Success Savy

Featuring; Joyce J. Elam of FIU’s

Success Drive

Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables & Marlen Bedoya

Success Connoisseur

Featuring; CRAVE

Success Balance

Featuring; Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling Center

Success Salud

Featuring; Mia Weddell of Dr. John Martin

Success Bon Voyage

Featuing; Brickell Travel

Success At Your Best

Featuring; Dr. Maria Eugenia

Success Oasis

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Success Real Estate

Featuring; RelatedISG, Habitat Miami, Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langeron, Doug Kinsley/Cristian Gonzalez, Monica Venegas

Success Finance

Featuring; Brad W. McMorris of Wells Fargo Advisors

Success A La Mode

Featuring; Marisol Gomez


Featuring; Chef Gaston Javier Sanchez


We bring you a foodie-to-foodie guide for discovering and indulging in The Magic City’s best eats (and sips) — morning, noon and night.


Featuring; Compac & Biaggi


Featuring; Eduardo J. Padrón of Miami-Dade College, Cynthia Bettner & Octavio Solis of the Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival, Derek Hodes of Momentum Marketing Group

The Queen of Culinary

Meet Susan Brustman, one of the most influencial culinary experts in South Florida you might have never heard of, but should have. From Hard Rock Café to Miami Spice and Food Network South Beach Food & Wine Festival, she’s done it all — and we’ve all had a taste.

Chef’s Special

Featuring; Toscana Divino, Perricone’s Marketplace & Café, Mint Leaf Indian Brasserie, Costa Med, Azul, Tuyo, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Crave,


The world-class Biscayne Blvd. landmark, Vizcayne, is set to become the heart of the new Miami waterfront right across from parks, nightlife, yacht clubs and everything else The Magic City has to offer.

Feeling Whole

Leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself in a world of utter peace and serenity at Caruna Spa & Wellness Center, a refuge of calmness and relaxation that promotes beauty from the inside out.

Speed Matters

Take these luxury sports cars for a spin and find out why once you get into one of these babies, you’ll never want to reach your final destination. Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

Encounters w/ Miami City Ballet

Miami City Ballet opened Program II of the season at The Adrienne Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House highlighted by the world premiere of Viscera by 25-year-old Liam Scarlett, The Royal Ballet of London’s most successful young choreographer. B221. Barbara & James Eroncig 2. Beatrice & Sanford Ziff 3. Frank & Gaby Armstrong, Jessica & Dr. Myron Ginsberg 4. Edward Villella, Liam Scarlett 5. Sharon MacClay, Lydia Lane, Choice Gray 6. Dr. Barbara Udell, Maria Ferguson, Julia Ferguson 7. Harriet & Henry Pownall 8. Ron Esserman

Encounters @ Mybrickell

Brickell Magazine and The Related Group celebrated Jorge Perez’s cover debut at mybrickell with friends, family, clients and readers from around the world. 1. Alan Goldberg, Darlene & Jorge Perez, Alex Avila, Isa Zapata 2. Santa Kristopane, Julissa Dominguez, Maritza Vargas, Sheila Bokstein, Kenya Rosario 3. Jorge & Darlene Perez, Jorge Arauz 4. Hector Pinto, Aura Aragon, Kari Fernandez, Christian Tupper 5. Brad W. McMorris, Alan Goldberg, Marlen Bedoya, David Cleland 6. Robin Annom, Tracy Koço, Moira De Luca 7. Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman 8. Alfredo Borges, Dennys Astorga, Esther Prat, Alex Avila 9. Stefano Cioffi, Claudia Lorenzi, Pier Paola Visconti 10. Carlos Rosso, Sonia Figueroa, Jorge Perez 11. Alejandro Gordillo, Juan Hinestrosa, Marcos Melida 12. Kenneth & Oriana Damas, Jorge Perez 13. Juliana Patino, Cristina Ricardo 14. Jessica Camejo, Jose Cabrera 15. Vanessa Dominguez, Dr. Gregg Pizzi

Encounters @ Mandarin Oriental

Voices For Children Foundation, the fundraising arm of the 11th Judicial Circuit Guardian Ad Litem Program, held its 2012 “Be a Voice, Build a Dream Gala,” at Mandarin Oriental featuring a silent auction, dinner and dancing. 1. Christian Slater, Oscar Seikaly 2. Marysol Patton, Zoraida & Bruno Barreiro 3. Jennifer Valoppi, Christian de Boudaire 4. Paul Dimare, Yolanda Berkowitz, Jeff Berkowitz, Swanee Dimare, Beth & Richard Tasca 5. Donald & Lisa Pliner, Jennifer Valoppi, Christian de Bouda 6. Jeff Berkowitz, Teresa & Mark Sarnoff 7. Lydia Touzet, Colleen Schiff 8. Richard Berkowitz, Sandy Grossman, Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz 9. Shannon Hori, Cogan & Christina Getty-Maercks 10. Patrick Murphy, Brittany Rawlings 11. Nelson Hincapie, Roosevelt Badger, Carla Smith, Shannon Hori 12. Matt Giraud, Paul & Gina Castronovo 13. Lydia Touzet, Marysol Patton, Carol Seikaly, Maria Lowe 14. Trish & Dan Bell

Encounters @ BrickellHouse

Hundreds of South Florida’s real estate elite gathered at BrickellHouse for a spectacular party under the stars hosted by Newgard Development Group and Cervera Real Estate. Guests enjoyed an evening of live music by Miami’s own DJ Le Spam of Spam Allstars, as well as delicious cocktails and gourmet cuisine from some of Miami’s finest food trucks. 1. Harvey Hernandez of Newgard Development Group, Fareed Asadi, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid of Cervera Real Estate 2. Kenneth Baboun of Newgard Development Group, Priscila Perales, Daniel W. Hudson 3. Maria Tartaglia, Andres Asion 4. Susie Glass, Anuca Valverde 5. Luis Garcia of Garcia’s Seafood Grille, Brenda Bichili 6. Selene Aversu, Brandie Gordon, Goldi Steel 7. Jessica Gomez, Dennis Mancino 8. Zachary Scott, Kadeem Fisher

Encounters @ Florida Grand Opera

Recently, Florida Grand Opera opened 2 back-to-back productions — the South Florida premiere of La Rondine and a critically-acclaimed production of Rigoletto. In true company tradition, high level donors were invited to attend the “After Opera Party” following each successful opening night performance to celebrate and mingle with the casts. 1. Joo Won Kang, Courtney McKeown, Brittany Ann Robinson 2. Olga & David Melin 3. Mark Walters, Johanna Hedman, Victoria Garrigo, Robert Heuer 4. Elizabeth Caballero, Mikael Josef 5. Eva U. Gordon, Chris Diamantides, Nicola Bowie 6. Victoria Garrigo, Nicola Bowie, Jose Ramon 7. Florence & Robert Werner 8. Charlene Esserman, Ron Esserman, Dr. Lisa Esserman, Jim Herron 9. Maestro Ramon Tebar, Veronica Olivo-Tebar, Robert M. Heuer 10. Michael Fabiano, Mike Eidson, Nadine Sierra 11. Corinne Winters, Bruno Rubeiro 12. Terry Moore, Louis Harms, Juan Toro 13. Jeffrey Buchman, Rosa Mercedes, Maestro Andrew Bisantz

Encounters @ La Gorce

Recently, Florida Grand Opera opened 2 back-to-back productions — the South Florida premiere of La Rondine and a critically-acclaimed production of Rigoletto. In true company tradition, high level donors were invited to attend the “After Opera Party” following each successful opening night performance to celebrate and mingle with the casts. 1. Eloise Carroll, Maria Ullrich, Kathleen O’Neil, Paula McMahon 2. Croquet Chair Emily Damiano, Mercedes Carlson 3. Harry Liu, Elisa Boyer, Stuart and Joanne Harries 4. 2nd Place Foursome Dr. Eugene Sayfie, Morten Aagaard, Chet Ranawat, Jordan Sayfie 5. Jan Hart, Jennifer Valoppi, Dr. Diane Walder, Penny Magor 6. Karey Spence- Fitzgerald, Golf Chair Yvonne Eldredge, Gina Heise, Patty Frankel 7. Paco Figueroa Ariel Manso, Victor Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez 8. Harry Mohney, Betsy Perez, Linda Levy Goldberg, Brian Whiteway

Encounters w/ FL Int ’l Bankers Assoc.

Lydecker Diaz and Kaufman Rossin & Co. hosted an event for the Florida International Bankers Association’s Young Professionals Committee featuring 2012 resolutions for working professionals. 1. Schuyler Smith, Maria Jose Monti, Carla Barrow 2. Ralph MacNamara, Karina Gonzalez, Ivan Garces, Guillermo Benites 3. Matthew Bennett, Alejandra Bermudez, Oscar Andres Enriquez, Elina Basham, Mike Simmons 4. Mike Simmons, Scott Ames, Larry Weinstein 5. Marisol Vilasuso, Dana Mashburn, Peggy Fisher, Gregory d’ Incelli, Schuyler Smith, Aaron Finesilver, Emanuel Galimidi, Carla Barrow, Elina Basham 6. Jason Chorlins and Oscar Andres Enriquez 7. Gigi Guerra, Jonas Emilsson, Indiana Jones 8. Erik Muelle, Martha Mora, Manny Rodriguez

Encounters w/ Lydecker Diaz

Recently, Richard Lydecker & Manny Diaz, Senior Partners of Lydecker Diaz, hosted a cocktail reception in celebration of their new office located at 1221 Brickell Ave. 1. Dwight Hill, Manny Diaz 2. Helena & Andre Rodriguez 3. Mickey Minacari, John Timoney 4. Judge Ivan Fernandez, Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen, Christopher Berga 5. Isabelle Lydecker, Dwight Hill, Judge Beatrice Butchko 6. Judge Ana Pando, Commissioner Carollo, Judge Antonio Martin, Commissioner Bruno Barriero 7. Onier Lopez, Carla Barrow, Steven Berlin 8. Mark Sarnoff, Richard Lydecker, Javier Fernandez

Encounters w/ ONE Sotheby’s

Guests gathered to celebrate ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s recent partnership with world-renowned art collector and supporter Ella Fontanals-Cisneros to launch a collaborative fundraising program called ONE CIFO Project. 1. Abby Portuondo, Gloria Sesana, Karin Figueroa Cisneros 2. Brianna Brown, Carlos Muñoz 3. Michael Gongora, Mayi de La Vega, Daniel de La Vega, Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Jerry Libbin 4. Claudia Fernandez, Marisela Cisneros 5. Beth Butller, Mayi de la Vega, Shannon Selby 6. Daniel de la Vega, Mayi de la Vega 7. Johanna Berg, Jorge Uribe 8. Lucy Cruz, Robert Jacobson, Claudia Fernandez

Encounters @ Oceanaire

More than 120 members of Miami’s legal community participated in the United Way Miami’s Wine & Food Festival’s Legal Mingle Wine Tasting at Brickell’s Oceanaire Seafood Room. 1. Judge Patricia Marino-Pedraza, Alan Kluger, Ivonne Cuesta 2. Ana Maria Camacho, Jonathan Jonasz 3. Linda & Mike Bittel, John Kozyak, Barbara Silverman 4. Morgan Hartman, Antoni Yelamos 5. Peter Valori, Melanie Damian, Patrick & Helen Montoya 6. Marco Ferri, Alexandra de la Asuncion, Henry Martinez 7. Bob & Jill Granat 8. Marielis Aponte, Fernando Ruiz