Featuring Adorno, Damas & Associates, F.I.U


Featuring Scan Design, Brigitte de Langeron, Ana Somarriba, Brigitte Nachtigall, Cindy Suarez


Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Rik Rak Salon

Entrepreneur -

Featuring Giselle Mas

Professional Ascent -

The elevator pitch, the introductions, the handshakes. Sometimes it takes an entire village to kick-start a career. We scoured the neighborhood to bring you some organizations that’ll keep you in the loop as you climb the corporate and social ladders.

Up & Down -

This sprawling multilevel waterfront townhome at Jade Brickell promises breathtaking views, tons of comfort and enough space to sit back and take in every luxurious moment this place has to offer.

Aces -

Featuring Philip Wynne, Josie Legido Correa, Daniel Baez, Charmaine Campbell

Let's Get Social -

Featuring Jonathan McCann of Atrio Restaurant at Conrad, Matthias Kammerer & Elizabeth Barlow of Canyon Ranch Miami, Donatella Arpaia & Michael Psilakis of Eos at Viceroy, Steven Perricone & Roger Berrios of Perricones, Cristoforo & Giada Pignata of Puntino, Joao Oliveira of Zucchero, Diego Aleman & Jose Solis-Camara of 100% Natural.

9 to 5

Join us on a stylish eight-hour adventure through the concrete jungles of Brickell with a working girl who likes to dress the part on and off the clock, no matter what the occasion.

Pretty in the City -

When it comes to beauty, Trini of Trini in Private Salon & Spa dominates. From several established salons throughout South Florida to a couple of new ventures with L’Oréal, it seems glamour has found a new home with Trini — and the best part is everyone wins.

Around the World -

Relish in a sneak peek of life aboard The World and begin to plan your adventure traveling the globe with all of the comforts of home at your fingertips inside the planet’s most exclusive residential vessel at sea.

Encounters @ Avat Gallery -

Avant Gallery and Fabulous Miami hosted a cocktail reception celebrating the exhibition finale of the Summer Pop Art Series with a special tribute to The King of Pop. 1. Steven Shapiro , Jodi Davidovic,Jeanine Dronsick, Fabiola Castro & Dmitri Prut 2. Alexandra Aguirre, Jack London & Sylvie Robert 3. Alex German, Giada & Cristoforo Pignata 4. Leonardo Hidalgo & Christine Michaels 5. Karen Anderson & Stefan Rosen 6. Lourdes Bathard, Judee Bathard & Brice Callins 7. Ronald & Eileen Piper 8. Jany Johnson & Mike Trainer 9. Susanne Salhab & Kimberly Erwin 10. Alejandro Vigilante, Violeta de la Serna & Lucacz Opalanski

Encounters w/ Brickell Magazine -

Brickell Magazine’s “Top 20 Under Forty” and “Dressed For Success” cover guys and gals joined Photographer Jose Amigo to celebrate the iconic covers that graced the summer editions of the magazine. After the party, it was announced that the “Top 20 Under Forty” cover earned a 2009 Gold Ink Pewter Award! There’s a lot to live up to next year! 1. Alex Avila, Marah Caban, Lesley Hernandez & Jorge Arauz 2. Alexis Knapp, Chanel Caton, April Donelson, Jessica Cristobal, Dana Rhoden 3. Astrid Mota & Maya King 4. Andres Hernandez, Johanna Cure, Juanma Serrano 5. Carlos & Claudia Sanz 6. Marcia Martinez, Liza Walton, Claudia Miyar and Cristobal Gonzalez 7. Candace Vassillion and Michael Falsetto 8. Carol Francischini, Cristiano Piquet, Leticia Wiermann and Taina Rhay 9. John Cunill & Amy Adorno 10. Andres Hernandez, Johanna Cure, Isa Zapata, Jared Gelles & Vicky Echeverri 11. Alejandro Polania & Alex Avila 12. Mario & Jessica Cristobal, Yasmani Cabrera & Anthony Mozzicato 13. Dean Dupit & Jorge Arauz 14. Dean Wood, Stephanie Mogol Wood & Javier Maudet 15. Jose Amigo 16. Jillian Lobato & Gabriel Navarrete 17. Kenneth Coto & Candace Vassillion 18. Kevin and Gisell Cahill 19. Laura San Nicolas, Kate Benson & Sam Trotter 20. Lorena Coyle & Isa Zapata 21. Yudelka Rosario, Sheila Bokstein, Alejandro Polania and Kenia Rosario 22. Javier Maudet & Patricia Rivadeneira

Encounters @TechnoMarine

TechnoMarine joined forces with Cosmopolitan En Español at The Setai on Miami Beach for Summer Splash, an afterparty for “Premios Juventud” showcasing the hottest swimwear trends. PHOTOS BY ALEX BUDENZ 1. Julio Cesar Nicolini 2. Samuel Morjain, Moses Morjain & Jackie Morjain 3. Marines Duarte 4. Front Management 5. Liliana Zamudio & Gustavo Rivera 6. Claudia Castilla 7. Vivian Nunez, Liliana Zamudio & Julie Kling 8. Vivian Nunez & Alex Fernandez

Encounters @ Epic -

OMG! Who knew the lure would be so intense? Hundreds showed up to The River Lounge at Epic for the highly anticipated launch of new private online social club catering to networking professionals of all ages. Drinks, food and dozens of raffled goodies kept guests entertained. At the end of the evening, everyone left a winner. 1. Carolina Baca, Leonardo Hidalgo, Susy Navarro & Alexandra Aguirre 2. Rodrigo Games & Juan Carlos Escobar 3. Meghan Schwartz & Laura Gottlieb 4. Alex German & Kristina Harmon 5. Fabiola Castro & writer Dr. Adam Golden 6. Olga Rogova & Olga Reidy 7. Rita Dargham, Liana Montealegre, Walter Zawistowski & Lynn Christ 8. Jackson Williams, Emily Joy, Jennifer Easter & Gabriella Macias 9. Marco Baca, Latin por artist “Karaat”, Lupita Peterfy & Hannelore Schmid

Encounters @ Viceroy -

The Viceroy Miami’s Club 50 hosted Ish Santiago’s Birthday Food Drive with the Tim Hardaway Foundation. Notable guests included Hardaway, Kim Bacardi, Ruby Bacardi, Jillian Jacobson-Altit and Senator Frederica Wilson. 1. Lynn Fichman, John Thomas, Kim Bacardi & Paul Laroche 2. Phyllis Kane, Nicole Sapah-Gulian & Ruby Bacardi 3. Kim Bacardi & Tim Hardaway (NBA star) 4. Katarina Allison, Judd Allison, Ish Santiago & Marko Sanginetto 5. Paul Laroche, Lauren Martinez & Rick Shanzle 6. Rachel Denis & Rose Cardoza 7. Marvin Lebovitz, Kim Bacardi & Ronny Bloomberg 8. Senator Frederica Wilson, Josh Santiago, Ish Santiago & Melody Gruenberg 9. Susan Jacobson, Jillian Jacobson-Altit, Dr. Ira Jacobson & Phyllis Kane

Encounters @ Skyline -

Skyline Realty International recently hosted a special “Midsummer Night” at The Miami River Lounge at The Epic. South Florida’s movers-and-shakers networked the night away in elegant attire. 1. Isos Stamelos- Monroe & Evangeline Gouletas 2. Orlando Carillo & Mary & Brian Tague 3. Deirdre Nero, Luciana Carvalho & Carolina Moura 4. Oscar Rodriguez & Micheal Bibr 5. Rudy Bustamante & Harriet Carter 6. Vilma Dwake & Lilene Faroy 7. Jack London & Richard Hoppe & German Kaupert 8. Alberto Navarro & Thais Reyes & Hugh Wiedman 9.Anthony Scicchitano & Daniel Wallace 10. Mani & Cecilia Maldonado 11. Fernando Perez & Lippzy Nader 12. David Fellows & Victor Vazquez 13. Mitzele Stockdale & Isos Stamelos-Monroe 14. Paul Hackett & Rebecca Martinez 15. Roberto Casariego & Silvana Quinete 16. Mitzele Stockdale & Ari PonJuan 17. Oscar Arevalo & Otto Martinez 18. Roberto & Caty Jimenez

Encounters @ Trini -

Once again Trini in Private had the city’s most beautiful people under the same roof with the opening of Trini’s newest salon at 941 Brickell Ave. 1. Angie, Simone, Gaby, Trini , Sidney, Mariana & Natalia 2. Ignacio Recondo & Camila Reaters 3. Otis Woodrige & Katherine Ross 4. Michael Szucs & Trini 5. Lyli Perdomo & Joann Leger 6. Felipe Tichaver & Gabo 7. Juliana & Cyril Gedeon 8. Richard Wagner, Karelia Leon, Trini & Angie Scuria 9. Angelica Rodil, Bryan Peña, Veronica Lepere & Cindy Ximenez 10. Michael Szucs, Richard Wagner & Roger Charland 11. Raymond Rault & Trini 12. Carol Wogtaszek & Liliana Huerta 13. Rufus Head & Betty Bornfield 14. Maurice Paquin & Dorian Barrera 15. Carolina Palmieri & Diego Franco 16. Maida Figueredo & Ana Mosley 17. Alejandro Brito & Kathy Hernandez 18. Dave Ziegelman & Jack Conrad 19. Richard Doyle & Milena Gaitan

Encounters @ Puntino -

Puntino Downtown’s recent arrival onto the radars of authentic Italian food lovers in South Florida has left a good taste in everyone’s mouth thanks to their delicious traditional Italian menu with Mediterranean influences. Benvenuto! 1. Juan Segui, Giavanni Grimaldi, Cristoforo Pignata & Chrisanne Grimaldi 2. Cristoforo Pignata, Andres Martinez, Macarena Zubiria & Giada Baselice Pignata 3. Jose Baizan & Juan Segui 4. Fabrizio Alfano & Giovanni Grimaldi 5. Massimo Hanozet 6. Johanna Fernandez Salvador 7. Giovanni & Chrisanne Grimaldi 8. Giada Baselice Pignata & Leonardo Hidalgo

Encounters @ Green Grass -

Green Grass presented LaLucca’s ArtBags to benefit Kids Hope United in an unforgettable trunk show. Guests saw the complete design process of these unique handbags: from the painting of the canvases to their transformation into clutches. 1. Carlos & Claudia Sanz 2. Vlad dusil, Meaghan Mahoney & Shannon Mahoney 3. Bianca Torrente & Ana Jaramillo 4. Christina Hollos & Jenny Salinas 5. Rachelle Carrie & Francoise Elizee 6. Federico Arocena & Valerie Beiner 7. Hugo & Maria Roa Warnant with Dog Paris 8. Laura Pimentel and Alexandar Kirilov 9. Rossana Emmanueli and Christina Hollos 10. Cristina Lama

Encounters w/ Terra Group -

The Terra Group hosted the Miami International Film Festival, Miami Film Society and Georgetown Club of Miami at 900 Biscayne Bay to honor the Miami International Film Festival’s 2009 Florida Focus Winners. 1. Mark Moormann, Tiziana Finzi & Jhonny Obando 2. Cesar Perez & Maria Veronica Leon 3. Gun Gal Gim & Stefania Bozzato 4. Melissa Martinez & Jessica Milton 5. David Olazabel & Ana Olazabel 6. Dee Dee Fischer & Sean Santiny 7. Garry Dickler & Mark Polyocan 8. Joyce & Ron Nelson