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THE NEW CULINARY COMMANDMENTS - With the influx of celebrity chefs coming to South Florida and the opening of many top-notch restaurants, the “foodie” culture is making its way into The Sunshine State. Herewith: A few rules to keep in mind.

Palate Pleasers

For the chefs you’re about to meet, passion, creativity, vision and style combined with an ingrained love of — and respect for — good food whether it’s modern or traditional fare. Featuring: Toro Toro, Azúcar Cuban Cuisine, OTC (Over The Counter) & Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe

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Whether you find yourself lounging, dining or dancing the night away, one thing’s certain: These looks will get you the attention you deserve no matter where you find yourself having a good time. Photography Nick Garcia from Blindlight Studio.

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If a home in paradise is on your horizon, this Key Biscayne residence on Allendale Road may be just the address you’ve been looking for. Featuring: Daniel Gaviria

Serene Living

Culture Of Excellence - While they have a storied 100+-year history, Douglas Elliman also has the most technologically advanced, cutting-edge marketing, research & service tools to provide a pleasurable, efficient experience for their clients all over the world.

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We scoured the neighborhood to bring you some of the most delicious, delectable and downright buzz-worthy dishes, desserts and drinks in The Magic City.


The Sunshine State offers much more than just sun and fun…there are plenty of hidden culinary treasures to discover along the highways and byways of this great state. Herewith: A taste of what to expect when you hit the road.

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Encounters @ The Hoxton

United Way of Miami-Dade’s Young Leaders joined to discuss their upcoming plans for the year with a happy hour at The Hoxton, one of Brickell’s newest hotspots. 1. Nelly M. Farra, Lena Lowell, Jessie Silverman 2. Devyn Lopez, Jorge Fors, Manny Arce, Lady Delgado 3. Albert Santos, Jackie Rosell 4. Monique Hayes, Marilee Mark 5. Yudi Fernandez, Yanet Obarrio-Sanchez 6. Kara Zeder, Karina Lopez 7. Elizabeth Galvez, Fran Power, Caro Porcari 8. Bill Pressley, Ryan Lindgren, Matt Grosack

Encounters w/ Switchboard Of Miami

Brickell Magazine & Switchboard Of Miami’s Women’s Council teamed up to host a charitable bachelor acution at Conrad Miami with hundreds in attendance. 1. Brock Metcalf, Julie Hardy 2. Erbi Blanco-True, Daryl Jones, Luciana Carvalho, Richard Greenfield 3. Amy Crismond, Mark Scheirkert 4. Ysella Roberts, Phillip Spiegelman 5. Rich Schuchts 6. Johanna Cure, Isa Zapata, Anne Chicheportiche, Philippe Thevenet 7. Alexis Cubilla, Francesca Cruz, Jorge Arauz, Tracy Koço, Alexander Avila 8. Alexandra Zalez, Angela Friar, Karen Dominguez 9. Angeline Holdon, Rosi Garibay, Marina Serret, Ambar Soto 10. Amber Williams, Amanda Bonifay 11. Beverly Bush Corina Village 12. MIchael & Chana Rosenfeld 13. Gwanda Passmore, Jorge Arauz 14. Lorenzo Rossi, Arnaldo Cantero 15. David Olalde, Michael Wait 16. Ricardo Tano Feijoo, Jonathan Gomez, Gert Rodon, Dylan Hermelee 17. Brock Metcalf, Claudia Arauz, Erbi Blanco-True, Obdulio Piedra 18. Diana Pubchara, Crystal Renta, Roy Weinfeld, Maribel Weinfeld, Marnia Foglia 19. Phillip Spiegelman w/ guest 20. Zoila Almeida, Gladys Ferreira 21. Lilly Sevilla, Diego Pena, Erin Cohen 22. Marilyn Vazquez, Jonathan Gomez, Tammie Dunn 23. Ameris Garcia, Monica Hernandez, Diana Pubchara, Tracy Koço 24. Victoria Gonzalez, Ivan Mendoza, Victoria Villalba, Alina Barros 25. Norman Caldwell, Janine Kucaba, Mark Hickman 26. Maya Esratti, Alyssa Jean 27. Michael Scordolis, Dinora Stack 28. Millie Armas, Lynette Ferrer 29. Milagros Mendoza, David Olalde, Melissa Rodriguez 30. Patricia Gonzalez, Priscilla Gonzalez 31. Philippe Thevenet, Jennifer Hoberman, Robert Band, Melony Pino 32. Rene Gomez, Jennifer Gross, Kris Gergory, Karin Horowitz

Encounters w/ Sabadell United Bank

Sabadell United Bank is enhancing its downtown presence with a signature, flagship lobby office at 1111 Brickell Ave. Recently holding the grand opening, the new office is intended as a prototype for future branches and aims to serve the bank’s growing, diverse clientele. 1. Fernando Perez-Hickman, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Luz Zuluaga, Mario Trueba 2. Marisol Perez-Velasco, Sabadell Dadeland Branch, Assistant Manager, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Laura Beaton-Aguilera, Miguel Pumariega 3. Jordi Torras, Francesc Noguera 4. Horacio Stuart Aguirre, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Mario Trueba 5. Maurici Llado, Fernando Perez- Hickman 6. Fernando Perez-Hickman, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Luz Zuluaga, Mario Trueba 7. Mayor Tomas Regalado, Fernando Perez-Hickman, Horacio Stuart Aguirre

Encounters w/ BALTUS

BALTUS has become known for the exhibitions and shows they put on and their recent showing of Blindness by painter Javier Martin was no exception. 1. Artist Javier Martin 2. Henry Sanchez, Marylin De La Hoz, Julian Linares 3. Antonio Cabrera 4. Tim Lovelock 5. Jim Ulseth, Angelica Ulseth, Ruben Machado, Ingrid Camacho 6. Antonio Cabrera, Javier Martin 7. Rachel Levy, Tim Gordon

Encounters @ D.O.G.

Bailey, a very special golden retriever celebrated a 7th birthday with his closest friends recently — with both canines and humans alike having a grand time. 1. Tanya Brillembourg, Hector Antunez 2. Marilú Berrios w/ Bogart 3. Tania Sifakakis w/ Bailey 4. Veronica Gonzalez & Johnie Rodriguez w/ Diggy 5. Manal Tarhini & Kristine Del Sol w/ Paco 6. Jesus Cañete w/ Lola 7. Jessica Okon & Mimi Feijoo w/ Samantha & Rudy 8. Bailey’s Birthday Cake 9. Sara & Justin Ramos 10. Ana Roa, Derroll Limia 11. Alyssa Gonzalez w/ Pretty Cookie 12. Debbie Ruiz w/ Patchouli 13. Veronica Gonzalez w/ Diggy 14. Bailey: The Birthday Boy 15. Debbie Ruiz & Ray Vado 16. Robert Escobar w/ Diamond

Encounters @ Conrad Miami Hotel

A world of style came together at Conrad Miami Hotel for the 3rd Annual Art Unveiling Event entitled Three Faces of Miami. Featured artists included Sheila Elias, Robert M. Swedroe & Mike Rivamonte. 1. JoAn Cummins, Robert Swedroe, Carmen McCaw 2. Lily Gasset, Fonzi Peralta, Elsie Peralta, Clara Anderson 3. Jose Perez, Luis Castro 4. Lisette Gongora, Jessica Valera 5. Ricardo J. Gonzalez III, Joyce Lowry 6. Allison J. McCreary, Terry Jacobs, Lorna Owens 7. Todd Oretsky, Alexander Britell 8. Lisa Grigorian, Ljupka todorovic, Jack Inigo 9. Caron Cole, Brian Smith, Fazia Ali 10. Philippe Thevenet, Sheila Elias, Mike Rivamonte, Marcy Lefton, Stephane Mercier 11. Ron Greenspan, Donna Potolsky 12. Esta Friedman, Rita Carmen Swedro, Ruth Beneoliel 13. Jeffrey Wolszon, Ken Shaw 14. Lisa Cole, Ron Greenspan, C.L Conroy, Patrick Borden 15. GiAnna Wyatt, Greg Oates, Lane Nieset

Encounters w/ The Related Group

The Related Group celebrated the official top-off of MyBrickell, the first condo in the Brickell/Downtown area to rise since the boom designed by Arquitectonica with interiors by Karim Rashid, 1. Aaron Sinnes, Commissioner Jean Monestime, Sonia Figueroa, Commissioner Bruno Barreiro, Commissioner Willy Gort, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Carlos Rosso 2. Joey Butler, Marcia Martinez, Liza Walton 3. Christian Tupper, Gerard Phillipeaux 4. Aaron Sinnes, Sonia Figueroa, Carlos Rosso 5. Carlos Rosso, Commissioner Willy Gort, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Commissioner Bruno Barreiro 6. Kari Fernandez, Hector Pinto, Sonia Figueroa, Aura Aragon, Carlos Rosso, Christian Tupper

Encounters w/ Oasis Park Square

The Oasis Park Square At Doral launch was a hit as guests welcomed the newest luxury residential community to town. 1. Frank Silva, Steve Patterson, Masoud Shojaee, Uri Man 2. Jesus Noriega, Cristina Cancian, Andrea Angel 3. Carolina & Juan Rodriguez 4. Priscila Chong, Edwin Innamorato 5. Keyer Dominguez, Yiska Ricardo 6. Cesaz Vasquez, Luis Cremonesi 7. Claudia Ramirez, Jeanine Correa, Pilar Becerra 8. Maili Nomm, Carlos Nino, Romina Quintana 9. Sidle Roldan, Masoud Shojaee, Bellkys Jatar 10. Maria L Bermudez, Nunziatina Cavallo 11. Euclides Jimenez, Laidy Benitez 12. Yassy Jimenez, Edwin Innamorato 13. Daisy Mejia, Astolfo Bolivar, Carmen Graterol 14. Luisana Rincon, Ruvi Tavera, Melida Romeo 15. Maria Mena, Viviana Abreu 16. Enrique & Cecilia Matallana 17. Malena & Walter Oran

Encounters w/ Piquet Law Firm

Alexandre Piquet and Marcos Brazil of Marcos Brazil Catering, hosted a Valentine’s Day Annual Charity BBQ Party for 100+ foster kids at the Kids in Distress headquarters. 1. Marcos Brazil, Maggie Hulsey, Director of Operations at Kids in Distress, Alexandre Piquet 2. Children from Kids in Distress 3. Children from Kids in Distress 4. Tania Reis, Julia Piquet 5. Marcos Brazil Catering 6. Marcos Brazil, Maggie Hulsey, Director of Operations at Kids in Distress, Alexandre Piquet Plus Super Heroes, Princess, and the children from Kids in Distress 7. Felipe Piquet, Indyara Piquet 8. Children from Kids in Distress

Encounters w/ Banesco USA

Banesco USA, a local fast-growing commercial bank expanded its presence in South Florida with the opening of its new Corporate Headquaters in Coral Gables. 1. Willie Lacorra, Abid Eden, Rafael Saldaña, Wilfredo Pérez 2. Gustavo Gálvez, Lourdes Escarza, Johanna Trujillo, Patricia Gómez 3. Seno Bril, Mini Bell 4. Elisa Socorro, Mercedes Scolet 5. Jim Cason, Ricardo Ayala, Augusto Cigarreta, Rafael Saldaña 6. Mr. & Mrs. Cristóbal Gil, Martha Tabio, Karla Martínez Peraza, Emerson Peraza, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Suriz 7. Carlos Palomares, Ricardo Ayala, Rafael Saldaña, Luigi Boria 8. Jim Cason, Rafael Saldaña, Carlos Palomares

Encounters @ Azucar

Azucar Cuban Cuisine recently opened it doors with an unforgettable celebration that was complete with guayabera-clad waitstaff & bartenders as well as plenty of cool mojitos and exotic bites to go around. 1. Ivette & Luis Vazquez, Jim Cason 2. Clara Serrano, Ana Margarita Martinez, Maite Calas De Mazola 3. Elizabeth & Virtud Silva 4. Mery & Michael Fernandez 5. Luisa Vazquez, Nick Vazquez 6. Jason Arbuckle, Mark Arena 7. Emilio Sauma, Lucía Zas 8. Mr. & Mrs. Gomez

Encounters @ Vizcayne

A real estate extravaganza was recently held at one of Vizcayne’s breathtaking penthouses complete with sweeping 360-degree views of Downtown Miami & Miami Beach. 1. Adriana Soaresdesa, Fernando Ibanez, Monica Williams 2. Alejandro Sanchez, Liliana Gomez, Jose Sosa 3. Alina Quintero, Lindsay Garcia 4. Claudio Minones, Maria Julieta Valencia 5. Daniela & Patrick Boyle 6. Isilio Arriaga, Rosi Arriaga, Pablo Rodriguez 7. Nina Millman, Jordan Millman, Jessica Bostwick 8. Patricia Terojas, Rolando Rojas, Oscar Vetancourt 9. Richard Greenfield, Jessica Levy-Kiibler, Ken Golden, Rachel Levy, Debbie Golden, Gabrielle Kolevris-Roots 10. Elen Oliveira, Analu Dos Santos 11. Guillermo Ley, Lily Mustelier 12. Katherina Santana, Rosmar Gonzalez 13. Yisell Berines, Pablo Rodriguez, Isbeth Martinez 14. Veronica Escobedo, Andres Jara 15. Luis

Encounters w/ YES Institute

Deli Lane on Brickell hosted an event to celebrate the launch of a new group: YIYPS — Yes Institute’s Young Professional Society, a networking organization hoping to inspire philanthropic enthusiasm among young professionals. 1. Lisi Lau, Roxy Sora 2. Nikhill Bhardwaj, Alex Johnson 3. Amanda Gomez 4. Sky Gilbauld 5. Britney Mccabe 6. Lauren Stahl, Sarah Hoyle 7. Caro Hernandez 8. Rusty Collins, Cristy Sora 9. Kara McCabe, Lauren Wassenberg, Jill Smith