Encounters w/ Voices For Children

The 22nd Annual Be A Voice Luncheon encouraged guests to “Transform, Inspire & Love” during the special gathering at Coral Gables Country Club. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Nelson Hincapie, Abigail Price-Williams, Michael Rosenberg, Rebeca Sosa 2. Alex Bokor, Hugo Benitez, Eduardo W Gonzalez 3. Laurie Jennings, Denise McArthur, Carlos Gimenez 4. Nelson Hincapie, Jay Shapiro, Brad Meltzer 5. Jose Fuentes, Alex Dominguez 6. Jose Pepe Diaz, Jeanette Rubio, Rebeca Sosa, Shakyiah Cargill, Sally Heyman 7. Lourdes Gimenez, Allyn Bernstein 8. Marcela Arbelsez, Miguel De La O 9. Justin Trabert, Yolanda Berkowitz, Lourdes & Carlos Gimenez, Athina Martunet, Eduardo Marturet 10. Laurence Stott, Yolanda Berkowitz

Encounters w/ Midtown Five

Midtown Five Miami hosted their first meet & greet event to showcase the offerings at the newest rental community in Midtown. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Ramon Benitez, Alejandra Weeimann, Ruben Benitez, Nayla Benitez 2. Adolfo Gil, Mario Fielder, Jeremy Yeje 3. Alejandro Castro, Oz Ureten 4. Asia Gamboa, Isaura Alegria 5. Bruno Aguirre, Eric Larzabal 6. Gabriela Arenas Trudy Castle, Michelle Jorge 7. Juan Carlos Perez, Lavinia Ana Ioana 8. Lavinia Ana Ioana, Juan Carlos Perez 9. Lucho Gautier, Flavia Tallo 10. Margarita Navarro, Anderson Vanoy

Encounters w/ The Real Deal

More than 4,500 people gathered to hear top industry experts speak on the state of South Florida’s real estate markets during The Real Deal’s latest Showcase & Forum. 1. Rodrigo Gomez, Edgardo Defortuna, Oliver Ruiz, Andres Asion, Maile Aguila 2. Craig Studnicky, Rigo Plasencia, Michael Neumann 3. Amir Korangy, Stuart Elliot, Ross Fox, Yoav Barilan 4. Anna Myakshina, Arik Zamir, Erika Galsky

Encounters w/ Pandora At Brickell City Centre

Pandora in Brickell City Centre officially opened its doors to welcome Miami’s stylish who’s who to take a sneak peek at the highly anticipated new location. — Photos by Posh Photography & Edward Leal 1. Navin Nandwani, Lavina Nandwani, Ravee Nandwani, Haresh Nandwani, Nita Nandwani, Ram Nandwani, Shalini Nandwani, Willy Zwetsloot, Andre Zwetsloot, Divya Nandwani, Jai Nandwani, Aruna Nandwani 2. Ram Nandwani, Irwin Tauber, Alex Tauber, Stephanie Tauber Feldenkreis 3. Ribbon Cutting 4. Bethany Martinez, Jessica Sotolongo, Liza Dieppa 5. Judy Vieria, Daniel Buergo, Claribel Teran 6. Navin Nandwani, Haresh Nandwani, Ram Nandwani, Andre Zwetsloot, Ravee Nandwani, Kiran Mukhi Nandwani, Amara Nandwani, Sameena Nandwani, Angela Davenport, Judy Vieria, Jai Nandwani, Anaya Nandwani 7. Anthony Spitaleri, Evelyn Torres, Ashley Garcia, Elliot Machado 8. Ericka Medina, Kristin Spainhour 9. Tracy Koço, Andre Siegel 10. Andrea Carolina 11. Judy Vieira, Angela Davenport, Emilee Szabo, Maria Velasco 12. Ravee Nandwani



Success A Day With

When one imagines the life of ultra-affluence, private at-home massages, lavish dinner parties and personal helicopters nixing the Dixie Highway’s gridlock spring to mind. Scott & Angelique Gerow of 360 Concierge & Staffing make such daydreams a reality. Featuring Scott Gerow, Angelique Gerow, 360 Concierge & Staffing. Text by Ryan Jarrell


Technology is evolving daily, check out the newest and most painless way to remove fat without surgery or downtime with Dr. John J Martin. Featuring Dr John J Martin and SculpSure. Text by Dr John J Martin and Ryan Jarrell

Success Esthetique

A smile can speak volumes without uttering a single word, Jessica Eagen, a Miami native herself, understands and values the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile. Featuring The Roads Dental Group, Jessica Eagan. Text by Jessica Eagen and Ryan Jarrell

Success Creative

When New York hospitality expert Steven Kamali was tapped for the much-anticipated Triptych Luxury Hotel in Miami, the fact that he will bring years of lavish culinary programming to the groundbreaking development straddling Wynwood, Midtown and the Design District did not go unnoticed. Featuring Steven Kamali, Triptych, Godfrey Hotel Chicago, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Four Seasons in Downtown NYC. Text by Ryan Jarrell


Pops of flamingo pink, blue ocean hues and crisp whites set the backdrop for TV personality and DIY “Queen Of Craft” Amber Kemp-Gerstel’s trés chic blog Damask Love, where craft is always in session. Featuring Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Damask Love. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila

Interior Influx

These interior design pros are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning insight and expert attention to every last detail. Featuring Mac Stopa, Poltrona Frau Group Miami, Warsaw Spire Lobby, Paige Farrey, Farrey's Lighting + Bath, Andrea Boet, California Closets, Anselmo Hernandez, El Dorado Furniture, Dominique Bonet, Lineaire Designs, LLC. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Success Metropolis

Javier Cuadros helps build cities, one building at a time, one community at a time. It is a collaborative effort between the city, the community and the development team with the goal of improving quality of life. Featuring Javier Cuadros, Hyde Midtown, The Related Group

Success Finance

Let "The Title Guy" explain to you the importance of title insurance. Featuring Glenn Asher, Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. Text by Stacy Wynn

Success Culture

If you’re a native Miamian, you’ve almost certainly been on a school field trip to The Barnacle in Coconut Grove for a day of fun, sun and learning. But visiting this local gem as an adult is quite a different experience. Featuring The Barnacle Historic State Park. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick


Little Lighthouse Foundation’s new Executive Director, Jonahtan Babicka, is shining new light on the organization’s mission to inspire caring, passionate locals to take action in the community to benefit children. Featuring Little Lighthouse Foundation, Jonahtan Babicka, Rob Sena, Aaron Resnick and Charlie Venturi, Chapman Partnership, Lotus House, Children’s Home Society, YWCA and Miami Bridge, Shavon Whitehead, The Hearts & Stars Gala, Nightmare On The Beach Halloween Bash, Lummus Park. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Immersive Views

The way we view and experience real estate has been transformed by technology and innovation. Learn how Gonzalo Navarro is visualizing projects and giving them life via fully immersive digital experiences. Featuring Gonazlo Navarro, ArX Solutions. Text by Estrellita S Sibila

Success Around Town

Getting a “Key To The City” is a meaningful distinction given to highly esteemed residents and visitors, and Jose Luis Melo of The Melo Group is one of the latest local visionaries to have received the honor. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Jose Luis Melo, The Melo Group, Melody Tower, Endless Melody, world-renowned contemporary artist Helidon Xhixha, Helidon Xhixha, City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and the Mayor of Pietrasanta, Massimo Mellegni.

September 2016

Success Drive

See what Fernando Torres of Advanced Auto Diagnostics has to say about car maintenance and why it matters. Also check out some handy items that you should never leave your garage without! Text by Stacy Wynn. Featuring: Fernando Torres, Advanced Auto Diagnostics, Lifeline First Aid and Clore Automotive.

September 2016

Success A Day With

Like a crown on a queen, a masterfully coiffed mane is the best accessory a lady can don. Lutz Karpf has the ladies lined up for fierce looks that turn heads throughout The Magic City and beyond. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Featuring: Lutz Karpf.

September 2016


Ariel Swedroe Weinberg’s bold, colorful prints are both alluring and eye-catching. This 13-year-old fashion entrepreneur is making a name for herself in the world of fashion, art and tech with Swedroe Art To Wear by Ariel. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photo by Onkei Photography. Featuring: Ariel Swedrow Weinberg, digital printing, laser cutting, LED lights, 3D printing, Design Lab Miami, Fresh Artists and Swede By Ariel.

September 2016

Style Minds

Meet a carefully curated selection of Miami fashion designers ready to have you looking your best from head-to-toe this season and beyond with collections that will make jaws drop and eyes flutter. Interviews by Estrellita S. Sibila. Selected by Jhon Jairo Santos. Photos Courtesy of Respective Designers. Featuring: Ivana Berendika, Arme De L’Amour, Rubén de Abreu, Deabreu Italy, Anibal Mestre Wong, Fabrice Tardieu, Fabrice Tardieu: Meticulously Handcrafted, Bacheler Jean Pierre, Oui Collective, Oscar Carvallo, Oscar Carvallo Paris, Stefani De La O, The Nomadic Collector, Karla Garcia and Federico & Anastasia.

September 2016

Brickell Magazine's 2016 Best Dressed

Introducing The Magic City’s Best-Dressed Photography: Nick Garcia for Blindlight Studio Interviews: Jorge Arauz Fashion Editor: Jhon Jairo Santos Makeup: Ashley Pierrette @ Warren Tricomi Studio, 4041 Collins Ave., Miami Beach Hair: Amanda Maxwell @ Warren Tricomi Studio, 4041 Collins Ave., Miami Beach Photo Assistant: Ricardo Mestre Furniture: Poltrona Frau Group Miami, 59 NW 36th St., Miami Design District; 305.576.3636; PoltronaFrauMiami.net Production: Angela Bonilla for Blindsight Studio. Featuring: Shelly Northern, ONE Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, The Miami View, Angeles Almuna Weil, Nathalie Cadet-James, Luxe Fête Event Planning & Design Studio, Stephanie Grosman, Dade Legal Aid, Cyril Bijaoui, Westside Estate Agency, Edwin Berrios, Edwin Berrios Interior Design, Evan Kluge, Epik Financial, Tom Soares and Yvel.

September 2016

Success A Day With

Ralph Rosado nixed his car for 30 days to complete a challenge that helped shed light on transit options and opportunities to help keep Miamians mobile and less car-dependent. Here’s what he learned. Featuring Ralph Rosado. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila

Success Living

Miami is undergoing a major densification, and Coconut Grove is a strong part of that urban reveal for millennials wanting to be close to the city center. Coconut Grove is a strong part of that urban revival for millennials wanting to be close to the city center. Featuring Coconut Grove Station, Grove Station Tower, Grass River Property, Tobin Cobb. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Giving

Harlan Weikle is a retired reporter and animal lover who, along with wife Nancy, co-founded Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community. Together they collect, recycle and donate wheelchairs to specially-abled dogs and animals with missing or disabled limbs, providing them with the gift of mobility and enabling them to “fly” again. Below is a poem from Weikle that embodies his passion. Featuring Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community, Harlan Weikle, Nancy Weikle.

Success Savvy

Educator and Principle, Sheila Caleo Gonzalez believes every student and every moment counts. Read on the innovative ways we're shaping the minds of the future.Text by Sheila Caleo Gonzalez and Stacy Wynn.

Wow Factor

Meet a few of Miami’s top professionals of perfection to find out how they can help you yield the best version of yourself possible — no matter what your aesthetic goals. Featuring Dr. Maribel Carbia, The Dental Studio, John J. Martin, Jr., M.D., Dr. Raul C. Gonzalez, Smile Studio. Text by Sandy Lindsey.


Monique Catoggio, CEO of Illumined Life Leadership, helps professionals and leaders illuminate their path toward mindful leadership so that they may focus their lives and energy with sufficient passion and intention. Featuring Monique Catoggio, Illumined Life Leadership. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila

Get Gorgeous

If looking your best is on your agenda this season, schedule an appointment with one of these aesthetic geniuses at some of the city’s top salons & spas to ensure all heads start turning in your direction. Featuring Bobby Barros, Ecstasy Salon Spa, Hisham Sahbane, Hair By Hisham, Vanessa Perez, mySpa at InterContinental Miami. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Encounters @ Hair By Hisham

Hair By Hisham invited guests and clients to celebrate the opening of their second location in Morningside. 1. Natalia Pereyra, Lina Montoya, Alain Hachem, Desiree Fiorentino 2. Bryan Sanchez, Erika Blum 3. Gustavo Fernandez, Maria Antonieta Isturiz 4. Carolina Mastrangelo, Christine Zenou 5. Phil Hawkins, Nynoschka Ny, Yan Diaz, Renan Garcia