of Tomorrow welcomed over 100 guests to a dinner hosted by James Beard Award Winner Alon Shaya & Jose Icardi at the Delano Hotel. 1. Maria Berguiristain, Pearl Baker- Katz, Marisa Toccin Lucas, Leslie Brown, Jennifer Valoppi, Toni Roslund 2. Alan Potamkin, Dr. Brigitt Rok- Potamkin 3. Cheryl Bergenfeld, Suzy Buckley Woodward 4. Hal Lucas, Christian De Berdouara 5. Marisa Toccin Lucas, Jennifer Valoppi, Don Browne, Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Encounters w/ Agua De Coco

Agua De Coco by Liana Thomaz invited guests to shop the brand’s latest collection at Bossa Concept. 1. Carol Mello, Daia Rezende, Alessandra Cavalcante, Barbara Haddad, Naty D’Elia Benevides 2. Ana Negri, Carol Mello 3. Carla Markman, Daia Rezende 4. Ana Negri, Bianca Laselva 5. Virna Doria, Isabella Markman

Encounters @ Giuseppe Zanotti

A Giuseppe Zanotti private luncheon at Brickell City Centre welcomed philanthropists and style influencers to celebrate Dana Shear while sipping bubbles, enjoying delectable bites and shopping the gorgeous new “Endless Summer” Collection, fronted by model-of-the-moment Bella Hadid. 1. Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Nicole Lozano, Lesley Lyons, Beth Tasca 2. Carol Iacovelli, Alexa Iacovelli, Michelle Matz 3. Dana Shear, Antony Goureau, Tara Solomon 4. Linda Levy Goldberg, Vivianne Del Rio, Jillian Posner 5. Pearl Baker Katz, Nicole Lozano

Encounters @ Nautilus South Beach

Nautilus South Beach kicked off SOBEWFF Weekend with an all-you-can-eat Backyard BBQ in partnership with acclaimed New York restaurant Pig Beach Brooklyn. 1. Steve Llewelyn, Ashley Stanzione, Katie June Burton, Salvattore Del Pozo, Franco Stanzione, Spencer Friedman 2. Jessica Hirsch, Samantha Schnur 3. Sonya Hadrigan, Sam Proffitt, Natasha & Jimmy Blakeslee 4. Astrid Bavaresco, Bibiana Julian, Melina Cespedes, Megan Burgin


Next year, the Cartier LOVE Bracelet turns 50, yet its aesthetic remains as significant as when the first one appeared in the summer of 1969.

Success A Day With

While, to most, “Time to get up and make the donuts” is a folksy aphorism, for Andy Rodriguez, Amanda Pizarro and the rest of The Salty Donut crew, it’s a call-to-action. See what happens behind-the-scenes at our city savviest sugary dough den. Featuring the Salty Donut. text by Ryan Jarrell


The purveyor of one of Miami’s most iconic beverages, Carlos Blanco, Sr., of Ironbeer fame is boldly bringing the Sunshine Bottling Company into the 21st Century. Featuring Carlos Blanco, Ironbeer. Text by Ryan Jarrell


Ah, the joys of eating…the aromas, the tastes, the plating…the chewing. Below we explore some of the oft-forgotten rules of meal etiquette. Text by Ryan Jarrell

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A mainstay in the Miami mixology scene, Mario Alban of The Wharf proves there’s good reason their nautically-centered saloon is the hottest thing to hit Downtown in decades. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Kombucha Mojito.

Success Giving

From Wynwood Walls, to the halls of a hospital, Artist Miguel Paredes shares his passion and talent with the community for a greater good. Featuring Miguel Paredes. Text by Francesca Cruz,

Success Philanthropy

From a tough start as an orphaned boy in Havana to an esteemed professional that has dedicated his life to preventing domestic violence, Dr. Sergio Llanes went from dark times to a pillar of his community. Featuring Dr. Sergio Llanes, Hispanic Foundation For The Prevention of Domestic Violence, SALAD: The Hispanic Antidiscrimination League. Text by Francesca Cruz


Head and shoulders above the competition, Hagen Rottke and the rest of the dynamite staff at Miami Aerial are rewriting the way we think about real estate photography. Featuring Hagen Rottke, Miami Aerial. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Power Houses 2018

In one of the country’s most expensive municipalities, to say real estate is at a premium is an understatement. Interested in knowing more about the professionals who make living in Miami a reality, we’ve gathered some of Miami’s most successful realtors and found out just what it is that makes these titans tick. Featuring Micael Machado, Fortune International Realty, Carolina Rainer, Giovanni Caloretti, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Giulietta Ulloa, EWM Realty International, Cervera Real Estate, Nelson Rios, Daniel Gaviria & Ana Somarriba, Great Properties International, Phil Gutman, Brown Harris Stevens, Claudia Negri, Duek Realty, Israel Salabarria, Engel & Völkers Miami, Related ISG International, Lisa Lader,

Success Luxe

A cornerstone of the South Florida fine jewelry arena for a decade, Christina Termine, the brainchild behind Diamonds On The Key provides a perfect blend of extraordinary personalized customer service with cutting-edge gemological know-how. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Photos Courtesy of Christina Termine. Featuring: Christina Termine the Founder & Principal of destination shopping and by appointment-only boutique Diamonds On The Key, Diamond Diploma, Gemological Institute of America and GIA-certified diamonds.

Success A Day With

Sure, we all love frequenting Miami’s many museums, but whose job is it to invigorate our environs with expert exhibitions? To answer that question, we tail one of our city’s finest curators at the Bass Museum of Art’s opening day. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Bass Museum Of Art’s Assistant Curator Leilani Lynch, Executive Director and Chief Curator Silvia Karman Cubina.


This holiday season, why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Consider adopting one of these perfect pups from a local rescue. Also check out what Ashley Lamber of Applause Your Paws has to say about having a reactive dog. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Good Karma Pet Rescue, Paws 4 You, Ashley Lambert and Applause Your Paws.

Success Beauty

Ever eager to provide the latest and greatest for his clients, Hair By Hisham’s founder wows Miami with H-Pro Extensions. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Hair By Hisham and Jamal Shami.

Success Jewelry

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Jewelry Designer Irene Zingg was greatly influenced by the beauty of her surroundings and the tastes of her father who was a successful entrepreneur and fine jewelry collector. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Irene Zingg and Sazingg.

Success Fiesta

Awesome in the most literal sense of the word, Kaori by Walter Martino is one fashionably fusioned eatery that everyone should experience over and over again. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Art Basel, “Million Dollar Chef” Walter Martino and Kaori.

Success Salud

Regenerative Platelet Rich Plasma & Stem Cell injections can regrow ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints. These minimally invasive injections can improve performance, facilitate recovery, provide stability and even possibly prevent surgery. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Kristopher “Sean” Goddard and The Osteopathic Center.


Equal parts financial analyst and tactical trend-watcher, Chris Ferriter and the team at SoBe Promos are putting a sizzling spin on the idea of Miami-based business. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Chris Ferriter, CFO Scott Latimer, CEO Steven Kramer, SoBe Promos and Jeff Kramer CEO of groundbreaking promo provider Bullet Line.

Muralist Mashup

It’s an artform inextricably linked with democratic values, the plazas of South American cultural construct and a whole-hearted embrace of color and light. So it’s only natural it would find a home in this, the most magical of cities. Meet a curated bunch of ace artists unafraid to tackle the challenges, joys and intrigues of the modern Miami mural — no matter what their medium of choice. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Photos Courtesy of Respective Artists. Featuring: Daniel “Krave” Fila, Wynwood Walls, Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach, MTV, Greyhound, Krave Art, Magda Love, Magdalena Marcenaro, New York’s magisterial Fort Tilden National Park, Marcus Blake, Lascaux, Nice ‘N Easy, Allison Matherly, Jeffrey Noble, We Are Nice N Easy, Photo by Zachary Balber, Yuhmi Collective and Michelle & Victor Vazquez.

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Long recognizable parked behind the stick of a number of notable, nay, notorious Miami hotspots, if you haven’t met JC Sanhueza of RedBar Brickell, Lutum and El Grito, you haven’t been drinking enough. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: JC Sanhueza RedBar Brickell, Lutum and El Grito.