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Featuring; Brian D. Stringer of Piquet Law Firm

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Featuring; Maria Marin (Zsa Zsa) of 360 Energy In Motion.

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Featuring; Brickell Travel & Club Med

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Featuring; Centro, Ana Somarriba, Monica Venegas, Brigitte De Langeron & Giulietta Ulloa

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Featuring; Baltus & Robin Annon of California Closets Miami

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Featuring; Brad W. McMorris of Arch & McMorris Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo

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Featuring; Patti Alfaro and Jay Jiggins of IronFlower Fitness


Fitness, it’s an obsession for most of us. We’re beset by the notion of getting tighter, thinner, hotter and stronger. But what is it like from a fitness professional’s perspective? Learn the concerns, pet peeves, quandaries, annoyances and what really gets under the skin of trainers and instructors so you can avoid them next time you get your sweat on.


Next time you look in the mirror, you might want to keep these professionals of perfection in mind. Their skills, expertise and reputation will help you achieve just about anything you want to improve upon inside and out. Featuring: Dr. John J. Martin Jr., Dr. Nadja A. Horst, Dr. Raul C. Gonzalez, Alex Cure-Ferreira, Maria “Zsa Zsa” Marin, Bernadette Bassiouni, William Cameron, Ken Von Roenn III, Terry Mascolo, Bobby Barros & Martha Sanchez.


Are you physically fit and attractive but unhappy? Has it occurred to you that you might be emotionally overweight or mentally lethargic? Everything in the realm of aesthetics has a shelf life, but an individual’s willpower and healthy mindset transcend. Learn how to get into your best emotional shape now.


When it comes to showing off all the assets you’ve worked so hard to achieve this season, remember that your wardrobe is as important as the skin you’re in. Photography: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio;


Waxmee Salon & Spa is a one-stop shop where affordability does not affect quality for clients who demand the best but can still be impressed by finding it at reasonable prices.


If you believe the clothes make the man, then it’s time you take a look at these stylish wardrobe options created with Miami’s fashion-forward gents in mind. Photography: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Fashion Styling: Vittorio Strommillo for Añel Sartoria


How do you stand out in a field of glittering diamonds? In the case of Freddy’s: The Certified Diamond Store, being known as the place “Where South Florida Gets Engaged” is just the start. The rest has to do with cut, clarity, color, carats and confidence.


Despite technology (or maybe because of it) we seem to put in longer hours at the office and at home than ever before. The following luxury toys will help you get the most out of increasingly precious leisure time.


The Palm Beaches have long been a place where the sophistication of yesteryear and the intrigue of modern luxuries collide in harmonious delight all year round.


Featuring; Stephanie Rotuna & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Encounters w/ Network Crawl

This year’s Brickell Summer Network Crawl was a huge success for all involved with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Make-A-Wish. 1. Claudia Cruz, Karen Maldonado 2.Alejandro Porras, Chris Camacho 3. Ancel Sitton, James Irwin 4. Oriana Corrales, Giselle Carratala 5. Ashley Nast, Rickey Patel 6. Brando & Paula Janvion 7. Said Shehadeh, Reynaldo Tefel 8. Tachiana Gunness, Gian Galliani

Encounters @ WaxMee Salon & Spa

WaxMee Salon & Spa recently hosted a glamorous celebration in honor of their clients filled with drinks, food, music, fun and lots of giveaways. 1. Sylvia San Gil, Jeannie Sobalvarro 2. Gustavo Cagiao, Natalie Nunez 3. Darlene Luna, Tomeko Klein w/ Buddha 4. Gustavo Cagiao, Yvette Natalie Ambert 5. David Luke, Mari Carreras 6. Fredi Soto, Maria Mariana 7. Joana Roldan, Matthew Aylward 8. Jesus Manuel & Liliana Carmenate 9. Mari Carreras w/ Gaston 10. Juliette Iglesias, Yubita Makeira 11. Maria Echevarria, Marta Sanchez 12. Sylvia San Gil, Jeannie Sobalvarro, Natalie Nunez 13. Bruna Canto 14. Yaslin Luna, Chris McCray 15. Sonia Navarro, Maria Mariana 16. Jesus Manuel Carmenate, David Luke 17. Darlene Luna, Natalie Nunez 18. Vivi Santisteban, Mari Carreras

Encounters @ Four Seasons Miami

Women and doctors gathered for a session of straight talk about health including disease prevention, fertility, anti-aging and sexual desire. 1. Dr. Adrian Del Boca, Melissa Hernandez, Dr. Enrique Vazquez-Vera 2. Anne Romero, Jennifer Rodriguez, Sonia Pastor 3. Alexandra Llaneo, Fatima Lalani 4. Francoise Tremblay, Lorraine Zocchi 5. Christine Tormey, Vanessa Conde 6. Dr. Julio Gallo, Jeanine Morrisette 7. Claudia Rosete, Ariana Roman

Encounters w/ The Related Group

The Related Group celebrated the groundbreaking of BeachWalk in Hallandale Beach, a new luxury condominium that is already over 80% reserved. 1. Official Groundbreaking of BeachWalk 2. Egozi, Gardner, Cascio, Trujillo, Fordin, Pine, Santamaria, Negrin 3. Milton Garcia, Jr., Merav Egozi, Milton Garcia 4. Aida Sasson, Helena Fordin 5. Gloria Marin, Beatrice Guancace 6. Mathy Garcia Chesnick, Anna Uribe, Juliana Tobon, Perla Machaen 7. Carlos Rosso, Anthony Sanders, Alexander Lewy, Joy Cooper, Eric Fordin, Jorge Perez 8. Merav Egozi, Wendy Pine, Courtney Gardner, Jorge Perez, Beatriz Santamaria, Cari Cascio

Encounters w/ Brickell Magazine

Brickell Magazine’s Top 20 Professionals Under 40 celebrated at Four Seasons Miami with drinks, loaded goodie bags and plenty of networking opportunities. 1. Al Levy & Michelle Levy, Jessica Levy Kiibler, Richard Kiibler 2. Emilia Vuorisalmi, Roderick Dudley, Betty Klein, Brad McMorris, Eva Rehnstrom 3. Alex & Mia Fraser 4. Tracy Koço, Ginnette Velasquez, Betty De Aragon 5. Margie Godoy, Dr. Armando Paz, Dr. Lisa Paz 6. Jorge & Ana Ordonez 7. Rebekah & Aaron Brooks 8. Alexander Avila, Martin Melo, Alexis Cubilla 9. Marilyn Vazquez, Erbi Blanco-True 10. Angela Bonilla, Nick Garcia, Annie Fernandez, Juan Davila 11. Antonio Lima, Esther Lima, Tony Lima 12. Sabina Covo, Yolu Cuello 13. Gretchen Serrao, Nico Garibotti 14. Fernando Dasilva, Esther Arias 15. Christopher Harrell, Cecilia Slesnick, Don Slesnick III 16. Marcel & Sandra Sheenker 17. Laura Fernandez, Natasha D’Souza, Mariel Sucre, Karina Alvarez 18. Michal Bibr, Veronica Lepere, Erika Pinzenik, Stylianos Vayanos 19. Melissa Tapanes Llahues w/ family 20. Gianluca Fontani, Jenny Pimentel 21. Amy Adorno Cunill, John Cunill 22. Tracy Koço, Deniece Williams 23. Carolina Coulson, Karen Morales 24. Veronica Lepere, Yan Leake, Erika Pinzenik 25. Brent Palmer, Sharon Ellis Palmer 26. Kevin Diemar, Garrett Grossberg, Teresa & Chad Howett 27. Matthew Gruber, Abbigail Webb, Sarah Elles Boggs, Bridget Dadd, Joshua Emory 28. Daniela Nogueira, Gustavo Nogueira 29. Jaime Montalvan, Diana Shay 30. Tracy Koço, Gwanda Passmore 31. Alain Farah, Maria Esther Quintana 32. Ginette Velasquez, Vittorio Strommillo

Encounters w/ Terra Group

Terra Group celebrated the groundbreaking of Grove At Grand Bay with a ceremony and private reception to mark construction of the project, heralded as the most significant residential development in Coconut Grove in over a decade. 1. Bjarke Ingels, David Martin, Marc Sarnoff, Raymond Jungles 2. Barbara Basti, Adam Huges, Mark Schmidt, Julian Martin 3. Alicia Lamadrid, Alicia Cervera 4. Camile Caputo, Nino Bernetti 5. David Haller, Sismai Roman 6. Juliana Pereira, Fernanda Barros, Mariana Lima 7. Lia Arteaga, Debra Ventura, Jenny Ortiz, Sandra Ramos 8. Melissa Polka, Hadley Henriette, Carmel Dubuque

Encounters w/ R.E.A.L Awards

The 3rd Annual South Florida R.E.A.L Awards highlighted Real Estate Achievers & Leaders who have achieved success in the field while also being leaders in the community. 1. Alicia Cervera & Husband 2. Tracy Koço, Alexandre Piquet 3. Cristiano Piquet & Guest 4. Mirielle Enlow, Silvia Martin 5. Nicole Gutierrez, Javier F. Avino 6. Lisette Alvarez, Francis Picard 7. Stephanie Zimmerman, Daniel Palacio, Kyra Hickman, Richard Denis 8. Carmen More, John Parsiani, Paulie Hankin 9. Monica Garcia, Susie Glass, Anuca Valverde, Julie Alvarezand, Nina Giambalvo 10. Adriana Pinto Torres, John Parsiani, Tracy Ferrer, Thais Navarro, Alberto Navarro 11. Sharon Ellis, Brent Palmer 12. Debi Quade, Paul McRae 13. Alicia Lamadrid, Jesse Ottley 14. Alexis Vrba, Keith Darby, Kaila Mardoyan 15. Alicia Lamadrid, Paulie Hankin, Jessica Juliao 16. Guests networking 17. Florence Saade, Duff Rubin, Arline Silver 18. Cecilia Alvarez, Ivet Ortega, Victoria Brinkley

Encounters @ 500 Brickell

Juliana Rojas presented her new Gabbita Swim Collection at 500 Brickell along with special guest Sol Filippi Jewelry, winner of MFW 2013 Excellence & Accessories Award. 1. Carolina Betancourth, Sol Filippi 2. Alejandra Garcia Hernandez, Carolina Lindo Yanochka Poly 3. Paola Filippi, Tiffany Azmouz 4. Juliana Rojas 5. Jina Chavis, Sol Filippi 6. Kelly Monsalve 7. Isabella Braschi, Carmen Elena EganÌfez 8. Carolina Betancourth, Sol Filippi, Juliana Rojas, Edimir Useche

Encounters w/ Echo Aventura

Echo Aventura hosted a roundtable to discuss South Florida’s real estate market and what developers have planned. 1. Philip Spiegelman, Stuart Posner, Deborah Posner, Craig Studnicky 2. Kevin Maloney, Gil Dezer, Avra Jain, Carlos Rousso, Eric Trump 3. Gabrielle Kolevris Roots, Michael Chackman, Rachel Levy 4. Ana Tajes, Carlos Ott 5. Dailyn Falcon, Tammy Britton 6. Adrianne Hartman, Ned White, Zenaida 7. Virginia Balcazar, Christian Fernandez, Senja Alexeeva, Franco Tommasi, Baleria Wasstede 8. Patricia Hoyos, Jessica Levy Kiibler, Veronica Escobedo, Gabrielle Kolevris Roots 9. Andrea Conti, Maria Rosales 10. Dean Isenberg, Bonnie Isenberg, Seth Kaufman 11. Marcela Montoya, Martha Cardona 12. Sofia Allam, Hector Silva, Michelle Eiller 13. Mr. & Mrs. David Shear, Ryan Shear 14. Richard Greenfield, Ana Tajes, Ysella Roberts 15. Ross Fox, Stuart Elliott 16. Mairily Gonzalez, Yolanda Neitzert 17. Christine Martinez De Castro, Yenesia Rodriguez, Ana Erviti, Tere Garcia 18. Steve Fortner, Sarah Fortner, Hernan Gleizer, Fernando Alpern

Encounters w/ Douglas Elliman

Douglas Elliman’s Leadership Retreat kicked off at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne and featured managers and top-producing agents touring exclusive properties throughout South Florida. 1. Douglas Elliman Team 2. Jorge Alonso, Adriana Pintos, Tracy Ferrer, Dean Bloch 3. Sarah Burke, Amy Kane 4. Howard Margolis, Toni Haber 5. Oren & Tal Alexander 6. Steven James, Marisela Cotilla, Ed D’Ambrosio 7. Vincent Santoro, Senada Adzem, John Gomes 8. Mike Constantine, Camilla Papale, Stephen Kotler, Yuval Greenblatt

Encounters w/ Rilea Group

Rilea Group recently unveiled The Bond @ 1080 Brickell, a new 323-unit luxury tower located in the heart of Miami’s Brickell Financial District. 1. Cervera Real Estate The Bond Sales Team 2. Alan Ojeda, Paulie Hankin, Jesse Ottley 3. Ali Lamadrid, Alicia Cervera, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid 4. Susan Trevisa, Sonia Gerald 5. Susie Glass, Alexie Elfmont 6. T.J. Sabo, Fernanda Alonso, Ramon Alonso 7. Allie Schwartz, Cameron Cervera, Kelly Penton Chacon 8. Russell Yellin, Tomas Hoffman