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Brickell Boom

We take a brief journey through the highs and lows of the sunny district that has become one of the business world’s most revered addresses.


When it comes to flaunting your boyish good looks to attract the opposite sex with your stylish ways, sometimes the chase is better than the thrill.


Featuring Shelia Bokstein and Abigail Loisea, Robert Meyers and Cristina Maria Lloyd, Ellen Brazer,

Business As Usual

Visionary Alan Ojeda of Rilea Group might erect some of the biggest buildings in and around the “Big Apple of the South,” but the life of this grounded mega-developer is as down-to-earth as the foundations he creates for the sleek skyscrapers that grace our skyline. Contributors - Kate Benson

The Finer Things

If a touch of class is what you’ve been craving, head over to Casa Felipe for a few puffs and sips of some staples of success that can transform....

Miracle Works

Nothing brings more satisfaction than helping those less fortunate achieve their dreams and lead a healthier life, and that’s exactly what Misioneros Del Camino and its dedicated team does for some of Central America’s most impoverished residents.

Beefed Up

Grimpa Steakhouse is easy on the eyes, light on the pockets, tasty on the tongue and heavy on the belly — a perfect combination that yields an unforgettable dining experience no matter what you prefer to swallow. Warning: Make sure you come hungry!

Encounters @ Andu

Andu Restaurant & Lounge in Brickell has become known as the city’s ultimate nocturnal playground for those in-the-know. Live music, entertainment and endless networking opportunities define each experience. 1. Sebastian Fox, Wilmer Hurtado, Daniel Stable & David Fox 2. Gerardo Bouscairon & Juan Pablo Viejo 3. Prantik Kundu & Edison Sabala 4. Gerardo & Olga Soto 5. Dumien St Lawrence 6. Astrid Gelabert & Marifer Navarro 7. Crystal Calkins & Jenna Trueba 8. Roberto Isaias & Edmundo Kronfle

Encounters @ Brickell Magazine

Brickell Magazine celebrated it’s official launch at Grimpa Steakhouse in Mary Brickell Village. The ultra-exclusive event welcomed Tag Media, Inc. partners as well as a bevy of South Florida’s top movers-and-shakers. 1. Jorge Arauz, Izzy Vazquez & Alexander Avila 2. Brenda & Larry Robinson 3. Alan Goldberg & Forrest Mcsurdy 4. Jessica & Mario Cristobal 5. Raquel, Chloe & Ric Watters 6. Olfa Suarez, Amalia Perez-Cortina & Pablo Salazar 7. Mario with guest and Drs. Schnur and Boulud 8. Cesar Alvarez with David & Abby Ross, 9. Isa Zapata & Alex Avila 10. Nathalie Sowinski & Ramon Lopez 11. Marianne & Carlos Coto 12. Kate Benson & Sam Trotter 13. Krista and Bryan Maltais 14. Albert & Sussi Prego 15. Alexis Cubilla & Rachael Cubilla 16. Mel Gonzalez & Marirosa Betancourt 17. Chris Orr, Heidi Arguelles, Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, Olga Suarez, Francoise Wynn & Alexander Avila. 18. Abigail Loiseau, Leonor Mendoza, Sheila & Saar Bokstein 19. Francoise Wynn, Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, Chris Orr & Olga Suarez 20. Ishmael & Burke 21. Claudia & Carlos Sanz 22. Victor & Lisette Beraja 23. Isa Zapata, Alan Goldberg & Alexander Avila 24. Chanel Caton, Jorge Arauz & Sam Trotter 25. Joanna Calzado & Michael Bali 26. Virginia Sachs & Brenda Robinson 27. Alexander Avila & Sienna Reynaga 28. Joe Mannino, Fatima Sankar, Jessica & Mario Cristobal 29. Jennifer Perez & William McClain 30. Christina Termine & Kate Benson 31. Leonor Mendoza & Chanel Caton 32. NIsa Zapata & Luisana Suegart 33. Kara Lundgren & Jorge Arauz 34. Charles & Virginia Sachs 35. Joe Mannino & Fatima Sankar 36. Cecilia Baggio & Jean Marcos Pereira

Encounters @ Brickell

Grimpa recently hosted an art-strewn private party of some of Miami’s finest. The season’s cheer spread into the night with a group of elaborately-dressed carolers making melodic cameos throughout the night. 1. Joseph Mannino & Fatima Sankar 2. Juan & Gisella Remos 3. Jessica & Mario Cristobal 4. Virginia Garcia & Yann Rogier 5. Jack London & German Kaupert 6. Peter Avenarius & Gregg Karak 7. Fernando & Mercedes Silva 8. Isa Zapata & Alejandra Hernandez 9. Kristin Palazzdo & Marie Gelin 10. Soraya Jouzy & Jeannie Pinalla 11. Anne Medal & Claire Francoulon 12. Christianne & Cictoria Arauz 13. Barry Carrington & Nel Hernandez 14. Revati Roberts & Paul Witherby 15. Tina & Sandy Chawla 16. Amanda Ferreira & Nick Cohen 17. Gigi Borden & William Rivera

Encounters @ Grimpa

The block party was in full effect when Mary Brickell Village and the adjoining businesses rolled out the red carpet to welcome neighbors and the nearby skyscraper office dwellers for a night filled with meet-and-greets, live entertainment, endless samplings and sneak peeks. 1. Carmen Gusmao, Wilson Borges & Cecilia Baggio 2. Kate Benson & Sam Trotter 3. Miguel Claro & Analia Lucero 4. Silvia & Alberto Maspons 5. Roxana Zubero, Mel Alverez & Ignacio Huerga 6. Julio Blazquez & Maria Garcia 7. Jonathan Greiffenstein & Jackelin Leon 8. Chris Rogers & Samy Chabbi 9. Juan Tomas Sanchez, Carment Betancourt & Marco Lewis 10. Susana & Rudy Gomez 11. Brian Dursum, Dora Valdes-Faulli 12. Allen Benowitz & Adriana Verdeja 13. Corina Maddalozzo & Rosaria Pugliese 14. Alejandro Zizold & Christina Figeredo –Zizold 15. Sandra Hutelinson & Erika King 16. Al Hutchinson & Barry Massin 17. Dennis Nievez & Javier Rodriguez 18. Maya Gonzalez & Luis Rodriguez

Encounters @ Mary Brickell Village

The block party was in full effect when Mary Brickell Village and the adjoining businesses rolled out the red carpet to welcome neighbors and the nearby skyscraper office dwellers for a night filled with meet-and-greets, live entertainment, endless samplings and sneak peeks. 1. Meredith J. Nation, Alvin West, board member, &Alyce M. Robertson 2. Nathalie Sowinski & Ramon Lopez 3. Alejandra Hernandez & Mercedes Silva 4. Mallory McQuail & Ana Maria Colmenares 5. Salvador, Lina & Salvador Jr Ziegenhirt 6. Fernando Puig, Fernando Perez & Ramon Lopez 7. Fernando Silva 8. Jeffrey Blum & Emiliano Lorenzini 9. Ivanhoe Cambridge & Oliver Colmenares 10. Dennis Mancino & Ralph Serrano 11. Nathalie Ysona & Marco Garcia 12. Roberto Preciado & Nicolas Serrato 13. Jeff & Iliana Giordano 14. Vivian de Castroverde & Alejandra Tarafa 15. James & Elle Kelner 16. Hernan Alzate & Melba Ortiz 17. Jim Moss & Martin Wozmoll 18. Juan Valdez & Julie Machado 19. Amparo Garzon 20. Ernesto Orsetti & Gina Barezo 21. Deise Ballio & Roberto Carvallo

Encounters @ Brickell

Brickell’s only luxury jewelry boutique invited some of Miami’s most stylish and fashion-forward movers-and-shakers to tour their sparkling showroom and try on some of their most exclusive pieces. 1. Ramon Lopez & Natalie Sowinski-Lopez 2. Jessica Cristobal & Fatima Sankar 3. Lauren Foster & Angie Barnett 4. Barbara Perez 5. Jimmy Kraus 6. Emily Buitrago, Cristina Lozano & Joanna Schroedel 7. Tina Chawla 8. Michelle Reyes & Cristina de Castro

Encounters @ Miami Beach

Monopoly Miami & The Beaches celebrated its launch at Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach among the local VIPs and icons immortalized in the special-edition board game. It marks the very first tribute of its kind to our local culture and shows tremendous support for the city, donating a percentage of profits to the Miami Design and Preservation League. 1. Ricardo Campo, Mr. Monopoly & Maria Eugenia Baco 2. Gary Farmer & Rebecca Mendelman 3. George Gonzalez & City Commissioner Saul Gross 4. Dawn Peltzar & Michael Nadal 5. Amy Tancig, Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower & Maria Eugenia Baco 6. Frank Massabki, Nicole Henninger, AJ Gorrin & Bruna Panto

Encounters @ Intercontinental Hotel

CREW-Miami hosted a panel discussion titled, “Spheres of Influence: How Foreign Investors Are Impacting South Florida’s Economy.” Some of the biggest names in the region’s business landscape gathered at the Hotel Intercontinental in Downtown Miami to discuss the current state of international business and South Florida’s economy. 1. Francisco Cerezo, Danet Linares, Miroslav Mladenovic, Tere Blanca & Neisen Kasdin 2. Suzanne Amaducci & Jeff Williamson 3. Rochelle Broder Singer, Tony Cho, Alisha Marks & Tadd Schwartz 4. Joy McKenna, Peter Fownes & Ellen Blasi 5. Ignacio Cruz, Danny Diaz, Gayle Bainbridge, William Heffernan & Ignacio Lorenzo

Encounters w/ Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley financial advisers Anna Somoza and Nicolas Rivero recently hosted a client appreciation soiree at Christabelle’s Quarter in Coconut Grove that allowed clients, family, friends and associates to meet and revel with the entire team. 1. Mauricio Serrano & Nicolas Rivero 2. 1. Mauricio Serrano & Nicolas Rivero 2. Griselda Amaya & Marcelo Beruvides 3. Benjamin Brodsky & Rosie Lopez 4. Patricia Rivero & Alvaro Pozada 5. Luis Somoza & Clara Serrano 6. Luis Rangel, Chiqui Labarrere & Solange Teran 7. Camilo & Andrea Noguera 8. Donald Stolper & Anna Somoza 9. Alejandro Selasco & Salvadora Somoza