Featuring Riviera High School, Oscar Rivera of Siegfried, Rivera, Lerner, De La Torre & Sobel, P.A.


Featuring Dr. Martin


Featuring Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

Success Fiesta

Featuring Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling, Zuma Restaurant


Featuring Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langeron, Miriam Poggio, Concept Realty

Success Balance

Featuring Ferinelys Cabrera of F.I.U


Featuring Trini Salon


Featuring Marisol Gomez


Featuring Leon Frager

Suit Up

It’s often said a picture is worth a thousand words. In Miami, your outfit is worth just as much; but who says you need to sacrifice your own personal style to the gods of professionalism in order to make it? Local experts share how to achieve a balance between style and office wear from Monday through Friday.

Oh Oasis

This brand new Mediterranean-style villa at 210 Knollwood Dr in Key Biscayne features the epitome of the South Florida indoor/outdoor living. - Featuring Brigitte de Langeron

2010 Dressed for Success

Featuring Lorena Holguin, Anita Espina, Marysol Patton, Erica Stringer, Natalie Davis, Elias Maida, Steven Perricone, Chuck Downs, Kenly Silencie, Samir Sabbag. Contributors - Kiko Ricote, Marisol Gomez, Trini, Ventuno, Green Grass.

Confidence in Style

Looking to take your style to the next level? The “mane” artists at Studio D will do just that thanks to their time-tested beauty secrets sure to have you looking and feeling your best from head to toe.


Featuring Zurami Pascual of Boca Tanning Club Brickell, Chris Sims of The Sports Club/LA Miami, Lin Jenkins and Michel of Trini in Private, Lina Vallejo of Skanda Yoga Studio

Family Fare

If you’re looking for the perfect place to combine family fun and tasty fare, head over to Cool-de-Sac in South Miami and discover a restaurant where quality dining meets family values under one roof.

Encounters @ Miami Drive

Miami Drive was a sponsor of the Paulina Rubio & Friends concert benefiting the Lili Claire Foundation at the Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater. 1. Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Darlene & Jorge Perez, Adriana Lara 2. Alan and Silvana Tacher and Nacho Vega 3. Marlene Kristoff- Ashi and Sharon Hovde 4. Kati Castroneves, Eduardo Assola and Genilde Guerra 5. Barbie Bostwick, Carolina Santamarina, Brooke Evans, Yvette Ortiz 6. Marines Duarte and Fabiola Almerini 7. Steven Minor 8. James and Mindy Cassel, Naim Abodarab, Katya Segovia 9. The Kids

Encounters w/ Beacon Council

The Beacon Council celebrated its 25th Anniversary onboard EPIC, the new NCL cruise ship based out of the Port of Miami. NCL received a Key to the County during the celebrations. 1. Kevin Sheehan, CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line with Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess. 2. Ralph Gazitua (Miami World Center) and Maria Alonso (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Chair and Bank of America Merrill Lynch) 3. Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson with Jose Vicente, President of the Miami-Dade College, North Campus 4. Left to right: Adolfo Henriques, Mario del Valle, Merrett R. Stierheim, Frank R. Nero (President & CEO), Alexandra Villoch (Board Chair), Sidney Levin, Burton Landy, Carol Wylie, George Foyo, Neisen Kasdin. 5. Dr. Bern Levine, president and owner, Parrot Jungle Island with his senior staff 6. Ian McCluskey (Thought Leadership International) and Alan Becker (Becker & Poliakoff) 7. Mark Trowbridge (Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce President), Mario Sacasa (VP of International Programs, Beacon Council), the Honorable Yoshiharu Namiki (Consul Generlal of Japan), William Talbert III (GMCVB President) 8. Representatives from the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners gave a proclamation to The Beacon Council declaring July 8, 2010 “Beacon Council Day”. 9. Beacon Council Founders Merrett R. Stierheim and Sidney Levin with Frank R. Nero (President & CEO)

Encounters @ Brickell Travel

Brickell Travel Management recently hosted another memorable event at the Viceroy Hotel with American Airlines, Assist Card and Royal Caribbean. 1. Fernando Dasilva, Maikel Rodriguez & Mitch Rodriguez 2. Jessica Tyler Baraton & Amy Deve 3. Bert Snarr & Kla Oboudiyat 4. Juanita Carvajal & Sofia Tenorio 5. Milena Sena & Maria D. Espina 6. Emily Huzyak & Isabel Constantini 7. Danielle Hernandez & Mercy Bustamante 8. Penelope Sarmiento, Francisco Romero & Sandra Gutierrez 9. Jason Schreier, Julissa Perez & Agnes Galvez 10. Stacey Salstein, Nicole Remmer & Ammy Donado 11. Sylvie Patrich, Susana Medina & Xavier de Charry 12. Yesica Guerra & Jose Montano 13. Rafael Giampetruzzi, Isabel Constantino & Alberto Jimenez 14. Jonathan Garcia & Diana Rivera 15. Alfredo Carrera & Ivette Mendoza 16. Ennio Gonzalez, Francisco Moncada & Antonio Jimenez 17. Maikel Rodriguez & Mitch Rodriguez 18. Ennio Gonzalez Rafael Giampetruzzi, 19. Graciela & Hiram Diaz 20. Leonardo Pereira, Mercedes Gonzalez & Angie Lira

Encounters @ Sports Club L/A Miami

The Sports Club/LA-Miami continues to impress the area’s fit and fab crowd with social soirees fit for even the most discerning reveler and featuring some of The Magic City’s top brands, personalities and experiences. 1. Stephanie Amrein, Pedro Chevalier & Victoria Homes 2. Marcia Wolf & Mireille Ruttimann 3. Shareese Logan & Monica Buonforte 4. Adriana Lara & Michelle Fonticiella 5. Alejandro Polania & Sheila Bokstein 6. Ana Pascua & Esther Katsabanis 7. Fabio Isaza & Luis Dionisio 8. Fernando Polanco, Gabriella Macias & JR Diaz 9. Olga Rodriguez, Richard Crisonino & Eva Wagner 10. Luis Albarracin, Jaim Albarracin & Stephen Barish 11. Mike Traner, Zlata Slavujevic & Omar Sotelo 12. Stephanie Murillo & Olga Megrabian 13. Stephen Watson & Todd Barsky 14. Cynthia Tarrav & Mayela Romera 15. Chris Suarez & Ruth Palma 16. Robert Arons & Andres Asion 17. Renan Constantino & Demarco Dodson 18. Jonathan & Charlotte Lewis 19. Julio Gallo & Hector Jimenez 20. Mario Medina & Bryan Pena

Encounters @ Elite Health

Elite Health recently celebrated the opening of its aesthetics division with complimentary treatments during a “Happy Spa Friday” event. With plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Freiman at the helm of this new division, clients witnessed first-hand some of the beautiful and natural results they can expect with every visit. 1. Jacob Freiman, MD 2. Steven Schnur, Alex Zeledon, Antonio Rosado 3. Tiffany Bishop, Larry Vado, Rachel Morgan 4. Steven Schinur, Eliana Schnur 5. Jose Rios, Ryan Lederman, Dr, Jacob Freiman, Melida Farinay 6. Peter Cruz, Shara Downs, Jennifer Canal 7. Katherine Londono, Alfredo Stagg, Annarita Pintus 8. Katherine Londono, Fernando Fandino- Sende, Rachel Morgan

Encounters @ Puntino

Puntino Restaurant in Key Biscayne recently hosted a festive birthday party for Matias Cavalieri and his closest family and friends, complete with plenty of food, drinks and cheers for everyone in attendance. 1. Cristoforo Pignata & Matias Cavalieri 2. Diego & Luciana Barral 3. Xime Teijeiro & Giada Pignata 4. Juan Saudino & Pablo Larguia 5. Ariel Jimenez, Diego Canalda & Roberto Gamarra 6. Phil Seebok, Claudia & Parry 7. Constancio & Clara Larguia 8. Fernando Badia, Xime Seebok & Rosario Goldenhorn 9. Stefano Mossi, Jaime Otto Krause & Mrs. Krause 10. Jimena & Roberto Gamarra

Encounters @ Artefacto

Artefacto recently celebrated their grand reopening party and 2011 collection with some of the city's most stylish VIPs. 1. Steven Schnur, Ximena Duarte,, Jacob Freiman, Cristina Mayer 2. Katherine Londono, Irina brodskaya, Eliane Schnur 3. Maria Posuer, Hello Campo, Pilar Campo, Jane Ceitel 4. Mariana Campos, Claudia Rosenthal, Sylvia Verre, Fabiana Pimenta 5. Silmara Velarimbo, Jackeline Busato, Andrew Hall 6. Branko Zunjic, Roberta Zunjic 7. Constantini Fabrini, Sophia Clerius, Emilia Jarvela, Marcus Santos 8. Fernando & Christina Leite 9. Manfredo Spagnuolo, Paulo Bachi, Netto, Adalmiro Batista Jr. 10. Marlen Bedoya, Lais Bachi