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Success Balance

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling


Featuring Ana Somarriba, Barnes Intl Realty, Brigitte de Langeron, Carlos Coto


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The Green Giant

The gargantuan Brickell Financial Center has plans to shape the future of the Downtown Miami and Brickell area forever with an ultra-modern approach and a “green” platform that exudes from the penthouses all the way down to the core....


Featuring David Lee Ross of Greenberg Traurig, law, Monica Venegas, Robert “Bob” Rodriguez, Christina DePaul. Contributors - Kate Benson

Dangerous Liaisons

Temptation takes hold as a stylish couple encounters a mysterious stranger who will forever alter the course of their lives - Featuring Green Grass. Contributors - Katen Benson, Alex Blacke, Marcela Llodra, Ginero Mond, Josh Gaddy

The Name Game

When James Dettore launched Brand Institute, he had one goal in mind: To create a respected brand that stayed true to its mission and never faltered. Although his image and goals may have evolved throughout the years, his foundation has remained as solid and iconic as the globally-recognized products he names. Contributors - Andres Hernandez

Eco Chic

Terrazas de Coson creates beachfront opulence in the rolling hills of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic with new residences that allow for luxury living within the Samana Peninsula’s stunning natural surroundings.

In a Wine State of Mind

Whether you want to blend your own flavors, sip on environmentally friendly reds or whites, or visit the latest wine hubs throughout the world, the wine trends we’ve discovered will leave you wanting a second pour — or bottle — even if your connoisseur skills aren’t quite up to par.

Encounters @ Andu

Every evening at Andu Bistro & Lounge is a reason to party. From social networking events to happy hour festivities and cocktail soirees, the Andu brothers who own this Brickell Corridor jewel are always looking for a new way to entertain the area’s VIPs. 1. Host Dave Westbrook & Greice Dullius 2. Loreana Von Plolki & Devin 3. Claudia Pinto & Husband 4. Victor & Maria Sanchez 5. Dave Westbrook, Juan Pablo Viejo & Damian 6. Daniella & Maria Jose

Encounters @ Green Grass

Brickell’s upscale Green Grass Boutique recently hosted an art exhibit and fashion show where guests enjoyed a Latin-infused preview swim show from Agua Bendita’s 2009 collection coupled with artist Teepop’s showcase of Music Legends, an exhibit featuring her signature urban graffiti and Pop Art style. Red Bar’s DJ San Martin spun beats that kept the energy flowing and the spirits high throughout the event. 1. Claudia Sanz & the artist Teepop 2. The Exposition 3. Ana Jaramillo & Alexandra Odria 4. Adrian Molina, Ariana Diaz & Lourdes Lopez 5. Camilla Miller, Judy Altamirano & Paula Gomez 6. Isabel Artime & Marggie Hindie 7. Lisa Rodriguez & Lenia Padrino 8. Ana Martinez & Fila Martinez 9. Melissa Cantor & Rodrigo Ruiz 10. Catalina Jaramillo, Marisol Gomez & Carla Prudencio

Encounters @ Blue Martini

If you’re looking for some of Brickell’s most social movers-and-shakers, then a night at Blue Martini in Mary Brickell Village is in order. From weekday happy hours to weekend extravaganzas complete with live music and drink specials, B17this place always has something going on. 1. Nilda Flores & Alexis Anderson 2. Jay & James Leung 3. Robert & Barbie 4. Yani & Orestes Gonzales with Jenny 5. Charlie Vilar, Margarita Salgado & Lina Pacheco 6. Ali Etessam, Lisa Adams & Doug Hannah 7. Angel & Hercila Zayon 8. Sergio & Teresa 9. Orestes Gonzales & Jenny 10. Ingrid & Misael Cruz 11. VIP Guests 12. Yani & Jenny 13. Claudia & Heydi 14. Tatiana & Tony 15. Pedro & Carolina Lujan 16. Carolina Vargas & Liliana Velasquez 17. Jesy & Kaitlin 18. Alina & Julio 19. Bryant & Carola Niebruegge 20. Lindsy Vhugs & Wissen Zamour

Encounters @ Badrutts

Sophistication meets style at Badrutt’s Place at The Vue on Brickell’s edge. Besides the fine dining and expansive menu, this place offers several signature drinks that are sure to get the buzz going and the night started — or capped off — the way only a European-inspired venue of this caliber can. 1. Tyrese & Cherie & Cindy 2. Rita & Rebeca with City of Miami Officer Jeff Giordano 3. Donna & Scottie 4. Adrian Molina, Ariana-Diaz & Lourdes Lopez 5. Cesar & Lili 6. Claudia & Ali 7. Joani & Carmelita 8. Sandrine & Litatinana 9. Rita & Rebeca

Encounters @ Coral Gables

Alhambra Antiques in Coral Gables recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary and its ongoing status as the leader in the antiques and fine arts industry with the unveiling of an exclusive collection of Post- Impressionist paintings during a VIP party supporting Amigos for Kids. 1. Bill Heffernan, CEO of TotalBank; Douglas Scott; Olga Granda-Scott; Ignacio Granda; & Lyan Fernandez, Executive VIP of TotalBank 2. Claudia Santiago, Martha Guerra & Maria Delgado 3. Dora Valdes-Fauli, Ignacio Granda & Nancy Wilson 4. Rosa Maria Plasencia, Executive Director, Amigos For Kids; Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick; Olga Granda-Scott; & Noel Rosquete, VP & Marketing Manager of TotalBank 5. Dr. Margaret Eidson, Evan Siegel, Ana Siegel & Mike Eidson 6. Karla Soimaud & Coco Palenque Torre

Encounters @ Vision Gallery

A contemporary art exhibition at Art Vision Gallery in Brickell recently showcased the work of three emerging Miami artists: Courtney Johnson, Valeria Yamamoto and Cristina Figueredo Zizold. Guests perused modern masterpieces while sipping wine and mingling with the artists. 1. Art Vision Gallery 2. Cuqui & Servando Parapar 3. Alejandro, Cristina Zizold & Lose Trias 4. Alexandra, Celina, Annette & Celi 5. Celi & Fernando Figueredo 6. Marcia Martinez & Liza Gallardo Walton

Encounters w/ Atlantico

Atlantico Importing Company recently celebrated the U.S. premiere of their super premium dark hand-crafted Ron Atlantico Private Cask Rum from the Dominican Republic. The event, hosted by the rum’s founders, Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb, took place on the outer terrace of a private residence in Gables Estates where guests frolicked, sipped and socialized amid an authentic Caribbean vibe. 1. Danys & Mieya Beaz, Frank & Debbie Schwartz, Marisol 1. Danys & Mieya Beaz, Frank & Debbie Schwartz, Marisol & Alberto Vega 2. Alberto Rodriguez, Lyanne Azqueta & Manny Machado 3. Barrett Green, Nicole Corona, Alexandra & Miguel Somoza 4. Brandon Lieb & Giovanna 5. Carolina & Aleco Azqueta 6. Orlando & Melissa Cordoves 7. Sandra & Alvaro Silva 8. Bernard Garsen & Daisy Olivera with Nancy & Steven Bernstein 9. Pepe Fanjul, Jr. and Lourdes with Emilia & Pepe Fanjul

Encounters w/ Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue Plastic Surgery recently hosted an intimate gathering to showcase the private, full-service cosmetic surgery center’s team and vast list of cosmetic services. 1. Erica Alfaro, Yolanda Fernandez, Anire Okpaku with MD & Adriana Elguera 2. Glorida Johnson & Adriana Imbu 3. Claudia Heimes & Cristina Mayer 4. Jessica Cristobal & Ana Amaral-Choi 5. Heather Rogers & Pablo Garzon 6. Dr. Amy Raines, Matt Pisoni & Yolanda Fernandez 7. Claudia Heimes & Norma Helou 8. Joaquin Cavaighac, Silvia Miranda & Henri Helon 9. Lisandra Vettoretti & Genilde Guerra 10. Liliane Rique & Andre Nunez

Encounters @ 1060 Brickell

An audience of residential and commercial real estate professionals gathered recently to hear five industry insiders wholeheartedly agree that the Brickell Avenue corridor has finally delivered on its promise to create a true 24/7 urban lifestyle. “Brickell in Bloom” was the aptly-titled seminar held by the Realtor Association of Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) at 1060 Brickell, a new mixed-use real estate development located in the heart of Miami’s most energetic neighborhood. 1. Marie-Charlotte Piro, Sue Ault, Adam Greenberg & Alyce Robertson 2. Lexi Keller, Krystelle Lopez & Michael Lapointe 3. Desiree Parth, Jolanta Dussaud & Genilde Guerra 4. Sun Chi Wong & Maylei Suen 5. Matt Haggman of The Miami Herald 6. Margarita Gorno, Jorge Catoggio & Jorge Sanchez 7. Steven Perricone

Encounters @ Mandarin Oriental

Chris Evert, the world-renowned tennis icon and new wife of golf legend Greg Norman, recently headed to Miami’s sandy shores for a private reception at the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key to formally announce her new Tennis Center in the Dominican Republic’s billion-dollar Costa Blanca luxury oceanfront development. The Tennis Center will complement the project’s world-class marina, waterfront condos, exclusive villas and private beach as well as Norman’s first signature PGA golf course in the country. 1. Greg Norman & Chris Evert 2. PEddie Diaz, Greg Norman, Davor Mimica & Adib Eden 3. Jack Haime, Dr. Luis Jose Asilis & Fabio Ostrovietki 4. Lic. Francisco Javier, Dr. Luis Jose Asilis,Chris Evert and Greg Norman 5. Roberto Chapur, Wendy Justo, Francisco Javier Garcia & Cesar Jose De Los Santos 6. Prim Siripipat, Johanna Gomez & Sandy Antonio

Encounters w/ Ambassador of the Sea

Fertile Earth Foundation’s Water, Water Everywhere… event was more than a success, it was the beginning of an eco-movement. Andre Balazs himself was grateful for the event’s green mission as well as for the 450+ guest turnout at his property, the exquisite boutique Raleigh Hotel. Eco-chic designers Meadow and Ecoist put on an impressive fashion show. Daniell Washington, The Ambassador of the Sea, introduced her “crew” of five eager and well-educated children to the crowd, explaining the importance of the ocean. Guests were able to sip on eco-friendly cocktails, courtesy of VeeV while watching the internationally awarded film, One Water. It’s easy being green! 1. Founder’s Tiana Kai Madera & Lanette Sobel 2. John Betancourt, Jeanette Lue & Johnny Betancourt from Ecoist 3. Kari Madera, Sergio Garcia-Granados & Leana Cianfoni 4.Daniell Washington & Lisa Silvera 5. Eric Meier & Ernesto Arambatiz 6. Luiz Rodrigues & Taire Souza 7. Jaime Martinez, Jeremy Fisher, Devon Cox & Isis Morales-Fisher 8. Andy Bryant, Melanie Di Pietro & filmmaker Sanjeev Chaterjee