Featuring: Noel Johnson, Alexandra Goeseke Cervera, Michael Laas, Evelyn Torres, Ouali Benmeziane, Gianira Sifuentes, Raymundo Antomarchi, Veronica Escobedo, Monique D. Hayes, Kubs Lalchandani, Brian P. Beraha, Danielle Vidal, Jack Balayla, Rachel Cardello, Ana Rivera, David Martin, Andrea Salazar, Hector Antunez, Aubrey Aquino & Estrellita Sibila

Oblique Sharpness

Angular lines and architecture combine with sharp tailoring and minimalistic details that feature a classic touch within an extensive color palette showcasing timeless masculine looks. Featuring: Lanes of South Miami & Saks Fifth Ave


Life will meet art at The Edge On The River, a streamlined luxury residential tower with 600-ft. tall exterior murals illuminated from within. Miami’s first art boutique design building is on its way and ready to welcome you home in style.


Grabbing a bite at Spaghettino in Brickell is a must for anyone in search of traditional down-home goodness wrapped up in a modern backdrop filled with customers who always come back for seconds.

Constructivist Minimalism

Sharp lines and geometry depict the meaning of minimalism with soft layers that own simplicity and capture the beauty and elegance of an exceptional season’s wardrobe. Featuring: Saks Fifth Ave & Capetto Shoes

Timeless Gifts

We see the same problem every Mother’s and Father’s Day, children furrowing their brow in front of the display cases trying to figure out what to buy. To ensure satisfied and grateful parents this year, I’ve scoured the world of Horology to bring you the hottest trends in fine watches. Featuring Morays Jewelers

Steps Beyond

Miami luxury real estate firm Opulence International Realty emerged from acclaimed South Florida Opulence Magazine and CSI International, a property management firm with an impeccable track record managing elite properties around town.

Bar Tab

Featuring: Beily Santos of Clevelander & Diageo

Socially Speaking

Picking your friends wisely is just part of the equation when it comes to your social network and the individuals who surround you in life and online.

Golden Moments

From the Amazon Basin to the banks of the River Guaiba in Porto Alegre — a total of 12 cities across Brazil are playing host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup this summer.

Furniture Dynasty

When the family behind Floridian Furniture arrived to Miami in 1966, they decided to enter into the furniture business in the hopes of offering well-made pieces for the home and office at an honest price.

Success At Your Best

Featuring: Dr. John J. Martin

Success Real Estate

Featuring: Fortune International Realty, David Pulley, Hernan Golod, Giulietta Ulloa & Martha Dajer

Success Savvy

Featuring: FIU

Success Creative

Featuring: AC Fine Art

Success Menu

Featuring: Antuan Rodriguez & Motto Japanese

Success Connoisseur

Featuring: Segafredo Brickell & Porfirio Restaurante

Success Oasis

Featuring: Adriana Hoyos

Success Finance

Featuring: John Cunill of The Law Offices Of Adorno-Cunill & Damas P.L.

Success Bon Voyage

Featuring: Epic Road

Success Law

Featuring: Piquet Law Firm


Featuring: KMP Furniture, Spazio Di Casa, The Rug Company, Saccaro-USA


Featuring: Javi Zayas


Smartphone Cappuccino - TopBrewer

Encounters w/ Echo Brickell

Echo Brickell hosted a Havana Nights-themed event for their brokers with mojitos live entertainment and cigarrolling to celebrate the project being over 70% sold out. 1. Juan Carlos Pardo, Ricardo Esterazulas, Rafael Peluffo, Sergio Pintos, Philip Spiegelman 2. Arthur Costa, Jorge Bononi, Guillermo Caballero, Alexander Pacchiele 3. Philip Spiegelman, Craig Studnicky 4. Carmen B., Llano White, Natalie Brabner 5. Mauricio Uribe, Liliana Pardo 6. Deborah Golden, Ysla Roberts, Barbara Smith 7. Juliana Gutierrez, Ana Mondelo, Claudia Rubio, Amelia Courtney, Lorenza Loyola 8. Ana Tajes, Rafael Peluffo, Rosanne Greaves

Encounters @ Segafredo Brickell

The Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida held a successful networker at Segafredo in Brickell, bringing together great minds. 1. Richard Robles, Erica Ramos, Stephen Millan 2. Nicholas Rossoletti, Veronica Diaz 3. Juan Vidal, Ines Battistini 4. Rudwin Ayala, Gabriel Alonso 5. John Katsoulis, Vanessa Morelli 6. Patrick vilar, Nils Silva, Jose Gautier 7. Nich, Yesenia Collazo, Oscar Enriquez 8. Gyna Herrera, Edgar Fontanez 9. Kira Grossman, Veronica Diaz, Yesenia Collazo 10. Ingrid St. John, Gus Acevedo 11. Eric Armenteros, Greg Saldamando 12. Moises Ariza, Enrique Llerena 13. Lina Vallejo, John Cuartas 14. Kira Grossman, Arthur J. Jones 15. Yamileth Perreira, Patrick Rojas 16. Gabriel Alonso, Yesenia Collazo, Richard Robles, Erica Ramos, Nicholas Rossoletti

Encounters @ MIFF

Celebrities and film lovers gathered for this year’s Miami International Film Festival screenings and festivities. 1. Eduardo Padrón, Anne Hathaway 2. Beach Day Band 3. Nacho Vigalondo, John Leguizamo 4. Raymond DeFelitta, Andy Garcia 5.Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer 6. John Turturro, Jaie Laplante 7. Eduardo Marturet, Athina Marturet

Encounters w/ Diageo

The Swirlwind Wine Tour brought together excited wine aficionados and passionate winemakers at Viceroy’s Rooftop Lounge. 1. Suzy Long, Vicki Greist 2. Robin Annon, Tracy Koço 3. Juan Diaz, Jorge Arella 4. Gary Millwood, Samuel Halpern 5. Jeff Wooheater, Lisa Holroyd 6. Alexandria Grilleo, Miltiadis Kastanis, Ashley Brooke Carroll 7. Larry Tarutis, Emily O’Connor, JR Hernandez 8. Patricia Roach, Katya Ivanko 9. Marc Schlossberg, Lori Tagliarina 10. Lee Balgobir, Jose Barrios 11. Pius Prospere, Sophie Eristhenos 12. Maritza Sololongo, Maria Milian 13. Nate & Lisa Lyman 14. Steve Lachowicz, David Gardner 15. Sam Juarez, Heather Navickas 16. Patricia Roach, Alex Marshall 17. Jenny Brindell, Joely Blanton

Encounters w/ Starlit Designs

Starlit Designs hosted a Little Ladies Grand Opening Carnival to benefit the Frank Mejia Angeles Guerrero USA Foundation 1. Jaylinn Diaz, Carolina Sandoval 2. Lizbeth Catin, Ashly Alvarez 3. Luis Fernandez, Heidy Canavaciolo 4. Giancarlo Cunis, Leslibeth Cunis 5. Damian Pastrana, Jose Carlos Bermejo 6. Aracelis Cohen, Chalin Delos Santos 7. Roberto Martinez, Suchail Martinez 8. Leslibeth Cunis, Mirta Garcia, Ashly Alvarez

Encounters @ Seasalt And Pepper

The always-bustling Seasalt And Pepper welcomes guests to enjoy Ibiza Sessions in addition to extensive menu options all week long. 1. Frederique Leveque, Tatiana Bogdanova, Patricia Acra 2. Alex jaimes, Carlos Miranda, Yunexy Eloy 3. Yudy Alejandra Lopez, Fabio Ortiz 4. Valerie Rodriguez, Chanel Ibanez 5. Valerie Cardenas, Dayana Higgins 6. Peter Blacker, Andres Santiago, Alex Jaimes, Luis Gonzalez 7. Stephanie Tisch, Danielle Laydevant, Ciara Egan, Iva Kosovic 8. Lindsay Mateo, Magali Juarez, Julie Anderson, Tammy Sales 9. Hope Gainer, Kim Pham, Rochelle Holness 10. Nicolle Mailal, Kelly Nelson 11. Vanessa Rodriguez, Monica Mailal 12. Tara Doria, Christina Kesaris 13. Ysmelys Hernandez, Janet Gorguis 14. Yania Olavaria, Andres Santiago, Joanna Pena 15. DJ Bruno, Pierre Zonzon 16. Thierry Chevalier, Jean Philipe Bernard