Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Trini Salon


Featuring Dr. Martin


Featuring Brigitte de Langeron, Carlos Coto, Ana Somarriba, Lorena Rodriquez


Featuring Jaclyn Sienna India and Freddy Charles

2009 Top 20 Professionals Under 40

Featuring Chanel Caton, Raffi Anac, Candace D. Vassillion, Carlos F. Junco, Antoine Bona, Jenny A. Nieveen, Kenneth A. Coto, Isa Zapata, April Donelson, Andres del Corral, Jaret Davis, Dean Dupit, Mario Cristobal, Tony Roberts, Gia Oliver, Emiliano Lorenzini, Leonor Mendoza, Andres Hernandez, Erik Wesoloski, Marcia Martinez. Contributors - Jose Amigo, Green Grass, TechnoMarine

Welcome Home

If you’re in the market for an exclusive, sprawling home right in the middle of paradise far away from South Florida’s crowded concrete jungles, this Key Biscayne residence may be just the address you’ve been searching for. - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

Chic Boutique

There’s no need to window-shop at Green Grass across Mary Brickell Village — the clothes and action inside will be enough to lure you in to buy the perfect outfit even if all you originally planned to do was browse.

Beauty Bliss

Beauty has many forms and the folks at Roberto Giordano at the edge of Brickell focus on them all at their spacious salon featuring everything you need to look and feel your best all summer long — hairdo, highlights, waxing, tanning, skincare, body treatments, massages, teeth whitening and nail polish included!

Legal Instinct

For Kenneth M. Damas and Amy Adorno, attending law school seemed like a natural course of action, and joining forces with Operations Manager John Cunill to open Adorno, Damas & Associates P.L. is turning out to be a perfect fit............

Business Rise

As the first and only LEED Gold pre-certified Class A office tower in Miami, 1450 Brickell is poised to be Brickell’s most in-demand commercial real estate space complete with one of the nation’s most wind-resistant curtain wall system to get you through hurricane season and beyond.


Michelin-starred Chef Michael Psilakis and Restaurateur Donatella Arpaia have partnered with Kor Hotel Management to open Eos, a striking Mediterraneaninspired small plates restaurant on the 15th floor of Kor’s new Viceroy Miami at the Icon Brickell urban resort enclave on Biscayne Bay.

Floating Inns

If the typical hotel accommodations on land have you yawning, it may be time to try a stay at one of these nautical versions of the traditional Bed ‘n’ Breakfast with full-service and panoramic and ocean views available day and night.

Encounters @ Brickell

Besides live music of every kind at The Four Ambassadors in Brickell offers Happy Hour Mon.- Sat. from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and all-you-can-eat lunch buffets on Thursdays and Fridays. Stop in to meet the Executive Chef and GM and tell them we sent you. 1. Julio Castilla, Maria Boccia & Danilo di Nardo 2. Liane Del Valle & Victor Sanchez 3.Julio Correa & Lizeth Hernandez 4. Lynn Hojacket & Monica Elliott 5. Travis Vocino, Katy Lynch & Carolina Schwarz 6. Todd Branson & Tony Bayona 7. David & Lisa Morales 8. Gabriel Salas & Maria Boccia 9. Scott Cartwright & Venus Hafler 10. Maria Roca & David Lubarsky 11. Peter Hanna & Hal Kreitman 12. Muriel Boteau & Marc Rosset 13. David Leon & Susie Garcia 14. Cynthia McGuire & Patricia Diniz 15. Mario Cuberos & Josh Barnard

Encounters @ 900 Biscayne

The Terra Group hosted The Miami City Ballet’s Artist Circle at 900 Biscayne Bay for a pre-show cocktail event where the ballet’s top-tier donors and patrons mingled on the building’s 15th floor. Before departing for the performance, guests enjoyed the sunset off the balcony that offered a sprawling view of downtown Miami. 1. Elizabeth Keller, Abram Best 2. Erin & Volker R. Anding 3. Michael & Steve Furgeson 4. Lora & Fred Drasner 5. Lilia Villella, Maria Furgeson 6. Dr. Sanford & Dolores Ziff, Christopher Surridge

Encounters @ Viceroy

Darlene Perez and Kara Ross, wives of Jorge Perez (Chairman and CEO of The Related Group) and his best friend and partner, Steve Ross (The Related Companies in New York) hosted a fashionable luncheon event during the Viceroy’s Miami Grand Opening Weekend to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute. 1.Jayne Abess, Alicia Cevera, Darlene Perez, Kara-Ross 2. Bobbie Der Vlugt with friend 3. Darlene Perez with friend 4. Jamie Joe Harris, & friend 5. Kara Ross and Darlene Perez 6. Michelle Rubell, Katharine Rubino 7. Therese Gibb with friends

Encounters @ Roberto Giordano

Roberto Giordano Salon in Brickell welcomed some of South .3Florida’s most beautiful men and women to tour their spacious diggs and world-class offerings in the heart of the city. 1. Virginia Lopez, Julieta Henke & Carolina Sanchez 2. Ximena Ortigueira, Gustavo Copia & Melina Cespedes 3. Carlos Echeverria & Julieta Henke 4. Fabio Faerman & Matias Cavalieri 5. Aida & Javier Uriarte 6. David Lee Roth & Natalie Alanez 7. Pepe Mirabet & Paola Gonzalez 8. Matias Cavalieri & Dolores Marianeschi 9. Carlos Echeverria & Marcel Del Prado 10. Nicolas Poletto & Soledad Rodriguez

Encounters @ Neiman Marcus

Miami’s A-list fashionistas enjoyed a full runway presentation of Zac Posen Fall 2009 Collection at an in-store cocktail soiree at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables. 1. Marysol Patton, Mari Alarcon Grimalt, Sheri Swerdlow, Designer Zac Posen,Stephen Brunelle, Julie Dill, Carolina Argiz & Evangeline Delgado 2. Ashley Turchin & Erin Newberg 3. Evangeline Delgado, Zac Posen & Carolina Argiz 4. Daisy Casuso & Cynthia Rodriguez 5. Carlo, Parmenter, & Shubin 6. Julie Dill, Lydia Touzet, Stephen Brunell, & Rubino 7. Marysol Patton & Jillian Sanz 8. Stephen Brunell & Zac Posen 9. Julie Dill & Lydia Touzet

Encounters @ Grimpa

Grimpa in Mary Brickell Village not only serves up the best meat options in town, they also have some of the best parties around. Featuring live music, a satisfying menu and buzz-inducing exotic libations, it’s the place to be every day and night of the week. 1. Vania Cotera, Jeanette Nugent & Anna Kudsk 2. Danay Acevedo & Alba Munoz 3. Rose Max & Ramatis Moraes 4. Jessica Gorra & Shawn Lee 5. Jose Marrero & Keila Marrero 6. Peter Gonzalez & Aime Anillo 7. Jose Alberti & Glenda Aviles 8.Steven Cronig & Ralph Serrano

Encounters w/ Leading Ladies

World-renowned Roberto Giordano in Brickell recently hosted a soft opening to welcome the salon to the city. Among their stellar services are styling, nail care, body treatments, massages, spray-tanning, teeth whitening, waxing and revolutionary skin care options. 1. Abbi Johnson, Alexandra Lyons & Dana Rhoden 2. April Donelson & Alessandra Grieco 3. Donelson, Jessica Cristobal & Chanel Caton 4. Chanel Caton, Kara Lundgren, Whitney Kelly 5. Dejha Carrington, Valerie Graves & Trisha Brookbank 6. Gina Castaldo, Juan Ruiz GBS, The Beauty Store store manager & Angela Carraway 7. Jessica Cristobal, April Donelson, Chanel Caton, Whitney Kelly 8. Stephanie Tyler, Trisha Brookbank, Linsay Kenny, Heather Wright & Lucy Borrego 9. Angela Caraway, Dana Rhoden 10. Jessica Cristobal, Chanel Caton, Alexandra Lyons, Abbi Johnson 11. Maya King & Sandra Ortiz 12. Christina Termine & Jessica Cristobal 13. Joy Feisst, Dana Rhoden & Sylvie Duerkop 14. Neema Nair, Lisa & Imani Mason Reilly & Deanna Foy 15. April Donelson, Jessica Cristobal & Chanel Caton 16. Chanel Caton, Damara Belson & Kaia Jacobi