Not All Volunteers Are Created Equal

Every organization from The White House to your neighborhood garage sale relies on volunteers for free labor, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Check out a few ways to avoid being “that” volunteer. Text by Bill Lindsey

Generous Nature

When Pedro Capó’s family came to the U.S., they had nothing except for the clothes on their backs. They worked very hard to make El Dorado Furniture a successful enterprise and have never forgotten where they came from and how they got to where they are. Text by Sandy Lindsey Photo by Edward Leal Featuring: Pedro Capó, El Dorado Furniture, Amigos For Kids, La Liga Contra El Cáncer and International Rescue Committee.

Team Builder

As President of Momentum Marketing Group, Derek Hodes connects sponsors to events and events to sponsors, such as at the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, which builds company team spirit, camaraderie and encourages people to live a healthier lifestyle Text by Sandy Lindsey Photo by Edward Leal Featuring: resident of Momentum Marketing Group Derek Hod and the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run.


In a city deemed one of the nation’s most pricey, Miamians are well-acquainted with having to pay for the pleasure of residing in a place so magical. Imbibe below on some cocktails so costly they’ll make you thankful for rail prices. Text by Ryan Jarrell


Tassot. Kasav. Queue de Boeuf. If those words don’t make your mouth water, then you’re not living in Miami. With a rising rate of migration, readers shouldn’t be surprised if some Haitian creations soon become as commonplace as a media noche. Text by Ryan Jarrell Featuring: Tassot. Kasav. Queue de Boeuf, Piman Bouk, Chez Madame John’s and Naomi’s Garden.

Bar Tab

Spencer Taliaferro, Head Mixologist at Epic’s LILT Lounge in Downtown Miami, is a Jersey Boy from Brigantine, a small island city attached to Atlantic City, who has brought his behind-the-bar know-how to The Magic City. Text by Irene Moore Photo by Edward Leal Featuring: Spencer Taliaferro, Epic’s LILT Lounge, Brigantin and Atlantic City.

Success Esthetique

Get the Infinite touch with Claudia Sanchez and here are some few simple things you should consider before heading into the operating room. Text by Claudia Sanchez

Success Oasis

Each Officine Gullo kitchen is the result of extensive collaboration: the homeowner’s unique vision, a team of highly-skilled design experts, 3D renderings to fine-tune the process and artisans who bring the dream to life. Featuring Officine Gullo. text by Sandy Lindsey


Jorgie Ramos started in the restaurant business out of necessity. He was in commercial real estate with his father when the banks collapsed and they were left with nothing. When a friend reached out with the possibility of opening a restaurant, they scraped and hustled to buy-in and the results have been delicious. Featuring Jorgie Ramos, Barley: An American Brasserie. Text by Sandy Lindsey


As Commercial Director of Foss Marai Global, Ibrahin Hernández proudly represents the most awarded Supmanti ever and entire outstanding portfolio of superlative sparkling Italian wines of visionary entrepreneur Carlo Biasiotto. Featuring Foss Marai, Ibrahin Hernandez, Dr. Eugenio Cavallin Attias. Text by Sandy Lindsey

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In between pouring, mixing and serving up some of the best drinks in town, Toro Toro’s Adam Beech shares his inspiration for his chosen profession with a passion that’s at once contagious and completely refreshing. Featuring Adam Beech, Toro Toro, Intercontinental Miami, Diageo. Text by Irene Moore

Success Balance

Shaman, and resident healer at Faena’s Tierra Santa Healing House, Carlos J. Gomez hails from Mexico and shares purification rituals that also assist with attracting love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Faena’s Tierra Santa Healing House and Carlos J. Gomez.

Success A La Mode

A trendsetter and fashionista of the highest caliber, Irene Zingg has been gracing our fair city with her top-notch jewelry design for 30 years. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Irene Zingg, 18k Gold, 925 Silver pieces, Vogue, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar.

Dedicated Designer

As Architect and Furniture Designer for El Dorado, Tere Mattos is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the beautiful homes of Miami look their very best. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Tere Mattos and El Dorado Furniture.

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Just a sip of one of Bryan Canales’s concoctions at Bitter Truth will have you dreaming of ordering another before you have a chance to finish your first. Text by Irene Moore. Photos by Edward Leal. Featuring: Bryan Canales is the Managing Partner & Co-Beverage Director at Midtown’s newest bar, Bitter Truth and The Eye Of The Beholder.

Success Adventure

Situated between dense jungle and The Caribbean, and accentuated by a freshwater lagoon of 7 hues of blue, there’s no denying that Bacalar, Mexico, wears its title of pueblo mágico well. Text by Francesca Cruz


Our city is constantly changing, especially in the last decade. Kiko Ricote has lovingly photographed it from every angle possible — terra firma, on the water and from the sky. The result is Miami: Visually Speaking. Featuring Kiko Ricote. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Power Houses 2017

In one of the country’s most expensive municipalities, to say real estate is at a premium is an understatement. Interested in knowing more about the brokers that make living in Miami a reality, we’ve gathered some of Miami’s most successful realtors and found out just what it is that makes these titans tick. Featuring Carmen Casadella, Fortune Development Sales, Great Properties Int’, Ana Somarriba, Alexandra Escudero, Fortune International Realty, Sabine Otamendi, KAR Properties, Giulietta Ulloa, EWM Realty, Olga Monson, Thelma Elejalde, Real Estate Sales Force, Fadia Bassi, One Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Karen Elmir, The Elmir Group, J.R. Sosa Properties, Jose R Sosa, Joao Luiz Carvalho, Swire Realty, Irene Annikova,

Encounters w/ Swire Properties

Brooklyn-based band MOTHXR rocked the crowd on the S. Miami Ave. Bridge with a live performance to launch the highly anticipated partnership between Swire Properties and United Talent Agency. 1. Penn Badgley, Simon Oscroft, Clare Laverty, Darren Will & Nick Fleetwood 2. Megan Haddad & Yossi Bibas 3. Mica Einhorn & Brett Graff 4. Katrina Perez & Casey Gasinowski 5. Clare Laverty & Nick D’Annunzio 6. Tina Aguilar, Tania Llanes, Jennifer Santana & Kayla Barrera

Success Home

Get your house ready for holiday parties with Christofle fine silverware and the new Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum! Also check out some advice from The Good Housekeeping Research Institute on how to keep your house clean Text by Stacy Wynn Featuring: MOOD Collection, Christofle, Dyson, The 360 Eye Robot Vacuum and The Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

Success Balance

See what Silvia Rioja, leader in esoteric studies, has to say about aura's and how they work. Also check out some must-try tips to clear your energy. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Silvia Rioja, leader in esoteric studies.

Success At Your Best

William Shakespeare once exclaimed: How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world. Victim’s Advocate and all-around champion for women’s rights, Kattia A. Castellanos, is a prime example of that sentiment. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Kattia A. Castellans, Coral Gables Police Department’s Victim Witness Unit, J.E.C.Y Foundation Teen Dating Violence, National Crime Victims’ Rights Committee Yearly Campaign, Fundación Hispana Para La Prevención De La Violencia Domestica, Amigos Del Niño Con Cáncer and Coral Gables.

Success Esthetique

Dionne Corona, Aesthetician and the owner of Ohana Wellness & Aesthetics Center, is giving her tips on how to take care of your skin! Make sure to also check out some skincare products that are sure to give your skin an envious glow! Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Dionne Corona, Ohana Wellness & Aesthetics Center, 3Lab Super H Serum, Nordstrom, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Essence In Lotion, Goop and Goop’s Enriching Face Oil.

Success Drive

See what Fernando Torres of Advanced Auto Diagnostics has to say about dealing with a high-price exotic or European vehicle. Also check out what your car scent says about your personality! Text by Ryan Jarrell Featuring: Fernando Torres, Advanced Auto Diagnostics.

Success Metropolis

Brian Gordon is a big-name in real estate development across the Midwest, putting his personal touch on some of Chicago’s most exciting condominium complexes. His next focus? The Magic City. Text by Ryan Jarrell Featuring: Magellan Development Group, LLC, Executive VP Brian Gordon, Midtown Five, Lakeshore East Complex, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Pier 1 Imports.


Peggy Hollander, Founder & Managing Partner of The Succession Group, helps create and implement sophisticated, custom-tailored planning strategies for art collectors to frame their legacy. Text by Sandy Lindsey Featuring: Peggy Hollander Founder & Managing Partner of The Succession Group and The Succession Group.

Dealer's Dozen

We’ve curated a diverse collection of 12 Miami Artists who represent a sure bet when it comes to investing in art that any aficionado would be proud to add to their collection. Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos Courtesy of Respective Artists Featuring: Alexander Mijares, Neo- Expressionism, Mijares, Justin Bieber, Pharrell, Andres Conde, Figurative Expressionism, Conde Contemporary, Itzchak Tarkay, Pop Revolution, Technique Art Fair in Miami Beach’s Shelborne Wyndham Grand, Billy Monsalve Duffo, Realism, Gary Nader, Colombian painter Heriberto Cogollo, Eleazar Delgado, Landscape, Multimedia & Kinetic Art, MDC, Pratt Institute, Sugar Ladies, Free Ladies, Helen Kagan Ph.D, Abstract Impressionism & Expressionism, Muse & Music, Art Basel satellite Spectrum Miami, Josue Acosta, UF, Maggie Genova-Cordova, Mixed Media Painting, The Magic City, Coconut Grove Elementary, the University of Miami, Director of the Building & Zoning Department, Visione Cubana, Galleria Frascione in Florence, Italy, Phil Fung, Painting, New York, New Orleans, French Quarter, Hurricane Katrina, Raul Lopez Pomares, Functional Sculpture, Tony Mendoza, Pop Art, Calle Ocho, Troy Simmons, Mixed Media Sculpture, Houston, Jankossen Contemporary Art Gallery during Art Week, Veronica Gunnarsson and Abstract & Figurative Art.

Encounters @ Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre’s opening included an evening of events including the Saks Fifth Avenue preview and a series of musical performances, tours and announcements. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alex & Rhina Rubio, Ramona & Carlos Messore 2. Daniel Guerra, Jenny Ducre, Alirio Torrealba 3. Mayi De La Vega, Lian Oteiza, Maile Aguila 4. Maria Saavedra, Konrad Janus, Tracy Koço 5. Stephen Owens, Albina Nova, Federico Teran

Encounters @ Brickell Cit y Centre

Brickell City Centre hosted a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting with Swire President Steven Owens joined by Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez to do the honors. 1. Ribbon-Cutting Crew including Debora Overholt, Stephen Owens, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Francis Suarez, Mark Metrick & Bernardo Fort Brescia 2. Megan Haddad, Yossi Bibas, Jason Binn 3. Bernardo Fort Brescia, Laurinda Spears, Kieran Bowers 4. Tara Solomon, Stephen Owens 5. Bernardo Fort Brescia, Guy Bradley, Stephen Owens, Mayor Tomás Regalado 6. Daniel & Mayi De La Vega, Maile Aguila, Kieran Bowers

Encounters w/ ICU Baby

ICU Baby hosted a special happy hour at Conrad Hotel to support families with a critically ill newborn in our community’s Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 1. Sofia Holtzman, Elizabeth Simonton, Nichole Aldrich, Ani Buraglia, Leah Jayanetti 2. Lisa Wanderer, Lauren Barrington, Jennifer Withers, Leah Jayanetti 3. Lori Spodak, Katie Nullman, Elizabeth Simonton 4. Carolina Mazuera, Maria Valdivieso De Uster, Paulina Flores, Patricia Longman, Elizabeth Pesante 5. Antonio Lauria, Cristina Cappelletti, Magally Damiani, Claudia Heredia, Paula Perez, Iliana Fernandez 6. Kathryn DeVane Hamilton, Gavin O’Neil 7. Meche Perez-Phelan, Alejandro Perez Duque 8. Lori & Brett Spodak 9. Rima Macionyte, Harry Baxter 10. Elizabeth Simonton, Nichole Aldrich