Fine ARTchitecture

Sculptural, geometric and voluminous silhouettes merge alongside the abstract elements of paintings, artist installations and special collections at PAMM. Featuring Nick Garcia of Blindlight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Alumna Weil and Location by PAMM

Portraits of Excellence

Meet a few of the key players around town working to make sure that this year’s Art Week festivities entice, entertain and evolve tastes in the arts live never before. Featuring Thomas "Thom" Collins, Director of PAMM; Nick Korniloff, Director of Art Miami; Philip Levine, Mayor of Miami Beach and Art Basel Epicenter; Diego Costa Peuser, Chairman and Executive Director of Pinta Miami Art Fair; Nina Torres, Founder and Executive Director of Miami River Art Fair; Rodman Primack, Executive Director of Design Miami; and Katherine Hinds, Curator of Margulies Collection @ The Warehouse

Charming Incognito

To become daring & bold with clothes is not an option, it is an inherent instinct that can be awakened in each and every one of us this season and beyond. Featuring nick Garcia for BlindLight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos and Angeles Alumna Weil.

Lifestyle Rising

SLS LUX Brickell elevates an international standard of living and draws in a clientele seeking the premium lifestyle the residential project has to offer.

The Art of Collecting

What you can’t articulate, allow art to do for you — it’s never too late or too soon to start your very own art collection. To help you in that measure, we’ve gone to the experts: International & Miami-Based Artists, Dealers, Collectors, Interior Designers & Appraisers to better understand the purpose and process of art and art collecting.

Sparkle Impact

Meet a few of South Florida’s most savvy jewelers and discover what it really means to invest in a piece that makes anyone who looks your way mouth “WOW” “WHOA” and “WAY TO GO” — because half the fun of wearing a jaw-dropping piece is watching jaws drop. Featuring Felipe Lopez from Morays Jewelers, Howard Steinlauf from Freddy's: The Certified Diamond Store and Christina Termine from Diamonds On The Key.

Inner Necessities

Sad, happy, up, down — it doesn’t matter. Art will always be the BFF that helps usher you in to a totally new mindset. Because, let’s face it: Life’s a rollercoaster, and art is the perfect inspiration

Artsy Intimidations

December in Miami is colored with a diverse palette of artistic happenings and events. From Art Basel to wearable art, the scene is filled with fun for all the senses. Navigate the scene effortlessly without making any of these missteps along the way.


Meet the men and women who are shaping the future of business with every handshake, transaction and bottom line. The passion, attitude, outlook and savvy they all share has yielded an ingrained need to succeed no matter what the consequences. Featuring Angela M. Cochran from Charles Schwab, Brian D. Stringer from Piquet Law Firm and Manuel Vidal from Premium Finance Group.


Michael Gray was born to be a creative being. The diverse artist sees the world through a unique perspective that is at once thought-provoking and inspirational.

Bar Tab

Nicole Morales is not a mixologist, bar chef or cocktail chemist. She’s a professional bartender who practices her craft with blinding Bruce Lee speed, but also takes the time to give guidance. Featuring Wood Tavern and Diageo.

Success Fiesta

Wine labels are more than a brand name and a drawing of a Château. It’s an explanation of what’s going on in the bottle and protects consumers from making costly mistakes. Unfortunately, the code isn’t uniformly applied, but there are key words to look for that will help you make sense of it all. Featuring Martle Holdings LTD.

Success Connoisseur

Gyu-Kaku Brickell is best known for social dining; however, the Japanese BBQ restaurant recognizes that lunch has to be close, cost-effective and as any busy professional will tell you — quick.

Success Timepieces

Diamonds are a girls (and guys!) best friend, and this holiday season if you’ve been nice (or maybe just a bit naughty) Santa might leave one of these glitzy timepieces in your stocking.

Success Esthetique

Dazzle everyone you encounter during your night out on the town by indulging in these top-notch spa services that are sure to get you beautified and re-energized for whatever big event is on your calendar.

Success Auto

As the Audi Brand Specialist at The Collection, Luciano Ros develops relationships and sells dream cars to clients who come back to say “hello,” have an espresso and get new cars year after year.

Success Metropolis

Oceana Key Biscayne and Oceana Bal Harbour allow Eduardo Costantini to create masterpieces that elevate the community and improve the world around us by exposing art in public places.

Success Giving

There’s perhaps no greater gift on Earth than to see a child smile when the spirit of the season yields gifts they never imagined possible. Amigos For Kids is on a mission to make sure as many kids as possible in the community get that experience.

Success Oasis

Art Basel is all about artists, collectors, galleries, curators...and Armani/Casa Miami! Also the Robby Lamp from Artefacto offers a signature style sure to fit anyone. Finally, Pantone truly understands the ever evolving preferences and lifestyles unique to each client, check out their cool colors!

Success Entertainment

Julia Price’s combination of raw ability and Spartan discipline propelled her from the gymnasium to the springboard as part of UM’s competitive Dive Team, all while keeping a firm grip on her first love: music.

Success The Arts

For years, Banco do Brasil S.A., the leading financial institution in Brazil, has been investing heavily in the arts and entertainment sectors of their commercial hubs. Now in Brickell, its subsidiary, Banco do Brasil Americas, is capitalizing on Miami’s art market and you’re invited to reap the rewards.

Success Investments

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice art lover, these expert tips will yield a collection that will make sure your investment is one that you’ll be proud of no matter what medium, genre or style you prefer.

Success Salud

There’s nothing more embarrassing that living with bad breath, but fortunately, you don’t have to. Here are a few natural remedies that will kick halitosis to the curb. Also Dr. Irene Marron-Tarrazzi could help you make a great first impression after she's done giving you a killer smile.

Success Real Estate

Aria On The Bay is set to break architectural ground in mid-2015. Also Related Group's ONE Paraiso is sure to have heads turning in Miami's East Edgewater neighborhood. Additionally, prime properties by Giulietta Ulloa, Stephan Hermida, Ana Somarriba, Elizabeth Alberty

Success Balance

When life demands are busting at the seams, check in with yourself with these free and simple stress-easing strategies.

Success Drive

If driving is that part of the day you most savor, you need something far removed from a mundane grocery-getter. May we present the Aston Martin Vanquish, a vehicle that generates ferocious levels of luxurious performance.

Success Finance

Sande Taylor, MBA, VP – Sr. Financial Consultant for Charles Schwab offers financial advise for topics that should be on everyone’s mind.

Success Bon Voyage

Globetrotting mother/daughter duo Olga & Cristina Mas enjoy much more than pretty vistas on their yearly sojourns, showing that world travel can yield more than what the tour books might lead you to believe.


Dan & Karthryn Mikesell are contributing as much as they can to help evolve the art world locally and abroad thanks to their vision for The Fountainhead Residency and all the inspiration it brings.


Table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, recessed fixtures, exterior options...the many ways to illuminate a home can seem overwhelming at times. Here are a few outstanding options in a world of wonderful design. Featuring, El Dorado Furniture, Armani/Casa Miami, Adriana Hoyos, and Internum & Design.